Can You Help a Sista Out?

My eats were uneventful yesterday – but that’s not what this post is all about!

suzie 004

suzie 007

suzie 010

Can you tell I loves me a pork bbq sandwich?

Nope, the reason for this post is to let you know about a Blogging Fundraiser my buddy Veronica is hosting today.

Another blogger, Suzie of Two Dogs in the Kitchen (of the famed crack lasagna soup I’ve made half a dozen times already!) needs our help.

In the span of one week she lost her job (and with it her healthy insurance) became very ill and become a grandmother for the first time all in about the span of 7 days!  She’s facing surgery in the near future and all money raised is going to help with her medical bills.

Here is Veronica’s Summary:

Suzie has been faced with an awful set of circumstances recently. At the beginning of the month, she lost her job the same day terrible pains started in her stomach, and she came down with pneumonia two days later. Not having insurance, she didn’t want to go to the hospital until she could no longer tolerate the pain in her stomach. (To give you an idea about Suzie, she once super-glued her hand back together when it wouldn’t stop bleeding after she mangled it with a mandoline so she wouldn’t have to go to the hospital. And she says child birth was “easy.” Yeah, she’s pretty hard core, so you know the pain had to be pretty bad for her to go in.) They treated her for pneumonia and gave her a blood tranfusion (she was bleeding internally and still has blood in her urine) along with prescriptions for other problems she was having, like extremely low potassium, and told her she’d have to have her gallbladder out once she was over the pneumonia. Soon she will be faced with a hospital bill that she has no way to pay, so I thought maybe me and my Cornicopi-cats, along with her friends and family, could all chip in and help her out so that she can worry about getting healthy instead of how she can afford to.

If you go to Veronica’s bake sale post (here is the live link!)  (link to go live at 8:00 a.m. today – it’s 6:30 a.m. now, so once I get back to work from the gym, I’ll link to the active post), you can see all the goodies up for auction.  Here’s the deal – the minimum bid starts at $15.  If you win the bid, you will have your goodies shipped to you within 72 hours of the end of the sale which is 10:00 p.m. tonight.


I am not a baker.  I can bake bread, but when it comes to cookies and cakes I am just okay.  So you know what I am  offering up?  12, four ounce jars of my Baja fresh salsa!

cherry salsa

I hope you are able to help out for this great cause.  I know what it’s like to have hospital bills WITH insurance, I can’t even imagine what it would be like without it!

And I have 18.64 miles to go to meet my 170 mile goal!  Jacky, I hope you are able to make it to the New York Marathon this weekend!

10.21    11.15

The 10.21 was before work, the 11.15 was at lunch.  Of course when I started this challenge I didn’t think I would do 70 miles in the last week, but that’s how it turned out.  Thanks for the motivation Jacky!!

Happy Friday all – hope you’ll be able to help our blogger friend Suzie out!  Hugs!


23 thoughts on “Can You Help a Sista Out?

  1. What a nice thing to do. Friends of ours held a fundraiser to help pay for Brent’s cancer treatment and it helped us out so much. But more importantly it made us feel less alone. There are some really good people in the blogosphere.

  2. Very sweet idea. Although the idea that when you lose your job, you lose health insurance is ridiculous. We are paying a lot here in Holland for it and it’s going to be even more with our new government but everybody has health insurance here and if you get ill, your bills are paid and that’s how it should be. Everyone who is in need of medical help should be able to get it without worrying about money.

  3. That’s a great idea! But insurance generally doesn’t get canceled immediately and you have the option of getting your own short term Cobra. So she should DEFINITELY check into that! She’ll still need the money, because Cobra isn’t cheap. Just don’t want to let the insurance companies off the hook! They can be vultures.

  4. So sweet of Veronica. I’ve already bid on 2 items. Everything looks amazing. Our health care system is an absolute mess. I see it first hand every time I go to work. When it is time to pay the bills I hope Suzie is able to apply for assistance through her state. I am sending thoughts and prayers her way.

    Biz awesome job on the mileage. You must feel fantastic. Have a great weekend.

  5. Wow, went to go bid on your salsa and it’s already up to $100! Awesome!!

  6. I’m so excited to be able to help Suzie out too! I’ve got my Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles up for bid! I was eying up your salsa…but wowsa! it’s up to $100. lol

  7. So much for that salsa! Christine bid $100! Too rich for me! 🙂

  8. This is such a generous, wonderful idea. I’m constantly amazed and touched by the love you see online.

  9. findingradiance

    Off to check out the auction! Thanks for sharing the link!

  10. Thank you for spreading the word. Your salsa is the hit of the bake sale! 🙂

  11. Roz@weightingfor50

    Off to check the auction. Thanks for doing this Vat, you are a SUPERSTAR. Have a great Friday!!

  12. Thanks so much Biz for posting this…you rock! And so does your salsa…I can’t believe where it’s at right now, that’s awesome. To clear something up for Marcia and anyone else, I didn’t have health insurance at my job. So Cobra is not an option. I just happened to get sick and lose my job in the same week. So, no insurance and I’m unable to get any medical help b/c my husband “makes too much”. You go on those miles girl…you’re doing great! xoxo

  13. Very nice idea! It’s so awesome when the blog community comes together like this!

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