Holiday Funk

I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of a holiday funk. I don’t send Christmas cards anymore, which I already would have worked on and sent out by now.  Tony is going to help me this weekend somehow get our Christmas tree out of the attic – Open-mouthed smile.  We are on a really tight budget so there won’t be any Christmas shopping done.

I started thinking about what makes me happy about the holidays, and it struck me yesterday, getting busy in the kitchen.  What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to bake for our families!  I have four gift boxes to make this weekend:  one for my Aunt, one for my brother and his family, Joe and Lizz and my parents-in-law.  I bought everything yesterday to get Bizzy in my Kitchen, and you better believe I’ll have Christmas music going on my Pandora when I bake this weekend. Open-mouthed smile

And when I look around, its loving what you have, not what you want.  We have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and I am married to my best friend – what better gift do you need?

Breakfast yesterday was a sausage McMuffin (off the dollar menu at McDs!) with a side of blackberries and bananas – a great fruit combo!   Taken with my phone because my boss walked in right before I was going to take my breakfast to a better place to take a picture. Smile with tongue out


There was a bit of a small crisis in my house.  Check it out:

rice 020

I brought “mystery soup” for my lunch yesterday.  Only one slight problem, there was a 20% chance that I brought a ziploc bag of pasta sauce!  So I went to the grocery store near my office and picked up stuff from the salad bar – this box only cost $2.19!

rice 016

They still had the $1 off coupon on the Tabasco – but guess what?  This store doubles coupons on Wednesdays!  So this bottle was only .99 cents!

rice 021

As it turns out, it was lasagna soup that I brought.  While delicious when made, and even days later in the fridge, defrosting it and then heating it up kind of made the noodles taste like ass.  I probably ate about half of this.

rice 019

I had pork chops on the menu, but in the afternoon Tony sent me a text and said “do you think we could have fried rice one night this week?”  Which meant, Tony wasn’t feeling the pork chops!

We compromised and made pork fried rice.  Only two tiny problems.  I didn’t have any rice at home and not many veggies to put in the fried rice. 

There is a new grocery store on my way home from work – have you ever heard of this chain before?


Um, turns out they have LOTS of cheese!!  This is about 1/5th of their selection!


I ended up picking up $2 dollars worth of fresh veggies, and Tony’s favorite, canned LaChoy veggies.

rice 023

rice 036

Tony reduced the amount of oil and soy sauce for me. Open-mouthed smile   I love his fried rice!  And he helped me clean up the kitchen too. Thumbs up Red heart

rice 043

I ate about 1/3 of this bowl and have plenty for leftovers at lunch today.  Wow, veggies in two meals yesterday – what’s up with that?!

Question of the Day:  What gets you in the holiday spirit?

Make it a great day!


29 thoughts on “Holiday Funk

  1. You’re right–lack of hot sauce IS crisis status!!! Eek! 🙂

    Driving through the neighborhood to see Christmas lights always helps get me back into the holiday mood!

  2. My sister and I were just texting this morning about not feeling the holiday spirit this year. Yes, maybe some baking will help! I’m looking for inspiration in the kitchen. I saw a cool tip for melting chocolate this morning so maybe something dipped. Yum, chocolate. 🙂 By the way, I made that lasagna soup and loved it! I also made the banana bread you made for Joe – DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing this blog with us all! Have a great day!

  3. Baking will help, but I’m sorry you’re not feeling the holidays this year. I’m giving Jeff a mile marker from our race along with a note about running together – nothing expensive or fancy, but heartfelt. I bet you could come up with something creative for your loved ones…presents don’t always have to come from the store, despite what all the commercials on TV would like for us to think. BTW? I’m never shopping at Kay Jewelers – blech on their smarmy ads!

  4. I join you in being in a holiday funk this year. I guess recovering from foot surgery last week doesn’t help. Usually once I get my house decorated for the holidays I really get into the spirit of it all. Since I’m not able to decorate this year that doesn’t help.

