KERF Fan or Not?

It was 57 degrees when I woke up yesterday.  Glorious!  Sorry Suzie, but I love this cooler weather.  I am just pissed that this cough is preventing me from doing anything active.  I’d say I am about 75% back to normal.  Just sometimes out of nowhere I’ll start coughing my head off. 

I made a breakfast hash yesterday for breakfast.  4 ounces of baked potato, 2 ounces deli ham, 1 egg, 1 cup baby spinach and 1/2 an ounce of cheddar cheese.  On the side was 1.5 ounces of bread I made over the weekend with a pat of butter.  Breakfast comes in at 486 calories, 20 fat, 46 carbs, 4 fiber and 33 protein.

zat 003

Still no exercise for me yet – it would have been a perfect day to go on a walk. Sad smile  The other bad part about not working out is that my work day seems about 10 hours long – I miss the break of going to the gym.

I had leftovers for lunch.  And it was delicious!  I took 3 ounces of the leftover turkey breast from the weekend and tossed it in a ziploc bag with about 1 teaspoon of taco seasoning and 1 teaspoon of water.  Then I took 1/2 a cup of leftover baked beans and added 1 tablespoon of Frank’s hot sauce and mixed that together.

On the bottom, 2 corn tortillas, 1/4 cup of baked beans per taco, split the turkey breast, then a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and put them in my office toaster oven until everything was heated up.  Topped with lettuce and grilled cherry salsa, and had 1 ounce of chips and more grilled cherry salsa on the side.  This plate of deliciousness comes in at 487 calories, 11 fat, 73 carbs (wow!), 12 fiber and 26 protein.

zat 008

I have Tony to thank for dinner.  Now ladies, if your husband can’t cook (mine definitely can though!) this is a meal for him to make.  Take a package of smoked sausage and 1 box of Zataran’s red beans and rice.  Put them both in a rice cooker and run it through one cycle.  So simple and I loved that dinner was ready when I got home from work – thanks Tony!

zat 012

I had mine on a bed of baby spinach.  Dinner comes in at 550 calories, 26 fat, 64 carbs, 10 fiber and 25 protein.

zat 017

zat 019

And I am proud to say, no night time snacking!  So while I did good yesterday calorie wise, 1523 calories, um guess how much sodium I had yesterday?  (Skippy, you should skip this next sentence!)  5,941!  Holy shit, no wonder I’ve been so thirsty lately!  I plan on drinking a gallon of water today to flush out all that sodium, I really need to put that on my radar.

Alright, I may be upsetting the apple cart with this next topic, but can KERF have her f_cking baby yet?!  I’ve never known anyone to research more about giving birth, or how her uterus feels, or buying maternity pants 8 weeks into pregnancy in my life.  Her latest BERF topic was how to prepare for the mother, which including buying stool softeners, because you never know.

I’m trying to be conservative introducing the tea. The tea is thought to tone the uterus and prepare it for efficient contractions – it isnot supposed to induce labor.

Really?  She’s drinking tea so that her uterus can have more efficient contractions?  I know she’s super Type A, but she’s going to have a rude awakening if she ends up giving birth to a colicky baby. 

She’s also talked about potty training:

Elimination Communication

But perhaps the answer to the question of how to handle the poop is to not using either disposables or cloth. I was recently introduced to something called Elimination Communication. Have you heard of it? Parents train their infants to go to the bathroom in the toilet while they hold them over it. And to put it simply, it’s kind of like dog training. You watch your baby closely for cues that they have to go and hold them over the toilet, make a ‘ssssssss’ noise and they let it out. They do still wear diapers because there are usually some “misses,” as they call them, but the diaper changing is much, much less of a strain and potty training usually happens much earlier.

There is information on this site, and I also met a woman in Cville who started doing it at 4 months at a baby fair. And Pregtastic did a very helpful episode on it that explained it in everyday language.

It makes a lot of sense to me. According to the episode, babies are aware of when they are going to eliminate. They are in control of their bladders and bowels. But we train them to ignore these cues and go in a diaper whenever they want. That makes real potty training pretty difficult because we have to un-train the behavior of going whenever they want and re-train what was natural to begin with!

