You take the good, you take the bad. . .

The facts of life. . . the facts of life!  I actually quite enjoyed The Facts of Life when I was younger.  Be right back

So the good news?  Tony’s wound vac was removed!!

subway 005

And the bad news?  The truck he is standing behind wouldn’t start for him, so I had to come home from work and pick him up from his doctor appointment.  I had already scheduled a half day off from work, but we were just going to meet at the doctors office.  The car is now fixed and will be ready to be picked up tonight, after spending $250 for a new starter. Sad smile

subway 010

I am just waiting for any Cubs fans to give us shit for Tony’s shirt!  While the wound isn’t completely healed, it’s small enough that we can manage it ourselves and we go back in another month.

It will be weird not to know where he is in the house – for the past three months I’ve been able to know where he is by looking for the electrical chord attached to the pump!

I had a coupon for a free Subway breakfast sammie – I got an egg white sunrise – it had turkey, ham and bacon on it – it was super filling and comes in at 423 caloris, 15 fat, 43 carbs, 4.5 fiber and 28 protein.

subway 002

And in case you are wondering, banana peppers are completely appropriate for breakfast.  Open-mouthed smile

By the time we left the doctor’s office, we were both hungry, so guess what we had for lunch?  Subway!  This time I got the turkey and forest ham on flat bread – with buffalo sauce.

subway 008

With pepper jack cheese, this comes in at 336 calorie,s 4.8 fat, 55 carbs, 6 fiber and 21 protein.  Thanks again Melissa for telling me about the buffalo sauce at Subway – makes the sammie!

subway 009

I had chicken thighs I needed to cook up – I told Tony that I thought I’d make a balsamic rosemary marinade, and he opted to just have his chicken sprinkled with plain old garlic salt.

So my marinade was all me!

  • juice from one tangerine
  • zest from one tangerine (about 3 tablespoons)
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  • 1 tablespoons chopped rosemary

Mix all together and marinate for 2-4 hours before grilling.

subway 017subway 022

Grill over indirect heat for 20-25 minutes, or until the meat reaches 165 degrees.  Here is a good link to check out meat temperatures now that we are in full swing of grilling!

I grilled some asparagus on the side – and heated up some brown rice that I cooked earlier in the week.  Supa easy weeknight dinner.  I brought out our summer chairs and Tony and I sat outside while he smoked a cigar and we enjoyed a glass of wine.  Too bad it felt like a Friday night and now I have to go to work today. Sad smile

subway 023

Here is Tony’s serious pose, in case you were wondering!

subway 028

This is the first asparagus I’ve made this year – I never even tried it before I met Tony – now I love it!  I just grilled it and tossed in a teaspoon of Italian dressing.

subway 035

You can tell the darker chicken pieces are mine – the honey in the marinade caramelized on the grill.  The chicken was cooked perfectly, even though Tony was right when he told me I had too many coals. Winking smile

subway 044

Dinner comes in at 482 calories, 23 fat, 33 carbs, 2.6 fiber and 35 protein.

subway 048

I have Debbi to thank for me not snacking at all yesterday – we were emailing each other back and forth yesterday – I told her that I just couldn’t stop snacking lately and we both agreed, “we can do this.”  So while I was tempted to pull out the chips last night – I didn’t – thanks for the help Debbi!  Check out her Thai chicken pizza – it looks so good!

Stats for Thursday:

  • 1441 cakiruesm 43 fatm 138 carbs, 13 fiber and 35 protein
  • 38% calories from carbs, 27% from fat and 35% from protein
  • no exercise

My two year cell phone agreement was up for renewal, which meant I could get a new phone when I signed a new contract.  I got U.S. Cellular’s version of a smart phone and I love it, even though I only know about 1/10th of its capabilities!

The cool thing?  I have on it – and it has a bar code on the top right hand corner – I can scan a bar code, it will display the calories per serving and I can just drop and drag that to my food log – how cool is that?


It also has recipes I can scroll through at the bottom – love it!

Question of the Day:  Do you have a smart phone?  What’s your favorite app?

Off to get ready for work . . . make it a great day!


27 thoughts on “You take the good, you take the bad. . .

  1. Yay! for no more wound vac!!! and boo about the vehicle! but good with the bad right? lol

    The chicken looks amazing! and I LOVE grilled or roasted asparagus too!

    Favorite app….really love pandora…also like ( syncs your libraries music to your workout automatically) and I would be lying if I didn’t say I frequent words with friends and draw something on a regular basis as well…lol

  2. Congratulations to Tony!! He looks terrific. Seriously though with the car. The man deserves a break.

    Banana peppers are entirely appropriate for breakfast. I had them in my omelet yesterday. I’m addicted.

    Favorite apps – iHeartRadio, Nike Training and Pandora.

    I will check out fatsecret. Looks very cool. Have an awesome weekend Biz!!

  3. I make a similar marinade for chicken and we all love it here, citrus juice always tenderizes and adds such a good flavor.

    I don’t have a phone but I love instagram on Glenn’s phone.

  4. That second picture of Tony with the truck in the background cracks me up!!
    I use myFitnessPal on my phone. You can track your food (with a barcode), fitness, and communicate with your friends!

  5. Wait, you like buffalo sauce?? 😉

    I do not have a smart phone. I am a cheap-ass dinosaur.

  6. Yay for Tony, but boo for the car. Ray’s car needs a new starter as well. Ugh

    Banana peppers are good any time of the time, yummy!!

    My favorite apps are Pandora, myfitnesspal, and instagram. Have a great weekend, Biz!

