Best Panini Ever!

We were going to meet Joe and Lizz for lunch yesterday.  I wasn’t sure where we were going to go, so all I had for breakfast was a piece of my artisan bread toast.

kelsey 002

But it looked naked.  Then I remembered that I won some jelly from Veronica’s bake sale fundraiser for Suzie!   I won them from Eliot’s Eats.  I’ve tried commenting on the blog but it must be going to spam, so hopefully she’ll see this!  The jelly I tried yesterday?  Serrano Mango!  Doesn’t that scream me?!

kelsey 004

The kids had a late start yesterday, so I ran some errands.  By the time they got here and we left for lunch it was after 2:00!  And I was hungry.  The good Biz was telling me to get a chopped salad.  But the bad Biz won!

Blackened chicken panini with mixed greens, walnuts, sliced pears and brie.

kelsey 015

Amazeballs.  The bread was super crispy, yet tender, the sliced pears were a nice balance with the spicy chicken.  It was huge – I could only eat half of it. I definitely need to recreate this one at home.

We had a great lunch.  Sadly, Tony cannot take a serious picture!

kelsey 010

kelsey 011

Then I just got him out of the picture!  I love this one.

kelsey 009

They came back to our house for the rest of the afternoon before heading back to Lizz’s parents had relatives coming over for dinner.  We will see them again tomorrow and then they leave on Sunday already – a 5 day trip does go by fast!

Neither Tony and I were hungry for dinner so we ended up just eating some popcorn.  Not the healthiest of days I’ve had – and I didn’t exercise.  I was going to take 2 rest days this week, so I’ll have to hit the gym the next three days.  No worries!

My Skinny snowman challenge score for yesterday?  A big fat zero!  I need to pick up the pace on this challenge and get to the store to get more fruit, I am completely out.

I am loving these four day weekends – I could get used to this!  But I didn’t win the lottery, so boo.  Just about to fill my water bottle up – I didn’t drink hardly any yesterday.

Happy Friday!


20 thoughts on “Best Panini Ever!

  1. Tony is such a goof, love the pictures. Time with family flies by, then work drags on, it is not fair 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. “T” is so funny (LOL) and Joe looks the same in all the pictures. You know you all both always welcome here in Austin and you would get to spend lots of time with them and “us”. Love you guys!!!

  3. Wow! That sandwich sounds ridiculous good. I always love fruit in unexpected places. Have a good day

  4. Sometimes, you just have one of those days. Just don’t make it one of those weekends!

  5. That jelly looks awesome! So pretty too. The panani looks heavenly, my bad side would have won too! Glad you’re having a good visit and Tony cracks me up! My hubs usually has his eyes closed or something in front of his face! You’re always honest about what you eat and how your day goes as far as exercise, etc. I love that about you…your REAL 🙂

  6. I’ve had a salad with all those ingredients but never would have thought to put them on a panini. I am a big fan of popcorn as a meal replacement lol!

  7. As soon as I read brie and pear in that panini, my mouth watered. What a great combo! And I see nothing wrong with popcorn for a meal. It is a whole grain, right?!? Eh–just put in a few extra minutes on the treadmill. 😉

  8. Tony cracks me up! What a cute couple and how nice that you got to spend some time with them.

    That sandwich looks amazing and I am sure your version will be just as good. Popcorn for dinner works well for me and I like an apple with that too! 🙂

  9. I love the cheese spread at Kelsey Roadhouse! My daughter Kelsey likes to eat there too when we’re up there 🙂

  10. Aw Tony, well what are you gonna do. He’s such a nut. Silly pictures are a small price to pay for his awesomeness. lol Wow that jelly sounds so good! She must have snuck that in as an extra. Nice! Jeez your panini is making me hungry, I’m getting off of here before I get a midnight snack!

  11. Cute pics! Tony is hilarious 🙂

  12. Thanks for the shout out and glad you enjoyed the jelly. I think I have the spam issue fixed. So sorry.

  13. Also have pinned this bread!

  14. Lovely photo’s and I had to laugh at Tony making faces.

    The panini indeed looks amazing. Every now and then such a panini is allowed especially at such a happy occasion.

  15. Tony is too funny in those pics.

  16. This is a great recipe! I have setratd making it about once a week since it’s a bit of a time commitment for a weeknight, I have taken to roasting 2 birds at a time, side by side in a large roaster; we eat one for dinner pull the meat from the other for the next night’s dinner (quesadillas, pot pies, casseroles ). This chicken easily tops any grocery store rotisserie bird. THANKS for such a great staple recipe!

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