The experts recommend starting EC around 4 months, but you can start earlier, and there are a variety of ways to do it. Since an infant can’t sit on the toilet yet (or even a potty chair), the parents sit with the baby backwards on the toilet and make the sounds (ssss). Watch this video to see it in action!


How the hell are babies aware that they are going to eliminate? 

So here’s the question of the day:  KERF fan or not?  I am definitely not. 


90 thoughts on “KERF Fan or Not?

  1. If you don’t like her, why do you read her blogs? Frankly, it weirds me out to come to a blog entry just to see a bash of another blog. Is that really necessary? Yeah, I like her blog. But I like yours too. So what? Different strokes for different folks. But why waste your blog space bashing? I guess I just like to play nice.

    • She’s kind of like a car accident to me – I can’t take my eyes off of it. If you live your life “out there” on a blog, I realize not everyone is going to like every blogger. I just think its going to be interesting to see how she manages because she will not be able to plan out her days to the exact second as she does now.

  2. I am also not a fan, she was actually the first food blog that I ever found, but I got over her very quickly. I have a friend who was like that her whole pregnancy, drove us absolutely CRAZY–guess what? Her baby had reflux and was colicky, so life was much different than all the plans she made and her labor plans also were out the door once stuff really started happening.

    FYI that whole elimination communication is just creepy to me…I don’t understand it at all. If I’m still blogging when I’m pregnant and I act like this, please tell me shut up 🙂

  3. If you’re not a fan of KERF why do you read her blog? The internet is a big place. It’s really not that hard to avoid a blog. I can’t believe that a grown woman would devote energy to bashing a person that she doesn’t even know. It’s sad and disappointing. Maybe you should take a look at your own life and where that anger is coming from.

    • Maybe next time you should own up to your comment and leave your name. 🙂 Anyway. Hate-reading is fun.

    • I am not angry – and I know several people who have met her in real life and have the same opinion as me. I knew I would get comments like yours when I wrote this post, and I am perfectly okay with it. 😀

  4. Oh Biz don’t even get me started. I admit I used to read her daily monotonous musings about oatmeal, but then she started getting under my skin. She once posted a video about how to not fold your laundry. However, it was when she tried to feel her uterus that I decided she was absolutely crazy. GOMI has been off the hook about her lately. Seriously what gets me is how incredibly busy she believes she is because she gets email and has to walk to the bakery. I absolutely hate that I know anything about that woman.

    I have heard about this EC business because that actress from Blossom is all over it. Oh my word what next! I guess if you don’t have anything to do all day but hold your infant over a toilet just hoping they will “eliminate” sure why the hell not.

  5. I’ve seen KERF, but I don’t really get it. She posts pictures of her boring food over and over and over again. I understand blogs devoted to fitness/training and healthy eating or weight loss or bloggers who post awesome recipes, but she seems to post the same oatmeal pictures every day. I find her blog mind-numbingly boring. I haven’t read the pregnancy blog. I’ve birthed three kids of my own, so I already know what pregnancy is like.

    I do remember the days before children, however, when I thought I knew how parenting would go. I laugh at my own ignorance now.

    • Yep, did she have overnight oats? Did she add flax seed or sunflowers seeds to her oatmeal?

      I am glad I was young when I had my daughter – I did absolutely no reading of what to expect, and she came out just fine.

  6. I have to admit I read for the daily KERF recaps. They crack me up.

  7. I have no interest in baby blogs and till now I never heard of Kerf. I didn’t watch the video either but when I see the photo I say: stupid, stupid, stupid. What happened to the old fashioned potty?

    Oh and that comment from Really? who really is to scared to put out her or his name here: ignore it. It’s your blog, write whatever you want!
    What Really says she can reflect on herself: why would she comment on your blog. As she says the internet is a big place and there are lots of other blogs for this person to read.

  8. Wow – brave post. I also thought yesterday’s post was overkill & prefer KERF to BERF – by a lot. However, it would really hurt my feelings to read something like the above about myself. Better saved for GOMI, perhaps 😉

  9. LOL – Biz, I love how you stir things up! 😀 As a mom who just potty trained her little boy in one day I say hog wash to elimination communication at 4 months. I also get a big kick out of those who make these elaborate birth plans – I guess no one ever told them ANYTHING & I mean ANYTHING can happen that day – just go with it!

