Coconut Crunch Granola

A woman hosts a luncheon and she serves lobster rolls.  Everyone raved about them! They had fresh lobster, mayo, lemon zest, celery with a hint of lemon juice and lemon zest, served on a fresh baked bun – heaven!  She passed out the recipe.  One of her friends said “I made your lobster roll and it was awful!”  The woman didn’t know what to say, until the other woman said “well, I didn’t have any fresh lobster, so I used imitation crab.  I wanted to lower the fat so I used plain yogurt in place of the mayo, I didn’t have lemons, so I used limes.  And I didn’t have any buns so I served it in lettuce wraps – it was awful!”

That’s kind of how I feel about me using Nicole’s Salty Sweet Olive Oil Granola recipe, except my version turned out amazing.  So while inspired by Nicole’s, this granola is nothing like the original – but when I do have all the right ingredients, I am definitely going to make her version!

Crunchy Coconut Milk Granola

  • Makes 8, 1/2 cup servings: 248 calories, 12 fat, 29 carbs, 3.6 fiber and 5 protein



  • 3 cups quick oats
  • 1/2 cup slivered almonds
  • 1/4 cup dry roasted peanuts
  • 1/4 cup white sesame seeds
  • 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • 2/3 cup raisins
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips (I used white and milk chocolate)


  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup sugar free pancake syrup (mine is 60 calories for half a cup)
  • 1/3 cup loose packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup light coconut milk

Heat oven to 300.  Put the dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Mix the wet ingredients in another bowl, making sure the brown sugar is incorporated.  Mix the two together and stir until well coated.

I cooked mine on parchment paper.  While Nicole only cooked hers for 45 minutes, I cooked mine for 60 minutes, just stirring every 20 minutes.  Don’t worry if it’s still wet when it comes out of the oven – as soon as it cools it will crisp up.

I kinda wrote down my recipe as I went along:

granola 003

Best part?  I got granola clusters!


granola 005

Now this is the perfect parfait – vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries and this granola – winning!

granola 008

The granola totally makes this parfait. Open-mouthed smile  This one comes in at 372 calories, 19 fat, 43 carbs, 6 fiber and 7 protein.

granola 012

It was gross out all day.  How is it I can go from boob sweat over the weekend with 98 degree temps, to it being 44 degrees a few days later when driving to work?  So crazy.  I ran some errands with one of my friends at work.  We stopped at Bueno Beef.  I love their Italian Beef sandwiches, but thought I should get a salad.   This is, until I looked at the nutritional information.

Turns out I could get a 5 inch Italian beef and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup for less calories that their Neighborhood salad!  My lunch came in at 500 calories, 27 fat, 10 carbs, 3.5 fiber and 51 protein.  And yep, I asked for hot peppers on mine, thank you very much. Open-mouthed smile

granola 017

When I go grocery shopping for a holiday, I usually don’t menu/meal plan that week, because it kind of freaks me out spending more than $100 groceries for the week.  I knew we had plenty of stuff to work with though – just short on the fresh fruit and veggies! 

I did have some broccoli, and I needed to use some fresh tomatoes that were starting to turn, so I made pasta last night.  I had one Italian sausage link, so I cooked that up on the side and then nuked the broccoli for a minute, then tossed that in the sauce too.  Delicious!

granola 021

Tony didn’t want any red sauce last night, so I got to spice it up with crushed red pepper – so good!  Dinner comes in at 495 calories, 21 fat, 43 carbs, 1.5 fiber and 30 protein.

I have blog reader Paula to thank for today’s Inspirational Diet video of the day – thanks Paula!  Make it a great day!

22 thoughts on “Coconut Crunch Granola

  1. myjourneytofit

    That granola looks GOOD!!! Nice that you got crunchy nuggets out of it, too!

    That sandwich reminds me of a hot roast beef sammie that I used to eat as a teenager from Togo’s – and you could get hot peppers on it, too…soooooo good!

    Have a wonderful weekend – I hope your weather levels out for you guys!

  2. That granola looks delicious!!!
    I finish up school Tuesday at about 11, maybe we can meet for lunch (or at the 5 guys in Schaumburg?) next wednesday or thursday?

  3. Yay! for clumpy granola 🙂 Gotta try as soon as I get more SF syrup. That sandwich also looks pretty amazing. I just ate breakfast yet I’m getting hungry!

  4. You’re right about salads but it’s usually the dressing that kills the nutrition on them. I’ve been known to carry healthy dressing with me!

    • Unfortunately the nutritional information was limited to “lower calorie, lower carb, etc.” categories. After I ate the beef and soup, I suddenly realized I could have asked for no dressing – doh!

  5. That granola looks amazing, you had me at coconut! What I’m really drooling over is the soup and sandwich though! Yum!

  6. Your granola looks amazing! And your lobster roll story made me laugh and cringe–how could she tell someone her recipe was awful if she changed so many things? She could have said she tried to healthify it and it bombed. Have a great weekend!

  7. findingradiance

    I never understand why people do that. I made your X only I changed this, this and this and it didn’t turn out – why? Duh!!!

    I love lobster rolls so much. Actually, just give me lobster claw (my favorite part) with some steamed crab legs and a side of butter and I am in heaven!

  8. Yup…totally making this granola. I have some orange stevia drops I have been racking my brain to find a way to use….perhaps somehow I can work it into this granola! oh the wheels are turning! and I’m happy it came out without the coconut flakes as called for in the original recipe, cuz I wasn’t sure where to even find those!

    That is a funny story about the lobster rolls…lol Once you change a recipe in the least bit, you never know what you are going to get.

  9. OMG, “boob sweat” cracks me up!! hahahaha But I know exactly what you mean 🙂 The granola does look amazing!

  10. I LOOOOVE Bueno Beef! My brother is OBSESSED! He buys their gardinara (sp?) by the GALLON. Literally. Loves it.

    I love the coconut milk in the recipe, Biz! And I will definitely used reduced calorie syrup next time. 🙂 TGIF 🙂

  11. LOL…that lobster roll story reminds me of recipe sites where recipe reviewers do the exact same thing to the original recipe. Drives me bonkers! Actually try the original recipe, THEN complain! Sheesh!

    I avoid salads at restaurants too. I find that eating what I actually want is usually less than or equal to a salad that I didn’t want in the first place!

    Enjoy your weekend, Biz!

  12. Your granola looks great! I had to laugh at that first paragraph because I actually had something real similar happen like that 😉 I’ll take the sandwich and soup too, looks delish.

  13. Great video. He is very inspiring. I’ve encountered many people on dialysis who just go through the motions of living. They have let the disease defeat them. I love stories like this. Nothing is impossible!

  14. This looks delicious! I love that it’s healthy but disguised as indulgent!

  15. I loved the intro to this, I am guilty of tweaking recipes too, but not that bad! 🙂 Sorry about your weather, we are officially locked into brutal summer here, so we will be scorching until October. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Interesting use of olive oil!! Does extra virgin work too?

  17. Just loved that video–so inspiring! Did you feel like “wow, that’s so much worse than diabetes!”? That’s what I was thinking, if he can do that much with such a dibilitating problem, I should be able to do it, and more, too! Your granola is looking fantablous! I don’t know why I never make it. I love granola!

  18. That granola sounds amazing !! Putting it on my to make list. Have a good weekend!

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