    I think the homemade gifts are the best Biz and anything from your kitchen will be well received. I know so many people who are not gift giving or at the very least cutting way back this year. Like you, I feel blessed with all that I have and that my loved ones are safe and healthy. What more could I ask for?

  5. I think once my decorations are up, I start feeling the spirit. This year has been particularly hectic with my black belt testing and my quick trip to DC so even though my decorations are up I haven’t really enjoyed them yet. Looking forward to Sunday because a lot of the craziness will have subsided. We’re not exchanging gifts this year either for a variety of reasons and I’m OK with that. I suppose I always feel there are a myriad of ways and the entire year to express love to others, not just with gifts at Christmas!

  6. I have not been able to get into the holiday spirit since I left for college…over ten years ago. Yikes. The only thing I ever get excited about is the smell of the fresh Christmas tree, but even then I start to feel guilty about killing a tree that was only way, seven years old. 😦

  7. Being in the kitchen & playing the Christmas music will definitely get you in the spirit!
    Not sure about you, but I totally prefer your Christmas than the craziness of the malls & shopping for “stuff”. Family, friends & food – that’s my holiday! 🙂

  8. I used my buffalo Tabasco last night for the first time- YUM!
    I made the mistake of adding noodles to a veggie soup and it really does taste like ass re-heated. 😛

  9. Don’t feel bad you aren’t the only one kinda in a funk. I don’t have our cards out yet and haven’t done any shopping. Even the husband brought in the tree from the garage and put it up. I think it’s because we are on a tight budget too (not as fun!). We started the Dave Ramsey program in October, and have already secured our emergency fund and got rid of one debt, but it’s hard! Anyway….I’m like you I’d almost rather bake and cook for the gifts I do, so that is what I’m doing!

  10. OMG Tony’s pork fried rice looks AWESOME!!! I too am in a holiday funk….for me it’s all from Hurricane Sandy…I live in Toms River NJ and ever since the hurricane my mind has been on everything else but Christmas. I’m decorating finally this weekend…hopefully it will jump start me into feeling more Christmas-y.

  11. Oh I wish I was on the receiving end of one of your gift boxes, I am sure it would be so yummy. I only get in holiday funks when I focus too much on what to give people and stress out. I start planning earlier and earlier every year so that I have time to get thoughtful gifts I know the recipient would like………..from the thrift store of course 🙂

    And listening to Christmas music is just the best!!!

  12. I’m actually a huge fan of christmas lights. I love to look at them!

  13. We are also on a really tight budget. The kids are getting a few things, but it’s not going to be anything spectacular. I’m trying to make this year more fun and more than just the presents, but it’s hard!!!

  14. Get a pine scented candle to put near your Christmas tree and get to baking 🙂 That will definitely get you in the spirit. With maybe a glass of wine or two. It IS the holidays 😉 (or if you like egg nog…which I don’t!) I think now that my shopping is pretty much done, I can relax and enjoy things.

  15. I’m really finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year! I have no idea why and I hope I get it soon 🙂

  16. I’m trying not to get down about not going to Texas but, my son has been calling home almost nightly and I can tell he’s homesick, so it makes it harder. He hasn’t been home in about a year and a half. I have been watching Christmas shows to cheer up and have the Christmas music playing when I’m cooking too. I hope you can kick the funk Biz!!

  17. I think there are lots of us in a holiday funk this year. I totally understand how you feel. My tree is up and house is decorated and we’ll spend the holiday with friends. Our families all live up north (we live in Florida) and it’s been 5 years since we could afford to get up there at Christmas. We’re like you, no gifts this year, times are beyond tight, so we are happy to just have a home, our health and good friends. I also really enjoy getting in the kitchen and making gifts for people that way too! It’s hard to say what gets me in the holiday mood though. Maybe the scent of pine or cookies baking or watching Rudolph. Just know you’re not alone in your feeling Biz. By the way, I love your snowmen!!! lol I also am obsessed with the little guys. I am also happy to have so many wonderful Blogging friends like you to keep me inspired and to make me smile. Hope you and Tony and the rest of your family have a super Merry Christmas!

