Green Monster!

Okay, I have to be honest, I’ve been seeing Green Monsters around food blogs for literally years.  The thought of drinking a spinach drink just turned me off.  But I’ve always kept the idea in the back of my head as if “some day” I’ll try one.

As luck would have it, my store had bunches of spinach on sale for .50 cents a bunch.  It was like a sign!

weekend 017

Green Monster

One serving:  342 calories, 12 fat, 45 carbs, 7.7 fiber and 22 protein

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup Chobani (I used Mango)
  • 1 cup unsweetened Almond breeze
  • 4 cups of spinach

My only thing I’ll do differently is to chop up my banana before I freeze it, it took a while for this banana to get going – I ended up having to use the crushed ice setting on my blender.

GM 001    GM 002

GM 007

GM 003   GM 005

Please note that I made salsa over the weekend, and didn’t clean up my blender that well – after looking at the smoothie picture I have now deep cleaned the blender.  Hannah would be proud!

My first worry was if this would keep me full until lunch.  I drank it on my way to work, so by about 8:40 it was gone.  I ended up going to the gym and got a 10 mile bike ride in while watching synchronized swimming (am I the only one that didn’t realize they swim to music??!!) and the women’s 1500 qualifying run.  So inspiring!

2012-08-06 12_23_25

I got back to my office and got busy on some things – I ended up not eating lunch until 1:30!  It wasn’t until I could smell my lunch heating up that I even got a twinge of hunger.  Winning!

Lunch was Chicken Tikka Masala, with 1/2 cup brown rice and 1/2 cup spinach on the bottom.  Lunch comes in at 401 calories, 8.93 fat, 55 carbs, 6.1 fiber and 18 protein.

GM 013

I had several ideas for dinner, and when I started rambling them off to Tony he was like “flank steak!”

I grille the steak with some corn on the cob, and served it with 3/4 cup of Bush’s baked beans – I loves me some baked beans. Open-mouthed smile  I used a bowl my sister in law gave me over the weekend to transport my grilled food from the deck to the kitchen – I love it Jody!  Thanks!

GM 017

And while I was grilling, y’all will be jealous that I was sporting my pajama jeans.  I found them with the tags still on them at a Goodwill.  And um, they look nothing like jeans and the farthest from the house I’ll get wearing them is on our front deck.

GM 020

Dinner comes in at 595 calories, 26 fat, 56 carbs, 10.4 fiber and 35 protein.

GM 024

I am so excited that so many of you have joined my August Challenge!   Today will be the last day that I’ll accept participants for a chance to be entered into a drawing for a case of six, 16 oz. Chobani yogurts, 2 jars of my baja fresh salsa, and 2 jars of my grilled cherry salsa.

All you have to do is send me an email at, or leave a comment on this post and tell me what your goal is for August.  So easy!  So far these ladies are on board!

  • Jane
  • Wendy
  • Susan
  • Louise
  • Rachel
  • Gretchen
  • Carol B.
  • Jorie
  • Kim
  • Shelley
  • E. Jane
  • Jacky
  • Aimee
  • Mary
  • Beth
  • Sheryl
  • Melissa
  • Joy
  • Sam
  • Ashley
  • Andrea C.
  • Marcia
  • Bonnie
  • Mary B.
  • Sara
  • Katelyn
  • Ruby
  • Brooke
  • Veronica
  • Maggie
  • Diana
  • Dawn
  • Suzie
  • Ally
  • Roz
  • Sara
  • Errign
  • Kym
  • Stephanie P.

If you already sent me an email or left a comment and you don’t see your name, just let me know!

Stats for August 6

  • 1447 caloires, 57 fat, 168 carbs, 24 fiber and 77 protein (includes 1 oz. of smoked cheddar I had last night after dinner – so good!)
  • 10 mile bike ride
  • 83.9 miles to go in my 100 miles in August challenge

Make it a great day!


34 thoughts on “Green Monster!

  1. Good morning Biz. I did the same thing with the banana. Now I buy out the brown bananas at the back of the produce section, cut them into pieces and freeze them on a cookie sheet before storing them in a freezer bag. I’m drinking a green monster as I type. I just finished a great run. Getting into the groove of the August challenge and feeling back on track with marathon training. Enjoy your day!!

  2. Love green monster smoothies! They are the best! What a way to get your greens.

  3. Challenge! I want to join!! I have been back to the gym and my goal for August is to not missed a planned day at the gym simply because I didn’t want to get out of bed 🙂

    • Welcome to the challenge! 😀

      • Thanks 🙂

      • My Favorite thing? Bright paper packages, tied up with sitrngs to quote a famous song! I love everything about the holidays, starting with Halloween! The smells of the Christmas trees and sugar cookies baking in my mother’s kitchen, the sounds of my favorite carols sung by the old guys , as my niece calls them, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives, the crunch of my footsteps across new fallen snow with the nip of cold biting my nose and chin, the way the light changes and the world looks brand new!

