More balls! Er, chicken zucchini meatballs.

I was so proud of myself Sunday night.  My blog was already written for it to be published Monday morning, my gym bag was packed, my lunch bag was in the fridge – I was all set!

I am putting my stuff in the car, and it feels as if I am missing something, but I dismiss it and head to work.  I did a few things right off the bat, and around 9:00 I went to reach for my lunch bag to heat up my pumpkin pancakes, but it’s not there.  So I think I left it in the car.  Um, no such luck.  Then I retrace my steps before I left the house, and I never took it out of the fridge.  Doh!

Tony came to the rescue though!  He brought it to me.  I had an apple on my desk that I ate around 9:30.  Tony got to my office around 11:30 and I ate some cantaloupe and honeydew melon.  I didn’t want to eat more than that because I was going to work out.

I didn’t leave for the gym until 12:45.  I think I like going later in the afternoon because by the time I got back and ate my lunch it was already 2:30 in the afternoon!

I did the HIIT app on my phone – 7 reps of 3 minutes running and 2 minutes walking.  I think next week I am going to go 4:1 on the run/walking ratio.  It felt good!  (p.s.  I love instagram!)


So I bought a package of zucchini off the dollar rack – I don’t know what I was thinking buying that many – have any of you ever used them in smoothies before?  Anyway, I decided to make meatballs to go with spaghetti squash for one of my lunches.  I just bought chicken breasts on sale for $1.69, so I decided to make chicken zucchini meatballs.

Long time readers will know that I don’t buy ground chicken breasts at the store.  I have these strange visions of workers in a chicken factory just picking up any kind of chicken pieces parts, grinding it up and slapping a sticker on it that says “ground chicken.”

Chicken Zucchini Meatballs

  • this made 44 balls – each ball is 17 calories, .45 fat, .8 carbs, .1 fiber and 2.5 protein


  • 1 pound chicken breast
  • 2 cups (about 3 medium) zucchini, chopped
  • 1/3 cup cilantro
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper
  • 1/3 cup seasoned bread crumbs

Just throw everything in the pool and pulse until combined.  These meatballs have a tender texture.  I think next time I’ll partially freeze the chicken before adding it to the food processor.

weekend 1.4 026

I used my small melon baller to portion out the balls.  I really like saying balls.  I love these plastic cutting boards – can you tell how much I use it?  The paint is coming off!

weekend 1.4 030

Then I just dusted and rolled the balls around in the bread crumbs.

weekend 1.4 033

I sautéed them in Pam and a scant amount of olive oil.

loaf 004

My lunch – one whole small spaghetti squash tossed into some pasta sauce, then topped with the balls and a sprinkling of blue cheese.  Here’s another photography trick.  Always try to make sure your fork is dirty before placing it in the photo. Open-mouthed smile  You’re welcome!

loaf 006

These balls were good – but not great.  I need to go back to the drawing board – maybe add some sriracha to kick them up.  Either way, this was a filling lunch.  And for the record, Tony just threw up in his mouth seeing this picture.

I was making Tony meatloaf for dinner.  While I know it’s just like burgers, I just don’t like it for some reason.  I ended up making a 4 ounce burger with 1/2 an ounce of swiss cheese on it, some carrot “fries” dipped in fat free ranch, and I had a Green Monster for dessert. 

The only change in my green monster was that I had unsweetened almond milk, and I didn’t have any frozen bananas, so I used 3/4 cup of frozen pineapple.  I think I prefer the original version better because this version was just barely on the sweet side.  But, I knew it was healthy, so I drank it up.  Oh, and having a green monster for dinner really turns you off from having a glass of wine with dinner. Open-mouthed smile

loaf 008

loaf 011

It was super filling and delicious, and I think I got all my veggie and fruit servings in for the day!

Who’s watching Biggest Loser this season?  I just zipped through the first episode last night. 

