What do you mean I have to take out the garbage?!

Longtime readers will know that my daughter Hannah is a bit of a neat freak.  As in, if she is emptying the dishwasher and sees that I’ve put a gravy boat where the drinking glasses belong, she kinda goes ape shit on my ass.

One chore that Hannah always did was garbage and recycling.  I think in the 11 years we’ve been at our house, I’ve probably done the garbage less than 10 times.  Now that Hannah’s been gone almost a whole week, I’ve also noticed that the dishwasher isn’t emptied any more by the time I get home.  The mess I make in the kitchen scrambling to put my food together before work isn’t cleaned up anymore.  And the clothes that I invariably put in the dryer and forget about for a couple days?  Um, those aren’t folded either!  WTF?  I guess I took advantage of Hannah’s cleaning skills and over time may not have thanked her for all she did. Thanks Hannah! Red heart

Truth be told, Hannah’s neatness was apparent and a pretty young age.  She used to love washing dishes – putting yellow gloves on and an apron and standing on a foot stool in front of the sink.   And I may or may not have mentioned to her on the phone a time or two “all I have to do when I get home is clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen floor” and lo and behold – those chores would be done by the time I got home from work.  And this started at the age of 7 – I am such a mean Momma!

I really don’t know where she got it from because I was a pretty messy kid growing up.  It would look something like this.  It used to drive my Mom nuts but I told her “just keep the door shut!”


Until I eventually would get sick of it looking like that and do a clean sweep.  I think the longest I kept my room clean was a year.  And if I didn’t live with my husband, I am not sure I’d be as good a housekeeper as I am.  Having stuff around doesn’t bother me much at all.

Were you messy or a neat freak growing up?

We are back to the strawberry parfait – I shared my coconut crunch granola with my boss, so I am out again – this time I used ¼ cup of Kellogg’s Cherry Vanilla granola – with the plain yogurt this was a nice combination.  343 caloires, 3 fat, 63 carbs, 5.4 fiber and 21 protein.

orzo 003

My office has an outdoor patio with chairs and umbrellas and a pretty nice grill.  We grilled out quite a few times last year and today is our inaugural grill for the summer of 2012.  I ended up doing grocery shopping during my lunch hour for today.  I plan on making chicken pitas (this time with flavor!), a cucumber salad and a Greek orzo salad.  I’ll be sure to post the recipes soon.  On the way to the store I saw a garage sale sign that said “one block in!”  I was sold.  I hate following garage sale/estate sale signs that have me drive like 5 miles!

I picked up two stuffed animals for our dog Ed – .25 each, and these two new to me cookbooks – one was $1 and one was $2.  Please ignore the tea kettle in the back – it was used to fill the water reservoir in our smoker from last weekend. Be right back

orzo 012

orzo 027

orzo 028

When I got back, I heated up my lunch.  Two corn tortillas, 3 ounces of chicken, ¼ cup kidney beans and jalapeno tacos, ¼ cup of cilantro rice (which tastes exactly like Chipotle’s!) and some chips and salsa.   I texted a picture of my plate to my twin sister and she’s like “love the plate!”  We had an attorney quit and she left a set of those dishes – dinner plate, salad plate, coffee cup and bowl.  I quickly adopted them as my own. 😀  Lunch comes in at 474 calories, 16 fat, 6.8 fiber and 12 protein.

orzo 004

orzo 007

One thing I need to learn is to label my food that goes into our freezer or deep freeze.  Every time I wrap something up in foil and stick it in there, I’ll say to myself “I’ll remember what that is!”  Um, not so much.  So I was a little worried when I was leaving for work, reached into our freezer and pulled out what felt like a sizeable amount of meat.  Only thing was, I had no idea what it was.  Pork?  Steak?  Chicken?

