7 Minute Shopping and Slow Rise Pizza Dough

I am happy to say that the grilled pizza party at my office yesterday was a success!  Just a couple of problems.

First, the Weber grill that’s at our office has three burners, they run top to bottom.  I am used to having four burners on our gas grill, so I can have a hot side and a cool side.  I thought I had it dialed in, and while my tiles were coming to temperature, I put onions (yes, I am that nice!) to caramelize in a small cast iron skillet I brought on what I thought was the cooler side of the grill.

I was prepping the ingredients inside our office kitchen, when I saw smoke and ran outside and I burned the shit out of the onions!  So my intentions were good!  I still had enough that I had some raw diced ones, so all was not lost.

Then when it was time to roll out my dough?  I forgot the flour.  I put some in a ziploc bag on my counter at home.  And without it, it was impossible to roll out the dough.  So I had to jump in my car and run to Walgreen’s so that set me behind a bit.  Then when I got back I was so flustered, I hardly took any pictures!

But this will be my new pizza dough.  It was in my latest issue of La Cantina Magazine.  It’s a slow rise pizza dough.

Slow Rise Pizza Dough

This makes enough dough for four, 10 inch pizzas.

  • 1.5 cups warm water
  • 1/4 teaspoon yeast
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Put the water and the yeast in your stand mixer with the dough hook.  Let sit for 5 minutes.  Add flour and salt.  Mix until the dough no longer sticks to the side, about 5 minutes.  If it’s two sticky, add flour 1 tablespoon at a time.  If it’s too dry, add 1 tablespoon water at a time.

Put olive oil in a bowl and transfer dough to the bowl.  Let sit on the counter for 30 minutes.  Put in a ziploc bag, and let the dough rise in the fridge overnight.

Three hours before using, let the dough come to room temperature on the counter.

Now I wish I had pictures of how the dough looked because it so many air pockets in it, which is so weird because of the small amount of yeast that it!

7 min shop 006

7 min shop 010

I ended up making everyone their own individual pizza, so everything was cooked in about 20 minutes – thankfully everyone was patient and it was a nice day to sit outside on our office patio.  Rave reviews, and everyone ate every single thing on their plate – winning! Open-mouthed smile

Last night Tony and I went out for sushi.  I am a bit intimidated by sushi, because a: I don’t like raw shit, and b: I always order safe stuff (think tempura) because I am afraid if I order something different and don’t like it, it’s a waste of money.

Well, I went with my gut last night and ordered the fire roll, which was tuna (the only raw thing I’ll eat!), jalapeno, a touch of cream cheese then put in a tempura batter.  It had this slightly sweet spicy sauce on top – and guess what?  I loved it!  It even came to the table with fire!

flaming jalapeno

We totally slept in this morning – I think it was nearly 10:00 by the time we got our act together.  I had to go pick up my contacts at the eye doctor.  I left the house about 10:30 planning on picking up some breakfast sammies at McDonald’s and some large ice teas ($1 each!) only to find out that they don’t serve breakfast after 10:30.

I came home and Tony suggested we just hit the road and find a place to eat.  We were already planning to head up north to buy Tony some new work clothes and summer shorts.   Since his colon cancer surgery last year he’s lost 70+ pounds, so all of his summer clothes are way too big.

Um, turns out Tony doesn’t like when I bring him home thrift store and garage sale clothes.  He’s convinced that people pee, then die in these clothes I bring home to him!

I got on my phone and found a place called Gale Street Inn that was known for the bbq ribs.  It was right across from a lake and it was a nice setting.  Weird though because we were literally the only table there, and I am pretty sure our servers have been working at this place since it opened in 1963!

They had an old fashioned salad bar – liver pate, beets and some unknown pasta salads.  They even had those imitation bacon bits I love so much.

salad bar

And I had to get the ribs.  Half slab, including the salad bar, fries and some veggies, for $11.99 – not too shabby!


They were delicious!  Fall off the bone, the bbq sauce was really nice.  The broccoli and cauliflower were a bit overdone, but we’d definitely go back.  Tony got a 5 oz. burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms which was good too.

So we head to the clothes store.  Now Tony really isn’t sure what size his waist is anymore.  So I hand him a couple pairs of shorts in two different sizes.  He takes one pair, takes off his shoes and tries the shorts on right in the middle of the store . . . over the shorts he’s wearing!  He declares that size fits, and that dictates what else we pick up. 

I am not kidding when I tell you from the time we got out of the car and back into the car. . . 7 minutes.  Which included 2 minutes of waiting in line to pay for the clothes!


Maybe now I can retire some of his t-shirts that are literally being held together by threads.  We’ll see though! Winking smile

I won’t blog again until Monday because I am getting up early to go to my Mom’s house.  Guess who’s going to be there?  My brother Charlie!!  Sadly, my SIL’s Mom died the weekend I was in Virginia.  Her memorial service was today in Iowa.  They are driving back through Chicago before heading back to Austin.  My Mom is selling her house this week so it will be the last time I see this house (which she’s had since 1989!) and down sizing to a small house about 15 minutes away.

I am bringing a fruit salad, breakfast casserole and skinny cinnamon rolls – I’ll post the recipes on Monday. Open-mouthed smile 

Question of the Day:  What is the longest you’ve lived in a house?  For me, obviously my childhood house – since I lived there for 19 years.  As an adult – it’s the one Tony and I have now – 11 years!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


30 thoughts on “7 Minute Shopping and Slow Rise Pizza Dough

  1. Tony’s comment about the thrift store clothes almost made me pee in my pants! That was so funny!

  2. 16 years…birth until my parents divorced.

