I am fat, and I know it.

Normally here’s how my evening goes.  Tony and I reconnect for a few minutes when I get home from work.  Next step:  lounge pants are put on, bra is taken off and tank top is put on.  (I am always hot, Tony is always cold).

I make dinner.  We watch Wheel of Fortune where one in every 20 games I dominate – and will gloat about my win for at least an hour.  I clean up the kitchen, download my pictures, put all my food into fatsecret.com and then settle in to watching t.v. with Tony.  This process usually takes me about 30 minutes.

The night before last?  I was lazy.  All I did was clean the kitchen, so yesterday morning, in 60 minutes before work, I downloaded all my pics, entered my food, wrote my blog and published it and did 30 minutes of Classical Stretch.

By the time I looked up I had exactly 11 minutes to shower, dress, put my food together, replace my stinky gym clothes in my bag, AND put my food together.  So yesterday was another episode of “throw shit in a bag and see what sticks” kind of day. Open-mouthed smile  Thank goodness I am low maintenance.  I have to say, I couldn’t be more opposite from Tony’s first wife – he said she would need at least an hours notice before they could leave the house so she could do her makeup!

In my bag for breakfast?  A container of plain Greek yogurt, 1 apple, and a baggie of granola – parfait!  Since the yogurt was plain, I drizzled a little bit of sugar free pancake syrup over the top of each yogurt layer.  This glass comes in at 353 calories, 3 fat, 52 carbs, 4.9 fiber and 29 protein.

taquito 001

Only one teeny tiny problem.  This was super sweet.  As in, when I got 3/4 of the way through, the smell of it made me want to puke.  I instantly brought my glass to the kitchen to clean.  I need to figure out how to make a spicy parfait!! Devil

Another teeny tiny problem?  I knew I was working out at lunch, so I adjusted my insulin so that I’d be in the low 200s before my workout.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that my blood sugar three hours after breakfast was 317!

So to the gym I go.  This gym is so fancy they have flat screen t.v.’s in the locker room.  I was literally standing in my bra and underwear when I heard a news segment about a local t.v. anchor who got an email from a viewer that said because she was fat, she was a bad role model.

I couldn’t believe someone had the nerve to actually write this woman and say that she’s a bad role model – she pointed out that he didn’t know her personally, she has a loving husband and three daughters.  Yep, she knows she’s fat.  I know I am fat.  And while I am trying hard to be healthier, I have had people ask me when I wear certain tops, when my baby was due, only to embarrassingly say that, “thanks, but that’s just fat.”

And it reminded me that a lot of us focus so much on what the number on the scale is, that we lose sight of everything else – almost like tunnel vision.  So I’ve decided that I am not going to weigh in again until November 1.  I know what I have to do to get the scale moving, but I am not going to let it rule my life.  What are your thoughts on the video?

I ended up doing a 2.25 mile run/hill climb in 30 minutes on the treadmill. The first 5 minutes was run at 5.2 mph, the next 5 minutes was at 3.5 mph, but at a 15% incline.  It was hard and I was definitely sweaty at the end!  I am still trying to build up my stamina after recovering from my bronchitis.


Lunch was the last of my chicken parmesan meatball soup – I had about 1/2 cup of cooked white rice leftover and tossed that in as well, so lunch comes in at 395 calories, 10 fat, 42 carbs, 5 fiber and 35 protein.

taquito 004

I also thinned it out a bit with 1/2 cup of chicken broth.  I actually think I liked it better after sitting a few days. Open-mouthed smile

We had a Mexican fiesta for dinner!  It’s because the damn deep fryer is still on the counter that I decided to make beef taquitos.  My two corn tortillas had 1 ounce of cooked ground beef, tablespoon of taco sauce and 1/2 ounce of cheese, then deep fried.  On the side?  I made 2 cups of instant brown rice, and when that was done cooking, drained 1 can of black beans, 1/4 cup of taco sauce, dash of salt and pepper and the zest of one lime.

taquito 010

This plate comes in at 469 calories, 19 fat, 43 carbs, 8 fiber and 30 protein.  With the leftover beans and rice I have a pot of chicken taco soup planned.  That’s lunch today and I can’t wait!

One snack not photographed?  I had a serving of baked ranch Doritos – they are actually pretty good and only 120 calories a serving.


Stats for the Day:

  • 1337 calories, 36 fat, 159 carbs, 20 fiber and 93 protein
  • 30 minute stretch before work (I am counting this as .75 miles)
  • 30 minute run/walk at lunch (2.25 miles)
  • 140.35 miles to go for my 170 mile challenge

Have you guys ever eaten or made paella before?  My blog friend Mary made some and not only does it look amazeballs, but it looks pretty easy to make.  I’ve never had it!


And not sure how I missed this one, but I am going to try to figure out a way to make this a bit more figure friendly – Kevin made a pumpkin mac n cheese with an amaretti crumb on top!  Not sure how I missed that because Kevin’s dishes always look amazing.  Hooray for pumpkin season!

