Swimming Envy

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this almond mocha green monster.  I thought I would miss chewing my breakfast, but this is so delicious and filling I could literally drink one of these every day.  And I like the fact that it takes me my 30 minute drive to work to drink it.

frice 003

And I don’t even mind that it’s cold outside to drink it. Open-mouthed smile  It’s been chilly, but it’s blue skies, so you won’t get any complaints from me.  I still don’t wear a winter coat though.  I warm up the car before I leave and I am not really outside too much. Thumbs up

I’ve been a bit sore the last couple days – nothing terrible, but certain muscles I am hitting now with strength training are screaming back a bit.  I decided to swim because that always loosens me up.  I swam for 30 minutes without stopping – it’s a great all body workout.

There were two other women in the swim lanes next to me.  They were beautiful swimmers.  They seemed to glide through the water while it looked like I was just trying to keep my head above water.  They easily lapped me over and over again – and when my head was under water, I realized one of the swimmers had a float between her legs and was only using her upper body strength!

Long time readers know that my grandma tried to have me join the swim team in high school, even though at that time I REALLY couldn’t swim.  She even went so far as to call the swim coach to ask if her granddaughter could join the team if I couldn’t swim.  Obviously the answer was no – and the swim coach ended up being my homeroom teacher and when he realized it was me that the woman was talking about, never let me forget the fact that my grandma tried to get her non-swimming granddaughter on the swim team. Open-mouthed smile

Which is why I ended up playing field hockey, indoor track, outdoor track and softball – there wasn’t any time to learn how to swim better!



Lunch is one of my bosses favorites – chicken tikka masala.  I ended up marinating the meat overnight, and then making the rice and cooking the chicken before work.  When I went to grab my ingredients, I realized I only had one small can of tomato sauce and it calls for two.  I ended up subbing in one cup of chicken broth and it turned out delicious. 

The other day when I said my jalapeno tasted to mild it could have been an apple?  Um, this one was supa spicy.  But with the combination of the rice and broccoli, it may have made our noses run a bit, but totally delicious.

frice 004

I knew I’d have plenty of leftover cold rice, so Tony had dinner duty last night.  He actually did me a favor yesterday – I realized one of the grocery stores I go to for awesome meat sales had a chicken breast sale that was ending yesterday – he ended up getting a 10 pound bag of chicken for $14.23!

frice 010

The sell by date is the 19th, so tonight I’ll portion it out and freeze it.  Thanks Tony!

So he ended up making us chicken fried rice – it’s so good, and while he gave me this giant bowl just for me, we both had plenty of leftovers.

frice 016

I am off to make my bosses breakfast – a breakfast baked potato, while I make another green monster for myself. Open-mouthed smile

I saw this picture on facebook yesterday – too cute!

cutest baby

Make it a great day!  I plan on running today at lunch. Open-mouthed smile



27 thoughts on “Swimming Envy

  1. I can admit to not wearing a “proper” winter coat a couple of winters but I realized if my vehicle ever broke down I may want some warmth on a frigid day. Do you have a coat in the car for emergencies?

    • I’m with you John. I keep a jacket and a pair of sneakers/socks in the trunk of my car at all times. I figure one of these days I’ll break down when I have my high heels on and may need to walk to get help!

      • Thank you John and Helen for your concern – I do have a coat in the trunk, just in case. I just think its a hassle if I am just going from my house to work and back. 😀

  2. I love that your bosses are using you, instead of take-out, for their meals. I hope you’re making a little money off of that.

    I may need to steal that motivation quote. Love it!

  3. I love getting good deals on food like that! Last night I was grocery shopping and came across a huge tub of lettuce that had a dollar off coupon because it’s use by date is in two days. Score!!

  4. Awww . . . the 1986 picture is adorable! 🙂 Isn’t it crazy how different jalapenos can be? I’ve tried all sorts of ideas when picking them out (I like them to be spicy!): small versus large, darker versus lighter, “stretch marks” versus none. I haven’t found a system that consistently works yet.

