If you find my mojo, can I have it back?

I don’t know what it was about last week, but I ate so many unplanned snacks, and that’s totally not like me.  I usually have meals in the 500 calories range so I don’t snack – because every time I eat I have to take a shot of insulin.  I have discovered something though – if I am bored at work, that’s the worst for me – it’s almost like I am looking for stuff to eat just to have something to do.

So I chickened out and didn’t go to WW, but I knew I had to step on the scale to see what damage I did.  Last week to this week – I am up .4.


So all in all the damage isn’t too bad – I think my only saving grace was that I drank a lot of water last week.  I have to start taking my own advice and just get moving.  So leave me a comment and tell me to get to the gym today – thanks! Open-mouthed smile

I feel like I cheated on my Chobani friends, but Aldi of all places had Fage yogurt with mango for $1.19 so I bought one.  This time with blackberries, also from Aldi – only .79 a pint – score!


My blood sugar was only 104 when it was time to go to lunch, so I couldn’t walk.  I had what I like to call “making leftovers look pretty.”  I had leftover chicken, so I sauteed up some green peppers and roasted red peppers.  I took 1/2 cup of brown rice and tossed it with 1/2 cup mixed greens.  One serving of tortillas in the middle, so cucumbers for dipping and some of my pickled jalapenos and radishes.  I have to say, those pickled jalapenos got way hotter from when I made them – but so good!

This whole plate of food comes in at 479 calories!


It was another nice night to grill out.  Don’t worry, I am making deep dish pizza for dinner tonight! Open-mouthed smile

I picked up this seasoned beef tenderloin – while it’s $10, the package has two filets, and we each split one – so it ends up being only $2.50 per serving – can’t get a steak like that at a restaurant for that price.


While we were grilling we had more snacks – pretzel thins with a spinach and artichoke cheese dip.


Turns out our dog Ed likes snacks too!


I could have sworn I had to large potatoes in my pantry, but they weren’t there, so I ended up using canned potatoes.  We actually both loved the taste of these potatoes – grilled in a foil pack they almost tasted creamy.  I added a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, Greek seasoning and some fresh chopped rosemary.



The meat was cooked perfectly – I never took a picture of my actual dinner plate, but it was a perfect medium rare.

I haven’t completely finished my meal plan for the week yet – I need to do an inventory of my fridge and freezer to see what I can use up, but here are some things that are definitely on my menu next week:  (Nicole from Prevention RD gets the prize for most recipes this week – 3!!)

My fridge, pantry and freezer will dictate the rest of my meal plan.   Tony and I have a trip to menard’s planned, the grass needs to be cut and I’ve got some laundry to do.  It’s kinda overcast and while I really would like to just watch t.v. all day, I will get to the gym.  Just keep telling me to get there, okay?


18 thoughts on “If you find my mojo, can I have it back?

  1. Go. To. The. Gym.
    Now tell me to go! Have a good weekend!

  2. Gym it up girl! Or get outside! Get moving! Every day this week! Do it do it! Those pretzel thins are ADDICTIVE!Have a great cinco de mayo

  3. Get your butt to the gym 🙂 Okay, I’m going to get my butt there today too!!

    When I was back in Ohio, Aldi had Fage so cheap!! I’m a Chobani lover through and through though.

  4. 0.4 is nothing! 🙂 I’m so excited about your menu…just to see if you liked the recipes, too! Happy weekend, Biz!

  5. Go to the gym Biz!! I hope you have a great workout.

  6. Have you returned from the gym yet? That spinach dip looks so good right now, yum!

  7. Pretend Dolvett from BL will be at the gym to cheer you on!

  8. Get your butt to the gym or get outside – just move! I just came home from an 11 mile bike ride with my pops – short and sweet, but it counts!

  9. myjourneytofit

    I love that shot of Ed!

    Hope you’ve already been to the gym…and don’t forget, you can outeat your exercise. I learned that the hard way.

  10. I wasn’t going to leave comments tonight as I am too tired [but happy :)] BUT,


    So there. 😛 heehee

  11. Gym, Biz, Gym! go go go! and make me go too!
    though i’d much rather sit and read blogs and get great ideas like pickling artichoke hearts http://honest-food.net/2012/04/18/pickled-artichokes-recipe/ hahah your recent pickling adventures have inspired me, i think i’m going to give it a go!

  12. If anyone finds my mojo, I really need it back as well! I’m up a couple pounds over the past couple weeks due to my own not-so-stellar choices. It’s really hard to find motivation and I really have no excuse! Hope you get to the gym. Just think about how much better you’ll feel once you get and start working out.

  13. Seriously, it has to be there somewhere!! Just keep looking really, really hard. You’re mojo will turn up, it always does. 🙂

  14. I think you are doing a great job and dont be so hard on yourself, we all fall every once in a while but then we get back up again and GO TO THE GYM…

  15. Your dog is cute, but not as good looking as that steak, yum! I have lost my will power lately too, maybe it is the season for it 🙂

  16. Did you get to the gym? If not – go for a walk 😀

    I love potatoes on the grill like that. So moist and yet they can get those crispy edges to them.

  17. I haven’t seen pics of Ed much but he’s adorable.

    Guess I don’t have to say you have to go to the gym or walk 🙂 you’ve heard that enough already. Don’t worry too much though, your mojo will come back to you.

    I always make a meal plan on Sunday but I couldn’t find the energy yesterday (was in bed late Saturday night) and will do it tonight or tomorrow. I always plan 2 weeks ahead so the plan is for next week. This is because I do my grocery shopping on Friday for the next week and want to plan in the weekend because I have more time.

    Have a great week!

  18. I need my mojo back too. It’s been rough! I plan on starting a Summer Arms Challenge that I saw on pinterest. Hopefully it helps motivate me!


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