Take and Bake

I finally used up the last of the filet mignon – there was only 1.5 ounces left, but it made this open faced English muffin breakfast – 1 english muffin, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1.5 ounces steak, baby spinach and a slice of American cheese split over the top of each half.  The cherries look like Rainier cherries, but my store calls them “yellow cherries” for some reason.

T&B 002

You guys, I am still so sore after my 100 workout.  My upper thighs are screaming and every time I get up after sitting for a while, holy shit, I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.  I decided to do the recumbent bike for my workout, hoping that it would stretch out my muscles.

bike ride

I read my book while biking – I am almost done with my first book in years! Open-mouthed smile  The next book I am going to read (based on Jacky’s good reads suggestions):


After I finished my workout, I was getting dressed when I could feel the sweat start to drip.  Not so much from the bike ride, but because of low blood sugar.  It was 160 when I left, but I didn’t think the recumbent bike would be that much of a workout.  Sure enough I checked it and my blood sugar was 41.  Rats.

By the front desk of my gym they have a ton of protein bars, so I just picked up the first one I saw and started eating it – I am sure the woman behind the desk was like “WTF?”  But after I ate half of it, I was coherent enough to pay for it – $2.50 – which I am sure was a ripoff, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

T&B 010

Lunch was leftover shrimp stir fry.  One of my co-workers had some salad shrimp she wasn’t going to eat, so I added that to the pool.  They kind of really shrunk when I heated them up!
T&B 007

T&B 010

Lunch comes in at 475 calories, 10 fat, 67 carbs, 3 fiber and 24 protein. 

You know how I love my party pizza Friday.  I haven’t made homemade thin crust in ages.  There was a pizza place near my old office that we used to have delivered for lunch meetings and I remembered it to be really good.  I asked Tony if he minded if I picked it up on my way home and he loved the idea.

When I went on their website, I saw that you could order a Take & Bake pizza as long as you called before 2:00 in the afternoon.  But here’s what’s weird.  On their menu, if I were to order a fully cooked 14 inch pizza with two toppings, it would be $14 + tax.  For the Take & Bake – with tax I paid $9.10.  I have no idea why it cost over $5 less to just bring it home and finish cooking it, but I’ll take it!
T&B 013

The directions was to bake it at 425 for 10-15 minutes.  Tony and I sat outside and listened to some music while the oven came to temperature.  The weather is absolutely amazeballs – right now at 10:00 in the morning it’s sunny and 67 degrees – love! Open-mouthed smile

T&B 004

I loved it – the sausage was super flavorful, nice crust.  Tony thought the sauce was a bit sweet and a bit heavy handed but I thought it was delicious.  And it’s all about me, right?! Open-mouthed smile  I had three slices:  570 calories, 28 fat, 49 carbs, 3 fiber and 27 protein.

Stats for August 10:

  • 1688 calories (includes the 190 calorie Detour bar)
  • 63 fat, 161 carbs, 12 fiber and 111 protein
  • 6.7 mile bike ride
  • 71.6 miles to go in 100 miles in August challenge

Plan for the day?  Actually – yard work!  It’s been so dry that we haven’t had to mow our lawn in probably six or seven weeks.  I also need to clean out the gutters and do some roof patch work.  Sounds like fun, no?   Probably won’t blog again until Monday – enjoy your weekend and I hope the weather is nice where you are!


16 thoughts on “Take and Bake

  1. It’s going to be hot where we are going…blueberry picking!

  2. That pizza looks soooo good, I could eat some for breakfast right now!
    It is all about you Biz, of course! 🙂
    We are having some friends over for some boat time, dinner and a fire tonight. I’m grilling beef tenderloin and making your shrimp and artichoke barley risotto, and s’mores for dessert!. Can’t wait!
    Have a good weekend, yard work and all. 🙂

  3. I just woke up at 11 am thanks to insomnia + nyquil…haha We’re doing shopping and then going on a double date tonight.

    You’re doing great making way on your 100 miles…I need to get started one mine!

  4. I love the way you take your restaurant leftovers and make them into something else. I would have never thought of doing that. You’ve got me thinking more creatively. Thanks!

  5. My best guess on the cherries is that Rainier is a trademarked name and can only be used on cherries grown in Washington State so maybe yellow cherries grown in other states are just simply called yellow cherries.

  6. Way to really use up that steak girl! Another fantastic breakfast. Glad you got the bar in you in time. Total rip off on the price, but very worth it. Hope the yard work went well.

  7. that breakfast looks delicious! and so does the pizza! yum!

  8. Love the idea of take and bake. You can’t beat the price either. What a difference between the cooked and uncooked! Nuts!

    Sucks that your BS was so low. Make sure to carry glucose tablets with you. This way when it’s low you can take a few of these, and then follow it up with the protein bar if needed. The fast acting glucose will do wonders. They come in all kinds of flavors now.

  9. I totally feel your pain Biz! I started core work again last week for the first time in months and my quads were so sore that for two days the stairs in my house were just agony! Better now though! Take and bake pizza is such a good deal, yay 🙂

  10. I think yesterday was the first time we’ve mowed the lawn since June, it’s just been too dry and nothing was growing. We had a roof leak on Thursday with the crazy ass amounts of rain we got that day, thankfully we had the outside repaired today and the new drywall and insulation will be done on Tuesday.

  11. That book is great!

  12. The weather is far from nice here, but it is expected so that is fine. There is a take and bake pizza place opening just around the corner from us, I am excited to try it.

  13. Glad you like the suggestions, I love Good Reads for finding new books. I think you will enjoy the book I am reading now; it is all about the Chicago food scene, and Food TV. Fun read, though still waiting on the end to make my final judgement.

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