Spoiler Alert++

One of the contestants I felt sorry for was TC.    He weighed in at 376 pounds at 30-years-old. TC  tried on to make his way on the show for two years after injuring his own son in a car accident. Because of his size, when the family’s vehicle was impacted, TC’s seat broke and smashed into his young son that was in a car seat behind him. The boy underwent emergency brain surgery and suffered a broken eye socket and broken skull. “I promised him, I promised God … I’d lose the weight for him,” TC says.

Sadly, he had the lowest percentage of weight loss, so he was the first one to go.  Hopefully, he’ll see what he was capable of in just one week and be able to continue the journey at home.

Alright, I have to jump in the shower and get ready for work.  Make it a great day! 


46 thoughts on “More balls! Er, chicken zucchini meatballs.

  1. Tony came to the rescue for your lunch! Great workout Biz!

    My hub works for a company that makes machines to process food for the food industry and you don’t want to know what happens in these factories. The things he sees, he doesn’t even tell me 🙂 I don’t buy chicken in the supermarket either because of the things I have heard from R.

    • Yep, Tony has been through a processing plant before too – he said he doesn’t even want to tell me what he saw there! Although I wouldn’t mind going through a chocolate factory like he did before!

  2. Boy howdy, your dinner looks so colorful and healthy!

    So ground chicken squicks you out, but buying ground beef doesn’t? Interesting…for the record, there are certain things that give me the heebie jeebies (like gently touching avocados to find a good one, only to have the thing squish in too far…I literally jump when that happens!).

    • I know Shelley, you’d thing that ground beef would give me the heebie jeebies, too, but it doesn’t! OMG, you are too funny about the avocados!

  3. Those balls look awesome. Totally going to pin this recipe.

    I haven’t started watching Biggest Loser yet. I canceled cable 6 months ago, so gotta see if it’s on Hulu. Truth be told, I watch almost no TV these days. By the time the kids are in bed, I’m beat! And I’m trying to keep the baby from watching TV. It was easy with one, not so easy with a 6 year old who plays video games.

  4. I think I use that same machine at the gym–it looks so exactly familiar. As usual, there is no way that I could handle the deliciousness of your food.

    🙂 Marion

  5. I didn’t watch last nights BL, but am sad to hear TC left. I really wanted him to go far being his story crushed my heart. I hope he can kick butt at home!

    PS – Love the dirty fork!

  6. Zucchini works in smoothies – it’s pretty neutral in flavour, so try some out in your green smoothie next time 🙂

  7. I caught up on BL last night, that story broke my heart. I was so sad to see him go! Love your ground chicken trick, use it all the time now.

    • You are such a pinterest whore! I had no idea how to even follow people, then I figured out how to follow you, and just clicked “all” and now have HUNDREDS of pins to look at – thanks Jacky! 😀

  8. Hilarious! I hate when I do stuff like that – i’m guilty of leaving a lot behind, especially lately – i’m a mess! I hate that you didn’t love the ‘balls’ but they look good – looking forward to the next iteration!

  9. I should tell my Mom to make her meatballs like that for her and my Dad with chicken. I bet she would love them! Any ideas what you would tweek?

    And Mmmmmmm to green monsters. They seriously are a great pick me up!

    • Mel, they just needed a bit more seasoning – and I might freeze the meatballs a bit, instead of the chicken, just so they retain their shape better.

  10. I think your balls look great, tell Tony to stuff it 😉 I have been obsessing with instagram lately too, such a great time waster 🙂

  11. I love that the title of your post had me laughing before I ever starting reading. 🙂

    So my husband is totally weirded out by ground chicken, too, so I don’t buy it anymore. Why didn’t I think to just do it myself?!? Great idea. Although, I’m a bit nervous. How do you ever get the food processor completely clean again? So many nooks and crannies! And would you recommend partially frozen chicken? Can I “grind” it, and then freeze it for later? I think you should do a tutorial post! 🙂

    • You really have to rinse it out right away, and nothing sticks – it cleans right up. Sadly, if you leave it on the counter for hours like I do sometimes, then clean up is a bitch!