    But – back to reality – your sodium – HOLY HELL?! That is crazy! I will say I track on MFP & at one point was watching my sodium…and I found myself stressing out over that number. I think my nutritionist had told me to stay under 2k (maybe even less) and somehow I was always over – but whoa Lordy – not that much over. I felt myself clenching my chest when I read that! HA!

    • I know, right? But with deli ham, boxed red beans and rice, it shouldn’t have been such a shock to me – its now on my list of things to watch. 😀

  10. I have no idea who you are talking about, which I think is a good thing. She sounds annoying!!

  11. No words, I have no words.

  12. Love it. KERF/BERF is the worst.

  13. I have no idea who or what KERF even is.
    I am amazed as always how you create these yummy looking lunches from leftovers. I really need to work on that skill. I made my soup from your recipe last night. It was great! FYI Campbell’s makes a heart healthy version of cream of chicken soup with half the salt. 🙂
    I have taken over your late night snacking 😦 I have had five cookies with milk every night at 9p.m. I am hoping it stops before it starts to show on the scales.

  14. All I have to say is that I used to read that blog but I haven’t read it for a very long time!

  15. NOT a fan! Haven’t been to KERF in ages. Didn’t even know it was BERF time. She will have quite a rude awakening when the child actually comes.

  16. I used to read KERF, but stopped because I couldn’t keep up with 3 posts per day. So it was a surprise when I checked in a bit ago and realized she was pregnant.

    All that research is pretty common for Type A first time moms. Although I just took and class and called it a day.

    The elimination communication is interesting. I wouldn’t bother with it, but one of my cousins apparently did. Yay for her, I’ll just buy diapers.

    Yeah, colicky baby. Good luck with that one. My baby cries every night for hours.

  17. hahaha….you always crack me up 🙂 I know everyone deals with becoming a first time mother differently. I saw that concept of holding a baby over a toilet/trash can on Pregnant in Heels. Its quite ridiculous. They convinced the man who thought it was a good idea that he was bonkers.

    GO TONY! Want to cook me dinner tonight?


  18. findingradiance

    I used to read her blog, but it got boring to me and too many posts with not much to say. I do think she and her husband are going to be in for quite the ride when the baby comes – doesn’t matter how much you prepare for it, there are some things you just have no control over.

  19. I really should pay more attention to how many calories I consume each day and how much sodium for that matter. Good for you to know exactly what you’re consuming! And, your meals look great!

    • Thanks Lisa – I put all my stuff on – I think its pretty accurate, plus you can put in recipes and it gives you a nutrtional label. Now if I could only figure out how to copy that label to my recipe posts, I’d be a happy camper! 😀

  20. Biz – you left out the best part of that post – she’s going to put primrose oil up her butt!!

    I am vaguely aware of her, but checked out the post that you linked to and read it.

    Here’s the quote: “I also started taking evening primrose after 37 weeks by mouth. A conservative one gel per day. I might try it the other way when I reach 39 weeks.”

  21. Not a Kerf fan – I used to read her when I first started my diet/blog, but she got boring really fast. I figure there’s enough room in blogland for everyone, even the annoying ones – I just don’t have to read them.

  22. …and why would you “stock up” on stool softener??!! The hospital will give you a couple if necessary, I’ve never known anyone who needs more than that! Certainly not something to stock up on.

    Not sure if my other message showed up. 🙂

  23. Never heard of KERF.

  24. I like to hear about the bakery so I still read. But I don’t read the baby stuff.

  25. I really can’t comment because I feel like I subjected everyone to the longest pregnancy ever too, but you are hilarious.

  26. I am a fan of KERF. It is not cool to talk bad about others, right? Karma, remember that.

  27. I love you, and agree completely. SO supporting your blog from here on out.

  28. I don’t know what a KERF is and have no plans to find out 🙂 That sausage and rice dish looks awesome, I need to do more with rice, I tend to gravitate toward pasta way too much.

  29. I love that you brought up KERF and BERF…I say BARF! Unbelievable the amount of naval contemplation she can pour into one small poorly written paragraph. I’ve not seen smugdom, but I’ll be checking it out. My daughter told me about, (get off my internet), which is another gossip site about blogs and such. Pretty funny.

