Photo Dump

I down loaded pictures from my old camera that I took with me over the weekend.  When I got to my Mom’s house last Thursday night, we both realized that I am her first overnight guest! 

The day after she slept over at our house the week before, she left this note for us:

access 088

While I had blueberry muffins for her, she had the guest room set up for me!


When we were driving back on Sunday we realized we would have time to stop at St. Joe’s for lunch.  I wish I could have planned better to meet up with one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole of Prevention RD!  She and her hubs just moved there.  She’s from my old home town, so we keep telling each other one of these days we’ll meet!

They had pirates of all kinds in the downtown area.  Not sure why?


The beach area was beautiful!!


We stopped to buy some wine at a vineyard shop, and asked for a recommendation for lunch.  He suggested a pizza place, but after a walk and 30 steps down, we discovered that there would have been over an hour wait.  We decided to eat at the restaurant right near where our car was parked.


All three of us started drooling over one of the small plates:

Panko breaded tiger shrimp with sweet chili sauce.


Six came to an order and these were outstanding.  So light, the shrimp was slightly sweet.  So good.  While I had a burger on my brain, I saw something else that I thought would be just a tiny bit better food choice for me – the seared ahi tuna salad.

Pan seared ahi tuna with fresh ginger-cucumber salad, toasted sesame drizzle and wasabi aioli.


It was delicious – I even got my Mom to try a bit of it.  (It’s okay that I refused to try her perch and walleye though!)

When I got home Sunday night Tony had chopped up some potatoes and carrots and fresh garlic, tossed it with olive oil and salt and pepper and wrapped it in foil for the grill.  We learned a long time ago to always cut out the back of the chicken so that it’s cooked through.  Can’t tell you how many times we’ve made chicken only to cut into it and its still raw at the joints – gross.

access 002

I cooked it in a cast iron skillet so the fat wouldn’t make the flames jump.  This 3.5 pound bird took 1 hour and 15 minutes at about 350.

access 005

I am sure this beat the frozen pizza Tony ate while I was gone!  These potatoes were out of this world – like buttah!

access 006

Okay, now onto Monday!   I was slow going yesterday morning.  Lately our dog, no matter how cool it is in our house, pants loudly.  He could be fast asleep and then all of a sudden he pants and doesn’t stop.  I had already taken him on a walk before we went to bed.  I ended up sleeping on the living room couch, he followed me in and I put the fan on high and then he was a happy camper. Open-mouthed smile

My first thought about what to fix for breakfast was “just pick up a breakfast burrito at McDonald’s.”  I looked at the clock, I had a good five minutes before I had to leave and quickly cooked up 2 eggs and 1 Jimmy dean breakfast sausage.  When I got to work, I made a burrito with some cheese and a flour tortilla I brought.  As luck would have it, someone from my office brought in fresh fruit – score!

access 010

With all the walking we did over the weekend, I had no trouble getting any motivation hitting the gym.  I knew I wanted to swim!  The part of my mole they scraped off has scabbed over (hope you are eating breakfast as you read that sentence!) and I could get back to the pool.   And as luck would have it, I was the lone swimmer in the indoor pool.  Just me and my lifeguard.  It’s kind of intimidating having just one person look at you while you swim – and I am not a good swimmer either, so that’s equally embarrassing!

But I muddled through and did 40 minutes of a combined breast stroke and back stroke.  I was huffing and puffing at the end!

For lunch I grabbed a container of broccoli cheddar soup.  But I knew that wouldn’t be enough and I had no other meats or veggies to add.  So I found some leftover pasta from last week, and made a sort of broccoli cheddar cheese mac soup.  This ended up being really tasty!

access 017

I still haven’t done a full grocery shop yet, but I knew I had frozen ground beef to make tacos.  A quick stop at my local Mexican restaurant on my way home from work, and for $5 I had accessories to our dinner.

access 026

Tortilla chips, refried beans, Mexican rice and salsa.  We ended up having 1/3 of each of those containers, and I’ll use the rest for leftovers later in the week.  My plate:

access 028

And guess what?  I have today off from work!  I am meeting Hannah at her college today – its new student orientation.  But for me to make it there by 8:30 in the morning, I need to take the 6:58 train from my house – an express train gets me to Chicago in 60 minutes!

