Reason 1,001 Not to Leave the Deep Fryer on the Counter

By the end of the week, the refrigerator has thinned out and I try to use up as much stuff as I can without being wasteful.

First thing I saw yesterday morning?  Leftover scalloped potatoes!  I decided to make a hash with them:  3/4 cup scalloped potatoes, 1/2 cup egg white, 1/2 cup baby spinach – I just threw it all in non-stick pan and cooked it just until it the egg whites were cooked through, then reheated it when I got to work.  On the side – one of the best batches of Fuji apples I’ve gotten all summer.

Breakfast comes in at 341 calories, 6.3 fat, 48 carbs, 4 fiber and 16 protein.  For the record, this is a salad plate, not a dinner plate. Open-mouthed smile

tacosalad 002

Still working on a project at work, so no workout again – I actually am quite happy to be busy at work – my goal next week is to exercise before work, so that in the event something comes up, I’ll have already gotten my exercise in.  Although every day this week I’ve set my alarm at 6:20 to go walking, and um, I may have turned it off every morning and slept until 7!

With the rest of the leftover ground sirloin from our burgers and onion rings the night before last, I cooked it up with some taco meat to make a taco salad: two cups romaine, carrots, yellow pepper, 4 ounces of meat.  My salsa was 1/3 cup of my baja fresh salsa mixed with 1 tablespoon of light ranch dressing.  On the top was a 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole – I love that you can freeze them and they thaw out before lunch.

tacosalad 007

So I had a lot going on last night!  I got home, gave Tony some kisses then started on a red velvet cake – its my bosses birthday tomorrow.  Guess how old he is going to be?  26!  Gah – I am so old!  Hannah is five years younger than my boss!

Anywho, I wanted to get the cake baked before I went to my friends house to catch up with her, so that they cakes would be cool enough to frost when I got back.  I had grilled chicken thighs on the menu.  What wasn’t on my menu was a rainy night! 

That’s when I saw it on the counter.

deep fryer

Before I started making the cake, I took 4 chicken thighs and soaked them in milk, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper – they soaked for about 15 minutes while the fryer got to temp.  In a separate bowl I put flour, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper and mixed that up.  I went from milk mixture to the flour mixture and repeated that.  They cooked at 350 for about 15 minutes – or until golden brown.  And since the fryer was already on, I threw in some fries. Winking smile  They may have been dipped in habanero ketchup MJ!

Dinner comes in at 522 calories, 31 fat, 26 carbs, 1 fiber and 31 protein.  The chicken was perfect – juicy on the inside – Jenn and Charlie, you have to get over your fear of eating food on the bone, its delicious!  Yes, neither my sister or brother eat any mean on the bone – even like bone in pork chops and steak – so weird!


I spent about an hour and a half at my friends house – fun to catch up with her – she’s got awesome decorating skillz, something I will never possess.  Her son is so adorable too, but I forgot how energetic three year olds can be!

When I got back home I made some blueberry muffins for my boss for his birthday breakfast – these are always a winner, except this time I added a lemon glaze over the top to kick them up a notch.

I did have a snack earlier in the day – I grabbed it after my 5k run – Nature Valley is my favorite granola bar – love how crispy it is!  But when the fuck did they start making a chewy granola bar?!  It was good, but I’ll take the crispy ones all day.

nature valley

Stats for Thursday:

  • 1409 calories, 65 fat, 102 carbs, 16 fiber 18 protein
  • 29% calories from carbs, 42% fat and 29% protein
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar 172

What are you plans for the weekend?  I have a couple cleaning projects I need to tackle – our computer desk (I have WAY too many slips of paper with recipes on them!) and I need to organize my basement cookware – everything used to be organized when Hannah lived here, but um, let’s just say her Mom isn’t as organized as her!

Have a great Friday – make it a great day!


21 thoughts on “Reason 1,001 Not to Leave the Deep Fryer on the Counter

  1. We have a deep fryer too but it stays on the shelf in the garage. Usually once a summer we do fried chicken. I like doing it outside on the patio because I don’t like the way hot oil lingers in the house. But I was thinking I don’t think we’d fry that much even if it was more available. I guess we just prefer grilled or roasted over fried.

