Pumpkin Scones

Some mornings our dog wants to go out right away.  Other mornings, it’s a battle.  You have to end up doing a song and dance waving the leash “want to go for a walk?!”  Sometimes I need to show him I am getting on my shoes and coat, and then he will finally want to go out.

Yesterday morning he was raring to go!  And wouldn’t you know it was only 21 degrees when we stepped outside!  I was only wearing a sweater and instantly regretted my decision about 10 minutes into the walk.

snow 002

snow 003

We even got a dusting of snow from Monday night!  It was a gorgeous morning though – nice and crisp.

snow 004

I absolutely love scones.  I think the first one I had was at Starbuck’s – their cinnamon chip scone is still hands down one of my favorites.  Sadly that bad boy comes in at nearly 500 calories and 70 grams of carbs!

Tony, however, has eaten a scone once in his lifetime, and have declared them not worthy.  He feels they dry out your mouth the instant they hit your tongue.  In nearly 12 years of marriage, he’s never tried one of my scones so I can prove him wrong.  Oh well, that just means more for me!

I got the recipe from this blog – the only thing I did differently was reduce the amount of the glaze to 1/2 a cup of powdered sugar, and I left off the additional glaze all together.  I also made mine into 12 scones vs. her 24 mini scones.  Each one of my scones comes in at 177 calories, 6 fat, 26 carbs, .9 fiber and 2.9 protein.

    weekend 11.10 022  weekend 11.10 027

I do like how this girl cut her scones – I’ve normally put my dough into a circle and cut it that way – check it out:

weekend 11.10 028

weekend 11.10 029

weekend 11.10 030

weekend 11.10 038

weekend 11.10 042

These are delicious.  A slight crust on the outside, tender on the inside and just an added hint of sweetness with the glaze on top. 

My breakfast with scrambled zucchini eggs and blackberries and a scone – 430 calories, 16 fat, 42 carbs, 6.5 fiber and 27 protein.

snow 007

I made it to the gym later than usual – nearly 12:45, but I have to say, it was a nice amount of time from breakfast and my run felt really good.  Check out my time!


Only 2 1/2 minutes from my 35:00 minute goal – and I think I’ve shaved off about 3 minutes and 25 seconds from a week ago Monday – not too shabby!

Yesterday’s lunch was pretty much another day of “throw shit in a bag.”  This time I had a ham and cheese quesadilla on corn tortillas, 1/2 an ounce of tortilla chips, hummus, carrots, cucumbers and a lone pickle spear.  Not very interesting, but it did the trick – 377 calories, 20 fat, 30 carbs, 3.8 fiber and 20 protein.

snow 016

Tony texted me earlier in the day and said that he had gotten a surprise for me.  Since I am not drinking I knew it couldn’t be a bottle of wine or an artisan beer.  It was even better!!!

snow 017

Hells to the yes.  I’ve been trying to find the buffalo flavored Tabasco sauce for months, from the first time I saw it in a commercial.  When I first entered our zip code into the retail finder, back then it said the closest store that carried it was more than 150 miles away.  Not kidding I thought of going on a road trip!

It’s delicious – if you love Tabasco like I do, and buffalo shit, this sauce is for you.  You get the vinegar hit of the Tabasco and the heat of the buffalo sauce – perfect combo! 

I had pork chops on the menu, so of course, I had to make mine buffalo Tabasco style.  I had scalloped potatoes on the side, green beans and a small piece of bread.  I ended up only eating half of the chop, they were probably a good 8 ounces each (with a bone).

snow 025

snow 026

This plate comes in at 518 calories, 25 fat, 38 carbs, 5.7 fiber and 33 protein.  So delicious!

One food I know I can’t keep in the house anymore?  Granola.  I love that shit.  I made up a big batch for my boss, she eats granola every day.  This batch had cashews, sunflower seeds, craisins, peanut butter AND chocolate chips.  I had about 1/2 a cup leftover and through the course of the day ate it all – granola is not calorie friendly – my estimate is that my half a cup comes in at a whopping 300 calories – gah!

Stats for the day:

  • 1624 calories, 77 fat, 143 carbs, 23 fiber and 90 protein Pizza
  • 5k at lunch, 45 minutes total on the treadmill Bunny
  • average blood sugar 152 Birthday cake
  • no alcohol Martini glass

I saw a sign at the gym that they added a group workout class tonight at 5:15 – I am going to check the schedule and I may go to that after work – its been years since I’ve been to a group exercise class!

Off to shower and get my stuff together – make it a great day!


