I’m gonna to lap you, crazy bitch!

There are just some things that I cannot photograph well (well, a lot of things!), but an egg white hash has to be one of them.  I had a 6 ounce baked potato in the fridge and diced it up with Canadian bacon, 1/2 cup egg whites and 1 cup chopped baby spinach – and of course a sprinkling of cheese. Flirt male

hannah 003

So while this may look like someone ate a beautiful spinach and egg white omelet, then threw up in a bowl, this was super tasty.  With a piece of toast on the side, breakfast comes in at 443 calories, 15 fat, 41 carbs, 4.1 fiber and 32 protein.

So you may or may not know this about me, but I am pretty competitive.  After playing field hockey, doing shot put for indoor and outdoor track (as well as being a sprinter!) then playing softball (Tony still can’t believe I didn’t turn out a lesbian given my choice of sports!), turns out I like to win. 

So I decided to swim yesterday.  While I am not the best swimmer, I do like swimming because its an all body workout – I feel it in my back, my thighs my arms.  As luck would have it, a little Chinese woman got in the pool at the same time as me.  I suddenly imagined that we were going for gold!  After I put my goggles on, I looked at her and gave her the stink eye – I was there to win!

Okay, it doesn’t matter that this woman was in her 60s, I was there to win and she helped me push myself that much harder – I lapped her!  And while she was a super sweet lady, I had to envision her as my arch enemy – hey, whatever works to push yourself, right?!

I ended up swimming almost non-stop for 30 minutes – which doesn’t seem like much, but I was definitely flush and breathing hard.  It felt good!

My blood sugar before my workout?  229 – when I got back to my office, it was 75 and I was hangry!  I ended up having 3/4 a serving left of the kung pao chicken from my tacos earlier in the week.  I stir fried some broccoli slaw and broccoli, then accessorized my meal by hitting the Chinese restaurant across the street for some steamed brown rice and Szechwan green beans.

hannah 007

While I asked for my green beans not to be cooked in oil, I am not so sure.  But they tasted amazing – nice and crisp and supa spicy!  Lunch comes in at 524 calories, 17 fat, 62 carbs, 10 fiber and 32 protein.

I was busy working away, when guess who stopped by to surprise me?!

me and hannah

Thank you for using Instagram to soften my belly!  And mind you, this is swim hair – I didn’t blow dry it, just pulled it back in a pony tail.  Hannah had spent the night before babysitting for her friend in Schaumburg and after thrifting, stopped by my office to surprise me.  It was so good to see her – I miss her a lot. Crying face

I ended up not working late – woot!  But then realized I never really planned anything for dinner other than potato soup and sammies.  When I texted Tony that I’d be home he asked what was for dinner, and when I told him soup and sammies he said “that’s not football food!”

He was fine with it.  I actually wasn’t in the mood for soup, so I had a sammie and some jalapeno chipins.  This jalapeno cheddar bread is sold for $1.29 a loaf at my store – I cut off a 3 oz. portion, then pulled out enough of the inside bread to make it 2 ounces.  On the inside?  Deli roast beef, a slice of mozzarella, and a teaspoon of my broccoli rabe pesto.

hannah 015

This was an amazeball sandwich – loved the balance between the baked in cheddar with the mozzarella on the inside, and the garlic in the broccoli rabe pesto was perfect with the roast beef.  This plate comes in at 520 calories, 17 fat, 58 carbs, 2.8 fiber and 28 protein.

Have you seen these chips before?  I think I actually bought them at Bed Bath & Beyond – you can really taste the “popcorn” flavor, and of course, they had me at jalapeno.

hannah 016

Stats for Thursday:

  • 1487 calories, 50 fat, 163 carbs, 17 fiber and 94 protein
  • 44% calories from carbs, 31 from fat, 25 from protein
  • 15 minute walk with the dog before work
  • 15 minute walk after dinner
  • 30 minute swim (giving myself 2 miles for my exercise yesterday!)
  • 154.6 miles left of my 170 mile challenge

When I tool the dog for a walk last night, the sky was so cool – I need to figure out how to use my camera at night – I used my telephoto lens – still not what I wanted but kind of cool!

hannah 030

Come back tomorrow for my winning recipe!  I was asked to participate in a blogger recipe contest by Legends from Europe – you had to create a recipe using a “Legend” ingredient from Europe.  I was assigned Parmigiano reggiano.  You know how I love cheese!

I am making a chicken parmesan meatball Florentine soup!  In my head it turns out good, so we’ll see how it turns out tomorrow!

