Chicken Wings and a Skinny Snowman Challenge

Back to the grind this morning, although I can’t complain.  I had a great four days off and I have another three day week this week.

In case you missed it, my step-son and his fiancé Lizz got married the Friday after Thanksgiving!  Just the two of them – but they’ll be coming up to Chicago on Wednesday.  With a whirl wind trip and lots of family and friends to see, I decided to take of Thursday and Friday of this week to keep all my possible options open to see them.

          joe and lizzz    married

I found out Joe’s ring is actually titanium – I guess that’s the new 20 something trend in wedding rings – who knew?  Can’t wait to see them this week! Open-mouthed smile

Tony picked chicken wings for his football food yesterday.  Usually my store sells the chicken wingettes – the smaller version that are already cut up – my store just had regular chicken wings.  I went to the butcher and asked him to cut them up for me – I forgot to tell them to cut off the wing tips, but oh well!

Usually I make my chicken wings using the copycat Hooters chicken wings recipe.  But that requires breading the wings and since I didn’t go to the grocery store until kick off of the Bears game, I didn’t have that time.  So I took them out of my grocery bag first, and had them sit in a cup of milk with Tabasco sauce for about 15 minutes, while I put all the rest of my groceries away.

Next I put 1 cup of flour in a ziploc bag with cracked pepper, salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper – this was enough for eight decent size wings.  Go from the milk mixture to the flour mixture, toss to coat, dip in the milk mixture a second time and give it a second toss in the flour.

I of course used my deep fryer – set at 375.  The smaller wing portions took about 8 minutes – the bigger seconds about 10 minutes. 

Did you know that Frank’s makes an actually buffalo wing sauce?  Where the hell have I been?!

franks wing

I used about 1 tablespoon of melted butter mixed with about 1/3 a cup of the chicken wing sauce.  One word.  Amazeballs.  The chicken was super crunchy, and the sauce wasn’t too spicy for Tony.  Winning!

wings 009 copy

Thank goodness this was my breakfast and lunch yesterday! Smile with tongue out

I was Bizzy in my Kitchen – using leftovers to make up my SIL’s lunches for the week.  So far I’ve been pretty lucky, she’s liked just about everything I’ve made – although one week I gave her tofu in a dish, and that didn’t go over too well – she thought it was chicken and the texture of course was all wrong!

wings 012

I kind of remind myself of Robert Irvine – I always use my chalk board to menu plan for her based on what I usually have on hand.  Since I forgot to bring my Mom the sweet potato spinach ravioli, Jody got an extra meal this week!

I also made potato pancakes made out of leftover mashed potatoes and chopped up green beans almandine – they turned out really good!  I check off the recipe when its done and ready to go. Winking smile

Dinner last night?  Also amazeballs.  I had grilled chuck roast and baked potatoes on the menu, but neither of us was up for a heavy meal, so we opted for sandwiches.  I made two loaves of Artisan bread and used that as the base of our sandwiches.  Tony wanted a turkey BLT.  Me?  I had a Cuban on the brain!

Mine was:  2 slices of bread, sliced turkey breast, 2 pieces of bacon, yellow mustard, pickles and Swiss cheese – I made a panini out of it and it was so good – fresh baked bread sandwiches are just crazy ass good.

wings 006

So I am jumping on Brooke’s Skinny Snowman Challenge, although I am starting today even though it started yesterday.  I’ve printed out her handy point chart so I can track my points.  It’s using the honor system – basically each week you score “points” for certain things – and there is a mini weekly challenge to do each week.

Here is the low down for Week 1:

  • lose weight or maintain your weight this week – 15 points
  • veggie serving at each meal – 5 points per meal
  • 3 fruit servings a day – 10 points
  • log your food – 10 points
  • list 5 positive things per day – 5 points
  • drink 65 ounces of water – 5 points
  • over 65 ounces of water – 10 points
  • have a meatless Monday – 10 points
  • minimum of 30 minutes of exercise – 5 points each 30 minutes (maximum 50 points)
  • First week mini challenge – try a new recipe – 25 points

If I do all of the above – the most I can score is 450.  I already missed out on the first day.  I also see meatless Monday’s being a challenge for me.  I think the best way for me to get my fruits and veggies in is to make more smoothies – green monsters and the like.  If you have any tried and true smoothie recipes, let me know!

I have to participate the full five weeks that takes us to December 29.  The person with the most cumulative points gets a change to win a prize.  And I am all about prizes!

So at the beginning of my 21 day challenge, I weighed in at:


Today I weigh:

wings 001

I lost 1.8 in my 21 day challenge.  Could I have done better?  Of course. I kind of wasn’t as committed over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I had pie three nights in a row.  I didn’t work out.  And my water drinking wasn’t what it should have been.  But it’s better than gaining, right?

So I am going bold for this Skinny Snowman Challenge.  In five weeks my goal is to be 159, which means I have to lose 9.2 pounds.  During the holiday season.  My 45th birthday is March 19, and my goal is to be back to 140 by then.

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.  Did you go off track these last four days?? 

I am off to make a pumpkin coconut milk smoothie.  Yep, my husband pretty much just threw up in his mouth reading that sentence, I am confident of that.  You’re welcome honey! Open-mouthed smile

Make it a great day!