  12. Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds

    My jaw dropped when I saw that my Whole Foods had ground chicken breast for $8.99/lb. Just to the right of it were whole breasts for $2.99/lb. Seriously???? I have a food processor thankyouverymuch!

    I love HIIT on the treadmill…makes the workout seem to go by much faster.

  13. made your crusty bread this weekend…. so good! and buffalo chicken chili last night for the third time.

  14. They should’ve never let TC go. Especially after that other girl just WALKED off! It was heartbreaking. Poor TC, I hope he does well at home.

    • I know – for that girl to get THAT emotional only after a few days, she must have some deep dark shit she doesn’t want to get at. And thousands of people would have killed to be in her position!

  15. What a sad story about TC, I hope he continues to lose weight. I wish that contestants didn’t get voted off but that everyone stayed for the whole time and the winner was drawn at the end from everyone. You only have so much control over your weight loss from week to week and it seems unfair to be booted one week when your loss was small.

    Here is a link to my favorite meatball recipe that I have used for years.

  16. Oh YUM! Those look so good. I make these zucchini “crab cakes” that are delicious. Great idea to make meatballs with it too!

  17. What a fun ball recipe! Always love sneaking those veggies in. So sweet of Tony to bring your forgotten lunch in. I always KNOW (like you did) when I’m missing something and I can never figure out what it is!!

  18. Hooray for balls! Laughing at Tony’s reaction to the picture!

  19. Oh that was such a sad story on BL. I hope TC kicks butt in the at home contest. I swore I wouldn’t watch this season, but Jillian is back so I had to watch it. I was really frustrated with that female contestant. I would give anything for a week on that ranch.

  20. Ok, are you ready for something REALLY WEIRD??
    I also just bought a bag of zucchini off the dollar rack and just now saw them in my fridge, with ground beef I thawed, and was like.. WTF am I going to do with these 2 things?
    I came up here to my computer, hoping to find some sort of recipe to mix them. I open Blogger and the 2nd post is yours about ground chicken and reduced zucchini!!! It’s perfect! So.. now you know what me and Johnny are having for dinner tonight! 😛

    PS I giggled at the “dirty fork” pic and comment. hahaha Oh and I also love saying balls! balls balls balls

  21. Hey, you’re getting there, it takes time to get used to something and make it a habit. I am still trying to get used to having a cell phone, work in progress.

  22. findingradiance

    Zucchini smoothie? Ewwww! LOL!

  23. You do love your balls, Biz. Ha! What a great dinner, so much veg going on there! I bet you’re pooping real good today. LOL! Thanks for all your photography tips, I’ll be a pro in no time. You crack me up!

  24. What a wonderful husband you have, he sure is a keeper (even though he is a bear fan)…hahaha!! That green monster looks really good…made one the other day and it wasn’t half bad. I would like to get one of those “Nutra Bullets advertised on tv. guess it really mixes the vegies and fruits up good. Maybe doing a smoothie a day with all the good nutrients would help in losing some weight???

    To Tony….did you see those last two pictures that Biz took…..could have sworn I saw Packer colors there…(smile, smile Green and Gold)

    • I have a shitty blender and would love a magic bullet or something. I have a gift card that I might try to get like a personal size heavy duty mixer to do smoothies – they are more enjoyable when you don’t taste grit!

  25. I love balls! I have some on my list to make soon. I have just been too lazy…lol! You’re photography tips are always the best!! I’m not a meatloaf fan either, just never have been.

  26. bummed to hear they weren’t that great! They look incredible! I hope you share the recipe when you get it perfect!

  27. I don’t like meatloaf either…I don’t know why, I just don’t!

    Sriracha makes everything better…adding that to these meatballs sounds delish!

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