What are you plans for the weekend?  I hope to get together for lunch with Hannah and my Mom on Sunday to celebrate her birthday. Open-mouthed smile  And I want to get to the gym over the weekend – something I have plenty of time for but hardly ever do.

Make it a great day!  Hooray for me – no snacking after dinner last night! Just kidding


27 thoughts on “I’m gonna to lap you, crazy bitch!

  1. The sky was crazy last night, great picture. I can never get night shots. Have a great weekend!

  2. The title of your post cracked me up–as soon as I saw it! 🙂 And yay for little victories (last night’s lack of snacking). Have a great weekend.

  3. USA over China for the gold! Woo hoo! I can see you doing that- so funny. I have trouble at night trying to overcome wanting a snack- especially when the kids are always making popcorn. My teen last night made popcorn using bacon fat from some bacon he had just cooked up. Oh my it was crazy good, but Ionly had a small taste:( I could have eaten the bowl. TGIF!!

  4. I am sooo NOT competitive at all! lol But I will admit, I do play a mean game of words with friends! hey, is Masterchef doing interviews for the next season in your area….maybe you should sign up!!!!

    Yay! for Hannah’s visit!

    and yes, that soups sounds wonderful in my head too! Good luck!

  5. I ended up swimming almost non-stop for 30 minutes – which doesn’t seem like much

    Are you kidding me? I swim a lap and then I pant for 5 minutes, swim a lap and pant, swim a lap and pant … you get the picture. I just bought fins so I could swim longer without giving up and I could never do it during the day because all I want to do is sleep afterwards. Great job!

  6. Of course, I read your title as “I’m gonna Slap you” and wondered who had gotten all up in your grill, lol! BTW, I never raced anyone when I was swimming. Well, not that THEY knew, anyway…it is fun to do that, and hey, whatever keeps it interesting, right?!?

    Glad you got a surprise visit from Hannah, and how fun that you get some more time with her and your mom this weekend! Have a great one. 🙂

  7. 30 minutes of swimming is a great workout! I had to laugh, because I am the LEAST competitive person in the world.

  8. Yeah for Hannah stopping by!!! Hope your soup for the contest turns out good!

  9. Love that title Biz!

    On photographing photogenic things… I once tried to get a money shot of my sun dried tomato hummus and no matter what I did it looked like someone poo-ed in a bowl. SO frustrating!

  10. haha. Whenever I’m running and I want to push myself, I turn up the volume and try to beat someone else out running ;). Eggs are just not pretty…but they are delicious! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. We have our launches for Body Step & Pump tomorrow and I am hoping to get a pedicure at some point. I’m in a wedding next weekend and my toes look TERRIBLE!

  11. I’m pretty sure I’m not capable of swimming for 30 minutes straight! I’m not very competitive either, except during football picks with Mr. Helen lol!

    Glad you and Hannah got some bonus time together. Enjoy the weekend!

  12. Biz, you crack me up! Between the lesbian comment and your race in the pool, you had me rolling! That soup sounds like it will be delicious. Enjoy your weekend and have a good time with Hannah and your Mom 🙂

  13. Haha, love it! Poor OLD lady, she is about my age!!!! I’d let you win if you gave me the stink eye………..I’m not too competitive.
    We are at our place in Hoodsport for the weekend, really good to get away! Have fun with your mom and Hannah, and have a good work out!! 🙂

  14. Best title of the day!

    I pretend that I don’t like competition because I really, really hate to lose.

    Your explanation of breakfast totally cracked me up. I don’t often post photos of my food because it’s usually a bowl of (delicious) brown mush.

  15. haha! in my cardio classes i usually try really hard to push harder than the people around me, i think i’m a bit competitive too!

    you and hannah look so much alike, both adorable! have a great week!

  16. You had me at the title and then I cracked up throughout the post. Carlos is going crazy because he doesn’t understand why I’m laughing.

    Hannah must be thrilled to know that she is probably not going to age at all. You two are adorable and look so much alike. Glad you got to spend time together.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  17. I’m going to have to send you money and a shopping list. “Your store” has the best looking stuff. The jalapeno bread looks beyond delish. Better yet I’ll send you money and set up an airmail account for you so you can just send me weekly meals. Oh I would be in bizzy kitchen heaven 🙂
    Best of luck on the soup contest and have fun with the girls.

  18. Love the moonshot. And your swimming competition cracked me up!

  19. What a nice surprise to see Hannah! The only plan I have for the weekend is to rest and get rid of this sickness that is hanging over me!

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