  5. oh my gosh! That last picture melts my heart (and makes me want to get a puppy….which my husband wants to do anyways). Yayy for a little spice. I kind of love when a dish makes my nose run…weird? Maybe. I need to get back in the pool- its been far too long

  6. We love tikka masala and I’m saving this recipe even though I probably won’t make it until we can’t afford a monthly trip to an Indian restaurant. Then, I’ll be trying it out. Thanks, Biz. 🙂

  7. You know what? I *love* it when you post about things you don’t get sick of and show them again and again. Why? Because then it makes me try them eventually! I think, “If she keeps making/eating that, it’s got to be good!”

    I’ve been eyeing that mocha almond smoothie for a while now.

    I made that lasagna soup you kept showing for a soup challenge and it took second place. So yummy!

    In other words, thank you!

  8. Right there with ya with the old. This year is my 25th HS reunion.
    That pic of the puppies and babies – adorable!

    I should try some green smoothies soon.

    Yeah, I am not a fast swimmer. I’m short, and I have short legs and arms. I have gotten better, but still slow. The first year I did the triathlon, I used every opportunity to swim in the ocean, including doing these Thursday morning swims with a small group. Our coach, who is a swimmer, would swim out with me. There would be a fast group and me. She would just effortlessly swim back and forth from them to me and back again, and we were a good 1-2 buoys apart (100 to 200 yds).

  9. I can float, but I can’t swim. Not properly anyway.
    Isn’t it so weird how the heat from one pepper to another can vary so much?
    Make it a great day, Biz!

  10. I never would have thought about putting whole almonds into a smoothie – I have to admit, you are making that green monster look pretty good!

    I know what you mean about swimming envy – I never got the strokes down very good…but hey, at least we’re doing it, right??? LO-freaking-L on your grandma trying to get you on the swim team – there’s nothing better than having someone in your life who believes in you!!!

  11. LOL…about your grandma. My swim teacher told me a story about how her own mom used to drop her off at the swimming pool when she was younger even though she didn’t know how to swim. Strangely enough, that was how she learned how to swim!

    So jealous of your cheap chicken!!!!

  12. I don’t care for swimming that much. When I did my triathlon, that was the leg I was worried about the most. Good thing it was first and I got it over with LOL! I just like to paddle around in the water and not really swim.

    I wish my tummy did better the the green smoothies, although in the winter, not too appealing! Maybe if we weren’t so cheap and kept our house warmer…

  13. What an adorable picture! I had to pin it to my board!

  14. I’m not a good swimmer and I don’t really like the water! Cute photo of you! it’s so much fun to look back at those years!

    I do love green smoothies and I think they are addictive! Once you start having them it’s hard to stop. It’s a good thing. 🙂

  15. you and my husband have the same stance on coats. it will be 0 degrees outside and he’ll mosey outside in a short sleeved shirt! he says the same thing, why wear a coat when i’ll be walking straight inside, haha!

    i should really try swimming, my back’s been giving me trouble, that might really help.

    too much cuteness with that pic!

  16. Haha, you are NOT old. I graduated from college in 1986. Um, yeah…

  17. Biz, I do not know how you don’t wear a winter coat…Lol!! Crazy girl!! I graduated the same year as you Biz 🙂 And I know our kids are close, if not the same age too. I love swimming, that is one thing about winter I miss. I could go use the high school pool but, I feel so white….hee hee!! If I could have it alone I’d be much happier!

  18. We are having green smoothies for breakfast, too. In fact, a bit “too green” for the kid. He said the other day that he had lost his appetite for the entire day. But we found a combo he likes a lot (banana, frozen mango pieces, spinach, and carrot).

    I think I remember the high school swimming story. Too funny. It’s great that you are swimming! I’m not doing it enough!

  19. I love your green smoothie recipe. I need to get on that wagon 🙂
    You were too cute in HS. I wish I had an indoor pool because it would be a relaxing workout for me I think.

  20. I’m a very good swimmer, i’ve had swimming lessons for years when I was a kid because I loved it. These days not so much anymore but still good at it.

    In Holland all children learn to swim when they are 4 or 5 years old, there aren’t many people here that can’t swim.

  21. Your Grandma sounds awesome! I should break out my blender and try my hand at some smoothies, not sure how I will like the texture but I can give it a try.

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