Tony to the Rescue!

With all the leftover Mexican fiesta food from our Memorial Day feast, you are going to see lots of Mexican food leftovers this week. Open-mouthed smile  I am not complaining one bit.

Breakfast was two breakfast tacos – 2 corn tortillas, 2 eggs, some sauteed peppers, 2 tablespoons of refried beans on the bottom, some salsa, lettuce and a bit of cheese.  Breakfast comes in at 421 calories, 19 fat, 38 carbs, 8.5 fiber and 25 protein.

rescue 004

I had every intention of riding my bike yesterday at lunch – but Hannah surprised me for lunch!  We went to The Lucky Monk right by my office.  Best pizza and burgers around.  Our favorite pizza?  The baby spinach pizza with fresh shaved parmesan, ricotta cheese and mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. 


Hannah doesn’t like red sauce all that much.  If I make her my homemade pizza, she might have a total of two tablespoons sauce total on her pizza.  Our one fatal flaw at lunch?  The Upsell.  It’s Server 101.  I should know, I have been a server for approximately 10 years of my life.

Say a customer asks you for a glass of merlot.  If they don’t specify a brand or house wine, you automatically have the bartender pour the most expensive glass of merlot – I’ve been known to sell $15 glasses of wine vs. the $6 house wines.  I know, it’s not nice, but the bigger the check the bigger the tip.

The server said that they had unsweetened ginger peach tea – I was in!  I should have known it was bottled tea.  While our pizza cost $9.95 – our two teas?  Cost $10!  Hannah paid though – so thanks Hannah!  I normally wouldn’t bring back my drink from a restaurant, but for $5 bucks, you know I did!  But it was delicious. Open-mouthed smile  I put in spinach pizza in  – it told me two slices were 580 calories, 22 fat, 597 carbs, 3 fiber and 20 protein – sound about right?

rescue 005

I had two errands to run after work to pick up a prescription for Tony and drop off the office mail at the post office.  I get in my car, turn the car on and . . . it would not go in reverse.  I mean, at all.  I could rev the engine, but it was not going backwards.  I could put it in drive, 1 and 2 gear, but there was no room to go forward.

So I had to call Tony – we couldn’t even push it back in neutral.  So we called a tow truck and were able to get to the car rental place before they closed.  Whew!  Thanks for coming to my rescue Tony! Red heart

rescue 011

Only one tiny little problem.  Since Tony was out he picked up his prescription while I went to the post office.  I come back to the car, turn it on and hear this loud whirring sound, and I look down and see a little picture of a wrench and the service light is on. Sad smile  I immediately called the car rental place, but they were literally closing when we left.  So I have to exchange it on my way to work this morning.

For the record, Tony asked that I not touch or driver our new car. Just kidding

By the time we got home it was about 6:50, so I quickly threw together burgers and I had sweet potato fries on the side.  Dinner comes in at 555 calories, 26 fat, 57 carbs, 3 fiber and 20 protein. 

By the time 9:00 rolled around, I went to stand up and my left heel was killing me.  I haven’t done my 30 day classical stretch since last Friday, and I haven’t been wearing my inserts.  Recipe for disaster.  I did one 30 minute stretch last night, but I need to wear my inserts and do the stretch every day to alleviate the heel pain.

So not the healthiest set of meals – definitely lack on the fruit and veggie department, but I’ll pick it up.

Stats of Tuesday:

  • 1556 calories, 68 fat, 165 carbs, 17 fiber and 71 protein
  • 43% of calories from carbs, 39% from fat, 18% from protein
  • 30 minute stretch
  • average blood sugar 137

I have Erica to thank today for our Inspirational Diet motivation for the day.  (I hope this is the one she was talking about!).   Make it a great day.  And I’ll try not to have any cars towed today. Winking smile

24 thoughts on “Tony to the Rescue!

  1. Oh man, what bad luck with the cars! At least you had yummy eats. I always forget about the breakfast burrito idea–I’ll have to make those soon!

  2. myjourneytofit

    I’ve had that brand of tea – it IS good. That said, I am such a cheapskate that I almost never order anything beyond water at a restaurant…it kills me to pay close to $3 for iced tea (not even bottled – poured from a pitcher!). The pizza looks wonderful, and that was so sweet of Hannah to treat you!

    It wasn’t your new car that had the problem, was it? Hope not…and I hope they get everything sorted out quickly!

  3. That is definitely some bad luck with cars, Biz!

    That is some expensive tea, but it sure sounds yummy! I’m loving today’s video as well 🙂

  4. I had to have THREE cars towed in 2 days a month ago – it was terrible.

  5. When we had older cars, we paid for a yearly AAA membership and it never failed, the tows alone paid for the membership each year!

    $5 for a bottled iced tea seems a bit steep to me but maybe that’s Chicago prices?

    • Luckily all of our tows, no matter what reason, are reimbursed through State Farm – I just email them the receipt and I get a reimbursement check in a matter of days. 😀

  6. findingradiance

    ugh on the cars! I am like that with electronics. I just have to walk past them and they go on the blink. Must be super woman electromagnetic powers that we have!

  7. yayyyy! So glad you liked the video! It is the right one. So fabulous, so inspirational! Bummer about the car troubles. I’m having them right now too!!! And love the spinach on the pizza

  8. Great video! And love those breakfast tacos – I need to try this idea sometime! Hope your car gets fixed soon and cheaply.

  9. You have some crappy car-ma 😉 I know, I am hilarious. I hope all your car drama clears up, good for Tony for rescuing you.

  10. Bring on the mexican food, love the stuff! The pizza sounds delish but, the drink bill…wowza! I’d be taking mine with me too. Bummer about your car, at least it wasn’t your new one.

  11. Oh my gosh, that is crazy about the cars!!!

  12. Happy to hear it wasn’t your new car, enough is enough!
    All your food looks amazing, yummy lunch with Hannah! Have a great week, love the videos! 🙂

  13. That pizza looks amazing!
    I am loving the spinach on top. Delicious!

  14. That pizza looks great! I need to try topping a pizza with spinach and no red sauce. I’m not a red sauce fan either.

    I hate when places sell you bottled teas without warning you beforehand. Happened to me a few times now.

  15. melissalikestoeat

    Pizza looks fab! Sorry about the car troubles. They are the worst, aren’t they!?!

  16. Wow, that’s a lot of bad car luck!!! I missed your Memorial Day mexican feast, but that sounds like something I’d be all over! We just had the classic hot dogs, slaw, etc. I think Mexican sounds a lot tastier!

  17. Weighting For 50

    Oh grr…sorry ’bout the cars. Any day is a good day for leftover mexican food. Hope your heel heals quickly Vat. Take care.

  18. I hear you on drinks. One time I took the kids out to eat and ordered 4 seltzers, I mean you can get seltzer from the soda machine. She brought 4 open large bottles of peligrino for 7.50 each- I was so mad. We sat there for an hour just to drink all that water- the kids were crying!!

  19. Doesn’t sound like you had the best day. Here’s hoping today is much better!

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