41 thoughts on “Chicken Wings and a Skinny Snowman Challenge

  1. Sounds like a great challenge! I like the different ways you can earn points–you can totally do this!!! 🙂

  2. I thought about doing that challenge but decided with all the hoopla surrounding my black belt testing and then the show, I didn’t want to have to think about numbers so much. Not that I plan on eating poorly, I just feel like I’ll be distracted. Oh, and the 3 fruits a day would be a no-go for me. I’m lucky if I eat one!

  3. I’m doing the challenge as well 🙂
    Those chicken wings look amazing!

  4. I didn’t eat particularly off track, but it was a lot of different (for me) food, and my body is ready for some lighter fare. Big Salad for dinner tonight, definitely! 🙂

  5. Hey a loss is a loss! I got my husband a tungsten carbide ring — he works a lot with his hands, and this one has never scratched and looks perfect! Plus it was cheap 🙂 Works for him!

  6. Yay for green smoothies! Seriously, I love them so much. I love to use a variety of frozen mango and berries and add in pb or almond butter with almond/coconut milk and spinach! sooooo good! and creamy because of the mango; so much better than using banana, which I believe always has an overwhelming flavor! you can do this lady! and meatless monday doesn’t have to be a challenge! Send me an email and we can talk about some meals!

    • Yes, you are my vegetarian guru, aren’t you! I need to get some more frozen fruits – I think all I have left is raspberries and bananas. Mango is a good idea!

  7. I didn’t weigh myself over the weekend….so way to go for you!! Congrats to Joe and his new wife!

  8. Those wings look amazing!!! Buffalo sauce is one of my favorites!!! YUM!
    A big congrats to the newlyweds. They are darling!

    • I meant to email you Kristen,and I still will, but over the weekend, every time I tried to get access to your blog I got sent to a viagra website – so weird!

  9. Congrats to Joe! And I think having a loss over a period that includes Thanksgiving is a big deal!

  10. I have ALWAYS used Franks buffalo sauce. I like it better than the hot sauce. It’s a staple in my refrigerator!

    LOVE the Skinny Snowman challenge! So glad you told me about it. I just emailed Brooke and joined. I am so, so, so mad a all the weight I’ve gained and woke up today with new motivation!!

    • Woop! So glad you are joining Debbi! I guess the Frank’s buffalo wing sauce was under my radar – never thought that could happen with a hot sauce for me.

      I have only 1/3 of the bottle of Tabasco buffalo sauce left – eek!

  11. I am a big fan of the Franks wing sauce, I am surprised you just found out about it 🙂 I totally went off track, but back to the grind it is!!! Have a great week.

  12. Congrats to Joe and Lizz! They are such a good looking couple!

    My hubby’s been home for the past 2 weeks so it’s was super difficult to stay with my healthy routine and keep on track. (I was unsuccessful, btw.) It was fun at first to treat ourselves, but after awhile, I felt lethargic and full/bloated all the time. I’m glad that he’s back at work and I can get back to my schedule! Will be hitting the gym today!

  13. My birthday is March 19th too! Ha 🙂

    I think I’ll jump on that challenge. Which means I’ll have to get a cute book to decorate and track my points in!

    I’m back on baby!

  14. I can’t stop looking at that panini! I swore off turkey for a year, but after seeing that I may reconsider!

  15. I love that Franks sauce – it’s in my cupboard now! I did good on Thanksgiving, but I kind of went overboard on Saturday, for whatever reason.

  16. oh ya, I love that sauce. I use it all the time when I make buffalo chicken salad…I think it’s even up on my blog. Anyhow…I love that challenge idea. Anything to help stay on track during this time of year. I remember my WW leader always used to say, if you can loose weight this time of year, you can do ANYTHING! lol

    Congrats to your stepson and new daughter in law. Titanium, huh? Interesting. Persoanlly, I would rather go with Platinum! lol

    And I saw your smoothie this morning on FB…and it looked FAB U LOUS! yum!

  17. I’ll have to check out your recipe – I am not a fan of mayo – can I substitute plain greek yogurt?? I think with the buffalo sauce that might be good – and I can maybe make buffalo turkey salad with leftover turkey!

  18. Good luck with the skinny snowman! I love Frank’s buffalo sauce, so good!

  19. It wasn’t even Thanksgiving here and I went off track 🙂 Fought off going to the store for junk food tonight though!

  20. Those wings look so good. I still have your copycat recipe stashed. My hubs is a fan of wings too. Love the chalkboard that is a great idea. I have a really big one that I use outside for rummages or anything for sale. Lots of luck on the skinny snowman challenge!!

  21. I’ve been following you for a while and also joined the Skinny Snowman challenge. What a great way to stay on track through the holidays!!

  22. Weighting For 50

    Congrats to Joe and his new wife. (Dennis’ wedding ring is titanium too. He chose it because it’s light and doesn’t interfere when we plays bass) And congrats on getting through your 21 day challenge at a lower weight. Good luck on your snowman challenge. You’ll melt it. (groan..I can’t believe I wrote that. 🙂 )

  23. Congratulations to your family. They are such a good looking couple.

    🙂 Marion

  24. We are on the same path Biz, my 45th birthday is in May and I have it in my head to be at goal weight by then too.

    I think it’s great that you cook every week for you SIL but I somehow missed (or just never knew) why you are doing this for her? Would you care to explain this to me? I’m curious.

    Those chicking wings: jummy!

  25. I love your chalk board. My Grandma had a little chalk board in her kitchen and she used it to right down what time she put things in the oven. She was an amazing from scratch baker and I loved hanging out in the kitchen with her.

    All of your food looks amazing Biz. I wish you could cook for me!

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