  18. That fried rice looks awesome. Cute how Tony said “one day this week,” but you totally knew he meant tonight.

  19. Hope you get in the holiday spirit! I love baking for the holidays (and eating). John and I love to go out looking at lights. Closer to Christmas, we turn on the holiday music station and drive around the neighborhood and check out all the displays. Lots and lots of people decorate around here, which is cool.

    I need to get more of that Cabot buffalo cheese and send you some. It is totally amazing. Next time I go downstate or hit Vermont.

  20. I’ve never heard of that grocery store! Sounds fun! I’ve been having problems getting in the Christmas spirit too, but we are getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, so hopefully that will help!

  21. OK—I still have a fairly large metal sculpture of a Halloween witch outside my front door (which is actually pretty fitting at the moment!) LOL Lots of funk going on over here too.

  22. My husband and I were just having the same discussion about the holidays. It is just a funky time of year. We are watching every penny here to and it is stressful. I think baking would be a great distraction. I am actually trying to find some new cookie recipes to try!

  23. Great job with the veggies! I feel you on the lean Christmas and feelin scroogy, although Den is working now, we were so behind that we made 3 house payments this month o catch up so it’s a lean Chrstimas for us too and no cards for us either. First time in my married life, I believe, and I’m bummed about it. But I have the same outlook as you, and am getting busy in my kitchen too b/c that’s what I’m giving too! Food gifts! We’re having twin Christmases Biz! lol! I love that you turned what could be a sad Christmas into a joyful one by just changing your perspective. you go girl.

  24. First about the Christmas cards yesterday. Till last year I have sent Christmas cards but this year will the first I don’t. I love sending and getting real cards in the mail but not at Christmas: too many and not personal. When someone has a birthday or needs a word from me I sent a real card. So far I have 1 christmas card received.

    The holiday spirit starts when the Christmas tree is up. I love being at home the last weeks of the year and cocoon at night with the curtains closed and the lights in the tree on.

    We don’t spend much money on Christmas either. We don’t exchange gifts. The only thing we do a little bit extra on is the food but not this year because we aren’t home for dinner both Christmas days. I don’t have to cook this year which is also kind of strange.

    Like you it’s more important to me that we are healthy, have a home and a job and have each other.

  25. I totally feel your holiday woes. I love everything about the season except the gift giving madness. I went to Target yesterday and was following behind a lady to take her parking spot. This other car came zipping around from the opposite direction. When I turned my blinker on to claim the spot the other driver flipped me off and then drove by me while shouting FU out the window. When she started backing up I got the hell out of there. Take the spot crazy lady I can find another. WTF?!

    My husband and I don’t exchange gifts for any occasion. We would rather do something together like a nice dinner out or a night away.

    I love Christmas music. I keep it on in the kitchen too.

  26. The Christmas Season is exhausting. It is like a part time job added to my already job. I think, did Jesus really want all of this for his birthday? But then I think of when my mother was a young mother with my brother and I and how magical she made Christmas for us, she was exhausted too, but did everything to make it wonderful for us. A tree, gifts, Santa, a birthday cake for Jesus, stockings, all kinds of goodies, music- the Partridge Family Christmas, Snoopy’s Christmas were our favorites over and over. So I think of that young mother my own Ma, and think I want to give my children the same wonderful Christmas memories that she gave me, even if it kills me;-) But most of all she taught us the Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas Biz! You are blessed!

  27. I’m pretty neutral in my holiday spiritness (if that is even a word). I have all my shopping done, but haven’t gotten into the kitchen to do any baking yet. But – I did pick up a bunch of ingredients to do so this week seeing as I have no work shifts in the evening, so I have some time. Looking forward to creating some sweet treats for all the dinners I have to go to this weekend 🙂

  28. […] happy holidays!  All the cards, e-mails, gifts and comments I got completely got me out of my Holiday Funk and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. […]

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