Dinner Date!

When I was cleaning out the refrigerator over the weekend, I totally forgot that I had a package of wontons that hadn’t been opened yet.  I got my muffin pan out and made some wonton cups just to have on hand.  You simply bake them at 350 for 6-8 minutes, until they get golden brown.

Yesterday was breakfast wonton cups – egg whites scrambled with spinach and roasted red pepper were divided between 6 wonton cups.  When I got to work I topped each one with 1/4 slice of American cheese and put it under the broiler.  So delicious and filling!
rosebud 006

rosebud 007

I had to get my blood drawn for my doctor appointment with my diabetes doctor next week.  As luck would have it, it’s right near a huge Japanese grocery store.


rosebud 005rosebud 002

Maggie, the kabocha picture was just for you! Open-mouthed smile

They also have a giant food court.  I decided to get something called spicy beef soup.  I asked the lady “what vegetables come in it” and she says “no vegetables!”  Then I asked if there were onions and she said “yes – lots of white onion!”  I thought to myself, isn’t that a vegetable?  I asked if I could get it without onions and she said “how about bean sprouts?”  Perfect!

She handed me a box that had a container of white rice, the soup (which was about a quart of soup!) and another container and said “that’s your vegetables.”

When I got to work I realized the vegetables were actually pickled daikon radish and zucchini.  So I put about 1/2 cup of the rice on the bottom, then the soup and topped it with the veggies.  OMG, talk about a perfectly balanced spicy flavorful soup – and it was enough to share with two of my co-workers!

rosebud 013

I will definitely try to figure out how to recreate this soup at home.  It wasn’t cheap – $9, but now that I know it’s literally three servings, next time I’ll have leftovers.

And Mara, I thought of you when I was leaving because they had two giant tables of miscellaneous cool looking dishes – all for $5.  I didn’t have time to check them out but definitely will next week when I go back to my doctor appointment.

My office is having a get together the restaurant I went to last night.  The guy I’ve been talking on the phone about the event has been kind of wishy washy, so that was one of the reasons I picked where we went to dinner with my Mom so I could a: check out the venue; b: check out the food and c: check out the manager I’d been talking to.

Well, I couldn’t have been happier with the experience.  The manager was super helpful, friendly – almost completely the opposite from our phone conversations.  Mondays-Thursdays they have $3 dollar apps and $5 house wines.  We ended up getting these chicken wings as an appetizer – they were in a garlic, olive oil lemon sauce – sorry – the place is dark so most of these pictures suck ass.

rosebud 032

Isn’t that a generous serving for $3?!  At the table we shared a bowl of tomato soup with tuscan bread in it – it was delicious!


It’s funny because no matter how far I have come with trying new foods (believe me – even 7-8 years ago you wouldn’t see me eating 80% of the stuff I eat now – that’s how picky I was!) I went with an old favorite – rigattoni with a spicy vodka sauce.

rosebud 038

The portion sizes are ridiculous – this bowl is the size of a serving bowl I’d share at Thanksgiving and Easter!  I can easily get two servings with the leftovers.

My Mom got veal Milanese – guys, it’s the first time I’ve had veal and it was amazing!  Hannah got the fettuccine alfredo – Hannah doesn’t do red sauces.  Thanks for the week night dinner date Mom and Hannah!

rosebud 035

Alright I have to scoot and put my food together and get dressed, I am still in my pajamas and it’s 7:45!  Make it a great day!


24 thoughts on “Dinner Date!

  1. Hannah looks gorgeous in that pic! What a great dinner. Glad the place panned out. What an interesting lunch experience. I like how its like a make your own option. Good stuff. No workout? I’m only bothering you about it because you told us to 🙂

  2. The soup looks fantastic 🙂 And kabocha always does. The pasta also looks delicious, and I have never tried veal. Hannah and your mom look great.

    I would have left the onions off too!!! I’m allergic to raw onions and even cooked they bug my stomach. Yuck.

  3. Great picture of your mom and Hannah!

    I used to be like Hannah and would only order cream sauces, I still mostly do, but I love vodka sauce!

  4. Great picture of your mom and Hannah!

    I used to be like Hannah and would only order cream sauces, I still mostly do, but I love vodka sauce and spicy red sauces

  5. Adorable photo of your Mom and Hannah! Sounds like a fun dinner.

    I’m on a mission to find and try kabocha. I need to know what all the hype is about. I love squash so I’m sure this will be no different. I see it on so many blogs.

    I hope you have a great day and a great workout (you told us to pester you a little!!).

  6. Aww what a cute picture of your mom and Hannah!

  7. I love leftovers!!! I will take mine and anyone else who isn’t taking their food. Fun dinner with your daughter and mom, your dish sounds great.

  8. How cute is Hannah!!!
    And I’m so glad everything worked out with the restaurant!

  9. That soup sounds amazing!! I hope you can recreate it so I can make it too! 😉

  10. That soup looks amazing! Hannah and your mom are so cute, sounds like a most excellent dinner!
    I would totally be all over those dishes for sale, can’t wait to see what you score! 🙂
    I put an orange out today for the birds, a crow came by and took half of it!

  11. Love the little wonton egg cups!
    J’s standby at every Italian restaurant is the vodka penne too! He loves it!
    We just had veal parm on Sunday, my dad made it. I don’t eat veal often, but it is such a yummy tender meat!

  12. Yum, I need a restaurant like that here, it all looks delicious. Great picture of your Mom and Hannah, glad you had a nice dinner date. Your wonton cups are a great idea too. I have a holder for oranges/apples for the birds, that way bigger birds can’t steal the loot. It just a spike thingy running through the fruit and it was in expensive. Here’s a similar one, I couldn’t find the one I bought (at $7.95).

  13. what a cute date night with three generations! the pasta you ordered looks good. i went through a vodka sauce phase in college…i think i ate it way too often because i haven’t had it since that time period!

  14. OMG I love Mitsuwa!! They have great plates/bowls/stuff there and you could spend a fortune! I used to shop there all the time when I lived in San Diego!

  15. I love Asian markets, so much fun new stuff to try and learn about. That pasta looks absolutely amazing.

  16. Weighting For 50

    Love the pic of your dates!!! Asian markets are the BEST!!!! As are wonton cups!!! Have a great Thursday!

  17. That soup is an absolute picture! I love Asian food because it’s so colorful and flavorful while still being healthy (usually!). That soup embodies all of those things :).

  18. That soup looks so awesome! I wonder what it was? 🙂

    Your dinner dates are so beautiful!

  19. melissalikestoeat

    You made a great choice with the pasta. Looks like something I’d order! I’m very adventurous with food choices but sometimes it’s the simple things that make me happy. 🙂

  20. What a fun day!

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