In between and Guess What Smells in Biz’s Pantry!

Tony had to get up early for a meeting yesterday so I set my alarm for the same time.  I don’t know how he does it, but once his alarm goes off, he turns it off and gets up and gets moving.  Me?  I hit the snooze – but not for long, maybe 15 minutes.  It was perfect – our house was a chilly 50 degrees I had the down comforter on and with Tony out of the bed I could spread out.

I got up at 6:20, and turned off our fan.  Yes, we pretty much sleep with a fan on for background noise pretty much year round.  Once I was up, Tony was up and the fan was turned off, our dog came out of the bedroom all confused!  But it was the perfect opportunity to get him outside for a walk.  He’s getting old so sometimes you have to coax him to go down the back stairs. Sad smile

When I got back from the walk, I blogged, did 20 minutes of the 30 minute stretch, took a shower and got dressed for work.  This is where the “In Between” title of my post comes into play.  You see I am in between a size 14 and 12.  The 14’s are too big, the 12’s are a bit tight.  I have exactly three pairs of pants that fit me correctly at this moment, and because I have more 10’s and 12’s than 14’s – pretty sure that is more motivation to move the scale in the right direction. Thumbs up

I had two more breakfast muffins and a bowl of watermelon – I picked a good one because this is super delicious.  I didn’t realize it until last night when I was putting my food into that my breakfast only came in at 236 calories, 9 fat, 25 carbs, 1.1 fiber and 15 protein!

Show of hands how many of you actually use that melon baller you just had to have? Winking smile

olympic 003

olympic 005

But these muffins are really filling.  I tested my blood sugar before heading out at lunch – I thought for sure with the watermelon it would be in the low to mid 200’s which is what I wanted – sadly, it was only 150.  So I did a walk/sprint routine for 50 minutes.  I basically walked until I got to a subdivision near my office that doesn’t have much traffic, and the houses are kind of far apart.  I would walk from one mailbox to the next, then sprint to the next one.  I did that for about 15 minutes, then just walked back to my office.  It felt great!

I was thankful to have a cold salad for lunch – I totally redeemed myself from the salad the day before!

Spicy Shrimp Noodle Salad

the whole recipe comes in at: 406 calories, 6 fat, 61 carbs, 9.8 fiber and 27 protein.


  • · 4 ounces cooked pasta
  • · 3 ounces cooked shrimp
  •   1 cup steamed broccoli
  •   ½ cup raw carrots
  •   ¼ cup steamed edamame
  •   ¼ cup light coconut milk
  •   2 tablespoons Thai chile paste
  •   ½ teaspoon soy sauce
  •   1 teaspoon sriracha sauce

In a large bowl I mixed the coconut milk, chile paste, soy sauce and sriracha together. Then tossed everything else in the pool, mixed well and put it in a large container to bring to work. The sauce totally got soaked up in the noodles – it was flavorful spicy, loved the hint of coconut – I will definitely make this salad again.

olympic 010

And it’s a pretty generous portion too!

olympic 013

I defrosted some really thin round steak and grilled it on the grill for literally a total of three minutes – it was three thin slices that Tony and I split between our steak sammies – only about 4 ounces of beef per sammie.

When I sent to get my buns out of the pantry I was hit with “what the fuck stinks in my pantry?

olympic 017

Yep, without my personal assistant/maid and my lack of smell, pretty sure I need to make a mental note to clean out my pantry more often.

Dinner was super quick – I sauteed up some red peppers and mushrooms (I ate mushrooms!I – used some of the 40 calorie Swiss cheese on our buns, made a quick au jus with beef broth and Italian seasoning and baked up some fries.  Pretty sure french fries count as a vegetable if you bake them. Open-mouthed smile  Dinner comes in at 579 calories, 18 fat, 71 carbs (eeks!) and 27 protein.

olympic 026

It was garbage/recycling night last night too – another job that’s become my responsibility since my assistant moved out – and discovered I have a shit load of cooking magazines.  I can’t bare to throw them out!  If anyone lives in the NW suburbs of Chicago – maybe I can give them away – just leave a comment if you want them.

olympic 015

Have you been watching the Olympic trials?  So inspiring.  It reminded me of when I ran track in high school.  It’s hard for me to believe that this picture is 30 years old already – how the hell did I get that old?  I am sure I envisioned my legs being that muscular when I was running today – just sans the 80’s glasses!  And back then I didn’t have a giggly muffin top. Open-mouthed smile


Swimming is an event that I envy because I am not a good swimmer and they make it look so easy.  Ryan Lochte is trying to best Michael Phelps.  I loved watching this video!  Enjoy and make it a great day! 

28 thoughts on “In between and Guess What Smells in Biz’s Pantry!

  1. Haha, I am the same way with magazines, I end up keeping them forever and they just take up space! Then I get in a cleaning mood and chuck them all at once.

    Those breakfast muffins sound SO good! I don’t have a melon baller. I never bought one because I KNEW I would never use it!

  2. that is a potato with eyes, right?

    i don’t have a melon baller – i have almost bought one many times, but i know i would never use it!

  3. I won a melon baller years ago at a Tupperware party. It pretty much stays in the bottom of the utensil drawer and only shows it’s face if I’m asked to make a fruit salad for a party or something.

    I *hate* being in-between so I know the exact conflict you’re feeling. By all means, get a move on and get to those size 10s!

