Will I Get Lean in 2013?

Gah.  Here we are again.  The first day of the new year.  365 days staring you in the face where you swear that by day 365 you’ll be a newer, stronger, better you.

I’ve done that the last four years.

2012?  I started out at:


I didn’t really have a resolution post for 2012.  2011 was a crazy year with Tony’s cancer diagnosis, and his months of recovery.  We had no idea how long his recovery was going to take – and to this day no one prepared us for what was in store.  My only resolution for 2012 was for Tony to be well!

It lasted 16 days before he was hospitalized.  He spent days in the hospital figuring out what was wrong with him before they diagnosed c-diff – he never really recovered from the hernia surgery he had in December.


So 2012 had its ups and downs.  I am an emotional eater, so I think the only thing I can say is that exercising last year staved off a 50 pound gain!


That’s what I weigh today.  At first I was pissed, because I did it to myself.  That’s a gain of 8.6 from a year ago.  But then I looked at the numbers, and realized I only gained an average of 3/4 of a pound each month!  I am going to focus on the positives, mkay?

But this year I decided not to have any resolutions.  One mantra is make each day better.  I have no excuses.  I don’t have little kids around my feet, I have a pretty flexible schedule.  My other mantra:  moderation.  This is where I seriously lack.  There is no reason for me to have wine every day.  Or cheese.  But I can incorporate those things into a healthy diet.

More veggies, more fruits.  I looked back at my WW journals when I lost 70 pounds from 1999 to 2000.  You know what saved me?  Well, I didn’t drink back then, but the other saving grace was zero point soups.

I know they aren’t zero point now, but I would make a big batch of zero point soup and I’d take 3 cups to work every day.  If I felt the urge to get something out of the vending machine, or food court, I’d heat up a cup of soup at a time.  I’d even heat up a cup while I was making dinner, so that I didn’t nibble while I cooked.  Here is my almost zero point Spicy Mexican Soup

I am making Wednesday my WI day for the week.  I am also going back to the Zero scale.  I zeroed it out this morning and that will track my losses.

We did manage to have a nice New Years Eve dinner, however, I undercooked the cornish hens.  I probed it but somehow the dark meat was a little raw.  Luckily, they were pretty big birds and the breast meat was delicious.  I plan on making a wild rice and chicken soup with the leftovers (um, without the mushrooms!).

NY 010

We wanted to do Cornish hens for Christmas eve, but they were expensive – two for $15!  We got these at Mariano’s for $3 each. Open-mouthed smile

NY 012

I ended up cutting out the back bone, and placing half a lemon under the cavity of each as it was baking.  I got the recipe from here.

NY 014

We splurged on this beer for me.  I thought it cost $7.99, but Tony was convinced it was $2.99, which is more in our price range.  While he was checking out, I was doing a prosecco tasting they were having, and as we were walking out I realized IT WAS $7.99 for this bottle – yikes!

NY 024

Sofie Pale Ale from Goose Island.  Holy shizz you guys, this is the champagne of all beer!  It had citrus notes, a bit of vanilla, yet super light.

NY 030

That was the perfect way to start out the night.  I’ll just need to win the lottery to buy this again! Open-mouthed smile

At Mariano’s they have bulk items, and I picked up Wild Rice – two cups set us back just $1.67.  I added 1/4 cup of white rice to the mix, with 3 2/3 cups chicken broth and just put it in my rice cooker.  I love the combination of grains in this – even split peas!

NY 016

NY 037

NY 039

I also made a broccoli gratin on the side.  The lemon got super juicy while it was baking under the hens, and I squeezed a generous amount over the meat and it was delicious.  I ended up throwing the chicken back in the oven for 15 minutes, and its completely cooked.  I’ll just add it to the end of the wild rice soup after everything else is cooked. Open-mouthed smile

So the question to you – do you resolve to do anything this year?  Make a list of 13 things you want to do in 2013?  

Happy New Year!  Hugs!


27 thoughts on “Will I Get Lean in 2013?

  1. You can do it Biz! I love that wild rice mix — kind of wild that it has split peas in it! I might have to try making that soup – that does sound good and comforting. My parents used to do Cornish Hens as a special dinner for Christmas — but I’m with you – they always seem way more expensive than just roasting a regular chicken! Have a great day!

  2. I’m starting the 17 Day Diet. I started yesterday. It feels good to have a PLAN. It’s not radical and it is very similar to how I eat anyways. It’s going really well so far, but of course the first couple days always do. I’m committed and will actually blog about it. Starting tomorrow I think. I’m going to check out that zero point soup of yours.

