36 Pounds to Normal

I’ve come to realize that when I sleep in over the weekend, which I love, that come Monday morning, no matter how great my intentions are, this ass is not getting out of bed to exercise.  That and going to bed after 11:00 p.m. on a Sunday just isn’t a recipe for success.

So while my alarm went off at 6:30, I didn’t actually get out of bed until 7:20 – eek!  While that’s plenty of time for me to get ready for work, it left zero time for my morning walk.

Over the weekend I realized that my wonton wrappers were about to go, so I decided to bake them up.  Just bake at 350 for about 8-10 minutes, just until they are lightly browned. 

I decided to make some breakfast wontons! Haven’t done that in a while.  I scrambled up 1/4 cup of egg whites with 2 ounces of chopped deli ham, 1/2 cup shredded zucchini and 1 slice of American cheese.  I made my scramble at home, then assembled them at work – be sure to put your wonton cups on top of your lunch – they are very fragile!

I heated the scramble once I got to work, then divided the mixture evenly between the wonton cups – topped with some baja fresh salsa, and a sliced apple on the side – this was a delicious way to start the day.   This plate comes in at 371 calories, 9 fat, 47 carbs, 4.5 fiber and 22 protein.

wonton9 002

You want to make sure you squeeze out the grated zucchini in a paper towel before scrambling – otherwise the bottom of your wontons will be soggy the longer they sit on your plate.

wonton9 004

I may have added some splashes of Tabasco after the pics were taken. Devil

So at lunch I met with my plastic surgeon.  She’s totally nice, down to earth, and as I was speaking with her, could not for the life of me figure out if her boobs were real or not – they were kind of out there, but who knows! 

She said my mole removal will only take about 30 minutes under local anesthesia, and while I’ll have a scar, its her goal to make it as minimal as possible.  I’ve scheduled it for October 22 then its done and over with.  She reassured that just because the cells were abnormal, it doesn’t necessarily mean cancer, but as a safety precaution just to get it removed, and then I’ll be good to go.

By the time I got back to the office I was hangry!  Thankfully I froze the rest of Suzie’s chorizo chili for lunch – I had an ounce of unphotographed tortilla chips for dipping – just as good as when I made it!  Lunch comes in at 466 calories, 20 fat, 49 carbs, 11 fiber and 25 protein.  The jarred hot peppers were a nice kick. Open-mouthed smile

wonton9 008

The afternoon d r a g g e d at work yesterday.  Couldn’t wait to get the hockey puck out of there.  Guess what Tony requested for our dinner this week?  Another round of grilled chicken caesar salad!  Any time he recommends a salad I jump all over it.

wonton9 015

The romaine I bought was kind of skinny, so we each got a whole head.  Chicken tenders were on sale so I bought those instead of chicken breasts – just tossed in a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

wonton9 022

wonton9 026

The romaine only cooks about 1 minute – about 30 seconds per side.  The darker part gets wilty, almost tastes like spinach, while the lighter part stays nice and crisp.

wonton9 028

wonton9 029

Such a delicious salad – its just lightly dressed and of course, the garlic croutons and sprinkle of Parmesan cheese make this salad.  505 calories, 35 fat, 8 carbs, 4 fiber and 36 protein.  This is a great low carb/paleo salad!

So happy I have some company with my six week, 170 miles challenge!  The wonderful folks at Chobani have offered up one of their yogurt packs.  If you decide to do a six week challenge and complete it, you’ll be entered for a chance to win.  Who doesn’t love Chobani!


So here is where I am at.  172 pounds.  I put my height and weight into a BMI calculator and just as I suspected, I am back in the “obese” category.  I started entering different weights until I got to one that was within normal range – well the top of the normal range.  The magic number?

136 pounds!

Yep, I have to lose 36 pounds in order to be in a normal weight range.  So I have my work cut out for me!  I have decided that if I do an exercise that I can’t measure, like a work out video or walking the dog, that for every 45 minutes I’ll count that as one mile to my total goal.  I ended up walking the dog for 15 minutes after dinner and did 30 minutes of Classical stretch.  Turns out I tried to do a TaeBo video but having the salad sitting in my stomach I felt like I was going to puke any second.  Note to self: don’t exercise 20 minutes after eating!