    BTW you are always saying you need to figure out how to subscribe to my blog. Do it by email. There’s a place on the right side of my page where you can sign up!

  2. From your post title, I thought you were going to recount a story of the fryer falling over and spilling oily crap all over…this was a much better outcome, though a less funny (at least at my end!) outcome! You are a master of throwing things together that come out looking (and surely tasting) amazing. Have a good weekend -and feel free to send me a piece of red velvet cake!

  3. I may try the chicken one day like that!

    Glad you had fun last night – my soup and biscuits turned out great!

  4. Habanero Ketchup?!? That is awesome. I need to find that.

  5. andreaswellnessnotes

    That’s my hubby’s dream dinner! 🙂 I’m not so much a “food on the bone” person myself… 😉 But it does look good!

    We have a birthday party to go to this weekend, and it’s going to be hot. So maybe we’ll make it to the beach…

  6. Yeah I totally thought you were going to have a story about dropping the fryer on the floor or something!

    I think your boss and I have the same bday (and the same year)! Is it tomorrow or today? (Mine’s tomorrow)

    Sounds like you are really on track!

  7. Homemade cake AND muffins for the boss? You are spoiling him! Sounds yummy.

    Good luck with the organizing – I go in fits with that, but am always so glad I did it, when I’m finished. Usually when I’m in the middle and everything is a mess? I want to light a match and walk away!

  8. yep, like I said yesterday…I don’t even own a deep fryer and that’s a good thing. LOL dinner looks yummmmy!

  9. Weekend plans…hang out with the quilting ladies on Saturday, get together with friends on Sunday, and feed the family.

  10. I feel old too because I have a bunch of 26 year olds working for me. What really feels old is when your doctor is your age or younger. Our doctor is 44, our lawyer is 48…which probably seemed old at one time.

  11. I rarely eat fried food but if I had a deep fryer I would certainly put it to use. Doughnuts anyone? And onion rings. I never turn down onion rings.

  12. We don’t have a deep fryer. We just melt up coconut oil in a pot when we want to deep fry. I love frying in coconut oil! We have big buckets of it on hand for John’s soapmaking supply biz (50# buckets), so that is always the oil of choice!

    Lots going on around here this weekend – art museum, jazz festival, biking. Too much to do and not enough weekend!

  13. I thought it was going to be a horror story with the fryer! Glad it’s not. That chicken looks great! I did buy a couple onions to make your onion rings this weekend…yay! We keep our fryer in the garage, like Helen, I can’t take the oil lingering in the air after cooking, especially cooking fish. Funny, you and I are the same age and our kids our too 🙂

  14. Your boss is one lucky youngun’! Cake AND muffins? Can I apply for his job?

  15. Ah, I envy your deep fryer! Our kitchen is practically in the bedroom, though, so maybe it’s better that we don’t have one. Plus, I would deepfry, like, everything.

    Those chewy Nature Valley bars are meh, but I’ll take the crunchy peanut ones any day!

  16. Roz@weightingfor50

    Habanero ketchup?? Be still my heart!!! Have a great weekend Vat. We’re off to Vancouver Isalnd to see my parents.

  17. How can fried chicken come in with so (relatively) few calories? I’m shocked!

  18. You know, I don’t think I have ever had homemade fried chicken. From this picture, you seriously have me craving some!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. We had to put our deep fryer away too. TOO often did we fry food. However I’m glad to know there’s another person out there who owns one! Most people look at me funny when I mention it.

    Anyways I stumbled upon another recipe that screams ‘biz’ :
    I finally broke down and bought the 28 oz bottle of the good red stuff!

  20. I hope your weekend is great! Mines insane

  21. I know SO many people that won’t eat meat on the bone, it is baffling to me! You are quite the good employee whipping up cake and muffins 🙂 Oh and there is one VERY big reason that I do not own a deep fryer and I am sitting on it right now.

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