Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

You know how hard it is to get through to a doctors office on a Monday morning?  My cough is as annoying as ever, in fact, I think its even worse – well, at least that’s what my co-workers told me. Sad smile

I tried calling from 9:00 a.m. on and didn’t get through until 10:30.  By then, the next available appointment wasn’t until 6:00 p.m. today, but I took it.  I guess I am fine if I don’t move, but the more I do, the more I cough.  But other than the cough I feel fine – so weird!  And I am feeling fatter every day without being able to work out, when I do get to start to work out again, it will feel like I am starting from the beginning.  I still plan on doing the 5k in September no matter what – I just feel bad that so many of you joined my August challenge, and I won’t even make my 100 mile goal.  I did read a book though!

Breakfast was one of my mini banana breads with a sliced apple – called a Pink Lady – not sure I’ve ever had one of those before, but it was very sour – or at least sour compared to the sweet banana bread – I may have to try it on its own.

419 calories, 12 fat, 71 carbs, 6 fiber and 8 protein. Taken with my phone because my camera battery was dead.

banana bread

Lunch was a 6 ounce baked potato with 1 cup of Cincinnati chili and a bit of cheddar cheese.  530 calories, 33 fat, 38 carbs, 5.7 fiber and 29 protein.

salad 001

The work day went by pretty quickly for a Monday.  Tony was flipping channels over the weekend and saw a recipe for a grilled caesar salad.  I’ve always wanted to try it.  He loves Caesar salad – he used to frequent a restaurant back in the day that would actually make the salad table side – rub the bowl with fresh garlic, then smash the anchovies and whisk in the olive oil, lemon juice, etc.

Anchovy’s kinda gross me out.  They have hair!


But I had a solution!

salad 006

Two inches of anchovy paste equals one fillet.

Caesar Salad Dressing

six servings:  186 calories, 19 fat, .3 carbs. 0 fiber and 2 protein

  • 2 anchovy fillets
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan (not classic, but I added it)

Put everything in the food processor and let it emulsify for 2 minutes.

salad 011

I brushed the cut Romaine with white balsamic vinegar before hitting the grill.

Tony was my trusty sous chef – just admiring the sunset?  Trying to solve world peace?  Trying not to fart?  Not sure!

salad 016

salad 019

Note to self:  Deep clean the grill this weekend!

salad 021

I cooked all the chicken, but only used half for our salads.  I got a big mixing bowl, put 1/3 of the dressing the in the bowl, then added the chopped romaine and the chicken to coat everything with the dressing – this is a very lightly dressed salad, but oh so good – with croutons and 1 tablespoons of fresh grated Parm over the top – dinner comes in at 467 calories, 26 fat, 12 carbs, 2.6 fiber and 32 protein.

salad 024

You guys have to come by tomorrow for Suzie’s lasagna soup recipe – its amazeballs!   I made it last night for my lunch today – cannot wait.  Open-mouthed smile

Alright, it’s that time again – put my shit together for the day and hope I get some meds that knock this bronchitis to the curb!  Make it a great day!

Oops – forgot to add . . . not too late to ask Tony anything!  Just leave a question in the comments section, or send me an email at  Answers will be posted tomorrow. 😀

44 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

  1. The minute you showed the anchovies I thought “anchovy paste.” GMTA! The salad looks fabulous and grilled chicken on a Caesar is my favorite.

    Hope that doctor can get you some relief!

  2. Pink Lady’s are kinda tart, not just the bread. Kind of along the lines of Jazz or Honeycrisp (even though this is sweeter).

  3. Maybe it’s whooping cough, too late to diagnos now though, they have to catch it at the very beginning. You may have to just deal with the cough till it works itself out of you now. I had it a few years back and the cough held on forever!

    The salad looks soooooooo yummy!

  4. That salad looks delicious. I want to make this for dinner tonight. I might even buy anchovies (or the paste if I can find it) for the first time ever.

    Cleaning the grill is such a pain in the ass. I usually crank it up to the highest setting and try to just burn the stuff off. Hi, I’m lazy.

    • I’ve actually used anchovey fillets in the base of pasta sauces, it melts down with the olive oil and garlic, just gives it an extra salty kick – of course, I use tongs to get them out – I don’t really like to touch them with my fingers!

  5. That salad looks fantastic, minus the anchovies. I had a grilled salad in California once and it was really good!

    Now I’m just taking pity on you with your cough – no more snarky cards for you! Do not leave that doctor’s office without some good meds!

  6. I love the pink lady’s. I can only find them at certain times around here (Florida) so I enjoy them and the Jazz apple when the are “in season.”
    I have never had a grilled salad where the lettuce itself is grilled. My daughter loves Caesar salad and only eats the dressing if it has some type of anchovy in it. I better not let her know they have hair!
    I hope the Doc gives you some miracle cure for the nagging cough. I personally consider you a success at your August challenge. Look at all the people you inspired and motivated. Than ks Biz!

  7. Grilled caesar is amazinggggggggg. Such a perfect dinner for this time of year! Sorry you are still feeling yucky :(. Pink ladies are my favorite. SO good. Definitely need to be eaten alone. Hang in there chicky!

  8. Questions for Tony:
    -What does YOLO mean?
    -What stocks should I invest in?
    -What is the best dessert you’ve ever tasted?