Stats for Monday:

  • 1400 calories, 66 fat, 116 carbs, 20 fiber and 85 protein
  • 15 minute walking dog, 30 minute stretch video
  • average blood sugar 144
  • 1 mile down, 169 to go!

It’s not too late to join the challenge – just leave a comment and tell me what you want to accomplish in the next six weeks – maybe its bring your lunch one more day than you normally do, or trying a new recipe, or eating out less.   Who’s with me?

Make it a great day!


49 thoughts on “36 Pounds to Normal

  1. I want to stop snacking on nuts and cheese. It’s healthy but not in volumes.

  2. I’m in! I am planning today to make a plan for the next 8 weeks, until Thanksgiving. I need to get back on track with exercise, less sugar and desserts, more healthy vegetables! This is exactly what I need! Thanks! 🙂

  3. First a belated happy birthday to Joe and Tony.

    Biz, if I’m correct you have a blackberry. If you download the app endomondo for example, you can track your walks with your dog. I use this app all the time when I walk Bella.

  4. Do you know that I have never had grilled romaine?? Gosh, it always looks so delicious!
    I want to make sure I don’t gain a pound after the marathon in 2 weeks. It always happens because I take a few rest “weeks” afterwards. :o)

  5. Those little wonton cups are so cute!

    One of my current fitness goals is to do strength training sessions three times per week. I can already do more pushups than when I started!

  6. Oyvey! I get you on the early rising after a weekend. Not easy. Those wonton cups look great – I may have to give them a try. I’ve never bought wonton wraps – age 59 and a wonton virgin.

    I love Chobani, but I tried the long anticipated chocolate and vanilla and was completely underwhelmed. But I’m not a big fan of vanilla yogurt in the first place, so I guess I was hoping for something more like chocolate mousse – with 0% fat. HA!

  7. I love grilled romaine! Have you ever tried (or seen) the Bolthouse Farms Cesar dressing? SO GOOD! & much better points wise than most bottles dressings. I can’t be without it. 🙂

    • I am not sure I’ve had that flavor, but I do remember liking Bolthouse when a co-worker brought it to work – I think I found it super expensive at the store though – can’t remember, but I’ll look out for it. So glad you went to Fit Bloggin!

  8. Sleeping in? Such a foreign concept to me now ;). Grilled caesar. I will be dreaming of this all day long. You know we’re here for all the support you need gfriend!

  9. I’m with you. I would like to lose 6 lbs in 6 weeks. Some weeks I don’t lose a lb thanks to these stupid steriods. However, I want to push myself and try and make it happen.

  10. I know you can do it Biz! You will be down to “normal” before you know it.

    Don’t worry about the mole surgery! My hubby had a mole removed from his face a couple years ago. It was a small mole and he does not actually have a scar. His dad actually did it and I watched and held his hand – his dad was a surgeon (retired now but still maintains his license) – it was very cool to watch. Bobby was just chilling the whole time – no pain or anything.

    Believe it or not I have never had grilled romaine. Looks great though.

  11. I wanted to thank you again for the magazines!

    And My goal is to lose 4 lbs in 6 weeks, which would get me down to 157. I’m 5’2.5″, and a healthy weight is 139 (BMI of 25).

    I figure it will take at least a year to get there with nursing the baby and not sleeping.

  12. I’m just going to be a cheerleader! I’m really awful with challenges. But I’ll definitely be doing my best and cheering everyone on 🙂

  13. All of that food looks awesome and is making me hungry! I’ll gladly cheer you on in your challenge. The farthest I get is saying “I’m in!” and then nothin’. :-\

  14. Except for the occasional Saturday night out, I try to keep close to my normal schedule. While I have NO DESIRE to actually wake up at 4 am on the weekends, I do still try to get to bed by 10 and back up by 6 so that I’m not too far off when I need to go to bed earlier on Sunday. Sucks but it’s the adult thing to do LOL!