I am curious what you’ll say about the t.v. anchor video!!  Make it a great day!

p.s.  I almost forgot!  Today would have been my Dad’s 74th birthday if he was still alive!  You can read about his 70th birthday on this tribute post.


31 thoughts on “I am fat, and I know it.

  1. I loved that women’s response, very classy and spot on. Certainly took guts! I also love that it was her husband who really made an issue of it and stood behind her. On a related note, I so need to put my scale away for a month, keep trying but always fail…maybe I will try it until my marathon.

  2. I actually watched that news anchor’s response and I was shocked as well. Who was the viewer that had the right to write in like that? Some nerve! So annoying! In any case, I think not weighing in for awhile is a good plan. I did that for over a year…just got rid of the scale bc it would make or break my entire day! Thankfully, after a year without, I don’t feel that same negativity toward it and have brought it back for my post-baby shape-up. But as soon as I feel good in my jeans again, it’s going away again. I don’t need a number to rule my life!

  3. I saw that video posted on another blog yesterday. Unbelievable. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and yes, there are plenty of skinny people who are less healthy than people who weigh more. It’s an important message.

  4. I haven’t seen the video but I have heard all about it. I am so glad she stood up to the guy on the air! Awesome. Who is he to tell her how she is too look? Not everyone on tv or otherwise has to be a freaking size 2! This is exactly what is wrong with our society. So many girls go through life thinking they have to be skinny as a toothpick to be accepted. Yes being overweight is not good, but we know that, nobody needs to be pointing it out to us. We do our best to be healthy and what works for us. I’m officially down 20lbs since May and I have another 15 to go. I could go lots lower but who wants to maintain that? As long as we feel good about ourselves nobody else should be dictating how we should look. I used to check the scale every day. No more. Now I check 2 days before I go to WW to weigh in. So more power to the news anchor for standing up to this guy. Wonder how much he weighs?
    Have a great day Biz! (yes I know I still have to do a new post on my blog, promise it’s coming!!)

  5. On your yogurt parfaits, try sprinkling pumpkin pie spice or just cinnamon on them…I use plain greek yogurt, fresh or dried fruit and granola – no sweeteners – and mine taste really good without being too sweet. Bet you’d like it.

    You know I’m a proponent of not weighing myself, so I think putting the scale away is a good thing, as long as you can be honest about what you are eating. It’ll be a good challenge for you!

    P.S. I’m a bit of a gloater when I guess the word correctly on Wheel of Fortune, too!

  6. As you know I put away my regular scale long ago. I do love my Zero Scale though I did not use it all summer. I guess I have times when I need some sort of confirmation of my progress (or lack thereof) and the Zero Scale gives me that without defining me in 3 digits.

    I think the anchor did a great job of responding to that letter. While I realize that being in the public eye one is subjected to that sort of stuff, it doesn’t make it correct. She is not a weight loss blogger or person who works in any profession to do with weight and that writer was not a friend or family member who had her interest at heart. That’s really what made the letter wrong. Some things just need to be left unsaid, especially to people you don’t even know.

  7. I hadn’t seen that with the news anchor. I wanted to shout, “You go girl!” when I finished watching it.

  8. I do the same thing as myjourneytofit – I get very good, fresh cinnamon from a shop where they sell spices by the ounce. I only buy what I can use within a few months or so, and it’s actually not much more expensive than the grocery store. Anyhow, I sprinkle cinnamon on top on my yogurt and berries everyday and cinnamon is very very good for our hearts – bonus! You actually can take a savory spin on yogurt, too – but I usually do this for lunch: Greek yogurt, roasted butternut or sweet potato, and black beans – I am sure hot sauce would be “amazeballs” in your words =P.

    I LOVED that video. I don’t think it’s about the scale, at all. It’s about body image and health. I think the scale is a neutral tool – it’s only the associations we bring that makes it good or bad – Person A can use the scale as a helpful tool just to keep a check on things for accountability (good tool) whereas Person B can obsess over the number and become overly fixated and develop body dysmorphic disorder (bad tool). For myself, I fall into the first camp – I like the accountability but I don’t overly obsess if I gained a pound – in fact, if I purposely don’t weigh in, that’s when I have problems and start indulging more often. To each their own! In the end, it’s all about health and body image. Especially given all the negative health issues that come from obesity/being overweight (heart disease, joint pain, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimers, etc.), I want to be healthy for my family and live a very long, happy life!

  9. I am so low maintenance, I can hop out of the shower, put on lotion, put my hair in a ponytail without brushing it, slap on some clothes and be out the door in 2 minutes. I don’t need my hair and makeup done everyday, once a week for church will suffice.

    Great video, I loved her response. She is obviously smart and self-assured and why that man has a problem with her is beyond me. I would never even think twice about her appearance. She looks put together and professional.