It turned out to be . . . PORK!  We just had pork last night!  Oh well – the good thing is that these were fairly thick – I kept mine thick and butterflied Tony’s.  I made Parmesan orzo on the side and mixed baby spinach in mine.  Instead of using my spicy BBQ sauce, we both used this one:

orzo 017

My plate comes in at 414 calories, 15 fat, 39 carbs, 6.7 fiber and 29 protein.

orzo 018

orzo 019

It was delicious if I do say so myself. Open-mouthed smile

So guess who my Inspirational Diet motivation is for today?  My brother Charlie!!  You can check out his latest blog post here.  He’s had three cancer treatments so far.  The last two days, he’s walked a mile each day!

He forwarded me this picture yesterday saying “I’m just like Biz!”


I am inspired by your strength to get out there and walk, even if you don’t feel like it.  And hope that as you continue on with treatment that it won’t get worse than it already is.  I love you!  That’s coming from your prettiest sister. Open-mouthed smile

Make it a Great Day!


27 thoughts on “What do you mean I have to take out the garbage?!

  1. This post made me LOL. I am kinda like Hannah – I was always doing nice chores at home for my parents. They are divorced now and unfortunately my sister lives with my dad and she is the complete opposite of me – she is like a tasmanian mess devil and every room she enters becomes a disaster area. My poor dad – he has no idea how to clean because he never had to all those years! Hehe. You are a very lucky momma to have Hannah! She is so sweet. I hope you guys get to hang out a lot even though she is 50 miles away now.

    Charlie looks great 🙂 I hope he is feeling as good as he looks!!

  2. Your brother is definitely an inspiration!

    I’ll admit that I’m not at all a clean freak–mess doesn’t really bother me much at all, but it bother my husband, so our house stays clean. Surprisingly when he was deployed I still kept it clean, I guess it’s become a habit!

  3. Charlie is amazing!

    I guess you’ll have to come up with a new routine with Hannah gone. Did you see Kelly’s suggestion of 15 minute cleaning spurts? As I’m one who can’t stand to leave a mess of any sort, I actually plan 30 minutes into my schedule each morning just for my breakfast/lunch prep and cleanup before I leave for work.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I was totally messy until well into my 30’s. Still am. Our family does struggle to set goals to keep things neat. So…many…damn…legos.

  5. Your brother is awesome! I want to be like him. As for cleaning, I have the brain of a Felix in the body of an Oscar.

  6. I’m a neat person – but I wasn’t always like this. Didn’t make my bed for years; now, I do it as soon as I get up. Weird. But yeah, it’s funny how when the kids leave, you realize things that you now have to do…and some that you don’t have to do (like for me, stop buying certain groceries).

    Charlie looks good!

  7. findingradiance

    Love Charlie!

    I used to be messy as a kid. We never learned how to clean properly. The house would just get messier and messier until my mom made us spend all day cleaning. Then it would get messy again and the cycle would repeat. It never occurred to me until I was older to do a little bit every day and then you didn’t have to do big cleaning days.

  8. I was messy as a kid and would tell my mom the same thing. I figured we could just keep the door closed! 🙂

    Also…love the plates…so festive and fun!

  9. Monday I had to put the pool and filter together by myself and I was missing Mike so much because so much of this stuff I just had him do while I played gopher. Now I do both and all and boy do I miss him.
    Take care Biz and have a blessed afternoon!

  10. I used to be a neat freak, now with 2 dogs in the house I’m the opposite. Your brother’s comment had me laughing! And yes he is an inspiration. Your lucky Hannah was so helpful, my son was (when at home) a slob…lol!

  11. I’m definitely not the world’s neatest person – I could vaccuum just shy of never & be happy, but I HATE to see dishes piled up…my dad could care less about the dishes so if I’m not here, they’re gross!

  12. Love the story! I am pretty neat but live with messy boys (that includes the husband) so it’s a bit of an uphill battle and I get tired of picking up after everyone so sometimes I just don’t..

    Charlie is very inspiring and having a sense of humor will serve him well during all this! I have been there, done that and it’s not at all fun but that was a long time ago now and there will be a day when he can say that too!

