BSI Flour–Winner!

I have to say I wasn’t very proactive with BSI lately, but there were a few entries to BSI Flour.  In no particular order:

Joy made Microwave Strawberry Lemonade Cake:

joy - strawberry

Veronica made Chicken Noodles:

veronica - noodles

Brianne made Whole Wheat Lemony Sugar Cookies with Strawberry Lemon Royal Icing:

brianne cookies

Sara made Whole Wheat Muffins with Figs, Pistachios and Apricots:


Renee made Easy Hot Cross Buns:

hot cross buns

And the winner is . . . Brianne with her lemony sugar cookies!  They almost look professional!  Send me an email at and I’ll send your Fast, Fresh & Green veggie cookbook.

Tony made me breakfast yesterday – I swear I don’t know what he does to eggs but they always taste so light and fluffy.  I love his strawberry garnish too – our strawberries are huge!

eggs 020

4.23 003

Per usual I spent the majority of the day cooking for the week, but I realized I hardly took any pictures – but I did get a steal on two heads of cauliflower:

4.23 007

Since my SIL was coming over to pick up her lunches for the week, I thought it would be nice to have a Sunday supper.  I made cauliflower gratin, whole roasted chicken, green beans and for my SIL brussel sprouts.

4.23 018

4.23 016

It was so nice – we ate around 5:30, we ate at the dining room table (something we only do when company is over, and I love my dining room table!) and the kitchen was all clean by 7:00.

Do you have Sunday suppers?  Show of hands how many of you eat at a dining room table on average a week?

We got a new cable box because our other one wasn’t working right, so we lost everything on our DVR.  All of my Classical Stretches were gone – so I haven’t done my stretches since Friday and I can really feel it – luckily it will start recording again today so I plan to do it tonight.

Off to put my food together for the day – make it a great day!

36 thoughts on “BSI Flour–Winner!

  1. I’ve had to replace our DVR box, too – hate it when you lose your shows! Which reminds me, I need to look for your stretching lady – I think my heel could benefit from her.

  2. Those are some huge strawberries! We don’t even have a dining room table! We got rid of it years ago and extended the counter further in our tiny kitchen so we (mostly the kids) just eat at the counter. I like it because they can be in there while I’m cooking without getting in the way. I do miss not sitting round a table though. Too small of a house.

    Great BSI pick, those cookies look great!

  3. Congrats to Brianne! Those cookies are beautiful!

    We kind of do sunday dinner in reverse…we always sit down for a big sunday breakfast, and then usually eat out somewhere. Saturday night is like our Sunday dinner, where we all gather at the table and usually there is some dessert involved! ( unless I don’t feel like cooking, then we go out) During the week, the kids and I have always had sit down meals…even if hubby doesn’t make it home in time to eat with us( which is most days of the week)’s something I have always insisted on.

    As for the dining room table….um….lol…we usually only use it when we have company…lol I don’t know why….

    Those strawberries DO look awesome!

  4. We have so many places to eat. Our patio table, our kitchen table, the bar/island & our dining room table. We use the dining room when company comes over because it seats10-12 which seems like a lot but My family is 5, my sister’s is 4, my parents 2 and our good friends 5. So when we get together at my house for dinner (at least once a week) the adults take the dining room and the kids spread out every where else. It gets used often.

    Can’t wait for strawberries! Those look so good.

  5. LOL – we don’t even have a dining room table!! (It’s in storage.) We are moving this weekend to our new apartment (we just bought) and we will FINALLY have room for it. I am very excited to start having Sunday suppers at home again. We actually do go over to my husband’s aunt’s house pretty frequently for Sunday supper. After we move we will be just a few blocks away from them so maybe we will alternate hosting it.

  6. So, when I come over for dinner…will you special make me brussels too 🙂 Congrats to the BSI winner- those do look professional. And that gratin- drool! We need to eat at our dining room table more often- we rarely do!~

    • Yep! Hey Erica – I still need your brussel sprout recipe that had orange in it I think? I think my SIL would love it! I’ll send you an email. 😀

  7. We use our dining room table about twice a month. Sad really.

  8. Yay! Thanks! So excited to get the cookbook. We eat in the dining room every night because we don’t have a table in our kitchen. Our dining room isn’t very formal.

  9. We have a dining room table and usually only use it for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. We made a point last year of making a nice birthday dinner for each kid and having everyone come over. It’s really nice, and I don’t know why we don’t do it more often, but we gather and eat out on the deck alot in the summer.

  10. I love the whole “cook for the week thing.” I do that too, but with the pregnancy thing, I get tired really fast. An hour is about all I can do.

    I roasted a whole chicken too, so that will be our base for the week.

    We eat at the dinner table about 5 nights a week, but lately it’s been a lot less because we’ve had our work laptops set up there a lot more.