  10. Girl, we have got to get that fryer off of your counter! Those baked cool ranch doritos look tasty, as does the soup. I had a bad habit of looking people in the eye and saying, “go eff yourself.” when they asked when I was due or IF I was pregnant. Thank god it’s been a few years since I’ve had that question pop up.

  11. I saw that video clip on the news yesterday and for the entire segment, my mouth hung open. I was completely appalled by the viewer who wrote in to that new anchor, but I’m incredibly proud of how she chose to respond. I think she’s pretty amazing. Aww what a beautiful post about your dad!

  12. findingradiance

    I admire the woman for being able to talk about that on TV while being graceful. I would probably have cried or at least let a swear word slip.

    Some people didn’t think the email was bullying, but I disagree. I doesn’t matter how you ‘cushion’ what you say, when you are basically telling someone they are fat and shouldn’t be seen on TV – that is bullying. Period.

  13. I haven’t seen the video, but the anchor was on the tv at the gym this morning. I think the guy could have been a bit nicer.

    Yes, she’s fat. You know…67% of us are fat, myself included. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. Why can’t we look past the outside? It’s because these days, with the tv and internet, it’s easy to say things to people that you would NEVER say in person.

    Hey, I’ve lost weight a few times, successfully. I’ve saved a good lot of money too, successfully. If people want to know how, then I will tell them. But I don’t preach.

  14. Doesn’t matter whether it’s weight, race, religion etc. It’s bullying! What really shocked me is that the e-mail writer is standing by what he said.
    I don’t think people realized how much their words can hurt a person.
    On the parfait I would try the Greek Yogurt. I love it and it’s very filling.
    Yesterday I tried a new powder for water that was supposed to be very good for me. It was free so I thought why not? It was the nastiest, overly sweet thing I’ve ever tasted. Needless to say I won’t be buying it.
    Sorry for the rambling 🙂

  15. i think it’s pretty ridiculous to say that someone who is overweight cannot be a role model. i’m glad to see that this story is getting so much attention!

  16. Thanks for posting about this video…I thought the letter was ridiculous, BUT I also thought the reporter’s response was really classy and I’m so glad that she addressed it on air. Ultimately, I think feeling healthy and good about yourself is the most important thing, way more so than a number on a scale. I know for myself, when I’m able to exercise and eat healthy food, I just feel better…and that’s not about what I weigh. And sometimes, life happens and I have to prioritize other things over getting to the gym, and that’s ok too…those other things are really important as well! So ultimately, I think it’s no one’s place to judge, and the reporter handled the situation really well.

  17. i saw that video yesterday and i loved it! it’s so easy in today’s world to make these hurtful comments without any fear of repercussions because we can remain anonymous and faceless. the person that wrote the email probably did not see that response coming, but good! it’s about time these people realize how hurtful their comments are when they make them. a bit of public shaming to these bullies might help fix the big problem.

    the taquitos look incredible!

  18. I had seen that video circulating on FB quite a bit. People can be such assholes, but her spirit really is admirable.

    I’m glad to hear about your temporary breakup with the scale! It can be a useful tool, but I feel like women are horribly badgered into believing that it’s more than that. It measures weight, not self-worth, overall health, or strength. I’ve noticed that a few other bloggers are challenging themselves not to weigh for awhile and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 There are so many other ways to gauge progress.

    Have a great day, Biz!

  19. I’ve seen this video several times now…and the first time I saw it, I was outraged that this man could say such things…I mean who did he think he was? And honestly, HE was the one setting a terrible example by not being accepting of all people. I, like so many others, loved her response and I’m so very glad she took the time and her position to respond. Many ppl face obstacles in their lives, no one person is perfect…he should have kept his opinion to himself. But I am glad he didn’t, because it gave this wonderful woman an opportunity to speak for so many ppl who face this kind of thing daily.

    Put that deep fryer away, girl! lol

  20. Yeah, I just couldn’t believe this clip. I am glad that she fought back because it has nothing to do with her not being a good role model. Look how much she has accomplished!
    I think it will be a good thing you aren’t going to weigh yourself for a while. I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in the number. You are doing great!

  21. I agree with katecooks, I am glad the video is getting so much attention. Good for the anchor and good for the local network for letting her speak. I think a lot of companies would have been afraid of negative results.

  22. Not sure if you read, but the lawyer who wrote in the initial letter finally apologized. (Even though he had initially stood by his statement.) The “apology” feels totally insincere and like a PR stunt to me. His name was released somehow and I’m sure he got a lot of hate calls and mail at his office. Total jerk.

  23. I watched that video the other day and I was so proud of her! And annoyed at a person who had the audacity to comment on her weight/appearance! I live in a “no weight zone” (for as sweet and gentle as my husband is he allows NO ONE to talk about weight near me. No fat comments (about anyone) if they try he gives warning and has told our close friends if they make even one more comment about size or weight we will never hang out with them again – is it excessive YES does it make life more peaceful YES! I think the world ought to adopt this policy)

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