Wonderful Weekend

Thanks for all your well wishes about my Uncle last week.  My Mom flew out on Friday to Smith Mountain Lake and on Saturday the family made it back to Richmond – a day early because of terrible storms – the power went out and there was no telling when it was going to be turned back on.

I am flying out on Wednesday the 4th – out of Milwaukee because it was like $350 cheaper – and will return on Sunday.  There will be a memorial service on Friday the 6th.  And while it is a sad occasion that I go to Virginia, I am looking forward to seeing my Aunt, cousins and extended family.

Tony and I had a wonderful weekend.  Saturday morning I made the best hash browns – nice and crispy!  The secret?  Squeeze out all the liquid from the potatoes either using a potato masher or in a paper towel.

our weekend 006

our weekend 010

Friday at work I ended up making bbq pork sandwiches and chili hot dogs.  I had a leftover chili hotdog for lunch on Saturday – I love this hot dog chili – it has yellow mustard in it and its super tangy and perfect for an all beef hot dog.  Everyone loved it!

So while we were grocery shopping I asked Tony if he wanted me to make him anything for when I am gone and he said “I have an idea – how about I figure out what I want to eat the same day?!”  Nicole and I have had the same problem – our husbands just can’t wrap their brain around meal planning.  Tony’s an awesome cook so I can assume he’ll have some delicious pasta, grilled meats and possibly his guilty pleasure when I am away – Banquet Fried Chicken!

our weekend 014

Saturday night was date night in – we rented a movie off the DVR – totally disappointing because we thought it was a documentary (it was under the documentary category) but it was a made up movie about a documentary.  Tony figured it out half way through but didn’t spoil it for me until after the movie was over – I hate when that happens!

I made us Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza – this time with sausage, pepperoni, baby bella mushrooms and chopped marinated artichokes.  Get this – I am starting to like mushrooms! 

our weekend 016

I know the steps to this recipe seem long, but there really isn’t a whole lot of hands on time – you just need to plan ahead a bit for the two rises of the dough.

We enjoyed splitting this bottle of wine – I had it for the first time at a holiday Christmas party, and now Sam’s Club sells it.

our weekend 021

our weekend 025

Word of warning – you really do have to let this pizza sit for at least 10 minutes before taking it out of the pan – I was a bit anxious and you can see the dough on the bottom started to tear – no worries, just let it sit 5 more minutes and it came out fine.

our weekend 029

I asked the guy at the deli to slice my mozzarella cheese a bit thicker than normal – this was so fricken good!  And one slice was plenty. Open-mouthed smile

We had plans to have lunch out yesterday – sushi and a movie.  We went to our normal sushi place, only to realize that it was closed for lunch on Sunday’s.  On to Plan B – another restaurant in the same mall:


Yep, a complete opposite from sushi – a French bistro!   Again, I was suckered by the bottled tea – I asked for ice tea and she rattled off some flavors and I immediately jumped at ginger peach.  Duh!


I ordered the quiche lorraine that came with a side salad – so delicious!  My meal cost $10 – our two teas?  $11.00!   My quiche also came with a tomato dipping sauce on the side – I’ve never seen that before. 


We went to see the movie Ted at an iPic theater.  The woman who waited on us was a complete biotch.  If you are not familiar with iPic (formerly Gold Class Cinemas), it’s a high end movie theater that has reclining seats and servers to bring you food, beverages or popcorn.

There weren’t any of the best seats left, so we got the $13 seats – still comfy but we missed the recliners!  We saw Ted and it was so funny – definitely worth the $$ of seeing it in a movie theater. Open-mouthed smile

We ended up doing a beef roast on the grill last night while we just relaxed outside – there were big storms in our area yesterday, but they were all south so all we got was a nice breeze even if it was hot.

our weekend 034

Is anyone else watching Next Food Network Star?  My bet is on Justin to take the whole thing.  I think the “Grill Next Door” seems a bit fake to me, but we’ll see.  Tony also didn’t mind me watching an hour of gymnastics – I can’t wait for the Olympics!