  4. I would be so excited to win one of your salsa’s! If I don’t, I will try and make it myself! You’re doing great!

  5. Yayy! I usually do 2 simple green monsters: Almond milk, spinach, protein powder & ice or almond milk, banana & spinach. Glad it held you over. The flank steak looks perfectly cooked. Nom nom. Have a good day

  6. Now I have to buy spinach at the store to make a green monster, it’s been awhile since I’ve had one, but I love how full they keep me!

    Great job on getting that work out in!

  7. findingradiance

    I love that bowl! I have had the green smoothies before. They taste good, but they do a number on my tummy. I think it is the raw spinach.

  8. I can’t help but want to join the challenge for the chance to win some of your salsa 🙂 I love greek yogurt too so a win win if I were to win lol.

    August goals: get myself back in a balanced routine of weight lifting (2-3 times a week) and cardio (3 times a week) and weigh less than I do today even if it’s by a lb.

    Very sweet of you to do this challenge, thanks.

  9. Oh forgot to talk about the green smoothie. I am so not a green veggie eater other than green beans so getting more in whatever way I can has been a mission in the past 5 yrs. Even my daughter said my green smoothie is good 🙂

    • Seriously, if I didn’t know I put spinach in there, I would never have known – it tastes sweet – I can definitely taste the banana and peanut butter the most. 😀

    • Steve Posted on I really don’t know what is more utetpsing that you don’t know the answer to this question, or that I do. Check out STIII, my young friend. A 17-ish Spock experiences pon farr on a quick road to manhood, and there is only one woman available on the whole Genesis planet. The cut away from Saavik as she gulps nervously leaves some to the imagination, but not much. Cast your own vote against Robin Curtis, but please remember that Spock (and, director Leonard Nimoy) has cast his.

  10. I don’t have anything against the green monsters but I am just never satisfied with any sort of shake as a meal replacement. I need to chew. 😉

  11. Yikes, I don’t know if I could do that smoothie! My August goals are to do laps (in the pool) every day if possible and if not possible (too cold) use the treadmill or my kangoo jumps. So far so good but, it’s only the 7th…lol! I like the bowl. I picked up a cool one at a garage sale recently.

  12. Biz – of course I’ll enter – sending you an email now!

  13. Roz@weightingfor50

    YAY! Green monsters and green juices!!!! I quite covet your new bowl!!! Go challenge participants! I’m in, but I’m in Canada so don’t think the yogurt would travel. My goal (now that I’m recovering nicely from my surgery) is to work out a MINIMUM of 3 times a week, and walk up 7 flights of stairs to my offices twice a day. Have a great Tuesday vat!

  14. omg – that green drink crosses the line of my dedication to losing weight….oye!

  15. I’ll join in! My goals are to workout every day until the 17th, meal plan, eat less junk and plan some puppy playtime between my dog and the Sailor’s dogs.

    Go you for trying the Green Monster!

  16. I have never gotten on that green monster bandwagon. Not much of a smoothie person though. I enjoy them once in a while, but I still would rather chew than sip my cals. 🙂

  17. I want a green monster smoothie!

  18. I just noticed your Mom responded to my kitty litter question. Please tell her thank you. 🙂 I will be searching for some this weekend.
    It looks like everyone has a health related challenge/goal. I am just trying to maintain at the moment. Of course I want and need to get on the weight loss train but for the remainder of the month I am focused on organizing, planning and removing the clutter.

    • I am with you – I never realized how much cleaning my daughter Hannah did until she moved out. Now suddenly I have small piles of stuff that need to be organized – that’s a good goal! 😀

  19. i’ve only ever tried the green monster once, but i remember really loving it too. that plate is adorable! i hope you’re having a good week!

  20. I would like to commit to working out 5 days a week. So far I’ve. Done that for the past 2 weeks and I’m down 4 pounds! Woo hoo! Good luck to everyone on reaching your goal!

  21. I’ve seen green monsters for years too and have never been compelled to make one. I guess I just really like chewing and don’t like to do smoothies too much. But that’s cool it kept you full so long! Oh, and I’m doing good on the challenge so far! Been getting in my green tea, lemon water, and 5 servings of fruit/veg a day! I’m feeling better already!

  22. Hi Biz! I always find that when I am suspicious of a veggie I don’t usually use, that it is just a lack of familiarity, and not that I don’t like it. Good for you for trying it when you felt that way. I have to urge myself to do that too. Your exercise plan is great too.

    🙂 Marion

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  25. […] been telling my boss about the Green Monster for a while.  I kept telling her that it’s high in Vitamin A, calcium, and iron.  That […]

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