Wisconsin…More than Just Farts and Beer

Tony would like to delight your Tuesday morning with a guest post.  Take it away Tony!

While watching the Packers go down in flames over the weekend (They were humiliated 31 to 45), I remembered back to the days when I lived among them.

The company I worked for wanted to open an office in Wisconsin. I was newly married (first wife) and we looked around the Sheboygan area. We settled on an idyllic home a block from Lake Michigan. In those days the lake levels were very high, so storms would claim a house or two a year. It was near a little town, and that town hated us, so we shopped in the next little town over. They seemed to enjoy our money.

I then went out among them. They seemed friendly enough, but they spoke oddly. They had a different accent that was new to me. It is now immortalized in the movie Fargo. I slowly got to know more of them. We made friends with a Chiropractor and his wife who shared my office. We learned new words like bubbler (drinking fountain) stop –n-go lights (traffic lights). We learned that if you wanted a cola you did not ask for pop, soda is the correct word. I was quite often referred to as a FIB, I suggest you look it up in the urban dictionary, as unlike Biz, I won’t use such language, my Mommy reads this!

I don’t mean this is an insult to all of the Wisconsinites, but some were a tad….slow. I actually had to call the library to prove to my secretary that Sheboygan’s name was not an Indian Chief’s reaction to having another male child.

It was a simpler life, no traffic but to my first wives horror, no Marshall Fields. The malls largest store was Sears. They did open a Wal-Mart right as we left; it was big news in town.

Parties always and I do mean always included bratwurst. I don’t mind brats, but after a while c’mon, daddy needs a friggen Italian beef! Pasta was not widely understood. I learned that ordering it was suicidal. Pizza, oh don’t get me started on the pizza. Also, my Chicago connection automatically made me a mob member. I went to a few Brewers games, and was introduced to tailgating. This is where you bring a grill and drink so much you really drunk before you get inside the stadium. Also, fires rage all around as people dropped their hot coals into trash bins. This was before they spent over $300 million to build Miller Stadium.

My son Joey was born in Sheboygan. We got out pretty quick after that, I was afraid the boy might grow slow. This could cause him to like the Packers. This is not something I could live with. Sexual orientation, hairstyles, whatever makes him happy, but I will not have a Packer fan spring for my loins!

To the Wisconsin readers…I will type very slow now…I HATE THE PACKERS!

Also, to Louise. I know the Packers utter destruction at the hands of mere children must hurt. In my house it was awesome!!

Ha – thanks Tony!  Seriously though, even though I’ve lived in Chicago pretty much my whole life, I had never been to Wisconsin before meeting Tony.  We’ve been up several times and Hannah and I even made a trip to Milwaukee when she was getting in miles practicing getting her drivers license.

And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting blog reader Mel twice – hi Mel!  Congratulations on getting engaged!

Yesterday was the first test run of my new blender!

wisconsin 001

I will eventually take the stickers off, but I thought it was funny.  I made another Almond mocha green monster.

wisconsin 002

It worked great!  The best part – having the perfect size travel mug, with a lid!  I do need to get new straws though – the plastic ones kind of never get really clean after a while.  It was nice not having to chew the apples and almonds in my smoothie!

wisconsin 004

Pinterest was the inspiration for my workout yesterday.  I decided to do the following:

no gym

I cannot do bench lifts for my life – my shoulders have no flexibility whatsoever, so I ended up doing 3 sets of 20 tricep extensions.  This surprisingly took me 20 minutes to complete, so I had to reduce the time on my next exercise to 25 minutes:


And for the last two minutes, I had the incline on 20% and the resistance at 8 – I was sweaty when I got done!

Over the weekend I made two point naan bread.  It’s really super easy, you just need to plan ahead – because it does need to rise slowly for 3 hours.

Naan Bread

makes 12 naan – each one:  107 caloires, 3.4 fat, 16 carbs, 1.6 fiber and 8.3 protein.


  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon yeast
  • pinch of baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons almond milk (you could use 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt)
  • 2/3 cup tap water
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter

Mix the flour, sugar, baking soda and yeast together.  Stir in the almond milk, tap water and olive and mix well.  Put on a floured counter and knead for about five minutes.  Let rise for 3 hours.