  3. It looks like you made a delicious meal! Sofie is one of my favorite brews…SO good! I’m a huge Goose Island fan! 🙂

    Your goals for the year look great! You can do this! 🙂

  4. I love Cornish hens. Great Sunday dinner meal. I found them last week for 2.99 a piece and bought a few to freeze. At that price who can go wrong. I am not going to resolve anything but keeping a positive outlook on life. I really think that is going to get healthy journey. Happy New Year!

  5. Moderation,eh?! Yeah I have the same problem 😦 I’m going to try and kick it’s butt this year.
    Here’s hoping we’re both happy one year from now with what we’ve accomplished this year. Cheers!

  6. That broccoli gratin looks incredible! Any chance of a recipe? 😉

  7. Good luck, Biz! I know you can do it 🙂 Moderation is my problem as well…definitely need to work on it. Your NYE dinner looks delish!

    • Sam!! So glad you commented so now I know that you are alive and well – whew! 😀 Happy New Year – I know 2013 is going to be so much better for you!!

  8. And don’t forget the beloved taco soup!!! I was thinking the same thing about the zero point soups. We can do it Biz!

  9. Gotta love Mariano’s, right?! 🙂 My mom has made some amazing cornish hens in the past, but I’ve never cooked one myself. I should venture into the cook-a-whole-bird thing, but I’m scared. So I just stick with chicken breasts and such. Maybe this should be a goal for 2013?!?!

    • Go for it! Just start out with a Cornish hen, it’s less intimidating that way. Sadly, both my brother and sister and law can’t eat any meat off the bone – so crazy! I think they are on sale until January 7!

  10. No resolutions. Stay as healthy and happy as possible, and enjoy my family.

  11. Good luck Biz! I’ll be here if you need anything. I love soup and wish I could have it more often…I may focus on soups as well. YUMMO! NO BREAD THO!!!! LOL

  12. Moderation sounds sooooooo boring, but I’m telling you, it really does work.

  13. I don’t make resolutions. I think you should change things all year long, not just vow to one day of the year and in two weeks everyone is back to their usual ways. Your soup with the wild rice sounds like it will be great. I just got my friends hooked on the lasagna soup…lol!!! I think you will meet all your goals this year Biz!! 🙂

  14. findingradiance

    You can do it Biz – I’ll cheer you on. I am going to drop a size this year as well. It’s on 2013!

  15. I love this post! One of my favorites of yours… And yes, we just need to live life… and find a healthy balance. I did a list at my birthday, which I like better than doing this time of year. Especially because then it doesn’t have an association with silly new year’s resolutions. I read today that only 8% of the population keeps them. No wonder they always made me feel bad!

  16. I gained 5 lbs in 2012 😦 I plan to take those 5 lbs and many more off this year. I need to get in the kitchen and start cooking my meals this year. That’s my plan. Best wishes!

  17. 2012 was an emotional year for me as well (trying for a baby that never came), and like you, I eat when I’m stressed/emotional. I know it’s crazy but I’m actually not too down on myself for the 40 pounds I gained, even though I’m almost back at my highest weight, a place I never thought I’d be again. I’m proud it was only 40. Ha! It only took me 3 months to gain 50 pounds after i got out of the hospital in 2002 when I just had my thyroid removed and was learning to take insulin, so to only gain 40 in 12 months is a win for me I guess. So you should be SUPER proud of your measly gain! And I’m glad you are looking at it positively.

    Girrrrl, let’s rock 2013!! I love the idea of making a year with an “unlucky” number in it a successful ones Hey, the Mayans were wrong with the world ending, so superstitious people can be wrong about 13 being unlucky. We’ll make it lucky, right Biz? Happy new year! 🙂

  18. andreaswellnessnotes

    Happy 2013, Biz!

    I also plan on making more healthy soups this year. I love how they fill you up and feel so much more than “real” food than other snacks.

    The beer sounds amazing – too bad that really good beer can be so expensive…

  19. There are so many amazing, delicious and flavorful beers in the $5-$9 range that would blow your mind. Tom and I are HUGE beer nerds, so if you ever want any tips let me know. Oh wait, we are talking about good habits for 2013 …forget I said that!

  20. I want to reach goal weight for once and for all and I finally want to run a half marathon.

    Considering the rollercoaster 2012 has been for you, I think you did great concerning the weight. It could have been worse with all the worries you had.

    Happy New Year Biz.

  21. What a cozy, comforting dinner! I haven’t formalized any goals for 2013 yet…but it’s one of my favorite things to do 🙂

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