  4. Great video! Gorgeous pasta salad!

  5. Your breakfast muffins look so good Biz, I think my kids would like those. Rotten potatoes are the worst! Looks like things are going well for you- ooh a new car!! Inbetween is tough when trying to find something to wear isn’t it. I have very little clothes now that nothing fits so I wear the same dress over and over again- I must go shopping. The kids are keeping me busy this summer so I am doing my best to keep up with reading all my favorite friend’s blogs. We go to SML in a few weeks to see my parents which will be nice to get down there and slow down and relax. Do you have any travel plans this summer to see any of your family? How is your brother doing? Have a great hump day!!!

    • Hey Robin! Jealous of your trip to SML – my Aunt and Uncle that own the house in SML? My uncle unfortunately is at the end stages of lung cancer – they are in Richmond now and he wants to go to SML so bad – they are trying to make that happen for him this week. 😦 It won’t feel the same without him there!

      Charlie is doing good – he actually posted on Facebook that he’s “Cautiously optimistic that I’m finally feeling a bit better this week?” He has tests next week to see how the chemo is going. I’ll keep you posted!

  6. Hahaha, we found a stinking, sprouting sweet potato in the back of our cupboards the other day too. And I feel your pain about clothes not fitting just right.. I can gain/lose weight realllly quickly, so I feel like I have just about every size of pants made sitting in my drawers, such a pain!
    I love watching the swimming trials more than any other sport. I was on the swim team for over 11 years (year round!) but gave it up in high school to focus on other things. Boy I wish I hadn’t! I’ve been trying to get in the pool for laps a few times a week this summer, but my endurance is pretty much shot. Feels good to be back in the water though and watching those olympic swimmers makes me want to get my endurance back! They glide through the water so gracefully, whereas i’m sure I look like I’m drowning in the pool haha.

    Have a good day!

    • Quite confident Sarah I am the only one who looks like I am drowing when I swim. I did a triathlon back in 2005, and the look on Tony’s face when I came out of the water was priceless! 😀

  7. Pretty sure I got my melon baller at my bridal shower…I’m just impressed that I still have it, 28 years later!

    Gross on the potato. Once I had moths in my pantry from old potatoes…now I don’t keep any produce in there – that was just a nasty experience!

  8. I would TOTALLY take those magazines if I lived in NW Chicago. I usually take my extra cooking magazines to work for people to read/take home.

  9. ewwwwwww- stinky root veggies are the worst ;). Glad you found the culprit. I don’t have a melon baller, which is funny because I know I’d use it if I did have one. That video is so cute! I love seeing proud parents and hard working athletes- just awesome.

  10. Oh I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found potatoes like that, so gross! Now, I tend to keep the in the fridge where they stay better and don’t get quite as far out of sight!

  11. I hit the snooze in the morning, too. I set my alarm 10 minutes before I have to wake up and then hit snooze….kind of ridiculous because I would get an extra ten of sleep, but I just can’t get out of bed that fast!

    I’ve had potatoes like that before…ugh!

  12. Rotting potatoes can smell nasty! And nope — don’t have a melon baller. We just cut our melon in cubes! Works!

  13. I actually don’t have a melon baller—probably will never invest in one either. haha

    I am not a hit the snooze button kind of person, when the alarm goes off I’m up!

  14. Kalli and Bill

    the olympic trails are inspiring! been loving them

  15. The swimmers are amazing, right??? But, really, they all are. I find myself talking out loud while watching – “wow – holy crap, that was ridiculous! – check out his shoulders” and on and on and on…………lol.

  16. I love all things olympics. Did you hear about the women that TIED in the 100M? CRAZY!

  17. Thanks so much for your comment on my chocolate covered peanut butter cups 🙂 I am not a shrimp fan, but the rest of your noodle salad sounds delicious! Bad smells in the kitchen?? I’ve definitely had my share of those!

  18. I have a melon baller but, have not used it on a melon. I use it to scoop out cherry tomatoes, so I can fill them…works like a charm! Your shrimp and pasta dish looks very good. I love swimming, I would swim everyday if the weather permitted 🙂

  19. I don’t have a melon baller cuz I hate melons, wish I loved them but I don’t!
    I’m trying to decide whether to make your breakfast muffins or your quiche for our overnight guests on the 4th!
    Glad to hear Charlie is having a good week, hope all the tests come out good!
    Love your pic, looks like you were giving it your all!!! 🙂
    We are actually having a nice day here, it’s 11:00 and 62*! Going outside to enjoy it!

  20. I have olympic trials on my DVR to catch up on, I love it too! That salad looks awesome, you are definitely more creative with your salads than I am.

  21. I’m right there with you…. I hit snooze about 5 times before actually getting out of bed.

    That salad looks so tasty! I’m not a shrimp person, but I’m going to try it with chicken!

  22. I totally LOL’ed at the pantry comment and made a few of my co-workers ask ‘what’s so funny?’ I hate playing ‘find that smell.’ And the snooze button is USUALLY hit at least 3 times in the morning, but we just got a new puppy. She’s crate trained, but she can hear the alarm from the other end of the house and starts howling to be let out (she’s a Beagle). 🙂

    I’m loving the Olympic trials right now! 😀

  23. I use my melon baller on a regular basis – mostly to core apples (a trick I learned in home ec in school).

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