Last Day of Work!

It always depends on what’s going on at work – some years we get to leave early, and some days its just a regular day.  I’ll just have to wait and see!

I realized this morning I’ve done nothing to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Haven’t made my pies, brined my turkey or anything.  Luckily there will only be five of us, so I am not worried – I’ll get it all done.

Tonight I am going to make Nicole’s crustless pumpkin pie.  Only 162 calories a slice!  Because I am also making my full metal jacket pecan pie.

pecan pie

Here is my recipe for a perfect pie crust.  Um, it only has 1.5 sticks of butter for two pie crusts!

Yesterday’s breakfast – McDonald’s sausage biscuit and a sliced apple.

beef 004

I have to say, I am kind of getting a bit sick of running 5k’s every day – only four more to do before the end of my 21 day challenge!  Check out my time yesterday!!


So fricken close!  I’ll get to my goal before Sunday – only have to shave 7 seconds off. Smile with tongue out

I had Tony’s leftover Chinese for lunch – I promise there were veggies and sliced beef on the bottom of all these noodles.  After this picture was taken, I had to spice it up with some sriracha though.

beef 005

Yep, I added a snowman to my picture using – it’s almost time to bring out my snowmen!!  I am sure Tony is so excited that it’s snowman season – #not!

I had leftover pot roast and made open faced beef sandwiches – half a kaiser roll topped with 3 ounces of thinly sliced roast beef, topped with baby swiss and put under the broiler.  On the side was German potato salad and then I topped each sammie with 1/4 cup of gravy.  While this looks like ass, it was really good!

beef 014

I have to scoot – we have a birthday at our office and I have to stop and pick up bagels on my way to work.  Fingers crossed we get to leave early!

Question of the Day: How many people will be at your Thanksgiving table?

I won’t be blogging until Friday – I hope you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!


p.s.  Happy Birthday to blog reader Louise!!  She’s 66 years young today – if you have time, stop by and wish her a happy birthday.


37 thoughts on “Last Day of Work!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Biz, I hope you and your family have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Biz!! I’m so proud of you and your 5K a day challenge. You will break the 35 minutes.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!! We will have 8 people at our Thanksgiving table. I have a small family, but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. 🙂

  4. We’ll have between 15 and 20, depending on if some of the New York relatives make it or not. Thankfully, it’s not at my house 😛

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Biz family!

  5. Lets see we’ll have 9 at our table….only bits and pieces of the family could come this year…usually it’s bigger!

  6. Oh that pie looks amazing! Seven at our table, hope the weather stays nice so I can get a run on the beach in. We are headed to MI. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    • I have the following cobllctieles to offer anyone who would like them:3 Cranberries; 1 Corn; 1 Pie; 1 Cone of Shame; 1 Invisible Guitar; 1 Sandwich; 4 Broccoli; 2 Cakes; 2 Cardboard Boxes; 3 Laser Pointers; 2 Mice; 1 Ball of Yarn; 1 Bandaid; 1 Reflex Hammer; and 1 Stethoscope.I need the following, if you have it:The Turkey (like everyone else!); the Dress; the Invisible Trophy; the Carrot; and the ThermometreI am not certain as to how to go about the transfer, so if you know how, be sure to tell me!

  7. HAPPY (early) THANKSGIVING!! I hope you get out early today. Leftovers in sandwich or salad form rock. We are having 14 I believe

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Biz! I haven’t done a single thing to get ready for tomorrow either…getting in panic mode over here!

  9. Only three of us at the table this year. I like the addition your words on your pics. I have always wanted to do that. Now I can…thanks to Biz and picmonkey. Your pecan pie looks deadly…sweet. I can not imagine the sugar coma.
    Have a Happy Turkey Day!

    ???Do you use a food scale when you prepare your food for calorie counting? I’m looking at getting one but not sure if it is worth it.

    • I love my food scale – pretty much use it on a regular basis – it helps because after a while an ounce of something turns into an eyeball three ounces!

      The one I have was cheap, under 15 bucks, and can go up to 3 pounds, and its digital!

      Happy turkey day Kym!