    I can’t wait to see how she posts after her baby comes – pretty pictures of every oat she consumes? She’ll be lucky if she can get in the shower – though I’m sure she’ll have a vast network of family and doting wannabes to help her out.

    See? I can trash talk with the best of ’em! You rock Biz, and to the naysayers about playing nice, I suggest they lighten up. We all usually play nice, but sometimes ridiculousity simply has to be showcased!

  30. I don’t read KERF anymore. Boring. Someone told me about BERF, I looked at it, and added it to my feed because I need a little humor in my morning. I can’t wait until she has her baby and realizes that all her carefully laid plans are going to go right down the toilet.

  31. Bahaha, love you! KERF is boring and sounds like a huge bitch IRL. Instead of giving her pageviews, you should check out the recaps on They’re hilarious and honestly, it’s a better way to get your fix! Enjoy!

  32. Yes Biz, I’m pouting about the weather…lol! Though it’s getting a little bit warmer each day this week. Maybe, just maybe, my pool water will warm up enough not to freeze body parts!! I don’t know KERF but, by reading the comments I’d feel the same as you. And the elimination communication…what a freakin’ joke! And who the hell has time for that??? I find some of the rude comments to you on here quite ironic, they are telling you not to ‘bash a blog’ and here they are writing comments ‘bashing you’ on your blog….how clever…NOT!!! You go girl, you rock!! They’ll always be stupid people, we need entertainment from someone 😉

  33. Biz, I had never heard of that site and of course just had to check it out. I swear I felt the energy being sucked out of me!! There’s no way I’d be able to read her blog everyday! And I agree, once that baby is born all her planning is out the window!! And those that cried “why are you bashing?” umm this is Biz’s blog, she can say whatever the hell she wants…You’d think they would’ve realized this by now if they have been following you. Whatever, continue being you. I love your blog and seriously the food always looks delish!!

  34. Your meals look so good! Very creative with the leftovers, delicious!

  35. I don’t follow Kerf or Berf (Kath Younger Monson) anymore either. Her posts are really mundane (and poorly written).

  36. I drink coffee so my eliminations are regular. I drink beer so my neck skin is smooth and pliable.

  37. Hahahaha……..Mr. Biz is funny! You got a keeper there…lol!
    Never read the blogs that were mentioned here………and never heard about these new concepts to getting the baby to poop and pee in the toilet at 4months……geeeze, what next, honestly!!!

    Sodium is a scary thing when you read how much sodium is in everything we eat. I am always checking the mg of sodium on labels…..even Lean Cusine is high in alot of sodium. I try to stay under 1500mg of sodium a day but it ain’t easy. Then there is the sugar content of everything….ouch when watching blood sugars every morning plus watching the calories and sodium it sure can be a challenge.

    PS I have 19 more miles to go on the 100 mile challenge!!!!

  38. Oh, this is fabulous! Definitely not a KERF/BERF fan. She is the most annoying , smug and misinformed person on the internet.

  39. The elimination communication thing had me laughing for days. Holy rude awakening when the baby is born!!! I’ve had 3 kids and never read or did the insane amount of research she has done and guess what? They are still alive and I didn’t drive myself crazy with research 🙂

    P.S. My husband’s favorite meal to cook is sliced kielbasa and red beans and rice.

  40. I do not understand elimination communication at all. I think that would be traumatic to a child. I tried to read about it but just got stressed out. This is probably way I don’t have kids yet. haha

  41. I am a fan of KERF, and I am also a fan of your blog–I was so surprised to see your post as it feels like some personal animosity…that’s disappointing to me. (I realize I’m in the minority here, but it’s my honest reaction.)

  42. Oh Biz, that’s some major pot stirring. I don’t read KERF but elimination communication would not have worked in my house!

