Wanna See Something Gross?

This no rain this summer and unseasonably high temperatures, the only good thing is that there are hardly any mosquitos.  I think I’ve had one mosquito bite all year.  However, with the good, sometimes comes the bad.  FLIES.

I think its probably because our garbage sits in sweltering heat for a week before being picked up, but the flies have been unbelievable.  Tony happened to be talking to his son about the flies and living in Texas, he said he had the same problem.  He suggested we get a fly trap that you hang about 20 feet from the back door.

Sure enough within a couple days, the thing was FILLED with flies.  The fly trap stuff fills about the bottom two inches of the bag – there is about 3-4 inches of dead flies on top of that (thousands!) and they still can’t stay away.

hash 014

hash 015

All I know is that when its time to take it down and replace it?  I am going to let Tony take on that wonderful task.  I am a giver like that. Open-mouthed smile  And if you are eating your breakfast reading this, you’re welcome. Rolling on the floor laughing

Tony was going to have to be out of the house for work yesterday, and on the days when we are both gone, I try to get Ed out on a walk.  The sad thing he’s getting so old the walks are painfully slow.  So we “walked” for 30 minutes to the river and back.


It was a phone picture, so it’s not that great.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the river I took in November 2009.  Blog reader Teresa even asked me if she could have the picture and she blew it up and had it framed and it’s now in her dining room. Open-mouthed smile


Yesterday’s breakfast was I guess what you could call a hash – 5 ounces of new potato, once chopped zucchini, 2 ounces deli ham and a scrambled egg – on the side was a cup of delicious cantaloupe. 

hash 001

I had to run some more errands at lunch today – check out the temps at noon yesterday!  Eek – I already have over 1300 miles on my car!


On Sunday night Tony and I had seared ahi tuna with some noodles.  We both couldn’t finish the tuna it was so much, so I decided to make a cold salad with the leftovers.

One cup mixed baby greens, 3/4 cup cooked pasta, 1 carrot and 1 zucchini, that I sauteed ahead of time so they were tender crisp, and one of my new favorite salad dressings:  Trader Joe’s light Champagne vinaigrette.

trader joes

I have to be honest though – while I was out running errands my eyes kept seeing all my other alternatives to my healthy salad:  Lily’s Mexican restaurant, Nick’s Pizza, KFC.   I kept telling myself “just go back to the office and eat the damn lunch you made!”

And I am so glad I did – this salad was delicious!

hash 010

hash 012

I am so glad that I have gotten used to having tuna look like that – the first time Tony made it for me I made him cook it until the whole thing was grey! Embarrassed smile

I picked up a cut of meat at the grocery store that I am confident I’ve never brought home before – but the price got me – turkey cutlets!

hash 020

I ended up making turkey cutlet Milanese – just dipped the cutlets into liquid egg whites, then a mixture of seasoned bread crumbs and a couple tablespoons of Parmesan cheese.  I Pam/Butter fried them – probably used a tablespoon of butter between the two.  Since these were so thin, it only took about 2-3 minutes a side.

I made new potato mashed potatoes (because I was lazy and didn’t want to peel potatoes!) with some packaged gravy mix on top.  It’s weird that since its been so hot, its too hot to grill!

hash 025

I also am kind of tired of counting every single calorie.  I pretty much know how many carbs are in a particular meal to manage my insulin intake, so I think I am going to take a break from it for a while.  I know what I should be eating and doing, it’s just a question of putting that practice into place.

Maybe if I stop over analyzing everything and just live, the scale will move in the right direction.  All I know is that I have to stop snacking at night.  I never used to eat after dinner, but somehow these last couple months I find myself looking for something to eat around 9:00 p.m., even though 9/10 I am not even hungry.

So my kitchen is now going to be closed after dinner.  The only thing I will allow myself to eat if I am actually hungry is fruit or veggies.

It’s 77 degrees this morning and raining, but should taper off by lunch time.  My plan is to get out at lunch for 50 minutes, and I am actually looking forward to it!

Make it a great day!


34 thoughts on “Wanna See Something Gross?

  1. Haha Biz, I was just thinking you were ruining my breakfast when I got to your comment about that! We have a lot of flies here too. But, we still have mosquitos. Maybe not as many, since I was expecting worse.

    I am also having that snacking at night issue, which I never did before. I wonder if it’s because I’m blogging and not really being mindful about food?

    Have a great day and for sure make Tony swap out the trap! I would not go near there either!

  2. I have to admit – I gagged a little at the fly pic – and then sent it to Rich because I thought it was cool too – HA! 😀

    I’m a BIG nighttime eater too. My goal this week is to actually cut it out or at least cut it down. So far I’m 2 for 2 – that’s a win in my book! You can do it Biz!

  3. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww those flies. We have a TON of mosquitos. They plane sprayed for them a few weeks ago and they’ve been much better since then. Before that, Kaylin and I both had WELTS from the bug bites all over. Turkey cutlets- I should totally pick some of those up!

  4. I love the photo. It is pure awesomeness! It is a little creepy yet calming.

    I don’t think I could do the tuna thing. I am such a visual person. I probably couldn’t get past the color of it. The sad part is I know it is so good for you.

