I’d be Okay if I were in Maintenance Mode

I have Nicole to thank for my delicious breakfast yesterday.  Although, once I adapted it, it’s really inspired by Nicole.  You can check out her original recipe here.  (Um, and much better pictures are on that post too!)

Potato and Poblano Pepper Crustless Quiche

  • 4 servings (cooked in a standard pie plate)
  • 226 calories, 12 fat, 12 carbs, 1.6 fiber and 15 protein


  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 8 ounces of potato, peeled and diced
  • 1 poblano pepper  **
  • 1.25 cups egg beaters
  • 1/4 cup fat free half and half
  • 1 cup finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • salt and pepper

In my toaster oven set on broil at 450, I roasted the poblano pepper for about 10 minutes, turning once and then put into a ziploc to cool.

Heat the oil in a non-stick skillet.  Add diced potatoes, and cook, 7-9 minutes, just until tender.  Go back to the pepper and remove the charred skins and discard.  Seed and dice the peppers and add them to the potatoes and cook a couple more minutes.

Whisk the egg beaters, half n half, salt and pepper together.  Spray the bottom of your pie plate.  Put the potato/pepper mixture on the bottom layer.  Pour the egg beaters/milk mixture over that, then sprinkle with the cheese.  Bake at 425 for 20 minutes, or until the egg mixture is set.

** Holy shiz when Nicole said she used FOUR poblano peppers in her quiche.  Some peppers are so hot to me I can barely take a bite, and some jalapeno peppers I can eat like an apple.  Mine was SUPER spicy which is why I only added one.  And while a pie crust is nice, you won’t miss it with all the extra cheese you get to have! 

scallop 007

The berries were especially good – both were on sale this week!

scallop 004

I am in the home stretch for my 170 mile challenge.  Since I had my doctors appointment at lunch, those of you who follow me on facebook know I got my ass to the gym this morning to knock out another 9.3 miles.


So this whole mileage challenge started when my blog friend (who I know in real life – seriously, when you get back from NYC we will have to get together!) Jacky had 170 miles of training to go before the New York City Marathon.  It’s already this weekend already!   I’ve since hooked up with her sister Jody, who I played field hockey with.  (Hi Jody!).  She’s been monitoring my mileage, and when I posted that picture on facebook, she said “how many more miles?” 

When I typed out 67.2, I realized I’ll have to bike 16.8 miles the next four days.  We talked about doing 2 a days which is the only way I’ll meet my goal!  Still doable! Open-mouthed smile

Lunch was leftover beef stew with some garlic bread.  I only ate one piece of the garlic bread – it wasn’t that good – I bought a .50 cent loaf of day old bread from Jimmy John’s across the street, but only used a pat of butter and it was really kind of dry.

scallop 010    scallop 012

And then came the biscotti.

scallop 015

I went to get some coffee yesterday and I saw three bags of these biscotti.  I asked around and discovered it was one of the attorneys’ mother-in-law who made them, and his wife asked that they leave their house.  Want to know why?


Holy shizz – I ate three during the whole day.  And while that would be fine with the exercise I am doing to maintain my weight, that isn’t the answer while I am trying to lose weight.  Gah!   Why does food have to taste so good? Open-mouthed smile

Bay scallops were on sale last weekend – I ended up only using 2/3 of this package.

scallop 025

Scallops always remind me of my Dad.  For Tony and I, going out to eat out was a treat – like saved for birthdays and special occasions.  It’s so different how our kids grew up.   They probably ate out more by the time they were ten, then Tony and I did our whole childhood!

We would go to Red Lobster and my Dad would always order scallops, only to complain that they were too small.  I wanted to say “um, it’s because we are at Red Lobster!”  Back then I ate no seafood, but I still remember their cheddar biscuits!

The base of my pasta dish is a low fat alfredo made with fat free half and half.  The bay scallop part was from this recipe, only I reduced the butter to 1 tablespoon and reduced the olive oil to 1 teaspoon.

Somehow, my pasta all stuck together, so half was cooked perfectly, the other half was inedible.  I don’t know if I didn’t use enough water when I cooked the pasta, or what.  So we both could only eat half of this plate.  The flavor was good, so I’ll have to buy better pasta next time.

scallop 028 copy

scallop 030

Don’t you just love the fluorescent lighting in my kitchen??!!  I of course added crushed red pepper to mine.  The scallops were delicious though!