Using a bench scraper, separate the dough into six pieces, then in half again for 12 sections. Heat up a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat.  Brush just a touch of the dough with the melted butter, and cook each side for about 2 minutes – you’ll know it’s time to flip when you see the bubbles on the top of the bread – kind of like when you are making pancakes.

weekend1.12 005


I love the little charred marks on the naan!  I marinated some chicken breasts in a touch of olive oil, lemon juice (with the lemon rind) and some Greek seasoning and left it overnight.  It was super lemony!  I made a Greek chicken naan sandwich with carrots and apple on the side – with tzatziki sauce for dipping.

wisconsin 009

And dinner was super quick – easy to do on a weeknight – my Cincinnati chiliKim recently made it with ground turkey (and green onions!)

Mine had sliced jalapenos!

wisconsin 014

Do you notice something that might be missing there?  Kidney beans! While I leave Tony’s bean free, I always add them to mine.  Sadly, they were in the microwave and I forgot, yet I took insulin to include the beans.  I was moping the kitchen floor after dinner and I could start to feel the sweat pour down my back – my blood sugar was 48 – fudge.  So I ate a banana dipped into my granola as my “dessert.”  Crises averted!

Sadly, my jalapenos tasted like and apple – not spicy at all. Sad smile

wisconsin 017

I wanted to give a shout out to Jacky who PR’d in a polar half marathon in Chicago over the weekend – way to go!  She was home with her son who was sick yesterday – best line her son said?  “It’s kind of like your my butler for the day!”  Hope he’s feeling better today!

Alright kiddos, you know the drill, off to put my shit together – I have black bean and roasted red pepper breakfast wontons on tap for breakfast – be sure to come back tomorrow for the recipe. Open-mouthed smile



44 thoughts on “Wisconsin…More than Just Farts and Beer

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m ready for more Cinn Chili 😉 and Naan! I love that stuff, and it seems easier to make than I realized.

    • It freezes well too. I lay them on a cookie sheet until they are frozen, then toss them in a ziploc. They can usually thaw in my lunch bag by lunch. 😀

  2. hahahha- Love when Tony posts. Yayy for the individualized cup. That is why I adore the magic bullet- just perfect. I used to hate beans when I was little. I’d pick every single one out of my Mom’s chili. Now they’re one of my favorite foods. Funny how things change

  3. Those workouts look awesome! I have totally been taking it easy this winter. My hubby is sick and I know that when I work out hard, I am much more susceptible to it. So I’m on the “very light workout” and “no alcohol” and “as much sleep as I can get” and “Emergen-C daily” train. Last thing I need is a sick baby.

  4. Thanks for the shout out, still pretty happy about the new PR. And that Finn he is a hoot, Dad is on butler duty today. Speaking of hoots, love Tony’s guest posts. Looking forward to tomorrow’s recipe, I have some wonton cups that need to be used.

  5. Tony- Your first mistake was moving to Sheboygan. Every weird thing in WI happens in Sheboygan!

  6. Tony needs his own blog. Glad my 49ers could kick some Packers butt!

  7. My In Laws are all Packers fans, but not from Wisconsin 🙂 I am cheering for the 49ers the rest of the way for sure.

  8. The reason I don’t attempt to make bread (other than being afraid I’ll just make a mess) is that I rarely eat bread. I do make an exception when we go to an Indian restaurant though. I always eat the naan bread. It is the best!

  9. Being from Green Bay myself, this made me laugh. Although I grew up saying “pop” and am not a huge fan of bratwurst. Although I am a Packer fan! HA! And as much as the word FIB is used (especially in the tourism industry in Door County), I just adore Chicago. And I think the “slowness” is probably more small-town than it is Wisconsin in general. Too funny!

    Thanks for the recipes. I didn’t know I could make my own Naan. And I want to eat your pictures today!


    • Thanks Carrie – and tell your husband I appreciated his burger run down for the best burgers in Minneapolis – I loved it!
      (and the fact that you guys like beer OTHER than Miller Lite – Tony I am looking at you!)

  10. Thank you for sharing the naan recipe. Do you think it could be made with all or part whole wheat flour? A friend of mine makes pizzas with the store bought naan.

  11. love these pinterest workouts you’ve been posting!

  12. Hi Tony! Just the title of this made me laugh out loud! Love it!

  13. I HATE THE PACKERS! Aaron Rodgers looked like a wittle bitty baby the other night. Watching him pout on the sidelines made me laugh my azz off. I’m a horrible person. 🙂

    Love that you love your new blender. Since our blender died a few months ago, I have been using my food processor to make smoothies. It works, but is definitely not ideal. Might have to upgrade if you keep posting on how well it works!