26 thoughts on “Pumpkin Scones

  1. granola is so easy to eat and rack up calories!!! Very calorie dense…but at least it’s calories with nutrition attached. so that part it good. Pork chops and scalloped potatoes sounds so yummy…maybe that will be our dinner tonight! Although I don’t think mine will be buffalo! lol

  2. I’m the same way. I love granola…I have to stay far away from it! I make my Dad a batch every couple weeks and immediately seal it up so I don’t get into it. Yayy for the tabasco and the great workout. Scones are one of my most favorite baked goods. I love dense they are

  3. I have one dog that loves to be outside all the time, the other wants to be inside all the time! Though it didn’t last it was nice to see the snow. Buffalo hot sauce, I’ll have to look for that! That was awesome of Tony to get it for you 🙂 Great timing on your run, way to knock off a few minutes!

  4. The pumpkin scones look so good – I don’t understand how Tony can live with you, smell them baking, and not even try one…Tony, get the waffles! (from Corina, Corina…old movie but still cracks me up).

    Your granola is why I make my own – that way I have control over the ingredients and it doesn’t get too high in calories. I still limit my servings though. But on my lazier days, when I don’t feel like making a batch, I’ll stand in the cereal aisle at the store, reading labels of various granolas, and that’s usually enough to send me home to make my own…yikes!

    • I had a coupon for the cashews, and my boss loves the peanut butter and chocolate chips – I am sure I could make a healthier version for myself – so good!

  5. I can’t keep granola in my house either – I eat that stuff like it’s going out of style!

  6. Biz, you and me – we love our scones!!!!

  7. Yeah, granola is killer! So are nuts… Bobby wanted to get this gigantic tub of raw unsalted nuts, and of course he isn’t eating them and I am eating ALL of them.

    B is also like Tony in that he hates scones, but I love them. He says they are too dry and crumbly. That’s why I love ’em!

  8. Love, love, love these scones!!! Gosh, I haven’t made scones in forever…thanks for the reminder:)

  9. I’m with you on the granola. I just finished up a bag that I bid on in Veronica’s auction. It was like crack. I couldn’t stop. I thought about it on every run since I received it in the mail. Now I remember why I never ever have granola in my house. It might be worse than peanut butter.

    Thanks for sharing the technique for cutting the scones. I always have such a hard time forming the circle of dough. I’m baking impaired anyway.

    You know I couldn’t let this comment go without giving you a high five for the run! Awesommmmeeee!!! You will hit 35 minutes before you know it.

  10. Yeah – I struggle with granola as well. Or just cereal in general. I never eat it for a meal, just for snacking!

    Love pumpkin scones. I cut mine that way, too. It’s easier for me than the circle.

  11. You should try the ginger molasses glaze. Makes your tongue tingle.

  12. Roz@weightingfor50

    The scones look better than those I saw in the case at Starbucks this morning! I’m fine with granola around, but blocks of parmesan cheese? Deadly. I only buy the pre grated stuff now. Have a good day Vat! Stay warm.

  13. Holy shit. That Tabasco is what dreams are made of!!!

  14. Ooh your scones look better than Starbuck’s – you’re rockin’ them!

  15. Biz! Guess what, you were right my spam was eating your comments. I have no idea why it started doing that since your other comments have never gone to spam. Hopefully by unmarking them it will fix itself?? How is your brother doing? Those scones look killer good and I agree I like how you cut them. It seems when it is in a circle they are too pointy and the center points break off. I will be in Chicago on Dec 4-6 for a cooking competition! Once I get the schedule I can see if I have time off and we can try to grab a cuppa together. You are doing such a great job and creating a healthy lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise- you are an inspiration to many!!

    • I have no idea why some of my comments are going to spam, especially on blogs I’ve commented on for ages!

      Charlie is doing great – hair growing back and back to work full time. Let me know when and where and I’ll try to get off work! 😀

  16. I’m not a scone lover either, and I’ve had good ones. I just would rather have a plain biscuit with jelly! I’m so weird, I know. Yours are always pretty, and I do love that nifty way of cutting them. I’m with you on the granola too, I really can’t keep it in the house-it’s so calorie dense! and so good it can’t be resisted! Dang it!

  17. I LOVE pumpkin scones! and those are so pretty 🙂

  18. Oh my do does scones look good!

    As soon as I pick up my keys from the table, Bella is ready and stands at the door. When I go to bed and I pick up my keys, she also gets up to go upstairs as she sleeps in her cradle in our bedroom.

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