Cats with Thumbs

I am sure like most people with DVR’s you tape nearly everything you watch because there are too many commercials.  I found it ironic last night though that we watched a show of the best t.v. commercials from 2012.  This one was our favorite.

Actually my favorite commercials to watch are during Superbowl.  I can sit through that football game!  We now are in the playoffs, so football games today and tomorrow.  I hope to find some good movies to watch.  While it’s sunny today, it’s a chilly 15 degrees. Freezing

For breakfast yesterday I had an open face breakfast sammie – half a bun, egg white and 1 egg, some ham and a slice of buffalo american cheese on top and then put in under the broiler to get all melty.  I had more cantaloupe and honeydew melon that wasn’t photographed.

steak 003

My muscles, especially my thighs because of the 100 workout, were really sore yesterday, so I ended up swimming for 35 minutes.  There was a girl in the next lane working with a swim coach, she was probably around 9 or 10.  She kept practicing the somersault against the wall to make a turn – I guess she got disqualified from a meet because she turned too early?  Anyway, she was an amazing swimmer – I wish I had that talent, but it’s good exercise nonetheless.

It was another Souper Friday in my office.  This time I made baked potato soup.   I actually bought the potatoes on my $1 rack – 12 potatoes for $!.  I baked them the night before, then put the soup together yesterday morning.

Baked Potato Soup

  • 12 servings – 1 cup each – 154 calories, 6 fat, 34 carbs, 3.8 fiber and 2.9 protein


  • 12 potatoes, baked, then peeled and chopped
  • 8 cups low sodium chicken broth
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 3 cups chopped carrots
  • 2 cups chopped celery
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 4 tablespoons flour

Bake potatoes at 400 for 1 hour.  Let cool.  Peel, then chop and set aside.  In a large stock pot, add 2-4 tablespoons of water, then add the carrots and celery and garlic.  Cook over medium heat, adding enough water so they don’t burn, until the veggies start to get tender. 

Sprinkle the veggies with the flour and stir for a minute or two.  Slowly add the almond milk – the mixture will get nice and thick.  Add the broth, potatoes, Italian seasoning and salt and pepper to taste.

At this point, I turned off the stove because I was going to be putting it in my crockpot at work.  I usually use my stick blender too to thicken the sauce, but I forgot to bring it, so it’s more brothy, but everyone loved it.  I charged $4 for the soup and bread, I made $24. Open-mouthed smile  Enough to buy steak and a bottle of wine for dinner last night, and to get my eyebrows threaded – right now I have two caterpillars for eyebrows on my face!

I had green onions and cheddar cheese for toppings.  I actually added green onion to my bowl just for the picture, and I don’t remember taking them out, so I must have eaten them – shocker!

steak 007

I can see myself in the spoon! 

steak 010

I swung by my store to hit up the 50% bin.  I ended up getting a one pound boneless ribeye for $4.80, and a package of parmesan risotto for $1.25.  I sautéed some zucchini for my plate.

steak on griddlesteak 025

I did something I don’t normally do last night.  I ate s l o w l y.  I tend to be a fast eater, so I just took my time and guess what?  I only ate half the steak.  I realized I was full so I just stopped eating – NSV for me!

And while I had nacho cheddar popcorn on my brain, I asked myself, “are you really hungry?”  The answer was no, so I skipped it.  No snacking on a Friday night – what?!!  Yep, that’s the new Biz. Open-mouthed smile

I do plan on going to the gym today and tomorrow.  I need to do my 30 minute stretch before I go though – my quad muscles are still a bit tight.

Got any plans this weekend?  Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend – see you on Monday! Smile with tongue out Thumbs up


31 thoughts on “Cats with Thumbs

  1. That sandwich looks delicious! All I had for breakfast this morning were frozen pancakes…

    I’m a fast eater, too. It seems that I’m always the first one done, waiting for everyone else to catch up. I need to slow down and enjoy my food instead of inhaling it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love football anyway but the Superbowl commercials are awesome! Good for you for eating slowly. I need to relearn that but it’s so hard (I started eating fast when my 16yo was born. You’d think I’d have reversed the habit by now…)

  3. I just saw something on TV about the super bowl ads costing 4 million this year…they better be darn good! 🙂 I have nothing exciting planned this weekend, my Steelers didn’t make the playoffs but I am sure I will still watch the games.