    • Just like it takes a child 10+ times to even TRY a food the first time, it probably took me at least 10 times to get over the “raw” look of tuna. Now I love it. 😀

  5. I literally just finished breakfast before reading your post….yummy! haha

  6. yes, I was eating breakfast, thank you very much.

  7. I hate flies! Worst part of summer 😦

  8. I would totally tell all my kids and daycare kids that I was collecting flies for waffle toppings or something! They would love to see that. My husband would have the honor of taking it down too, I’m sure!

  9. Ewwwwww…we had a fly problem this past week! Not quite as gross as yours (you win!), but I sucked up 31 flies yesterday in my vacuum. We’ve never had this problem before and have no idea where they came from. We have screens on all of our doors and windows and don’t leave food sitting out long enough to rot. Baffling! (and just plain nasty……)

  10. “Maybe if I stop over analyzing everything and just live, the scale will move in the right direction. All I know is that I have to stop snacking at night.”

    I decided the same thing a weekish ago. This past week has been nice… not thinking about food constantly has been sort of a relief and I think it’s helped me make better choices. The scale has gone down 3 pounds. This makes me happy. Now if I can just keep on keepin’ on.

    I also snack at night… most of the time I’m not hungry, just want something sweet. This past week, I’ve only been snacking if hungry and it’s been a struggle. I have such a hard time with “closing the kitchen”. It seems like I just “need” to have that last thing to eat.

    Anyhow… just my rambles. :0) Have a good one Biz! -M

    • I almost never want something sweet – its always savory: popcorn, chips and salsa, crackers with cheese.

      I am hoping my husband will help me in this dept. 😀 And I enjoyed your ramblings – congrats on the -3! 😀

  11. Back when I officially stopped counting calories/doing a food journal, I still found myself doing it in my head…I think it’s so deeply ingrained in my that even now, I have a pretty good idea of what my calorie total is for the day (well, except when I throw on a bunch of toppings on my froyo, lol). I completely understand being tired of it; just eat sensibly, know what your problem areas are (like the nighttime snacking), and you should be fine!

    • I think I will be counting in my head. One of the things I have to be mindful of is “portion” sizes, so I may still weigh my food for a while still. Suddenly 1/2 a cup of granola ends up being two cups if I am not careful!

  12. If you take a break from calorie counting/point counting/whatever counting and you are eating too much, you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your clothes and you’ll see it (eventually) on the scale. I speak from experience as I’ve had times in my life where I just couldn’t stand the thought of counting one more thing. Enjoy your break – eat sensibly, exercise, stop that nighttime snacking and I’m guessing you’ll be just fine.

  13. I can totally relate to the fly problem. I have two farms right by my house and the flies are insane! We had the traps too and let me just say, don’t let them get too full because they start to stink and get really, really disgusting (I won’t go into details). I posted about ahi tuna today too 🙂 Good stuff. The turkey cutlets look terrific.

  14. Roz@weightingfor50

    I think that fly trap is pretty cool. I wonder if it works for wasps, we have a few that seem to like our deck. I so hear you about getting sick of counting calories, points etc. You already have the basics, you’ll be FINE!!!!!!!

  15. I am so glad I was finished with my lunch! 🙂 Gross! I’d give my hubby that task also!

    It’s way too hot to grill…we usually grill all summer…lately it has been few and far between! I kind of miss it!

  16. findingradiance

    Nighttime snacking gets the better of me many times as well. John has been eating a ton of cereal lately and that has always been my downfall. I have made him put it up high so I am less inclined to nibble at it. I keep Altoids around and pop those when I feel like snacking and it really helps.

  17. That fly bag is pretty gnarly, but at least it’s working!

    I love that dressing too – so fresh!

  18. Sorry to hear about your fly problem….we seem to be lucky where we are at….knock on wood so far!

  19. The weather is crazy in the midwest. Its been really cool for my area( Santa Clarita, CA), its normally 90-110f this time of year. Today I think its 77f.

  20. I’m having such a hard time figuring out my insulin. I took 10 units, had breakfast and it was 92 afterwards. Too low for me. I’m also on Byetta, which makes me really full. Its 1pm and I’m not even hungry for lunch.

    • How many carbs did you have at breakfast? Have you figured out a carb to insulin ratio? It took me months to figure it out, but I take 1 unit of insulin for every 5 grams of carbs. I am not sure what Byetta is though – I’ll email you, kay?

  21. I am definitely a night snacker too, it is a hard habit to break. I see turkey cutlets in recipes all the time but have never actually seen them in the store. Perhaps I should actually look 🙂

  22. Flies are not the brightest. You’d think they’d avoid a bag full of their dead friends but no! haha. I should try that. We can get flies pretty bad around here.

  23. One of these days, I’m going to try that tuna because I keep hearing about it and it looks good.

    Our garbage gets picked up twice a week which is a blessing. I’m pretty sure if we only had garbage pick up once a week, the stuff would start smelling REALLY bad. We almost never see flies here but they were bad in Mississippi!

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