1,095 Meals

I am trying really hard to get over the all or nothing mentality.  For YEARS I felt that I had to do everything 100% right, and if I failed at one thing, I’d throw in the towel for days, weeks, even months.

What is that?  It got me thinking.  Most people have obviously 3 meals a day.  That’s 1,095 meals a year.  Why do we have to label food “good” or “bad?”  This year I am going to use the word “indulgent.”

Even if I have two “indulgent” meals a week, overall, I’ll still have 991 healthy meals for the year! Open-mouthed smile 

I had the last of my breakfast casserole yesterday – with the same fruit – I never even bothered to take a picture because it was identical to yesterday!


I decided to do the 100 Workout yesterday.  I forgot how hard it is to run after doing so many squats and leg lifts!  5 minute warm up on the treadmill, the 100 workout took me 20 minutes, then a 10 minute run, 5 minute cool down.  Then 5 minutes of stretching – the perfect 45 minute workout. Open-mouthed smile


Note to self:  see what kind of workout bra you packed before deciding what exercises to do.  Case in point – I have regular sports bras, but then I also have what I like to call “keep the muffin top from moving” bras.


Yesterday I had a regular sports bra, so my belly was moving with every jumping jack.  But you know what?  I didn’t care who saw it.  I am making strides to make it smaller, so its all good. Open-mouthed smile

Over the weekend Tony and I went to Yu’s Mandarin in Schaumburg.  I got something I’ve never had before called Xiao-Ping Pork.  Basically it was super thinly sliced pork tossed with a spicy sauce and noodles.  The only thing lacking the first time were veggies, so I decided to add some to the leftovers.  On Saturday’s they have a lunch special – $7.95 for soup, rice, entrée and hot tea – not bad!

I sauteed up 1.5 zucchini, added some black beans and corn, then tossed in the leftover pork.  Super spicy (flavorful spicy!) and delicious!

burgersalad 006

Later in the afternoon I had a skinny café mocha – a 25 calorie pack of diet cocoa mixed with coffee, then topped with whip cream and sprinkles – I nice 45 calorie afternoon treat.

burgersalad 009

I left a few minutes later than usual, but I suddenly realized as I got half way home that there was a lot of traffic.  Like standstill traffic.  I thought there must have been an accident.  So I jump on my phone and check Facebook, only to see that my neighbor Brett, who I think was on the train coming home, wrote “what’s with all the lights and traffic in Fox River Grove?” 

A minute later, someone said that a restaurant was on fire that is on the main road to get to my house.  Herein lies the problem though – I live on the river, and you have to get over the bridge to get to my house – there aren’t too many easy ways to drive around it, and it seemed like there was no good choice but to just ride it out.

It took me an hour and a half to get home. Sad smile  And when I got home I was hungry!  I had burgers on the menu, and decided to make a burger salad.  It had a 4 ounce burger topped with a slice of American cheese, then I diced it up, along with 5 french fries, and topped it with fat free ranch and hot sauce – really good!

burgersalad 011

On the side??  An apple pie smoothie!   I think Tony about threw up in his mouth when he saw it, but it was delicious – I took Michelle’s recipe, but used 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk.  It was completely refreshing to finish the meal with a smoothie.

burgersalad 014

I don’t think my counter is cluttered at all!  Ha! Open-mouthed smile

I have to admit when my blood sugar starts to drop and I eat later than usual, I am mean.  So I was mean to Tony and I didn’t mean it, but he’s so good about letting me get through it and after I ate I was much better – sorry I was a biotch Tony! Sad smile

So today is Souper Friday at work – baked potato soup and artisan bread – should be good! 

I am loving these short work weeks – next week is going to be a bitch having to get up five days in a row!  Happy Friday – make it a great day!  And if you “indulge” today, don’t sweat it!


34 thoughts on “1,095 Meals

  1. Inspirational, as always! I think I’ll include a green smoothie today for a snack after my workout. Good idea. 🙂

  2. Agree! A couple indulgent meals are good for the metabolism!! Bummer about the traffic-bah. Im mean when im hungry too. Happy friday!!

  3. My husband is diabetic as well, it is interesting to hear your discussion about drop in bs:mood, this happens to him as well. When he gets mean/ornery for no reason I normally respond to it with, “you need to eat.”
    I wonder what that is all about/why that happens.
    Good to know it isn’t just him and likely is the diabetes talking.

    • Yep, my whole family knows when to shove food in my mouth when I get nasty. One morning Tony and I woke up, watched a movie and didn’t start making brunch until almost noon. I thought I’d make some hash browns, but I used the wrong pan, didn’t spray it with Pam and everything stuck.

      Tony watched me literally throw the pan and contents straight into the trash can while screaming f bombs. He promptly took over cooking duties and gave me some orange juice! 😀

  4. Yes next week’s full work week is going to be a bummer!

  5. That pork dish looks awesome. Tom has agreed to try pork in 2013, I need to make something like that where it is super thin. I am mean as hell if I don’t eat, so don’t feel too bad. Have a great weekend!

