Cauliflower Popcorn

I went to the gym before work yesterday!  Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that Open-mouthed smile.  I did a 5 minute warm up, ran 3.13 miles (in 39:02) and then did a 5 minute cool down.  It was nice to have that all done by 7:30 in the morning!  I ended up having a Fit and Active (Aldi brand) protein bar for a pre and post work out snack – it’s 236 calories total, 9 fat, 35 carbs, 2.4 fiber and 3.9 protein.

Yep, the breakfast parfait is back!  Did you miss it?  This time 1/2 cup of strawberries, plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana and 1/3 cup of my granola.  Breakfast comes in at 357 calories, 2.9 fat, 68 carbs, 6 fiber and 18 protein.

popcorn 002

One of the ways to make sure that you are a controlled diabetic is to meet with your endocrinologist every three months.  While it may seem excessive, other than making good choices, taking the right amount of insulin, etc., the only way you really know how you are doing is if you know your number.  You are probably like, what number??

Your A1c number is a blood test I take the week before my appointments.  It averages out my blood sugar numbers for the last three months.  Anything under 7 is excellent.  Drum roll please . . .

popcorn 012

Mine was 6.5!  This number makes me happy because it proves that having a short lived high blood sugar in order to work out at lunch doesn’t impact my overall health.  Winning! 

I ended up having my lunch I brought the other day when Tony came to pick me up for lunch.  I used 3/4 of the risotto rice, had 2 ounces of shrimp, 1.5 cups of broccoli, 1/2 cup of bean sprouts and 1/4 cup of edamamme – tossed it in 2 tablespoons of stirfry sauce (40 calories for 2 tablespoons) and a splash of sriracha.  Lunch comes in at 453 calories, 7.5 fat, 70 carbs, 8 fiber and 33 protein.

popcorn 005

I knew I was going to cook up pork chops, but was wondering what sort of side dish I could make.  I knew I had a cauliflower I never used up, and while I was leaning towards a cauliflower gratin, it was 85 degrees out and it just didn’t seem right.  So I went on Tastespotting, and found that Jenn made cauliflower popcorn.  (of course now I can’t find the link – Jenn – can you give me the right link?)  I was immediately intrigued!

I did switch it up a bit – I used our deep fryer so they weren’t greasy.  I also made the recipe for two.  Each One Cup Serving:  246 calories, 9 fat, 29 carbs, 4 fiber and 12 protein.

  • 2 cups cauliflower, cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 eggs
  • 2/3 cup seasoned bread crumbs
  • pinch of garlic salt
  • pinch of pepper

Heat your fryer or pan of oil to 350.  Mix the eggs with the garlic salt and pepper.  Toss the cauliflower in to coat.  Put bread crumbs in a large zip loc bag and shake until coated.  Cook for 5 minutes, or until golden brown.

popcorn 014

popcorn 016

I couldn’t believe it when I was downloading my pictures that I never took a picture of dinner!  I must have been hungry.  But I did take a quick picture on my phone to send to my sister.  You can see that I had quite a bit of egg leftover so I think I could have gotten away with just one.


I had a pan sauce with a spicy mustard hot sauce for my pork chop – the chops may look big, but they are only 4 ounces – I pound them really thin.  I used about a tablespoon of the light ranch dressing for dipping my “popcorn.”  This was so good – you really couldn’t even tell it was cauliflower – for those of you with young kids, this may be a way to sneak a veggie in. Open-mouthed smile  Dinner comes in at 534 calories, 18 fat, 38 carbs, 6.6 fiber and 50 protein.

What I did do yesterday:

  • 1580 calories, 38 fat, 212 carbs, 23 fiber and 105 protein
  • Total of 50 minutes on treadmill, 5k baby!
  • awesome doctor appointment (my doctor did tell me that he wished more of his patients were like me!)

What I didn’t do yesterday:

  • No snacks at work
  • Drank 80 ounces of water
  • No wine.  Martini glass  Just shots of Jagermeister.  Kidding! (although that was my shot of choice back In the day).
  • No snacks after dinner.  (even though I made Tony some homemade potato chips for a snack for him last night)

Now here is our inspiration video for today.  I will tell you, thinking of this guy, I think I am going to try to bike a little faster today!


