Chobani Blueberry Muffins

What a great weekend we had!  The weather had a slight fall feel to it – fall is my favorite season of the year.  Not sure if its because that’s when school started and its like a clean slate, but my ideal temperature is between 50-60 degrees.

I have to give a shout out to O Olive Oil.  A while back I entered a recipe contest and I made an O Olive Oil Rootbeer Glaze.  While I didn’t win, they were nice to send me a thank you prize just for participating.

weekend 001

Don’t these spreads sound interesting?!  Thanks! Open-mouthed smile

Saturday night was our date night at Ruth’s Chris.  We had stormy weather right before we left and the temps dropped like 25 degrees and took the humidity with it.

weekend 099

We sat and had drinks at the bar before sitting down.  This is my one and only picture of the night.  I figure at least once a year I can sit with my husband and dinner and not make him wait until I take pictures.

weekend 102

The meal was stunning.  We both took advantage of the pre-fix meal – for $42 I got a bowl of lobster bisque with lump lobster, my dinner was a 6 ounce petite filet mignon with grilled shrimp with a side of garlic mashed potatoes.  And dessert?  Um, definitely insulin worthy – key lime pie cheese cake with a dark chocolate brittle on the side.  So good and a fun night out – and just happy that we had a gift card too! Open-mouthed smile

Another good thing?  Tony made my breakfast yesterday using the leftovers – a layer of mashed potatoes he heated up in the cast iron skillet, then added eggs, some of the leftover steak and some cheese and put it in our toaster oven to cook.  It was delish!

weekend 027

I am bringing muffins to work today for a birthday breakfast for someone in my office.  I knew I wanted to try to use the blueberry Chobani yogurt.  Last week I did a dry run and the results were less than good.  I didn’t incorporate any butter or oil, and while they tasted okay right out of the oven, the next day there were super dry and dense.  So back to the drawing board!

Chobani Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

Makes 12: 241 calories, 6 fat, 43 carbs, 1.2 fiber and 3.8 protein


  • 4 tablespoons butter, room temperature
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1.5 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups blueberries (mine were frozen and went straight into the batter, no need to thaw)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup of Chobani blueberry yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup of fat free half and half

Heat oven to 375.  I sprayed my muffin tin with Pam.

In a stand mixer, beat butter and sugar until fluffy, about 3 minutes.  Beat in eggs one at a time.  Add vanilla.  Turn mixer on low and add dry ingredients until incorporated.  Finally, add milk and mix until just combined.

Toss the blueberries in about a teaspoon of flour.  And using a spatula, incorporate the blueberries just until combined.

weekend 006

weekend 036

weekend 032

I adapted this recipe from here.

weekend 034

My dough was so creamy.  I decided to add a topping on the top – I mixed 1/3 cup sugar with 1 tablespoon of butter, 3 tablespoons of flour and the zest from one lemon.  The stats above reflect this topping – if you leave it off, it saves 30 calories a muffin.

weekend 042

weekend 068

Full of blueberry flavor, most and delicious.  Sometimes you just have to use a little butter! Open-mouthed smile

Guess what else I did over the weekend?  I went to the library!  On the recommendation of blog readers and emails, I picked out six books.  This is the first one I am reading, and I am already in 50 pages already.

weekend 079

Alright, time to get my shit together for the day – breakfast today?  My first GREEN MONSTER!  My grocery store had spinach on sale for .50 cents a bunch.  This version has peanut butter, yogurt, unsweetened almond breeze, a frozen banana and spinach.  I am curious to see if this will keep me full – its 350 calories, 43 carbs and 21 protein.   Have you had a green monster yet? 

Happy Monday – make it a great day!


31 thoughts on “Chobani Blueberry Muffins

  1. Your blueberry muffin looks gourmet! Bet it tastes amazing, too!

    Glad you had such a nice dinner – we’ve never been to a Ruth’s Chris, although I’ve wanted to go for years. One of these days…

    • Yep, its definitely worth the trip – we try to go at least once a year – this was actually our anniversary dinner from last December! 😀

  2. Sounds like a wonderful dinner! And I agree…sometimes you just need a little butter! The muffins look amazing…I am going to have to try that. I stocked up on Chobani this weekend…it was 11/$10!