  7. Tony must feel like a new man! My son Finn would LOVE that shirt, ho goes around the house saying “Boo Cubs, Go White Sox”. Drives my Cub fan husband crazy. Me, I am just a fan of drinking beer and watching the game, no matter what the team. We are going to the Cubs game tomorrow actually, can’t wait!

  8. myjourneytofit

    Hip, hip hurray for no more wound vac!!! Tony must feel like a free man now!

    Boo to the car troubles – btw, we have the same color Explorer. I just hope mine doesn’t come down with sympathy pains like yours…got to keep babying these older vehicles, right?

    I kinda wish you’d had a Subway flatbread sammie for dinner, just to make the trifecta. But I am weird that way, and your BBQ chicken looked delicious, so except for bragging rights (“I had Subway for all three meals!”), it’s probably a good thing you changed it up.

    I don’t have a smartphone yet. October…the iPhone will be mine. And then I’ll discover the wonderous world of apps! Have a great weekend!

  9. Banana Peppers are totally appropriate for breakfast!! 🙂

    I didn’t snack as much either. I seemed more aware of it. I did have an extra helping of dinner though that I didn’t need. Sweet potatoes, sausage, spinach and egg baked in the oven. Yum!

  10. I love the Map My Fitness App. It will tell you how long you have walked, how many miles and how many calories you burned. Best of all it is FREE!!

  11. my dad has the same shoes as Tony 😀
    I love the subway flatbreads, especially when they had buy one, get one free before 9am in April! I’d always pick them up on my way to class. The chew factor of the flatbread makes it so much better than their regular bread selection in my opinion.
    I wish i had access to a grill. maybe this weekend when i head home for mother’s day! chicken thighs > breasts! love that dark meat

    I have a smart phone but don’t have any apps 😀 i’m too technology challenged

  12. So glad your husband is improving. I only have a dumb phone. Honestly, it’s all I can manage and my phone is strictly for making calls and texting. That’s all. 🙂

  13. Yayyyyy for no more wound vac! That is just fabulous. SO happy for you and Tony. Bummer about the car. Hate car problems. What a fun summer/springy dinner. I want those asparagus. I do have a smart phone- love instagram!

  14. We had chicken and asparagus last night too! 🙂 (and some wine!)
    Yea for Tony, finally free of the wound vac, good for him!
    I have a smart phone even though I said I never would……….. love it and my favorite apps are Pandora and Instagram.
    Yikes, too bad about the truck, $$$!

  15. That’s great about Tony’s wound vac, he looks great although a bit stressed in that 2nd photo…lol! Sucks about the truck but, it could’ve been more right? Your chicken thighs and that marinade…oh my! That looks so good. I love grilled chicken. Or grilled anything for that matter…ha! I have a smart phone and I love it. Favorite apps right now are iFunny, epic fail and drag racing. I race against my hubs and I’m still beating him….*evil laughs* 😉

  16. erintakescontrol

    Yup, first thing I noticed was Tony’s t-shirt. My t-shirt says, “CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! Tony’s shirt can suck it!” lol 🙂 Seriously though, YAY for getting the wound vac out!

    I have an iPhone and I use the Spark People app for my food/weigh in tracking. Love it!

  17. Is your phone a windows phone? I have a samsung and its a windows app. I downloaded the WW points calculator ( not official). It works great. I also love Groupon.

  18. Hooray for Tony, it must be such a freeing feeling not hooked up to that thing! I love chicken thighs so much, and I would definitely make mine like yours.

    I have an android phone, love Instagram and Sports Tap and HandCent for messaging.

  19. Sometimes it would be nice if the universe didn’t have to be balanced…so we could have good, good, good and NO BAD! grrr Your chicken looks fabulous my dear! So glad Debbi helped you through the snack attack-she’s a sweetie!

  20. So glad Tony is recovering nicely! Bummer about the car…car troubles are the worst!
    I have an iPhone and my most used app is probably twitter or wordpress. There is a nike running app that I love also.

  21. Hooray for Tony! No more tethering. That has to be a huge relief. Too bad about the car troubles, though. Ugh.

    I do not have a smart phone. Mine just has a keyboard and I don’t even get internet on it! I call it my stupid phone, but it does the job of calls and texts.

    Hope you have good weather this weekend!

  22. I love the pic of Tony in front of the car being towed haha! Yay for him having his pump out!!
    I just finished eating Subway!!! They have a new Veggie Patty sandwich- made by morningstar farms. They’re really good and 390 calories, 7g fat for 6″ with no cheese!
    Yes, I have a smartphone and I love it dearly. My current fav apps are my fitness pal, instagram, echofon (for twitter), draw something, and pinterest.

  23. Don’t pay attention to this comment Biz, I had to come in and click off the notifications box….my work email was filling up! lol 😉

  24. I was going to say I liked his shirt even before I read that you were waiting to see what Cubs fans said about it lol 🙂 Nice phone! And yay for no snacking!!

  25. I just got that same phone I think! I am going to check out that app ASAP. I’m still learning to use it, so I don’t really have any favorite apps for it yet. I did download Instagram, and not sure what else I have up there!

  26. Weighting For 50

    Big, Big YAY for the wound vac being removed. Tony, you look SO healthy!!! I’m so happy for you all. Have a great, continued health weekend.

  27. Hey Biz, My daughter loves the flatbread sandwiches at Subway – and I really like them better than the big bread”y” sandwiches. I’ll keep my out for your mojo while I am looking for mine as well….HAHA!

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