  14. I want to eat at your house! YUM!

  15. Tony, Tony, Tony….everytime I read your post I crack up 😀 You make Wisconsin people sound like aliens….when you lived “among them” but I think you moved to the wrong place in WI!! Appleton is another story, we have everything your little ♥ would desire even great Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago Style Hot dogs, Macy’s and the Fox River Mall, oh and LOT’S of traffic to make you feel like your in Chicago 🙂

    We left the “rat race” of Chicago to “slow down” a bit and smell the roses 🙂 We’ve been in WI longer then we lived in Chicago and we were born there (uge).

    As for the Packers…..did you know the Packers have appeared in the Super Bowl 5 times and won 4???? Your little bears have appeared in the Super Bowl 2 times and won ONCE !!! HA!! I’d rather be a GREEN BAY PACKER FAN……..GO PACK GO!!

    And remember there is ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!!!

    Biz…..that smoothie looks great shall have to try it for sure and the naan bread is another thing on my list to try!!

    • Thanks for this comment Louise – I can’t wait to see how Tony retorts!

    • Appleton? Yesh you did give up! I suppose you and the hubby enjoy relaxing weekends at the Hearthstone House Museum…yawn. I guess you gave up, now it’s sweatpants and day trips to historic Kaukauna? This explains your love for the packers, to you they seem exciting.

  16. I think Tony should have his own blog…so I can never accidentally read what he wrote like I did today. Lowest point of my day, by far.

  17. Dang woman, you have been killing it with all of your workouts! Way to go!! The last pic I saw of you, you were looking great! Hard work is showing! I was waiting for this naan bread recipe! yipee!

  18. We have a Sheboygan in MI too. I loved the description of the slow peeps…lol! I can’t wait to try the Naan bread. It looks so good. The Greek chicken sounds yummy!

  19. Hey, Tony forgot frozen custard. My partner is from Milwaukee and she isn’t slow or weird and she is of course a HUGE packers fan. I tailgated for the first time at Miller stadium 2yrs ago, it was cool.

  20. I’m really happy, as a 9er fan, to read about Tony’s stance on the Packers. Just sayin’

  21. Weighting For 50

    Tony? Hilarious! Vat? Please sent Naan! 🙂

  22. LOL, Tony! Love that he typed real slow for the Wisconsin-ites. 🙂 I have a friend that moved to Wisconsin and they LOVE their Packers and I do know that accent, I just hope she can keep from picking it up. I might just have to send her here for a laugh. Your blender is the sauce! and so is your naan! I just love naan, you make it sound so easy.

  23. Hi Tony! I’m from Milwaukee. Oh yes, your wife has a blog friend from Wisconsin.

    Now, all those stereotypes aside, there are rural Wisconsinites exactly like how you describe. But people in Milwaukee and other urban areas like Madison don’t really fit your description. We are a different demographic and don’t even have the same political affiliations as them. Most importantly, it’s sort of *your own fault, Tony* that you chose to live in a super annoying rural area of Wisconsin instead of a better urban area of Wisconsin. Bad bad choice.

    Next blog topic for you: How Chicago people drive. Our family really loves going to Chicago to shop at the huge Korean grocery store and to eat Pho soup, but we’ve experienced that too many Chicago people drive like they’re on crack.

    🙂 Marion

    • I was totally hoping you would chime in on this Marion – thanks! 😀

      • Hi Biz,

        Teen daughter wanted me to remind Tony that if people don’t fart, they explode. So up in Milwaukee, we’ve been waiting for people down in Illinois to start exploding, but it hasn’t been happening! So logically, that means…. 😀

  24. I totally missed this Biz, I’m behind a few days! Thank you for the shout out and congrats! J and I are thinking of coming down your way soon, I think we should get together since I haven’t seen you in forever!! 🙂

    And tell Tony not all of us in Wisconsin are bad or Packers fans. He just moved to the worst city in the state. One radio station here even has a a regular feature about how backwards Sheboygan is. Have him come up by us, it’s not so bad, and we don’t talk like we are from Fargo either! 😀 and I promise, we won’t eat any brats either!

  25. Ha, Tom’s post was great and he should really get his own blog. 🙂

    I need to go ask Marion what FIB means and if she really is that slow…

    Can you really put raw almonds (unsoaked) in the Magic Bullet?

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