  9. I love Pink Lady apples because they are slightly sweet but more tart! usually expensive though, so I try not to love them too much. Also want to point out the Cincinnati chili… it’s a big rivalry here as to who makes the best cinci chili (there are diehard Skyline or Gold Star Chili fans.. you can’t claim to like both!). Sounds like you need to come to Cinci to get the true stuff Biz!
    I have always wanted to make my own lighter caesar dressing ( I don’t like the really heavy, creamy ones) and this sounds like it fits the bill. How much was the anchovy paste? I hate buying ingredients from which I’ll only get one use! Let me know how else you plan on using that paste and I just may make the purchase. 🙂
    My bronchitis if finally finished.. sending best wishes your way!
    Also, have you tried the Deen Bro’s Lasagna soup? Recipe looks similar, but uses turkey sausage. Definitely a family favorite!

    My question for Tony: what most do you miss about Hannah since she has moved out? Love that “pondering in the sun” pic! haha

    • my bronchitis IS finally finished *

    • Sarah, I’ve actually never had real Cincinnati chili before – but I have heard of Skyline chili – its kind of like the cheese steak places in Pittsburgh – you love one and you hate the other!

      I paid $3.99 for my anchovy paste – it lasts forever – I use it in the base of pasta sauces too – it melts in with the olive oil and garlic. I’ll have to check out that soup – I keep meaning to DVR his show but I keep forgetting!

  10. Pink ladies are the only apples I buy – I love them!
    Hope you feel better soon, Biz!

  11. man that salad looks delish!

  12. I hope they figure out why you keep coughing or put you on something stronger…geesh! Don’t feel bad, you can’t help being sick. I had made Rhonda’s Kielbasa, potatoes and sauerkraut for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, I left for work and left the crockpot in the fridge…ugh!! I do though have everything to make your caesar salad…it sounds great! Glad you liked the soup, it’s my current favorite 🙂 Question for Tony: Is there any one thing that you wish Biz could cook?

  13. Hi Biz, sorry to hear you are still not feeling the best with your cough. Hopefully the Dr. finds the remedy for it.

    Loved the picture of Tony, got my chuckle in for the day, is he admiring the sunset, solving world peace or farting. Question: How WOULD he solve world peace and what does he forsee for this country in the next 4 years??? Kind of a deep question.

    Jay and I celebrated our 39th yesterday, went to the “Outback” 4 course meal for $15.00 a person…….oh my was that delicious……had creamed of onion soup, Ceasar Salad, steak, aussie fries and cheese cake (no calories there, right???) Well, my blood sugar was 133 this morning, is that high or normal???

    Oh and I am 6 miles away from celebrating the 100 mile challenge. I think riding my bike every night keeps my blood sugars down for the next day. Just something I have noticed.

    Have a great day!
    PS have you ever run across a recipe for cream of onion soup??? I really need to find that one or try and duplicate the soup from the Outback…..going back again is an option too!!

  14. Oh, I forgot to mention, if you get a chance, try a “Molly” apple. oh my, so sweet, the best, I always look forward to biting into a “Molly” about this time of the year!!!

  15. Biz! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog 🙂 I read it every morning before I get out of bed and it starts my day off with a laugh!! You’ve inspired me to do better with my health & fitness goals so hopefully I’m as dedicated as you. Good luck kicking bronchitis in the butt…hope it goes away soon!

  16. Have they checked for anything more serious with the cough? Hopefully it’s “just a cough” but maybe it’s time they check for something more serious.

    Question for Tony: Since being married to Biz, what food have you eaten that you never thought that you would eat?

  17. That Caesar Salad does look fabulous! I agree with you on the not ok with touching them!!!
    I hope you get to feeling better!! I hate when you feel fine but have a cough. I remember losing my voice and sounding all scratchy for weeks but felt ok. So odd.

  18. Awww…hope that pesky cough gets sorted asap!!! I lol at the anchovies having hair. (hilarious) and I think Tony looks like a crooner singing into a tong shaped microphone in that photo!!!

  19. Sorry your cough is enduring–hope it dies hard once you get some meds! That would drive me crazy. That banana bread actually looks good to me, which is amazing how much banana bread I’ve eaten this year. I thought it would never look good to me again-lol! I like putting chili over potatoes too! And your salad looks great! I think Tony is def trying to figure out how to bring about world peace. 🙂 I sent a couple questions to him via email. Looking forward to his answers!

  20. Love the Tony pic, I think he is looking forward to your next Pizza Friday!
    Jeesch girl, hope that you get rid of that cough soon, I know bronchitis can hang on though. I need to send you my special chicken soup!!
    I’m thinking of a question for Tony, can’t wait for that segment!! 🙂

  21. Man, that is one persistent cough, what a pain! Hope the Dr. gives you te a better sure. Been wanting to grill some greens for salad, sadly we’ve hardly fired up the grill this summer.

  22. LOL @ the picture of Tony! What a ham! Ask him why he never eats leftovers?? Those are the best.
    Hope they figure out your cough, that is pretty bad.
    I Pinned your salad, it looks great.

  23. The anchovy paste is a great idea, I have always wanted to try to make my own dressing! I really hope you get your cough thing figured out, I had a persistent cough in high school and ended up with permanent damage, it sucks.

  24. I hope they can figure out why you aren’t getting better! A persistent cough is the worst!!

  25. Oh man, I hope your cough gets better soon!

    Pink ladies are good, probably it was the contrast with the bread, as you say!

  26. I’m sorry that your cough is still lingering, lame!

    I need to try grilling a head of romaine. That looks incredible!

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