    I’ve been in my current house for 8 years though. That’s 2nd place.

  3. Glad the pizza was a success! Sure looks yummy. haha- Josh shops like Tony 😉 Enjoy your time with the relatives. We moved a bundle growing up. I think the longest I ever lived in a house was maybe 6 years!

  4. Having a father and a husband in the service didn’t leave us too long in one place. Childhood–12 years, Adult –10 years and counting (since DH retired!). We’eve owned our current house for 25 years, but had several tours elsewhere when we rented it out.

    Funny about Tony and the thrift shop stuff. I am sort of of the same opinion and do lots of hot water washing before I’ll wear anything from a thrift store. And I’m with you an sushi–no raw meat or fish for me, thankyouverymuch. I do like the california rolls–all veggie, though!

  5. Momma has been in her house over 77 yrs, and is still going strong!

  6. Love your blog. I am relatively new to it and would love to try grilling pizza. What kind of tiles do I need to place on the grill?

    • Hey Gretchen – I buy UNGLAZED quarry tiles – I bought them at Menard’s, but any home improvement store sells them – they cost anywhere between .49 cents and .99 cents, depending on what size you get for your grill. Just make sure you get the unglazed ones! 😀

  7. Hi Biz, 18 years in my present house . Moved there when my daughter was a month old. Now she’s 18. Time flies!

  8. those pizza’s look amazing! that’s my tea sorted! 🙂

    lived in my childhood home for 11 years, and it’s now been 5 years living with my partner.

    Ellie x

  9. I lived in my mom’s house for 10 years, but that’s the longest for me – I’ve lived with my dad off and on for the past 7.

  10. My childhood house is also the longest for me.

    Sushi is my favorite! We have it nearly every Friday. I don’t eat anything too weird. My guess is that if you liked that tuna roll so much, you’d also like yellowtail, albacore (different tunas) and salmon. They are all really mild when raw and not overpowering. And, you can also roll your favorite into sushi–nothing like a shrimp tempura roll–so good! Now I want some….

  11. So wanna know a secret? I don’t subscribe to any food magazines. But when I see you post about them, I feel like I am missing out! I’m not a sushi person either. I just don’t really get the whole sushi thing. Sounds like you have a busy weekend – hope everything goes well!

  12. Tony is hilarious! Well it looks like you got pretty good deals on the brand new clothes so that’s not too bad. I’ll have to try this dough-I like that you make it in advance-that would help keep the total prep time down. Longest in one house is both the one I’m in now and the last one I grew up in–both 9 years.

  13. I don’t like shopping either, and I often try to get away with trying things on in the middle of the store… But 7 minutes! Very impressive, Tony! 🙂

    Enjoy the time with your family!!!

    • Because I thrift shop, I am used to spending a minimum of an hour going through the racks of clothes – who knew you could buy clothes that fast?! 😀

  14. I lived in the same house growing up from birth to 17 when I left for college. My parents would probably still be there, but a new highway came through the town and took out their house. Luckily it was a fair trade b/c they got a brand new house out of the deal!

  15. Yay!! I’m glad your office crew liked your pizzas.

    Can you believe…I’ve never lived in one place for more than 3 years. But I like it that way. I’m kind of a nomad.

  16. Wow, that pizza looks just fabulous!! Glad it worked out even with a couple hiccups.
    Glad you get to see Charlie. Hope he is doing well.

  17. I haven’t made my own pizza crust for so long! I used to do that back when frozen pizza crusts were so awful. Now, we often buy a bag of already made pizza crusts. But it would be fun to make them again!

    🙂 Marion

    • I love this recipe because there really is hardly any hands on time – I am also going to try to make this where I leave the dough on my counter all day and see what happens. That way it could work as a week night pizza too! 😀

  18. I lived in my childhood home until I was 23. I spent about a year and a half of that time living at college. It was sad that my mom had to sell the house, but after my stepfather died suddenly of a heart attack it was too much for her. It was a great home to grow up in. My husband and I bought our home 6 years ago. We don’t love it but thanks to the crappy housing market we will be there indefinitely.

    Hope you had a nice visit with your brother and a great weekend.

  19. Wow 1/4 tsp of yeast?! That is amazing, I’ll have to give it a try. The longest for me in a house is 21 years in NJ. But we are going on 8 in this house which is the longest since I have been married. So glad you got to see your brother and family, he does look good and healthy. Praying for full recovery!!

  20. The longest place I’ve ever lived was my parents house – 28 years total. I was there for 25, left for 5, came back for 3, and now I’m out again!

  21. I am glad you tried something new at the Sushi place, I love sushi so much! Tom will not eat fish, but he likes the avocado rolls.

    I lived in my childhood home (a trailer!) for 18 years then I moved about 15 times over the last 18 years!

  22. your pizza looks great, though mine would have quite a bit more cheese… 🙂
    i lived in my childhood home for 16 years, and now my older brother and his family live there–it’s a treasure!

  23. I have never eaten sushi. I don’t like fish that much and not at all when it’s raw.

    I’ve lived in 3 houses during my life so far. First house we moved when I was 3. The house my parents bought then, my Mom still owns and lives in it. I’ve lived there till I was 25 so thats 22 years. The house R. and I bought in 1994 we still live in.

  24. […] ended up making both pizza dough’s at home – one thin crust for the kids (well, the baby doesn’t eat pizza yet!) and my deep dish pizza.   And then brought […]

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