  3. I love a green monster and they DO keep you full until lunch. Mine is generally spinach, fruit, vanilla protein powder, flax meal and almond milk. It’s my go-to breakfast in summer.

  4. I’m not a muffin person, but those look amazing!!

    Green monsters always keep me very full, and they’re so yummy 🙂 I have that book at home, I’ve had it over a year and still never opened it…maybe I’ll read it soon.

  5. Those muffins look amazing! I have got to make some of those. Blueberries are in abundance around here right now and I can’t think of a better use for them. I picked up some books this weekend too. Winter is coming! You will have to share the ones that you enjoy. I’m always looking for something good to read. Have a great Monday! Candace

  6. I definitely think the topping is a calorie-worthy addition. Yum!

  7. You are correct about sometimes just needing a bit of butter or other type of fat. It’s one of the reasons why I really enjoy Cooking Light magazine. They lighten things up but generally still use real ingredients, including fats. Those muffins look absolutely beautiful!

  8. How cool that they sent you a prize pack! I LOVE green monsters. I was so hesitant to try one, but once I did I was hooked!

  9. You know you totally got me into Chobani yogurt. Been having it for breakfast with fruit and almonds.

  10. I am glad that your weekend was great. I wish our weather was a bit cooler. Although fall weather would me back to school and I am not ready for that 🙂 Muffins are my new thing to make for the girls. Easy and quick on busy mornings.

  11. The blueberry muffins look great! I love green monsters — I probably have 3-4 a week! I freeze spinach and bananas so I always have some ready to go. I hope you like yours!!

  12. Those muffins look like perfection – yum! 🙂

  13. Weighting For 50

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Yay for the lovely meal out (we’ll use our imagination on what it looked like) and those muffins? YUM. Have a wonderful Monday Vat.

  14. LOVE green monsters! Enjoy. What a date night! That place rocks. Just the thought of lobster bisque with lump lobster makes me drool. I got my chobani too- I’m hoping to make cookies or bars with it

  15. Your dinner sounds wonderful, I love lobster bisque! Actually I like everything that you had. I have no idea what a green monster is…

  16. I drink a green monster just about every day. I buy those huge bags of spinach from Costco and freeze about half the bag. I also try to keep a bag of frozen banana pieces for smoothies. If I use both frozen spinach and frozen banana I don’t put ice. My basic green monster is vanilla chai Vega powder, frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk and spinach. Lately I’ve been putting in a few spoons of peanut powder and wow I’m in heaven! I love getting creative with the smoothies too and using other fruit. My son who will not touch a vegetable with a 10 foot pole will actually drink smoothies with spinach. Go figure!! I hope you’re having a great Monday.

    • Yep, that was my fatal flaw this morning – I froze the bananas peeled, but whole, so I ended up having to use the “crushed ice” setting on my blender to get it to blend.

  17. Those look fantastic! I love blueberry muffins. I have a recipe that is my favorite–I wonder if I could use greek yogurt in it and get the same results.

    I read that book and it wasn’t as good as some of her others. I was a bit disappointed but I still love her writing.

  18. I want one of those muffins right now!!

  19. those spreads look so fun, what a great gift! i love those muffins too, the yogurt sounds like a great idea.

    be sure to let us know what you thought of that book, it looks cute!

  20. These muffins look fabulous!
    I love the use of Greek yogurt in the muffins. Never thought to use that as a substitute.

  21. Yum! Blueberry muffins are the key to our heart. These sound incredible.


  22. The muffins look “amazeballs”( to quote a wise woman 🙂 )
    I had a green monster once at a Whole Foods Market. They were giving out samples. I liked it but haven’t made any at home yet.
    I agree with Helen I need the chewing motion but I do get smoothies sometimes.

  23. […] here is another version of my Chobani Blueberry Yogurt Muffins.  The last recipe, my recipe instructions sucked ass, so I decided to rewrite […]

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