    I’m with Spunky Suzi – I’ll be a cheerleader for everyone doing the challenge!

  15. Interesting challenge! My goal for the next 6 weeks is to keep a positive attitude about my body, keep filling it with healthy foods and limit myself to <1 sweet treat per day, increase my calories to support BFing (been reading that a reason for not losing could be bc you are eating too little…), and to LOVE myself no matter what!

  16. Ugggg, I used to never sleep in buy lately I can’t get myself out of bed. I blame my arthritis. This morning I didn’t get out of bed until 7, therefore I ate breakfast and got the kids off to school and now have to exercise. I like getting it out of the way first thing but that just didn’t happen today.

  17. I’d like to apply for two job closer than my current one (70 miles a day round trip!) and commit to getting at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week for the six weeks. Life has been crazy busy, so exercise has been the first thing I’ve pushed to the back burner, but I have a big fancy Navy thing to go to with the Sailor in a few months and I’d like to feel great for that!

  18. Your meals look delicious! That Romaine salad…I wish it was in my lunch right now.

    I also like the idea of squeezing in a morning walk before work. I might have to try that!

    And good for you, you are close to your goal weight. You’ll be there before you know it. Just keep up these awesome habits you’ve adopted, and you’re golden.

  19. i’m ready to buckle down and lose too! this summer slaughtered me and now my pants are ass tight. let’s do it!

    that salad looks amazing, i’ve never had grilled lettuce, but i bet it’s delicious!

  20. I love to sleep in on the weekends! Your wonton breakfast is a great idea, love it. Glad you have your appointment scheduled and it will be taken care of. I was cracking up about her boobs though! You are too funny! The caesar salad looks delish, my hubs might even go for that.

    • Tony and I try to determine if boobs are real or fake – the red carpet for the Emmy’s was amazing to see – I figure 75% of the boobs in Hollywood are fake!

  21. I really, really, really want to lose 5 more lbs to at least get back in the 130’s (I need to lose more like 15 for my height). So that is almost a pound a week…..I’m gonna try! Of course, the pretzel M&M’s I had earlier is not a good start 😛

  22. I’m in… I want to try for ten pounds in six weeks but I’ll be okay if I can hit six. Just a warning… I’ll be looking for lots of support… any ideas…recipes, tips, words of wisdom etc. I am going to attempt to come up with some kind of blog so I can have accountability. I am stuck on a blog name. I feel such pressure when I read the cool names onyour blogroll.

  23. I would like to eat healthier and exercise more! I think I will start using My Fitness Pal online again to get started!

  24. I usually take Monday’s as a rest day as we do so much activity on the weekends. It’s nice to sleep in on a Monday and start the week out that way 😀

    Sometimes chart numbers just blow. I know that the number says you are in the obese category, but you certainly are not by appearance.

  25. Hi Biz,

    Would love to join you in the challenge for 170 mile challenge. I’ll be converting my steps to miles so 2K/mile. I also need to loose about 35 lbs. :-/

  26. Hi! I’m new to the blog and i’m trying to read through to understand what your challenge is! 🙂 – I started weight watchers last week and part of my commitment to lose weight and get healthy was to start exercising. So I joined a boot camp training class twice a week. We do a lot of running. And my plan is to keep running! I just find it hard to actually get out and run! But I’ll get there! 🙂 Great blog! Thank you!

  27. You must be a little shorter than I am because per WW the highest goal weight I can select is 137lbs. This puts me at the very top end of normal. I want to get there so freaking badly. I have about 15 pounds to go, but losing weight while marathon training has been challenging. Right now I’m just trying to keep my weight steady.

    I say good for you for staying in bed a little longer on a Monday. I dream of sleeping in. Really I just dream of sleeping!

  28. I can never get up on Mondays either, don’t feel bad 🙂 Glad Tony is loving that salad, I think it looks amazing too.

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