  13. That is so great to hear your brother is doing well! Go Charlie!! 🙂

  14. I think your daughter sounds lovely! I think I was the opposite kind while growing up…. 😀

  15. Roz@weightingfor50

    So great to see Charlie’s picture!!!!! I’m far from neat freak…when it comes to clothes. They tend to sit in the hamper after washing until I wear them. fold at put away?? HUH?? 🙂 BUT…in the kitchen, I like things clean. We have a TINY kitchen, and it’s full because I love to cook, but everything has its place. And if things are out of place, all is NOT well in our world! Poor Dennis! kidding. Sort of. have a great Friday, and GO CHARLIE GO!!!

  16. I know you probably won’t be surprised….I am just like Hannah! My Mom is super clean and it rubbed off on me early. I can’t stand having a messy house. I always clean up all of Kaylin’s toys after she plays with them… What a delicious taco meal. Hope you have a great weekend. Love the inspiration

  17. does hannah want to come stay with me?? my apt. is looking pretty messy right now. i love keeping it clean but i can only do so many chores each night, you know?? and the last thing i want to do after work is come home and clean.

  18. Bizz,
    I have to admit I’m very much like your daughter. I don’t work a normal 9-5 job so i usually am home when no one else is. What will I do with all this time? Clean! I am 25 and am living with my parents till I get married in May. This is not something new though. I have always been a neat freak nearly bordering on ocd for as long as I can remember 😉 Even as a kid I would vacuum the floor and my sisters would walk all over it to mess it up, so I would go over it all again just for the nice clean lines. I think my mom may feel similar to how you feel. Days when I am at work all day and something I would usually do, like clean the kitchen or tidy up a room, isn’t done I can always tell she notices. I don’t know what it is, but there is something so rewarding about cleaning up something that was once messy and then seeing all nice and neat 🙂 I guess its just the dork in me 🙂

  19. You just totally lucked out by having a neat daughter, Biz. I used to complain to high heavens when my parents forced me to wash the dishes or do any cleaning. Even now I live by myself and I still have to force myself to clean once a….eh, once every two weeks.

  20. I’m just like you, so I HOPE I get clean freak kids. My room always looked like that, and still pretty much does. haha I don’t keep rotting food around, or anything DIRTY- it’s just clutter and untidyness. I’m not good at keeping up after myself or organizing.
    I can clean dirty dishes, and I can stack and run the dishwasher. But stuff like unstacking or putting the things away usually lag a day or two until it’s necessary. I do love laundry, though- which is a good thing. Otherwise I could definitely see us living with mounds of dirty clothes a mile high. haha But I keep up with that!

  21. My whole family was a bunch of pigs and I was the piggiest of them all. Once the trash and clothes got so high it was even with my bed before I cleaned it. My room was smelling really funky and I found out why, a dead mouse was buried underneath all the clothes! lol! I wish I had a Hannah with me as I keep a cleaner home now than I grew up in, but it still needs some clean freak to attack it every day.

    I love that you buy Ed stuffed animals–I knw we already talked about this before but we do the same thing for Jessie. She usually lets hers live and then halfway tears out the stuffing a month later, then finishes it off another year later.

    I was wondering about Charlie and am glad to see a photo of him. He looks really good despite the cancer, I’m sure it’s helped him lose weight without trying since he’s sick but I’ll pray he overcomes it so it doesn’t make him any skinnier! He looks great where he is now. ❤

  22. ahhh that is so cool about your brother. He looks great! I am a total neat freak, I was as a kid, and still am now!

  23. Tom calls me Messy Bessy, so you can guess how I was growing up 🙂 I use a sharpie to just write on the foil of whatever I freeze, because I am always freezing stuff in single serving sizes. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  24. OMG, the picture from your brother has me crackin’ up! You guys must have a fun time when you all get together, you are all so funny.

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