  43. Wow, Biz, you really struck a nerve there. Hope you’re thick skinned. I’ve never heard of this person and after looking at one page, I know it is not for me. I really came over to say that temperatures in the 50’s sound like heaven to me right now. Pay no attention when I gripe about being cold. 🙂

  44. marybcunningham

    I used to read her…til I saw the link to GOMI (Get Off My Internets) here a while ago. I spent days LMAO! I stopped reading Berf when she tried milking her own breasts a few months ago. Yikes! Way to bring on early labor dumbass. Oh, and she eats sugary crap for breakfast every morning, yet for her glucose test (something SUPER important) she ate eggs for breakfast! Umm that does not give a real reading imo. Why would you try and ‘fool’ an important test??

    Your blog is way more fun 😀

    If Kath would lighten up and tell Matt something tasted like ass I would def read her again

  45. I don’t read KERF but my question is…if you’re not a fan, why are you reading?! LOL! It doesn’t sit right with me that you’re blasting another food blogger on your own, esp putting so much of her blog on yours. Just sayin. I know you keep it real, so I wanted to keep it real too. That was my reaction–I mostly skipped the last part of your blog.

    I love that red beans and rice mix–the photo brought back childhood memories–it was one of my favorite things mom would make but I’ve only had it like twice as an adult. Must get some this week.

  46. […] Who knew yesterday’s post about KERF was going to be such a touchy subject!  I am still happy I wrote it.  While some thought […]

  47. It will be funny to see what she writes when she actually has real life child birth & child rearing experience. As a mother of 3, I found it pretty hilarious (in a clueless sort of way). I have never read her blog before, so I don’t know what it was like pre-pregnancy, but I think she is in for a rude awakening! And that whole potty training thing?! Yeahhhh, let me know how that works out for ya.

    And OMG! This is YOUR personal BLOG, write whatever the f*ck you want!

  48. I’ll admit, I was a little taken aback at first, because you don’t usually get that snarky here, Biz. But I *also* admit I would probably have the same feelings about the KERF/BERF blogs. You know what the really sad part is? There are probably a lot of pregnant women reading that blog and fretting about doing it all wrong and getting down on themselves because they don’t have the time/energy to obsess about those types of things, or their best laid plans for labor, breast feeding, etc., didn’t work out. 😦

    P.S. Tony’s comment cracked me up. 🙂

  49. All I will say is that I give a major eyeroll to “elimination communication”. Seriously? Does it make me a bad person that I think that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard? Kids hit puberty years and years earlier than ever before, why do we need to potty train them at 4 months? Totally unnecessary.

  50. Ah, this is why I love your blog. 😉 Your husband is hysterical too. And he can come cook my family dinner anytime!

  51. I cannot tolerate KERF. It’s not so much her posting but her smug and know-it-all attitude. I’ve left comments or read other comments that ask a question or disagree and her attitude is always like “uh huh, f*ck you, I’m right and have it all figured out”. I’m very type A and if I had a blog, I would keep some of my type A stuff off the internets. She’s also a walking contradiction — BUY LOCAL but it’s OK to shop at Wal-Mart and sell bread made with flour in India. I also love that she’s SO FRUGAL but will buy insane and unnecessary shit. Don’t claim to be on a budget where you can’t buy a baby product but then drop hundreds of dollars on a fugly lamp shade. Ugh, I hate this girl and now I feel my blood pressure rising.

    PS – to the people who left comments that question you saying anything about her site — would they feel the same way if you disliked a reality TV show? That’s essentially what a blog is and if you put it out there, you open yourself up for criticism.

  52. […] know just like my KERF post, I am going to get flack about my side dish last night.   You all know Tony and I abhor […]

  53. […] The busiest day of the year was August 22nd with 2,362 views. The most popular post that day was KERF Fan or Not?. […]

  54. […] Oh, and Tony thought it would be funny when I was at the grocery store yesterday to put Kath Eats up, (I am not linking to Kath Eats directly, just at a blog that gives the recaps of her daily oatmeal!) so when I went back to the computer, it would be on the screen.  Not funny!  (In case you want to know what I am talking about, you can go to this post) […]

  55. […] can forget my most controversial post – my, ahem, distain of Kath Eats!   For the record, I still can’t stand […]

  56. HOW in the world did I miss this? WOW. I like the analogy to a reality show – and your blog, your rules. I can’t wait to go read this lunatic, now that she has had her baby. I wonder how the whole “elimination” thing worked out. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA

    oh, sorry. it’s not nice to laugh at the delusional. Love ya Biz!

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