Not One. Hocus Pocus!

It was a sad Halloween for Bizmoto.  First the lack of participation at work with dressing up.  Yes, four others dressed up, but there were no awards or prizes.  Awards and prizes are my motivation!

Because of this ho-hum attitude about dressing up at work, I have to tell you that I went kind of half-assed.  I ended up being an “Iron Chef!”

hallow 002

I dressed up like a housewife, curlers in my hair, but had an apron underneath my bathrobe, and held an iron while I grilled hot dogs for part of our pot luck.

hallow 004

I made barbecue pork, but after looking at how it cooked down, wasn’t sure it was going to be enough, so I picked up some hot dogs on the way to work. I scored – Ball Park Angus hot dogs were in the discount bin – 75% off of $5.99! Open-mouthed smile  Lot’s of fixings and side dishes:

hallow 006

Crack dip = taco dip!  Somehow I found a seat right in front of that dip! Nerd smile

hallow 007

My plate:  bbq pork sandwich with cole slaw, some potato salad, asian chicken salad and some raw veggies.

hallow 008

So while the work Halloween didn’t meet my normal standards, I was excited to come home and hand out Halloween candy!

My Dad LOVED Halloween.  He would put out the scary mat so when kids stepped on it, it would howl.  He even hooked up a video camera on a tri-pod so that he could show my mom the trick-or-treaters costumes that she missed when she was at work.

Sachmo was his favorite though.  He dressed this guy up our bannister with this character so the kids could see it from the front door.  I wrote about it in a post back on October of 2008 if you want to check it out.


So I got home, it was still light out and I ran in and asked Tony how many trick or treaters we got!  The answer?  None.  Huh.  He said he saw two Mom’s with strollers and a couple little kids and a group of five teenage girls.  Not even my neighbors who have 4 kids came over. Sad smile

There was still time though!  I forgot to defrost pork chops so I didn’t know what to make for dinner when Tony reminded me that we had cheese tortellini in the freezer.  He also stopped by Sam’s club to pick us up some coffee – I always pour the coffee beans into an air tight container.  It’s kind of noisy and I heard Tony say something and I ran into the room because I thought there would be kids at my door!

Nope.  All Tony said was “it sounds like you are popping popcorn!”

By the time we ate, it was completely dark. 

hallow 016

I left our outdoor light on until 9:00.  Still not a single one.  So it really didn’t feel like Halloween to me at all.  I love Halloween, but now it only means that I’ll be listening to Christmas commercials starting tomorrow!

I did text Hannah because Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler was running 24/7 on the Family Channel.  We had the VHS of that, and Hannah watched it all the time.  When we moved out of my parents house when she was 5, she decided to leave it there.  And nearly every time we went to visit, she’d ask if she could watch it, no matter what the season. Open-mouthed smile

hocus pocus

And while my goal was to get 16 miles before work in on the bike, traffic slowed me down again, but I still got 10.01 miles in – 40 miles to go in the next two days – I know I can do it!


I loved reading about all your favorite costumes you wore growing up in yesterdays post – that made my Halloween day!

It’s November 1, so I decided to weigh in. I haven’t weighed myself since October 1!  I was 173.5 pounds then . . .

Nov 1 001

I lost 3.5 pounds last month.  I know I can do better.  I need to lay off the wine and the night time snacking – those are my goals for November! Open-mouthed smile

Off to the gym, I have to knock out 10 miles again before work and 10 miles at lunch! 

Hope you had a great Halloween!


23 thoughts on “Not One. Hocus Pocus!

  1. Our Halloween was quiet around here too. We had a couple groups of kids come through and then nothing. I love to pass out candy and see the little ones all dressed up. I think I turned our porch light off around 9:00 too. Sadly, around 10:30, I witnessed teenagers smashing the pumpkins across the street. =[. At that point I just went to bed disgruntled and feeling sad for the little ones who lived there.
    I’m in the middle of a 30 day no sugar challenge, so I’m going to freeze and/or hide the leftover candy until I can safely bake with it. Here’s to two more weeks! Have a good one Bizz!

  2. What a shame that your Halloween was such a dud! We had lots of kids and actually ran out of candy. Good for me – no extras lying around waiting for me to eat them!

    Twenty miles in two days? You are gonna be BIZZY!

  3. I stopped giving out candy a couple years ago when all I had was hoards of teenagers barely dressed up. Oct. 31st is the anniversary of our first date so we generally go out to eat instead!

    Just think, once we put the clocks back this weekend, it’s going to be completely dark when you eat dinner for a while. This morning on the news they were reminding us (because of the folks still trying to clean up from the hurricane) that sunset will be at 4:38 on Sunday. Sigh.

  4. No ghosts, superheros, or cats for us either 😦 Halloween has always been one of my favorites. I love that for one day you could pretend to be whoever or whatever you wanted.

    Congrats on the weight loss. My scale is still the same. I guess I should be grateful I haven’t gained any weight.

