35:12 and Poor Phil’s

The first job I ever got was at Dress Barn.  I thought the clothes were ugly, but I liked working the cash register.  One day, I walked to work and it was all dark and there was newspapers all over the windows.  I had to do a double take to make sure that I was in the right place!

Of course, this was back before cell phones, so I walked all the way home and called my manager.  She said “I knew I forgot to call someone – yes, that location went out of business, we’ll mail you your last check.” 

Huh.  I immediately went to our local paper, saw that a restaurant called Philander’s was hiring a bus boy.  I decided I would walk over there and hopefully get to talk to someone in person.

When I asked the hostess to see the manager, he came over and shook my hand and said “we don’t have any hostess positions available.”  I told him I was there to get the job as a bus boy.  He paused and said “we have never hired a girl for that position before.  The trays can get kind of heavy.”  I told him he could try me out for two weeks, and if I couldn’t handle it I would quit.

I ended up working there for two years.  And eventually my twin sister started working there too.  Although the owners wife didn’t know that we were twins and one day pointed at me and told her husband “this girl is everywhere – first in the back of the kitchen, then up by the hostess stand!”  I think she flipped out when she saw us together for the first time! Smile with tongue out

Philander’s was a high end restaurant, a place where my friends parents went to.  The owners of this restaurant then opened a bar at the end of the property that was always fun and lively.  After I turned 21 I started working at Poor Phil’s.  I haven’t been back there to eat for years, but imagine my surprise when The Sandwich King started out this past Sunday’s show at Poor Phil’s in Oak Park! 

sandwich king

poor phils

But then they started making a blackened cat fish sandwich and I was out.  Although I think I will attempt the shrimp po’ boy he made on that show – it looked amazeballs!

On football Sunday Tony asked for pigs in a blanket.  I ended up getting Grand’s biscuits, and it was almost too much blanket over the pigs, but still tasty.  I ended up cooking 5 of them as biscuits.  Breakfast was an egg white/pepperoni sammie. which was surprisingly filling.  This comes in at 322 calories, 13 fat, 26 carbs, 0 fiber and 21 protein.

rings 004

I forget how hilly my neighborhood is every time I run outside.  I was kind of disappointed in my 40 minute 5k on Sunday.  So I wanted to redeem myself yesterday.  I was not paying attention because I was watching Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations, when all of a sudden I looked down and thought I could hit my 35 minute 5k goal!

Sadly, I looked down too late, and even though I was sprinting at 7.5 mph (yep, that’s sprinting to me!) I just missed it!


But now that I am that close, I know I’ll be able to reach my goal by Sunday.  In two weeks time I’ve knocked off 5:33 seconds!!

Lunch was leftover Chinese from the weekend – a cup and a half of beef and broccoli, on the bottom is half a cup of white rice.  467 caloires, 17 fat, 52 carbs, 4 fiber and24 protein.

rings 006

I had burgers and . . . onion rings on the menu.  I know, I know, I’ll still catch flack for that – after I go on and on about how I hate onions, yet I’ll make onion rings.  However, I normally make them with vadalia onions – but I couldn’t find any at the store – maybe they are only available during the summer?  Tony and I ate a few each, and although this was a “sweet” onion, it was too oniony for us.


On the side was a spicy buffalo Tabasco burger – so good!  I’ve always wondered how people got text on their pictures – and as soon as I saw someone mention www.picmonkey.com, I remembered that Shelley uses it to.  There are a lot of cool things you can do to your pictures, and its all free!  Dinner comes in at 521 calories, 23 fat, 39 carbs, 1 fiber and 36 protein.

Since the Bears were playing football last night, Tony found a movie he thought I would like to watch while I was a football widow.  It was called The Baker and it was really a cute movie.   Thanks honey! Open-mouthed smile

My football pics?  Um, let’s just say they sucked ass this week – I had only half the amount of points as Tony and my step-son! Sick smile

Alright, I snuggled a little bit too long this morning with Tony so I have to get my ass in gear and get the hell to work.  Only two more work days until a 4 day weekend – woop!  Make it a great day!


18 thoughts on “35:12 and Poor Phil’s

  1. Kick ass on that 5k yesterday! Amazing shaving that much time off in such a short amount of time!

    HELLO burger – that baby is calling my name – even at 10am!

    LOL about the boss’ wife not knowing you two were twins – 😀

  2. Today the Dressbarn is one of my favorite stores…lol! I just entered to win a midnight shopping spree there, hope I win! That’s funny about the owner’s wife not knowing you and your sister worked there. The shrimp po’ boy sounds good, can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good job cutting off so much time on running, impressive 🙂 I have to post your onion rings soon, they are sooo good!! I liked the vidalia also.

  3. Great great job on the running! Whoop! I love that your burger was “on the side”, like the onion rings were the main event ;). Funny- I love onions, but not so much in ring form. We’re opposites! Hope you have a great day

  4. I keep telling you – don’t feel bad about your outside 5Ks! Terrain (i.e. hills), wind drag and temperature all combine to make it a completely different experience than the treadmill. Plus the treadmill belt helps push your feet so most everyone is a bit faster on that. To even begin to replicate the outdoor experience you have to run at a 2-3% incline.

    Now see, I woulda put blue cheese on that burger!

  5. I’ve never been to Poor Phil’s nor Philanders….un heard of for an OPRF-er eh?

  6. Picmonkey is so fun – sometimes I’ll lose an hour there, just messing around with all the features!

    LOLing at the twin confusion – the poor boss’s wife must have thought she was losing her mind!

  7. I cracked up at the story about you and your sister. Nice job on the run! I agree with Helen on the difference between outdoor and indoor runs. The most important thing is that you are going the distance. Oddly enough I run more slowly on the treadmill. I find it easier to push myself outdoors.

    Dang that burger looks tasty and I don’t eat meat!

  8. Great job on the 5k biz! That.Is.AWESOME!!!

  9. Hey – great site! Just so you know I have a great product for diabetics that simplifies meal planning – check it out!

  10. Those onion rings look good to me………send them over sister!

  11. Wow, that story about how you showed up to work and it was closed it crazy to me. Like seriously, no warning? What the… LOL! It reminds me of when I was hired at a video store and unbeknownst to me, I was hired to help close down the store.

    I loved reading about your time at Philanders (is it just me or does everyone else think of philanderer every time they read that? lol) and how the boss’s wife didn’t know you were twins! Too funny!

    Glad you discovered PicMonkey! I love it! That’s actually how I made your salsa with the words on it for the bake sale. I used a black rectangle overlay with some fading to it behind the words so you could see them better. I also use Google+ and sometimes I want something from each that the other doesn’t have so I’ll save one after editing in one, then finish it in the other. Love that it’s free!

  12. I know it’s been a while but I wanted to drop by and wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your family.

    • Hi Megs! I’ll see you tonight right? So with the shoes- I often bring a pair of flats with me in my bag if I have to bike swormheee but want to look cuter later. As for the blueberries- totally legit to return them if you don’t mind making the trip back to the market. When I buy blueberries I also tend to try to eat out the softest first and remove any that look suspect . The mold is definitely contagious so you gotta get those suckers outta there! Luckily I can’t control myself around blueberries though, so I usually eat a pint in one sitting.

  13. I did a double-take at the photo of Poor Phil’s; my girlfriend lives around the corner from there so we eat at it all the time! The po’boys are excellent. 🙂

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