They are having a welcome breakfast, meetings/orientation, a lunch and meetings with your advisors.  I am really looking forward to checking out her new school.  Seriously, if she could start tomorrow she would be so happy!

Have a great day, and if you made it down this far, thanks for reading! 

Question of the Day:  Where did you go to college?

22 thoughts on “Photo Dump

  1. Oklahoma State University!!!

    And now, I am starving.

  2. East Carolina University!

  3. I only went for a year and the college I went to merged with another school and no longer exists!

    Not sure I could find a Mexican place that would sell me all those sides for only $5 – that was not only a great bargain but a time saver too.

    Have a great day with Hannah exploring her new school I know you’re so very proud of her 😀

  4. Have a wonderful day with Hannah! Proud Mama!

  5. Your pool has a lifeguard? How interesting. Mine didn’t…they posted signs basically saying “swim at your own risk” and left us to sink or swim, literally!

    I went to West Valley Junior College and then to San Diego State, but I didn’t finish – I got my M.R.S. degree instead. Have fun at Hannah’s new school – I loved the orientation day with my boys…so exciting and new!

  6. I went to The University of Virginia–wahoo wa!

  7. findingradiance

    I’m so hungry now!!
    I went to a lot of colleges. SUNY Potsdam for undergrad. Masters at Michigan State. I did 6 years of work on my doctorate at University of Colorado at Boulder.

    Then I went to Bel Rae institute for veterinary technician school. Note that I am not using any of that schooling now…

  8. That shrimp and ahi tuna look amazing. That is a great deal $5 for those extras, very cool! Have a wonderful day with Hannah, I know you’ll enjoy it. I went to Delta College.

  9. I had to swim by myself last week some time – I know what you mean, it’s so intimidating having the one lifeguard staring at you the entire time!
    Have fun at college today! I went to University of Toledo for 2 years and then finished up at Cleveland State.

  10. I initially did my undergrad at UMass Amherst and earned degrees in History and Spanish only to discover that neither are extremely useful in the job market. I have since gone on to attend a local community college where I completed my RN. I love college and hope to return for my Master’s next year. Good luck to Hannah! I’m very excited for her.

  11. I still have yet to cook a whole chicken! I should try it out on the grill. I need a cast iron skillet though.

    Those tacos look so dang good. I have an intense craving for hard tacos like that. Whenever I fry them, all of the filling pours out!

  12. Love that idea for grilling chicken, my cast iron will be happy to get some exercise! I went to Stanford, got my BA in Music and Anthropology. Met DH there and got my MRS the day after graduation. Later, after the kids, I got a Masters in Library Information Science from Catholic University and even later got another Masters in Education from Old Dominion University. No matter how often we moved while DH was in the Navy, they aways found us andl came after me every year for funds!

  13. Woo Hoo…yay for the day off. I went to Simon Fraser University. If I could turn back the clock, I’d skip university and go to cooking school. Oh well… Sometimes I think my BA is more of a “bad attitude” than bachelor of arts. 🙂

  14. That tuna dish looks amazing! Love pan seared tuna!
    I am not all that exciting and went to University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I enjoyed it but it is a commuter school. Didn’t get as much of the college experience.

  15. Haha, I went to Whatsamatta U!

  16. That soup with the pasta looks tasty! Why wouldn’t you try the perch or walleye, fish phobia? 🙂 I went to college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania .

  17. I know, I know – where the hell have I been? I’m right here! Bells on.

    Gawd I miss you and your food! WOOT. And so exciting for Hannah. I still remember parents day with my folks every year. And now we do it with Squirrel. I know you won’t miss that! 🙂

    I went to Georgetown University in DC – nope, never quite have left the area. But boy would I!

  18. Good luck Hannah! Hope the day was fun.

    That tuna salad looks awesome.

    I went to Cornell, double majored in math and econ… but I am a programmer now 😉

  19. That’s a great idea to buy your sides for a quick and easy dinner! Saves so much time.

    I didn’t go to college but I never stop learning!

  20. Have fun at Hannah’s school today.

    I’m happy to hear your mole wasn’t dangerous.

    And that place you went to Sunday, the beach look is gorgeous.

  21. Florida State.
    Your tacos always look amazing. How do you get them crispy like that? Do you fry the shells first and then put them together.
    Glad you had a good time with your family. I love to hear about families spending time together.

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