  11. I eat at my kitchen table (we don’t have a dining room table) probably about 4-5 times a week.

  12. I wish I coudl get my hubby to make me breakfast. I’m sure he WOULD but I always get up before him and can’t wait one more minute to eat!

  13. Love your blogs……we have been using our dining room table every day since the kitchen ceiling leaks when it rains. Had the roof finally fixed, but we just stayed in the dining room to eat, why change again. Interesting how you roast a whole chicken on the grill with the cast iron pan catching the grease. Good idea.

    I now do your parfets in the morning, just had one, very filling. That strawberry looks delicious!!!

    PS. we’re from Chicago too, but have lived in WI since 1976!!! Guess we are Wisconsinites now.

    • Thanks Louise – I think you should consider yourself a Wisconsinite by now 😀 Hooray for parfaits – I had another one this morning too. 😀

  14. Those cookies look amazing!
    It was a goal of mine to eat at the table at least 3x a week this year. That goal has faded fast………….

  15. marybcunningham

    All the recipes looked great! I really want one (or three!) of those cookies.
    We eat in our dining room every.single.night. This is something I have felt strongly about since my kids were just babies. And, NO tv in the dining room either. We actually have to talk, which is why I think we are still so close. And even though my children are grown up and moved away, they still consider it a ‘treat’ to eat in the living room, lol!

  16. Seriously, can I hire you to come cook for me? You just make it all look so simple (and your meals are always multi-dimensional).
    I eat at my kitchen table almost every night. Sometimes we eat at the dining room table, or out on the patio- but it’s always one of the three. We NEVER eat on the couch in front of the tv. That was a rule that was established (by me) when we moved into our new house last year. 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren – we eat in front of the t.v. every other night – where Tony usually spanks me at Wheel of Fortune 😀

      • Oh my god- we watch WHEEL during dinner almost every night! I am obsessed! My husband is ridiculous at solving puzzles too. I keep saying we need to go (my neighbor growing up did- and won!)

  17. Congrats to Brianne, those cookies are cute. That strawberry is huge! I could eat those alone for breakfast. We use our kitchen table (half of it anyways, the other half is my junk) but, we usually don’t eat together. He gets home late or doesn’t like what I’ve made…lol! Occasionally we do eat together though 🙂

  18. Sunday dinners are my absolute favorite! We had pot roast for ours yesterday, so simple and yummy.

    We eat at our dining room tables most nights, but honestly if we’re having pizza or something we usually end up in the living room.

  19. Weighting For 50

    Congrats to the winner. WOW….that strawberry is as big as my cat. Well, not really, but it’s HUGE. Have a great week Vat.

  20. Sorry Biz, I had every intention of entering something for BSI, but life keeps getting in the way of my computer time! Congrats to the winner, those cookies are the cutest.

    My parents have decided they are going to have everyone over for Sunday dinner once a month. I think it will be fun, b/c we are only all together for holidays it seems, and we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for…definitely need to be together and enjoy each others company!

    And I turned my dining room into an office b/c we never used our dining room table!

  21. Love that huge berry! We eat in front of the TV 3 or 4 nights a week. On Friday date night we eat at the dining room table with candles!
    I made the tortilla chips last night, soooo good! I have to make more, didn’t use the whole package, and my daughter and I devoured almost all of them! 🙂

  22. We usually eat at the table about once or twice a week, since we rarely eat together. Have a wonderful week!!

  23. We eat around the table at least 6 days a week on average. With four kids and now a husband who is home on disability, it is nice to take the time to sit together and talk and share a meal. But I was raised not sitting at the table – we always ate in front of the tv. I still like to do that sometimes, but my hubby does not. So I usually do it only when he is working a night shift 😉

  24. Beautiful cookies Brianne. Sara’s muffins look yummy too. I like the combination of mix ins.

    Sadly we don’t eat all together at the dinner table every night nor do we have Sunday dinners. We did when I was a growing up and I know my mother cringes at how things are in my household. I’m to blame for our disjointed dinners or rather the fact that I work nights. There are a guaranteed two nights a week that I have to get to bed as soon as my husband gets home which leaves him and our son to eat together. We try to eat together as a family most of the other nights. Sunday dinners are challenging again because of my every other weekend schedule. We do try to have at least one weekend breakfast all together.

  25. Um, well, we don’t even have a kitchen table, let alone a dining room table…. 😉 We do have a breakfast bar we eat at once and awhile…most of the time though, we sit on the kitchen counters… What can I say? My dad raised me right 😀

  26. Congrats to Brianne! Those cookies do look gorgeous. I half expect them to be packed in little pastel-colored boxes and sold for $20/dozen.

  27. The kitchen table is for every day dinners (which, I will say, we still do even though both my sister and I are adults), while the dining room is for holiday dinners or when company is over, because you can only get 4 people around the kitchen table.

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