And by miracle of miracles, not only did I do all our laundry (um, I may not have done any for two weeks!), it’s all folded and put away. Open-mouthed smile

So all in all, it was a great weekend.  I hardly went online – and just enjoyed each moment as it came.  Sadly I think it takes the loss of someone to make you stop in your tracks and slow down and appreciate the little things that make you happy instead of just going through the motions.

Off to put a breakfast pizza together before work – what was the highlight of your weekend?  Make it a great day!

Need some inspiration?  Check out this Olympian!


17 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. I’m late, but I’m very sorry for your loss, Biz.

    I’m so glad that you had an awesome weekend! We had one here too. We actually went to watch Ted on Friday, but it was sold out so we had to watch That’s My Boy…hopefully we’ll catch Ted on another one of Ray’s days off! By the way, I have yet to make that pizza, but every time you post it I practically drool on my laptop. 🙂

  2. We had sudden big thunderstorms too, and they actually broke the humidity a bit which was nice. But nothing like what they had in the DC area. I feel so bad for all the people who lost power. 😦

    As you know I mostly unplug every weekend and I can honestly say that I never regret it. In fact, I think it helps me a lot – puts my ‘real’ life in perspective.

  3. I had to skip through some of your blog. I am watching the Food Network star, but we canceled cable so I can’t get the episodes until a day or two later online. I didn’t want to see if you gave away this week’s loser.

    I think Justin has a great shot.

    That pizza looks really good.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Uncle. We buried mine on Friday. It is so hard, especially on my son who is Autistic. He just doesn’t understand.

    That pizza looks amazing! I just might have to try it. I love the Food Network Star. Of course, I am partial and would like Marty to win since she lives about 2 hours from Huntsville. 🙂

  5. Sorry about your Uncle.

    I’m on a pizza kick – yours looks amazing!

  6. Wow, that was so action packed I’d have to write a whole blog post for all the comments flying around my head! The food all looks delish, as usual, and it’s actually nice that Tony will fend for himself when you are gone–one less thing to worry about! I am sure the memorial will be beautiful and that you’ll enjoy family despite the sad occasion. I hope you can do some laughing in memory of your uncle and all the good times you shared 🙂

  7. Except for the circumstances, I’m glad you will get to visit with relatives. I hope you all cherish your Uncle’s memories and have some good laughs. It should be illegal for you to post that deep dish pizza!! lol! Oh no, the ice tea got you again. No highlights for the weekend, just lounged in the pool. It’s been too hot to do much else, but I love it 😀

  8. Weighting For 50

    Hi Vat. Glad you’ll be able to spend some time with your relatives during this tough time. Have a good Monday.

  9. mmmmmm to that pizza! I’m usually not a deep dish girl, but the looks of that could win me over. Bummer your restaurant was closed, but looks like you had a great meal regardless. Have a safe trip

  10. Biz, I am just catching up. Sorry to hear about your uncle. I am glad you are going out to be with family, though.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Maybe since you are starting to like mushrooms, some day you might even like onions. I am watching food network star but have not seen last night’s episode. I am also loving the olympic trials.

  12. I watch Food Network Star and I don’t love any of them this season. Justin annoys the beejesus out of me, but I have to admit he’s talented!

  13. ‘Sadly I think it takes the loss of someone to make you stop in your tracks and slow down and appreciate the little things that make you happy instead of just going through the motions’

    True words Biz!! No doubt. Sorry for your loss.

  14. Love that Pizza..so full of smoothie! 🙂

  15. You sure had a wonderful weekend. Now that I’m working again (and read blogs between work tasks) I won’t be online anymore in the weekend. I love to unplug at the weekend and do other things.

    When I’m not home for dinner, R. doesn’t cook at all, he also doesn’t want me to prepare something the day before. He usually goes out for take-out food. Lucky for him, I’m not away that often 🙂

  16. I missed this post and the next one b/c of not having power – but I wanted to find out where you were flying into in VA. I know it is a sad occasion to have to come here, but I thought if there was anything we could help with [a ride from the airport perhaps?] we would.

    Sigh, but I missed you. You’re probably already on the way to the airport. Have a safe trip – and hang in there.

    • I thought about you with no power Skippy! I am actually leaving this morning, but I have lots of cousins and relatives in, so I am all good with transportation, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the offer! Hugs! 😀

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