  5. oh no! I wish you lived nearby, I’d let you come over and hand out candy with us! Its a total mob scene here. Congrats on the loss! Tortellini! Its been too long- soooo good

  6. We didn’t get any either!

    Congrats on the weight loss – maybe if it’s slow it will be long-lasting 🙂 3.5 pounds is a lot!

  7. We don’t celebrate Halloween in Holland but I can totally understand you were disappointed that no one showed up at your door.

    Funny, I weighed myself too this morning. I have decided to weigh in just once a month too. Only I didn’t lose but maintained the weight.

    Christmas songs on the radio: haven’t heard one yet but it can’t be long before I heard the first. Last year it was still October before I heard the first.
    The shops are already selling Christmas things which I don’t like at all, way too early.

  8. Not many came this year! Total of about 9 and 6 of them together. Love your costume.

  9. Our trick our treat has been postponed until this Sunday, because of the storm. We still have a lot of power outages and downed trees around NE Ohio. I didn’t buy that much candy, because honestly, I didn’t think we’d get many trick or treaters with the all the rain we’ve been having…it has literally been raining since last Friday! What??? Really. I think today it might have stopped..but still gloomy as hell outside!

    I used to like Halloween a lot more when the kids were little, but it was also stressful. ( that was my fault, make the costumes…put together the school parties…have family over with a huge buffet to eat while kids trick or treated) Now that they are older, we don’t do much. We used to get more kids in my neighborhood too…but now many of those kids are grown up. So it goes.

    You lost so that is something! Good for you!!! 3 pounds is a really good solid number for one month…don’t be discouraged!

  10. We live in a small cul-du-sac and since 90% of the kids are now grown or in High School, we get no trick or treaters either. Kind of a dud for us too.

  11. I’m so stealing that idea as a costume for next year! I hate coming up with creative ideas for halloween, especially when it’s cold out. Now I can be comfy in a robe!

    I forgot about taco dip. It truly is CRACK dip!!!!

  12. Congrats on 3.5 pounds! Every little bit counts! 🙂

  13. Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds

    If you lose 3.5 lbs for the rest of the year, you’ll be at 163! Not a bad thing to shoot for! I think you’re doing great!

    I grew up with a religion that didn’t celebrate holidays so my Halloweens were full of hiding in our house with all the lights turned off and praying that we weren’t going to get egged. My grown up Halloweens are much different. My husband likes to go all out for Halloween. He has 3 blow up animated decorations on the lawn, a fog machine, spooky music, strobe light, sculls that cackle when you walk by it. He swore that he only scared 1 kid though who refused to come up to the house. 🙂 We had hoards of kids and it was nonstop from 6-8 at our house. I feel like I got the better end of the deal since I got to take out my daughter…and eat candy. 🙂

  14. Biz,

    I think your costume is cute! As for me, I decided to be a BITCH for Halloween. No costume necessary.

  15. Congrats on your weight loss, that’s the way we are supposed to lose weight, real slow. I am just maintaining, better then gaining.

    Not much into Halloween here, didn’t see many tricker treats out and about, and only two came to our door.

    Challenge…..I have 18 miles to go, I should make it, another 11 miles tonight and 7 tomorrow will do it……….yay!!!!

  16. Too bad there were no prizes, boo on that! We’ve been wining and fooding it up over here. It’s Sandy’s fault we’re all gaining weight….

  17. Old house – 200+ trick or treaters every year. New house – zero.

  18. Ah! Hocus Pocus was one of my favorites!

  19. We didn’t get many kids trick or treating either, but our neighborhood is mostly retired people so that is not unusual. I have never seen Hocus Pocus!!

  20. Congrats on the weight loss Biz! I have to admit that I am just not a big fan of Halloween. We skipped handing out candy and went out to eat and a movie instead. 🙂

  21. Every year I dress up and pass out candy. It was so rainy and freezing out yesterday that I just had the blue blahs. I did carve pumpkins with some friends a few days ago but, that was it. John and I are eating the candy (bad, I know) and I saved my costume for next year. I watched scary movies in the dark, so it wasn’t all bad. The traffic on my road was slow, so I don’t think I would have had that many kids. Next year, I will be back on my game though and I hope your next Halloween is more fun too! Love your iron chef…lol! 😉

  22. You should come by house next year – we had hundreds of trick or treaters!

    Too bad there were no prizes for costumes!

  23. This year was not very festive for me either! But it was because of me, not a lack of trick-or-treaters. I just didn’t even think about it at all. It came and went and my only sign of recognizing it was putting on an orange shirt on Wednesday. lol! I’m a Halloween Scrooge all of a sudden. Anyway, congrats on 3.5 lbs that is great! A lot better than the opposite, which is what I’ve been doing-gaining! I weigh more than you now Biz! So you beat me, but maybe not the way you were hoping–by me gaining! haha Love your Iron Chef costume-that is so creative!

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