Breakfast Tacos

Another weekend has come and gone.  They seem to go faster when the temps cool down and the days are darker longer.  And another weekend when just two meals were eaten both Saturday and Sunday.

Knowing I have a little wiggle room calories wise, I made breakfast tacos Saturday morning.

Breakfast Tacos

3 tacos = 1 serving:  463 calories, 28 fat, 26 carbs, 3.3 fiber and 25 protein


  • 3 corn tortillas (mine are 40 calories each)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 ounces raw breakfast sausage (mine was low-fat Jimmy Dean)
  • 1/2 cup baby spinach
  • 3/4 ounce shredded cheddar cheese
  • 3 tablespoons taco sauce
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Cook the sausage first, until almost done, then add the egg and spinach and cook just until the eggs are cooked through.  Nuke the tortillas for 30 seconds. 

Put 1 tablespoon taco sauce on the bottom of each tortilla.  Divide egg mixture between the three tacos, then add 1/4 ounce of cheddar cheese over each taco.  Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. 

Fry 2-3 minutes per side, just until they crisp up.  Serve with salsa on the side for dipping and garnish with cilantro.

weekend 10.26 003

weekend 10.26 004

So, so good.  And filling!  I made these around 11:30 and we didn’t eat dinner until 6:30!  Hannah was in town to babysit overnight and one of the families she used to baby sit for.  We had an hour to kill before she had to be there.  We went thrifting, of course!

When I dropped her off the Mom hugged me – the kids were so happy to see Hannah.  I hadn’t met the Mom before but she told me that she considers Hannah as part of the family – so sweet!  I knew we would have more time to spend together on Sunday, so I just headed to the grocery store and went back home.

Dinner Saturday night?  Super easy – leftover Chicken tortilla soup and chicken and cheese quesadillas.

weekend 10.26 036

So cheezy!

weekend 10.26 042

Sunday morning when I was cooking up my SIL’s lunches for the week, Hannah got dropped off from her babysitting gig.  I had about an hours worth of work and it was nice sharing coffee and catching up with her face to face. Open-mouthed smile

We went to another thrift store – this one is huge!


You could literally spend all day there and never see everything.  Hannah was shopping for jeans:


I ended up getting new (boring) work shoes that are super comfy, some workout t-shirts that were all .22 cents!  And then I got this Nike jacket – it was sold AS IS because it had a tiny stain on it, which I already was able to get out – it was only .88 cents!  Um, can you tell that blue is my favorite color? Freezing

weekend 10.26 019

And before we knew it, we had to get her to the train station to head back down to Chicago – there aren’t too many options so we didn’t want to be late.  So of course, we had time for photos!  And that jacket?  The woman Hannah babysits for gave it to her – it’s a North Face and totally cute!



That last picture cracks me up!  And after the train pulled away, I was already dressed for the gym, I ended up doing 10.5 miles on the bike, bringing my total down to 76.5 left in my 170 mile challenge – eek, I have just five days to finish – I can do it!

For dinner I made a wonderful beef stew – perfect for a chili night.  You can find the recipe here.  The meat is tossed in a mixture of flour, cinnamon and brown sugar – sounds weird but it gives it a very interesting flavor – the only change I made was to use a bottle of pumpkin beer.

weekend 10.26 025

Pure comfort in a bowl! 

I am working out before work today because at lunch time I am getting the stitches off my face – can’t wait.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to scratch my face forgetting they were there!

My football picks kind of sucked too – Tony and my step-son kicked my ass this week. Sad smile

Does anyone have any Halloween activities going on this week?  We dress up at my office every year and have a pot luck.  In case I have new readers who weren’t around last Halloween – I went as Guy Fieri last year!


Happy Monday – make it a great day!

23 thoughts on “Breakfast Tacos

  1. No activities planned.

    You could go as Paula Deen this year. Just be really loud and rerun that wig. You paint a Velveeta box pale yellow for a stick of butter…

  2. We’re having breakfast burritos tonight for dinner! I just throw egg, salsa, meat and cheese together. I wish I had some spinach though.

  3. Cute pictures of you and your daughter! What fun! 🙂

  4. Your Halloween photo really cracked me up. I literally spewed coffee from my mouth down the front of me and all over my desk. I am still smiling as I use a Q-tip to remove the coffee from my keyboard. 🙂

    The pics of you and Hannah were great! Looks like you had a good time.

    I wish I had a bowl of the beef stew right now. I would eat it for breakfast.

  5. Great job on the breakfast. And you are right, at the Thrift store you can spend all day in there.

  6. mmmm! Soup and quesadillas is one of my favorite meals. Glad you had fun with Hannah! Can’t wait to see your costume this year

  7. You two are adorable! I need a babysitter like Hannah. I hired yet another one from the college in our town and she never showed up last Friday. My son was off from school and I had arranged the babysitter weeks ago. We texted last week to confirm the time. I told her I was going to a spinning class at 9. When I finally got in touch with her she said she thought it was 9 at night????? I was dumbfounded. I looked back at my text which said specifically morning. Sad isn’t it?!

    I can’t wait to see your Halloween costume this year. Last year was awesome!

    Good luck with your stitches. Have a great Monday.

  8. So going to make these! I have chorizo in my freezer needing to be eaten!

  9. Soup and quesadillas are a favorite dinner in our house!
    And I love fun photos – we do them all the time. In fact, we probably have more funny photos than regular, serious ones! 🙂

  10. Love that Halloween photo – so great!

  11. OMG, I would SOOOO love to go thrifting with you Vat. I still crack up at your costume from last year!!!! We did our dressing up on Saturday, and we’ll be carving a couple of pumpkins to put on our deck. I love the creativity of some of the costumes. Have a great Monday.

  12. Hurray for some Hannah time! Sweet find on the workout gear – does this mean you’re finally going to ditch your 15 year old cotton t-shirts?

    • Um, yes Shelley – I promise to remove my stained workout shirts and replace it with these new ones. Although I’ll tell you, I still won’t match when I work out! It will be lucky if I have wear a pair of socks that match – I am klassy like that! 😀

  13. findingradiance

    I wish I could go thrifting with you! That would be fun.

    Not sure what is up with Halloween around here. I guess it depends on how bad Sandy is up in the area and if we have power. Pumpkins are carved and ready, though!

  14. Oh beef stew sounds so good right about now. I have a recipe that is so good but really time consuming, I’ll have to check yours out. I also have to hit up the thrift stores……….it’s been a while. Take Care Biz.

  15. ah haha, how did i miss guy fieri last year? love your thrifty buys!

  16. I saved money yesterday by NOT betting on football! Not having very good luck this year. For Halloween I escape to my parents in the country and watch TV there w/all the lights off = No visitors 🙂

  17. Can’t wait to see what you dress up as for Halloween this year! Loved the Guy costume last year. 🙂 I like your bfast tacos idea-they do sound good! Your thrift store is better than anything we have here, not only the size but prices. They charge a lot more here, but still better than brand new.

  18. Omg I love your last years halloween get up!! You and Hannah are so cute 🙂 I’d go thrift shopping with you any time.

  19. Breakfast tacos are one of my favorite!
    Ha, your Guy Fieri costume is perfect!!!! 🙂

  20. I never thought to fry tacos! What a great idea!

    ps – that costume is amazing 😀

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