  6. I used to be all or nothing, too, and getting the mindset that there are so many meals in a year means that it’s not worth throwing it all away for a few indulgences. Good perspective!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend – gear up for that full work week, ugh!

  7. I think we can all agree that poor Tony puts up with so much. He is a fabulous husband, and almost adequate lover and cute as a wet puppy. You struck the mother load when you met that guy. (he said load).

    There is nothing you could ever say to me that will change my feelings for you. I love you with all I have and all I am.

  8. Well, this has felt like a full work week to me or maybe even longer – so glad it’s Friday!

    I’ve often thought that having the all or nothing attitude – or not – is the difference between overeaters and normal eaters. I’ve watched my normal eating husband for 25+ years and never once have I seen him continue to overeat because he had one too many indulgences. Never once have I heard him say, “Well I shouldn’t have eaten that so now I’m going to eat anything and everything.”

    If you really start to think about acting that way or having that attitude, it’s a little bit ridiculous isn’t it?

  9. findingradiance

    When I go too long without eating and get snippy – I call it being food cranky 😀 It’s not a good place to be.

    Getting rid of the all or nothing attitude has been life changing for me.

  10. I agree, next week is going to be a pain. Working only three days this week has me longing for another break.

    I am the same way when I let my blood sugar get too low. John has told me that it is still not an excuse to be mean to him. I agree, but it is quite the task to try and control my temper/snapping when I let this happen. I think I am getting better at it though. Still the best thing, would be for me to eat regularly so that my sugar levels don’t drop in the first place.

    I love Tony’s comment!

  11. Gosh, when I get mean…..never thought it was the diabeties talking, but then mine is always high, trying to keep it stablized is a real chore.

    That burger salad sounds really great, must try that one along with your smoothie. I am looking for smoothies that will be filling and work in place of food AND I have the ingredients in the house.

    Tony must be a real hoot at times with never a dull moment!!!

  12. I LOVE your attitude about how many meals we eat a year, and how we shouldn’t label things good/bad. I totally agree, and think “indulgent” is a much better phrase.

    Yay for the apple pie smoothie! Did Tony even try it?!? Too funny!

  13. Hi Biz! I have to have a few indulgent meals per week too. It seems part of a larger weekly rhythm of eating, I’ve found. Interesting and fun post to read.

    🙂 Marion

  14. Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds

    I love my treat meals and always make sure that it’s something that I really want. I think they are necessary in order to stay sane.

    You’re not alone…my belly jiggles when I do jump squats. If the people at the gym don’t like what they see then don’t look! It’s their problem, not mine.

    You and Tony must be a riot together. 🙂

  15. I have that same exercise routine pinned on pinterest. I am a bad eater, I usually eat once sometimes twice a day. Bad, bad, bad! 😉 Lately, I’ve been indulging in pizza…every chance I get. I’m afraid if I got surgery right now, they’d open me up and pepperoni’s would fall out 😉

  16. Thanks to you I’m having my second indulgent meal of the week right now. Thanks! 🙂

  17. I like the idea of indulgent meals! I have the same problem with that all or nothing thinking. It has caused me to gain many a pound over the years! Now I try to get back on track at the next meal and not let a whole day be indulgent.

    Tony is so sweet – love his comment.

  18. This is a really good way of thinking about it. I also do the “oh well, I messed up so what does it matter” thing. I think you need indulgences sometimes, but they can’t turn into streaks of indulging!

    You and Tony are both funny 😛 Love his comment. And reading yours posts always makes me laugh and smile.

  19. Look Biz, I’m still alive! Shocking, I know. Anyhow, I really like what you said about not labeling meals as “good” or “bad” – I think way too much of how/what we eat gets wrapped up in those labels. I like using the term indulgent. Because it is ok to eat those foods sometimes, and it doesn’t make the food, or me, bad.

  20. Poor Tony, he’s going to turn into a bulemic b/c of all this barfing in his mouth over your eats! lol! I’m mean too when that happens, I get it, and it sucks afterward to know you were a beast to someone you love. I really hate apologizing when I know I’m wrong (I’m mad at myself) so that makes it even worse! haha! Love the pink sprinkles on your mocha-makes it such a happy thing to drink.

  21. I love your idea of adding veggies to the leftover chinese food – so awesome. You made me laugh out loud with your throw up in his mouth comment (yes, I’m juvenile).

  22. […] muscles, especially my thighs because of the 100 workout, were really sore yesterday, so I ended up swimming for 35 minutes.  There was a girl in the […]

  23. I like your little theory on indulgent foods. It puts it all into perspective – 991 healthy meals sounds pretty good 🙂 We all deserve a little indulgence!!

  24. I think Helen’s comment says it all, I have a husband who’s the same as hers. The all or nothing thing is more a problem of us people with overweight I believe. And I think we need an indulgent meal every now and than and we deserve it too.

    And I love Tony’s comment, you’re lucky to have such a great guy (as he is lucky to have you).

  25. […] Alright, I’ve got my gym bag packed – I haven’t figured out what I will do yet.  We’ll see!  Off to do my 30 minute stretch before work.  My upper thighs are still killing me from the 100 Workout! […]

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