And I Am Off!

Thanks again for all your well wishes about my trip to Virginia for my Uncle’s memorial and my anxiety for flying.  I know it will be fine – the weather is going to be fine, so it’s all good.  Thanks Tony for making the 3 hour round trip drive to drop me off and pick me up – you are amaze balls and I will miss you!

Another thanks to Skippy who offered to help with transportation to/from the airport – even though she is sick and has been without power for the last 4 days, her offer to help is just overwhelming.  Thanks Skip! 😀

My eats were ordinary yesterday, in fact, I only took a picture of my breakfast – another breakfast pizza, this time I sliced up some pickled cherry peppers and it was pretty amaze balls.  Not sure if you can see them in this picture, but the vinegary bite was delicious!

I ran errands at lunch – I needed to buy a small purse with a zipper for my trip – scored at Target and bought one on discount for $6.68!  I picked up lunch for my boss, and got a broccoli cheddar cheese soup – even though it was 100 degrees out.  I love that soup!

And dinner was simple – roasted chicken on the Weber and some buttered noodles.  No veggies because I didn’t buy many because I know that Tony will not eat any while I am gone.  I can’t imagine him grilling a New York strip wondering “I wonder what sides and vegetable I am going to make?”

In fact, I cleaned out the freezer and fridge.  I removed all the leftovers because they would still be there when I got back.  Now the lower level of our fridge is filled with bottles of Miller Lite.  The top shelf has good salami, cheese, and big olives for vodka rocks.  I think he’ll be fine without me. 😀

I probably won’t blog again until Monday, July 9th.  In the meantime, I was jumping around reading blogs the way I do and stumbled across a blog that hasn’t been active since November of 2011, but she posted this picture and basically said “this is my goal body.”  She was 26 years old and it just broke my heart that she thought this body looked remotely healthy.

To me, this is my healthy goal picture:

Which picture is healthier to you?  I also know I am not going to get that second body unless I really buckle down and focus.  I stole this from Amanda’s blog, but it could have been written by me!

I am off to pack.  We leave for the airport in an hour.  I am nervous because I haven’t packed for myself for 12 years – Hannah has always done it!  I am not taking much because I have to switch planes and want to make sure that my bag will be able to carry on.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week with friends, family and good food.  I’ll probably update on Facebook while I am gone, so I’ll “see” you there!  Hugs!


13 thoughts on “And I Am Off!

  1. A visible rib cage is not healthy or sexy. Your image is much more healthy and realistic.

    Hope you have a safe trip. Happy 4th of July!!

  2. Wishing you lots of strength for the next couple of days Biz. Safe travels.

  3. The second image looks much healthier to me, since I don’t see the rib cage showing like that as sexy. Also, I had just saved that picture quote yesterday from pinterest! haha

    Save travels, Biz!

  4. Your body looks healthier, but neither one is what I could ever look like. I need to find someone shorter and stockier…

  5. Safe travels, Biz, and enjoy the time with your family (even if it isn’t under the best circumstances).
    Isn’t it funny how different men think about meals than women? lol our fridge when my dad stocks it consists of wine, steak, lamb chops, and mexican cheeses. Olives too!
    And it’s scary looking back, but i used to look like that wayyyy too thin girl. (minus the boobs, because when you’re that skinny there is no way you can have a chest like that unless they are fake haha) but I’m so glad I snapped out of that phase. There is so much more to life than weight, and when you’re that thin, you definitely can’t live life to your fullest. Healthy and feeling good is most important, and that’s a different number on the scale for everyone!

  6. We will be thinking of you while you are away. ❤ And I think your healthy seems healthier. That other girl probably starves herself to stay that thin. Travel safe!

  7. Everyone agrees you are healthier! Yay!

  8. That first goal body is nasty 😦 I hope you are having a good trip and have safe travels home.

  9. That girls ribs are seriously showing! That is WAY too thin.
    Have a safe flight, Biz!

  10. That is really scary and sad…I remember when my ribcage was showing and I was definitely not at all healthy in the least.

    Enjoy yourself in Virginia! You’re some hours closer to me now! 🙂

  11. Have a safe trip! I think that goal weight of yours is much healthier. Hope to read more of your blogs. Started my weight loss journey myself with Roca Labs Formula. Enjoy!

  12. So sorry for your loss, but I hope you have a wonderful trip and time seeing your family.

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