Hurricane Sandy only effected Chicagoland with a windy night – and today should be windy as well, but only like 30 mph winds.

Hope all my east coast friends and families are okay!  I read that 16 people died and millions of people are without power.  Sending big hugs your way!

Off to the gym . . . 16.8 miles have to be done before work and lunch today – wish me luck!

23 thoughts on “I’d be Okay if I were in Maintenance Mode

  1. You can rock that mileage Biz! I am hauling ass on the bike this morning at the gym to finish my mileage for the challenge. I have 18.58 to go and I’m already down 10. My Achilles issue slowed me down a lot the past few weeks.

    This week is killer when it comes to weight loss or maintenance with all the candy and treats around. I’m trying to get through it with minimal damage.

    Good luck! You will do it.

  2. I’m hoping that electricity is restored to the dojo so that I can get in a modified Muay Thai class tonight. It seems so calm today but so much of the area is without power. There’s already scuttlebutt on the internets that NYC Marathon may have to be canceled or rescheduled. Their subway system is completely flooded!

  3. Yum, I love scallops! And they’re so good for you, too. I’ve never been a fan of biscotti though–too dry. I think I’d rather splurge on a cookie or baked bread. 🙂

  4. Keep up the great work Biz! Knock it out one mile at a time. =]
    Half cooked or not, your dinner looked tasty. I had issues with my dinner last night too…let’s just say I had to make a grocery store run half way through….yep, we’ll leave it at that! Lol
    Have a fantastic day!

  5. You don’t need luck. You’ve got this!
    I LOVE biscotti. Them and Tiramisu are my Kryptonite. If the recipe ever gets dropped of at your office you know who to send it to.
    I’m impressed… for sticky pasta you got a pretty good photo.

  6. Anything with sugar will get me every time! Cannot have just one.
    I love anything seafood!

  7. I have never been able to cook scallops and have them turn out good. I gave up but yours look so good.

    These biscuits remind me of those Cheddar Biscuits.


  8. Put me on the list for the biscotti recipe if you get it. I love biscotti! Um, maybe I shouldn’t get the recipe . . . .
    Good luck on getting in your mileage today. Sandy has pretty much dictated that any exercise I do has to be in our house, so maybe I’ll find my friend Richard Simmons and sweat to the oldies. Good to work off those extra pounds from the croissants and pommes frites from our time in France!

  9. Go Biz – you can knock out those miles!!! Pretend you’re a high school football player who has to do two-a-days!

  10. You can do it girl! Hit those miles hardcore girl! Biscotti is so good! I rarely make it because it disappears quickly ;). I need to make scallops- Josh is such a huge fan

  11. You go get those miles, Biz! Totally doable!

    LOL…I love scallops and always complain that bay scallops are too small, but sea scallops are so expensive and have to be cooked just right.

  12. Roz@weightingfor50

    Scallops? I’ll be right over! 😉 And I have complete faith in you Vat, you’ll bang out those miles in no time. Have a good Tuesday.

  13. It’s funny you say that about Red Lobster. My family usually ends up there 🙂

    I’m glad you loved the quiche! I think my poblanos are generally very mild, huh! Did you take out the seeds?

    Good luck with those miles, Biz!!! You’ll knock’em out, no doubt!

  14. findingradiance

    Funny – I don’t think pablanos are that hot! Isn’t it funny how we are affected by different peppers? I have a friend that will burn his tongue on a green pepper. Umm…. that is a 0 on the Scoville scale (wuss!!)

  15. I have a lone poblano in my fridge, I might have to make something like your quiche, except with no cheese. WAH 😦 I hope you have an awesome day, glad the storms didn’t make it your way.

  16. Your doing excellent on the bike! I love scallops to and your dish still looks good to me. I will remain quiet on the East Coast 😉

  17. It’s hard to believe all this hurricane stuff is happening around me while here in KS, the place I always say should carry the same nickname of “the windy city,” it’s perfectly still and calm. I’m glad you guys didn’t get hit badly. And dang your berries look so good! I too have to get treats out of my house soon after making them–it’s too bad you’re the recepient! Too bad for your butt any way, not for your mouth. 😉

  18. Mmm, scallops. I remember discovering how delicious they are when we went out to dinner at a local steak/pizza place when I was a kid. My dad ordered the scallop dinner, which came with a little container of melted butter to dip them in. So good! I definitely ordered my own the next time we were there.

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