  10. Have a blessed Thanksgiving !!! We will be having 22 adults + the ankle munchers around our table tomorrow,should be a crazy day.I am so glad it is not my year to host ;-).

  11. The best part of working is when they let you go home early before a holiday – it’s like early dismissal at school. Hope you get that today!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Biz – I know you’ll be in your element soon, cooking for everyone and enjoying the laughter.

    • I only need turky. and it ends 2morow! If i git anuther cabnerrie, then I gonna screemz! anyways, to trade first you need a friend, if you have extra scroll over it and click teh present buttonz . then select fwiend. give him dat gift and yer dun!

  12. 25…Lord give me strength! Happy Thanksgiving Biz!

  13. We usually cook a big dinner. Every year since the mid-90s, except for 2006 when it was my hubby’s 20th HS reunion so we flew back to his family’s house. Our son was a baby. This year, the stars aligned…as I struggled 2 weeks ago to see who was in town to work the holiday (we are in manufacturing and rarely closed), I realized that EVERYONE was traveling.

    So no engineering means no production, so production decided to shut down. So I said “heck!” and we’re traveling to San Diego. Having a dinner out with some friends who will also be there. They live in Dallas and we haven’t seen them in 15 years. So…there will be 8. Four adults, four kids.

  14. We are hosting it at our house this year instead of going to my Dad’s side because….I asked. Certain family members just…aren’t fun to be around. Anyhow, my mom’s brother’s family is coming so in total there will be 9 of us! Woohoo! Have a great Thanksgiving Biz!

  15. Man, I have been MIA! You have been running 5k’s every day? That would drive me nuts! lol. Happy Thanksgiving Biz!!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, Biz. Hope it’s a great one!!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Biz! In answer to your question….I am taking pumpkin pies, coleslaw and cranberries to a friends house, there will be 5 of us gathering in her beautiful house on the river… will be sooooo relaxing!!!! My family is deseased and JP’s live in Hoffman Estates……they are all busy with their families……so we spend it here in appleton with our friends.

  18. Oh wow, open faced pot roast sandwich with potato salad…yum!!!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving…I am visiting my aunt, uncle,and cousins…actually not sure how many total people it will be! 🙂

  19. I love the new look of your blog! I only have to make one dish for thanksgiving and then take it to Tom’s parents, there should only be about 12 of us.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you relaly realize what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please also talk over with my web site =). We could have a link change contract among us

  20. Happy Thanksgiving!! Here’s to good food and good times (clink clink)!

  21. There was 16 at my parent’s table for Thanksgiving…..last month! Enjoy your weekend!

  22. You don’t know me, I’m just an anonymous reader. My suggestion is to make two pies, one for the family and one for your wonderful husband. You are so lucky that you trapped that remarkable fella!

  23. I vote with Mr. Bizmoto, 2 pies!
    Have a fun Thanksgiving Biz, enjoy the day!
    We are going to my in-laws, there will be about 15……… so glad I’m off the hook this year!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving Biz! We will have 8 people at my sister’s house. Food, football and games tomorrow (and a 5K) 😀

  25. You’re cracking me up with your snowmen and comments on pictures now. You are having too much fun girlfriend! 😉 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Biz!! We have a get-together at my MIL’s of 9, so it’s not to bad. I host Christmas most years. I must admit, I like not cooking or actually the non-stress…lol!

  26. Ah, so close, you’ll totally do it next time!

    All I have to do tomorrow it make the turkey and heat up all the side dishes I made today. I might make rolls too if I’m feeling ambitious. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  27. Your comment on the pic made me laugh! I can just see someone pinning that on pinterest for giggles. 🙂 When I was on Weight Watchers the first time, I made crustless pumpkin pie every other week b/c like 1/4 of the pie was only 2 points! It was such a nice treat…I need to do that again! But man, I’d die for a slice of your pecan pie–that’s my weakness right there. Have a great Thanksgiving Biz!

  28. Happy thanksgiving biz
    There will be 1 at my table (me!!) 2 if you count the poodle (you should count the poodle)

  29. I love how the pecans are arranged on that pie – I want to eat it right now! Even if it is too pretty…

  30. Happy Thanksgiving! Your pecan pie looks amazing!

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