  4. Isn’t it amazing sometimes how disconnected we can become? I need to remember to SLOW DOWN–with my whole life sometimes! But, with eating too. I when I put time and energy into making a nice meal, only to be distracted while eating, finish my plate, and realize I never really TASTED the food. It’s also a sure-fire way to *think* I’m still hungry and should have more, when it’s most likely not necessary. Great reminder to slow down–and I love the asking yourself if you’re really hungry.

    The soup looks excellent! I wonder if it would work with sweet potatoes, as I’m not a big fan of regular potatoes. My husband, though, would adore this. 🙂

  5. John and I both eat too fast. Sometimes I feel like I am eating fast to keep up with him. Today, I will remind both of us to slow it down. Movies and weekends make me happy! Great job with all the workouts.

  6. Cracked up when I watched the cat commercial 😀 Looks like a great sandwich you made, how many calories??? You be’cha, eating slower would be the ticket, we live in such a fast paced world. My problem is to sit down and eat, I tend to eat on the go or in the car. Honestly, we need to be like the Italians and spend 3 hours eating and enjoy what we’re eating too!!

    Am I still your blogger friend if I say I am a Green Bay Packer fan??? Sure hoping the Packers win tonight 😉

  7. I am dying over that commercial! I had to post it to FB 😀

  8. Omg. That video!

    I ran 12 miles this morning and felt great! That was my big goal for the weekend!

  9. Stopping when you’re full rather than finishing everything because it’s tasty… massive NSV!

  10. When the girl does the turn in the pool she has to touch the wall before taking off on the next length. So yes she may have turned too early.

    • Ah, thanks for that info! My grandma tried to have me join the swim team in high school – I told her I couldn’t swim and she said “that’s why they have a swim team, so you can learn!” It was right before high school started, I heard my grandma calling the swim coach to ask “can my granddaughter join the swim team if she can’t swim?” Um, turns out the answer was no!

      That’s how I picked field hockey as my fall sport, so I didn’t even have a chance of trying out for the swim team!

  11. Loved the commercial and sent the link to everybody I could think of that might like it. I eat too fast also. I know it is so much better for us to take our time but it is a life long habit. Soup looks great!

  12. I thought I was a fast eater until I went out to eat with my stepson last month for his birthday. He took the last bite of his burger before I could even take one bite of my first! I only wanted half of my burger so he ate the rest of it. That kid’s metabolism is crazy.

  13. All of your eats look amazing! Baked potato soup is on our menu this week for dinner! YUM!

    I need to try slowing down when I eat….at work we only have about 20 minutes to eat by the time we get to the teacher’s lounge and get our lunches out, so we scarf it down! I really need to start doing this at home! Good tip!

  14. Such delicious looking food. Slowing down to eat works wonders, I have to slow myself down as my hubby eats really fast and I subconsciously join his speed!

    No big plan here for the weekend. We are just chillaxin!

  15. The potato soup sounds delicious!

    I’m a fast eater, too. Great job slowing down!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  16. I just loved the commercial. We have a cat that we think has “hidden thumbs”. It is amazing what he can get into.
    I like how you always see the carrots in your soups. I don’t know why I don’t use them in more.

    • Kym, I am still loving the snowman kleenex holder! In fact, I think this may stay out all year – even yesterday, when Tony is still finding snowmen around and asks me to put them away? Yesterday he said “your snowman cover is out of kleenex, you’ll need to get some more.” Woop!

  17. Weekend is already over here, back to work it is.

    I record everything on my DVR because of the commercials and because the shows I watch, R. doesn’t like and I watch them when he doesn’t want to see anything on TV.

  18. […] lunch I had a cup and a half of my baked potato soup, along with some artisan […]

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