Eat Me Biz!

Note to self:  If you don’t go to bed until 12:00 a.m., you will never get up in time to go to the gym the next day.  I hate when I stay up too late on a work night!

Note taken. Open-mouthed smile

I did have time to do my 30 minute Classical Stretch – this one was called “feet and knees” and I swear at least 20 minutes was in the plie position – my quads were really burning by the end!  But my Achilles heel felt amazing afterwards. 

I hit the ground running when I got to work – didn’t even have time for a picture, but turns out you’ve seen my breakfast parfait before. Winking smile

It was a gorgeous day – 70 degrees, sunny skies.  I ended up biking for only 45 minutes – my quads were not happy with the bike ride after the stretches!  So much so that half way through the ride I had to get off my bike and stretch in the grass.  Yep, I am klassy like that. Open-mouthed smile


Don’t you love how my fingernail is in the shot!  This made me laugh when I saw it.

Lunch was a turkey wrap on lavish bread – 2 ounces of turkey, 3/4 ounce swiss cheese, 1 tablespoon buffalo wild wing sauce, baby spinach.  All wrapped up in a nice little package.  With carrot fries and watermelon and strawberries on the side.  A delicious lunch!
brat 005

The dip is fat free Greek dressing – it’s Maplewood Farms brand and really tasty.

brat 002

But by mid-afternoon, I was starving.  My bosses chip stash kept calling me “Eat me Biz – you know you love honey mustard pretzels!”  But I had a better idea – I had an apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter and that did the trick. Open-mouthed smile  I actually thought of my inspirational video yesterday – on how the runner must have trained hard to get to where he was – thank you inspiration! Open-mouthed smile

And Debbi – this picture is for you, to let you know that I do keep hot sauce at my desk at all times.

brat 008

You can tell that the weather is getting summer like because my dinner plate looks just like a summer cook out – cheddar brat, corn on the cob and some of my leftover crock pot baked beans.  The corn was just okay.  And for the record, that’s not too much mustard. Open-mouthed smile

brat 010

Now our inspiration video today – just be warned that you may need a piece of kleenex nearby, and you might not want to watch this at work.  Tony and I first saw this a couple years ago, and I am pretty sure both our eyes were weepy by the end.

It’s long – in two videos, but it is worth the watch!


Tony and I thank our lucky stars that both our kids were healthy growing up!

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 1310 calories, 1524 calories after eating 1/4 cup of peanuts while watching t.v. Open-mouthed smile
  • 39 fat, 180 carbs, 23 fiber and 70 protein
  • 30 minutes stretch before work
  • 45 minute bike ride
  • average blood sugar 143

Make it a great day!  I am off to the gym. Hot smile

17 thoughts on “Eat Me Biz!

  1. I went to bed later 2 nights this week and immediately noticed it, actually mostly today. I like my routine of getting to bed on time and do my workout in the morning. As soon as something happens and I go to bed later, everything is messed up.

  2. Those darn honey mustard pretzels are good! That dinner plate looks awesome. I just adore summer eating. I still haven’t tried lavish bread- I must keep an eye out for it!

    • Erica – thanks to your suggestion the other day, I have a free visit with a personal trainer at my gym tomorrow – thanks for idea! 😀

  3. I like to exercise in the morning too and I am not a night owl. Usually if I stay up late it’s when my husband is away and I get caught up in blog stuff 😉

  4. Good for you for making a swap to a healthier snack!

  5. I love this video – and I know of the Will’s Eye center in Philly! Great pick.

  6. Usually I am in bed early but lately I have had some late nights and hope to catch up this weekend on some sleep.

    My husband is a mustard freak. I will make him a tuna sandwich with tons of mustard ( I think) & of course inevitably he always adds more.

  7. That turkey wrap looks good. Good job on the apple/peanut butter snack too 🙂 The mustard photo had me laughing, I am like that with A.1. sauce. My plates have been looking quite summery too, love it! The video…what a remarkable little man…and I was prepared with tissue…thanks Biz!

  8. findingradiance

    That dinner plate does indeed look like summer! I hate going to the gym on not enough sleep. It makes lifting hard LOL.

  9. myjourneytofit

    Good going on the peanut butter and apples – I do that sometimes when I’m snacky.

  10. I feel like I’ve been playing sleep catch up all week just from one night of staying up late! Ugh….

    LOL…good job showing those honey mustard pretzels who’s the boss! 😀

  11. I am so excited for the three day weekend to catch up on some sleep. I love the hot sauce in the pic with the apples, I feel like there are bottles of hot sauce on every surface of our kitchen!

  12. I think I’ll take your word for it and watch that video at home.
    That wrap looks fabulous!!! Love the buffalo sauce, great idea!!

  13. Staying up late is always so fun the night before, not so fun when getting up the next morning. Kinda like drinking too much I guess ;).

  14. Your post titles always crack me up. Like this one, and the Shitty Salad one the other day hahaha. As far as your mustard goes.. Never too much mustard! Or pickles, or anything vinegary/salty. Mmm. Salt and Vinegar potato chips ;). My exercise has been pretty non-existent as of late.. OSU is on quarters so we a week and a half left.. finals are right around the corner. I do always try to stretch though. May not be cardio, but it does make me feel good!

  15. I’m going to have to invest in stock with “Kleenex”. I don’t know where you find the motivational videos but they are incredible. I don’t think I will ever complain about anything again (at least not out loud). Great job on your food choices. I on the other hand have been munching like crazy. (not such good choices either). Keep up the great work!

  16. I’ll bet you leave a bottle in your glove compartment too! 🙂

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