Laughing at Unseen Humor

I have to say, that when I work only half a day, I seem to be way more focused and get so much accomplished because the “5 o’clock” bell is at 12:15!  It was ready to leave before I knew it.

Knowing that I was going to have a late lunch/dinner/linner, I decided to pick up a jalapeno bagel on my way to work and make a breakfast sandwich.  One bagel, 1/2 cup egg beaters cooked with 1/2 cup baby spinach.  512 calories, 9 fat, 76 carbs, 10 fiber and 33 protein.

charlie 005

Charlie and Laura’s flight got delayed, so I had time to hit the gym to get my 5k in.  I decided to just start running and just stop when I felt like it.  Granted, I was only “running” at a 4.7 mph pace, but I ran without stopping!  My stamina is getting better. Open-mouthed smile


I also had time to take a nice long shower, blow dry my hear and put on make-up – so crazy!  I got to my sister’s office around 2:15.  Their office has been newly remodeled since I last went so I got a tour.  She works at a company of about 65 people, and I’ve been there enough times to have met most of them before.

But the new people kind of freak out when they see us together.  As an adult it’s not something you say to someone when you first meet “Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have a twin sister.”  They always remark how we sound alike, have the same mannerisms and have the same laugh. Laughing out loud

By the time my Mom, brother and SIL got to my sisters office it was nearly 3:00, and we were all hangry!   We ended up going to Fuego Loco in Oak Park.  I took everyone’s picture, but the one of my sister didn’t turn out (I was too close) so I added an old picture of us!

My Momma and SIL:

     charlie 006charlie 007

Charlie and my sister and I:

      charlie 010 jenn-and-beth

My husband will be the first one to tell you that every time I get together with my family, all we do is laugh.  These are long standing inside jokes, or just things that come up that are funny, but we literally laugh until we cry every time we get together.  This is what Tony calls “laughing at unseen humor” because he just doesn’t get it.

All I know is that laughing is good for the soul!

Lunch was delicious – I got the chicken fajitas.  I told the waitress that I didn’t want any onions on my plate, and to not even let the onions in the kitchen even look at my plate on the way out.  I had two fajitas, about 10 chips, some sour cream, guacamole and refried beans – best guess is lunch comes in at 676 calories, 31 fat, 36 carbs, 4.6 fiber and 62 protein.

   charlie 011  charlie 012

charlie 018

    charlie 014  charlie 015

I loved the cream refried beans.  Veronica, I need to make your crockpot version again soon!  While the food was good, the service was a bit lacking.  They only had two servers for a packed restaurant – even in the late afternoon the place was hopping!  I’d still go back though.  And I am not going to lie, hearing that their drink special was a $5 blended margarita sounded amazeballs!

We dropped my sister back off at work and then we headed to my Mom’s house.  It’s the first time my brother in SIL have seen it since she sold her old house.  Upon walking in my brother said “it’s amazing how you were able to find all the same pieces as in the old house!”

We talked, laughed some more, and then before we knew it, they had to head out to Indianapolis for their daughters Color Guard competition that starts today.  It was great to see you Charlie, if only for a few hours!

And I am happy to say my brother no longer looks like this:


I am happy to report that after six months of chemo, his last doctor appointment determined that the cancer is all gone.  I think he goes back every three months the first year, then every six months, and then once a year for check-ups – I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!

charlie 019

charlie 020

charlie 021 copy

I think he’s going to hang on to all the hair he can for the time being!  I love you Charlie!

I wasn’t hungry for dinner, but around 9:00 I had one of my granola bars while Tony and I caught up on the DVR – the football game was kind of a blowout.

Happy Friday!  Even with the half day yesterday, this week has gone by fast.  I wasn’t sure I’d have time but I am bringing soup to work today for everyone, for the mere donation of $2.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow, but it’s a potato broccoli cheddar soup.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1533 calories, 54 fat, 164 carbs, 20 fiber and 104 protein Pizza
  • 43% calories from carbs, 32 from fat and 25 from protein
  • 5k at lunch Bunny
  • average blood sugar 143 Birthday cake
  • no alcohol  Martini glass

Happy Friday!


19 thoughts on “Laughing at Unseen Humor

  1. Loved seeing you yesterday Biz – and I agree – I like Charlie with hair!!!

    Love you – your prettier twin sister 🙂

  2. After a fun afternoon like that it must be hard to go back to work today. UGH – I have not had a bagel for 5 months – TRUTH, and it is painful to see pictures of delicious bagels on your blog!!!!!!

    Wow – Charlie LOOKS great! Congrats on his health! His early diagnosis must have really helped and acted as a lifesaver.

    Have a great weekend

  3. I am so happy to hear the news about Charlie!!!! Fantastic! and he looks awesome!

    We have several Mexican restaurants in our area that are all pretty amazing…and each and every one of them has the fastest service I have ever seen! I just thought it was true of them all! lol Glad those onions didn’t even look at your plate! lol

  4. I have some friends from when I was in the Navy living in DC, and when we get together, it’s like that. Old inside jokes. Laughing for no reason.

  5. I was sooooo craving an egg bagel sandwich yesterday!

  6. Charlie looks fantastic! I especially love that last photo of the two of you.

  7. You all are just adorable. I’m so glad to see your brother looking so strong and healthy.

    Biz you are doing fantastic with your runs. Keep up the great work. Enjoy your Friday!!

  8. Great news for Charlie!! You are too funny with the onions

  9. Yay for Charlie! He looks great.

    Me and my family laugh at “unseen humor” too. I love seeing them 🙂

  10. Charlie looks wonderful – so, so happy to see and hear how great he’s doing!!!

    Unseen humor – I think every family has that. It’s a wonderful thing.

  11. Charlie looks great! So glad to hear how well he is doing.

  12. findingradiance

    This post just made me smile so much – I can feel all the love in your family 😀

  13. Being with family AND eating Mexican food, that’s a dream. And laughing the whole time (probably at lots of funny past memories) it IS good for the soul.

    So happy for your brother and his good news! Happy for all of you!

  14. I was reading with anxious anticipation to hear how Charlie is doing, and started breathing easier when I saw his hair. Yayyyyy! So glad he’s cancer free! Such good news.

  15. Glad you all got together Biz! Charlie is looking good. I’m glad to hear the cancer is gone! Yay! The pics of the mexican food has me craving some right now 🙂

  16. I am the same way! I get about 10x more done when I work a half day. I don’t know why. Maybe I try and make the work stretch longer when I’m here 8 hours. 🙂

  17. So happy to hear Charlie is doing well!!

  18. So awesome to hear about your brother. I’ve just spent the past 3 weeks of my internship at the cancer agency, and it was hard to get used to at first. Definitely can be a very sobering place, but I can also see how it would be rewarding as well, when you hear stories like your brother who beat cancer 🙂

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