34 thoughts on “Cauliflower Popcorn

  1. I love fried cauliflower!!! My family calls it Italian cauliflower. So good! 😀

  2. There are no calories in jagermeister are there? Love the video!!

    • You know how I used to drink jagermeister? Pint of beer, take a few sips out of the beer til its about 3/4 full, then drop the jager into the beer and chug. Um, maybe that had a few calories? 😀

  3. Congrats on an awesome drs appointment! My mom used to make fired cauliflower with just a squirt of lemon juice in the egg mixture- it was perfect- no dipping sauce needed. Yum..

  4. Wow. That video is definitely inspirational!

  5. I once threw up Jagermeister out my nose…betcha wanted to know that first thing 😉

  6. I put up a recipe for a Cauliflower Au Gratin today! It’s the first time ever that I’ve liked cauliflower.

    Congrats on your doctor appointment – keep up the good work!

  7. Great number Biz! Loved the video – it made me tear up!

  8. OK – Now I get the AC #! My dad is a diabetic, but he is also French, so sometimes the technical language gets lots between his meetings and our house : )

    Today’s video is AWESOME. Fall down, get up, fall down, get up, fall down, get up – always get up!

  9. Awesome dr’s appointment! I’ve seen that video before – truly amazing and inspriational. OMG I need to see that recipe for cauliflower popcorn!! It looks amazing!

  10. Mmm popcorn, cauliflower even better!! Great doc’s appointment, good for you! Yup more patients should be like you. So many of my diabetic patients just never understood the whole carb thing, they thought it was just going without dessert. My uncle ate fruit like a crazy person- still sugar. Keep going! Love this inspiration idea. I need daily pushes too or I would sit and read and drink tea all day long;-/

    • I agree Robin – I can’t tell you how many people think that sugar is the culprit, when 100% of carbs turns to glucose – hopefully we can make more people aware! 😀

  11. Mmm…that lunch looks delish!

  12. myjourneytofit

    You and Helen are cauliflower sisters today! How funny.

    Congrats on the great number – I know you doctor is probably relieved to see you , as he knows he’s working with someone who “gets it” and better yet, DOES IT, when it comes to managing diabetes. Nice going!!!

  13. I love the list of things that you DIDN’T do! (Except for the part that you didn’t drink enough water, of course.) But kudos to everything else! 🙂

    Congrats on the confirmation that you’re keeping your diabetes under control! Way to go!

  14. Great job on the A1c! You wouldn’t believe some of the numbers that I type of with lab results. Into double digits often and they are on shitloads of medicines. Scary.

    And fried vegetables are always great. Is there nothing that frying can’t make a little bit better?

  15. I had to see what cauliflower popcorn was, looks great! I love new ways of making veggies, especially for the kiddos.

  16. Oh my. I love anything cauliflower related – looks amazing!!! (I still even make your cauliflower gratin!) 🙂

  17. I love cauliflower, and this sounds amazing!! Also, I’m really loving these inspirational videos!

  18. I haven’t had that kind of cauliflower in awhile, I remember it being so good. Great news at the Doctor 🙂 That guy is such an amazing person. All the videos have brought tears to my eyes but, yes, very inspirational 🙂

  19. That cauliflower might work for young kids, but not my husband 😉 I would love it though, it is a great idea. Congrats on the great doctors appointment, it has to be a nice relief.

  20. Weighting For 50

    Cheers to 6.5!!! BIG YAY!!!!

  21. How awesome that you’re right at the cusp of just being “at risk” for diabetes!!

    I can’t believe your shot of choice was Jager! haha I can barely get past the smell. Geez, woman!

  22. I was eating popcorn while reading thi spost, and I think the idea is great I have some cauliflower at home definetely making it into popcorn!

  23. Yea for you, your A1C is perfect! It’s great you are educating yourself and sharing with us all, thanks! 🙂
    The cauliflower looks good, I have to try it.
    That video make me tear up, third time this week you make me cry!!!

  24. Wow, you know I thought about everything that you could fry, it never occured to my to fry cauliflower! This looks delicious!
    Also I stumbled upon that video before, and I’ve got to say, it changed the way I see things

  25. that cauliflower looks amazing, im so on that one…great a1c is it lower than your last one? they say every 10 pounds brings it down a point, but you dont have that much weight to lose…as a nurse, and follower of your blog, if only more diabetics were as conscious about their carbs, and proteins. you are a very dedicated diabetic.

  26. Oh man, I am diggin’ the parfaits you’re having in the morning! I wish I could have real yogurt again!!!

  27. […] in keeping with yesterday’s inspirational video – I went on a 50 minute walk – using my arms and […]

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