Sometimes I hate having the sugars.

A few years ago Tony and I saw a stand-up comic.  He said he went to the doctor and found out he had diabetes.  He called his mother and said “Momma, I have some bad news.  I have diabetes.”  The Mom reacted “What do you have?!” 

He said “Momma, I gots the sugars!”  And the Mom cried “Oh no!”  Ever since then, Tony and I refer to my diabetes as “having the sugars.” 

Yesterday I did more moving of boxes and files – for about an hour, hour and a half.  Towards the end of my project I could feel some sweat start to bead on my temple.  I thought “wow, I am really working hard!”  Nope, my blood sugar was dropping.  I checked it and it was 74.  I ate an orange.  That only got it up to 85, and I knew right then that I wasn’t going to be able to go the the gym. Sad smile

I had a delicious breakfast though – hot coffee in on the left, green monster on the right. Can you see the snow?  We got our first dusting of snow yesterday – we might have 1/2 an inch maybe?

coffee 003

I ended up having leftover tacos for lunch – although I have to say, not a huge fan of corn tortillas when they aren’t fried.  I ended up eating the insides because the corn tortillas were too dry – even doused in Tabasco!

coffee 006

What you don’t see in this picture?  All the fricken tortilla chips I ate.  I had the bag on my desk and kept reaching my hand in the bag, scooping up some rice, putting hot sauce on it and repeat – about a dozen times.  Gah!  When will I learn that salty snacks are my kryptonite?!

When Tony bought chicken breasts for me last week, I portioned them out in 1/2 chicken breast sizes – Tony and I are now splitting a serving of meat that I would have made for both of us.  I cut this breast in half.  Dipped it in egg whites, some seasoned bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese, then Pam/1 pat of butter fried it.  Tony had buttered noodles on the side (lately he’s had an aversion to red sauce – wtf?!) I had pasta sauce and spinach mixed with my noodles.

coffee 014

I loved reading about some songs that get you pumped up in yesterday’s post – several of them I’ve never heard of before.  But Jenn talked about a song that I actually was going to mention today – it’s completely crazy that I like this song, but I do.  Maybe because I am a thrift store whore?  I actually can’t remember the last time I bought any piece of clothing retail.

Can you shop at thrift stores, or are you like Tony and think all the clothes have been peed on, and donated after people die?

Be careful – there is bad language in this song – so Aimee, tell Carlos to go in the other room please. Open-mouthed smile


I have a spinach and goat cheese quiche in the oven – I ended up using plain Greek yogurt in it – I’ll let you know tomorrow if it turns out!

Make it a great day!  It’s going to be fucking awesome. Open-mouthed smile  (I promise you’ll be singing that song above all day!)  You’re welcome.

46 thoughts on “Sometimes I hate having the sugars.

  1. Much better video today. Except for socks and underwear I have no problem wearing second hand clothes….once I wash them. I mean we’ve all pissed our pants at one time in our life….most when we were REALLY young but some not so young 🙂

  2. Mmmm quiche! Bummer about the blood sugar :(-glad you recognized it. Tortilla chips are my major downfall too

  3. Sorry about the blood sugar – that’s gotta be frustrating at times. That chicken looks delicious!! I buy my chicken at BJ’s and have been splitting them in half for about 6 months or so and it’s worked out really well. I really haven’t missed it at all!

  4. That song was great! Makes me want to go thrifting right now. 🙂 My downfall is sugar, I love me some ice cream, cake, cookies, heck even dates will do. Maybe you could try some kale chips instead of tortilla. I made some once and they weren’t half bad. Have a great day!

  5. Chips are my krytonite too. Can’t stop eating themonce I start. Please post the goat cheese spinage quiche recipe. Sounds good!
    And I love thrift shopping. I think I’m a pretty good picker. I find some really good stuff. But, our Goodwill has really raised their prices over the past few years. No more great bargains. But I still find awesome deals at rummage sales.

    • Wendy you will love it – it’s kind of like a green monster quiche – only 197 calories for 1/2 of the pie – winning! I’ll post it tomorrow. My bosses loved it too!

  6. This is one of my favorite songs!!! I listen to it just about every day. I love the phrase “pop some tags” – I say it constantly 😀 Macklemore is a genius.

  7. pullingmyownweight

    I am a thrift store junkie! I HATE paying retail prices, especially for clothes! Buy used and save the difference!

  8. I love wearing dead peoples clothes that have been peed on! That’s pretty much all we wear around here. Sorry, I’m not a fan of swearing so I didn’t listen to the song. 😦 But I’m going to go back to yesterdays post and get ideas for songs!

    Salty snacks are the devil, aren’t they?!

  9. I’ll have to watch/listen to the video later today–I’m at work and don’t think that would go over well in front of the kiddos. 😉

    I’m very curious to hear about the quiche. I’d love to learn how to make a lightened up version using spinach and greek yogurt, and of course, I’m obsessed with goat cheese.

  10. Salty snacks are my kryptonite, too!

  11. I LOVE the thrift store song! My friend showed it to me the other day. Hysterical! However, I adore thrift store shopping and the majority of my clothes come from them. 🙂

    My sister and her boyfriend have “the sugars” too…unfortunately and terribly sadly neither one of them do anything about it though.

  12. My go-to song right now is, “Try” off Pink’s latest CD.

  13. I totally hear you about the sugars. I gots the sugars too, and the last couple weeks, they have been great, but have a tendency to drop between meals. I find that I have to eat more often to keep my sugars up, but I don’t want to eat that often because half the time I am eating when I’m not hungry. Gah!

  14. OMG – seriously hilarious video! Thirft store stuff is awesome, but most times I have no patience, nor can I do with a toddler pulling me in every direction to actually go through the racks. I’m adding this to my playlist – it’ll remind me of you when I run! 😀

    • Ha – do it! Yep, thrifting with little ones is no fun – just wait until your son is older and give him a few bucks and tell him to see how many things he can get for it! 😀

  15. Ty for the heads up. Carlos is at school. That was freaking hysterical. I particularly love the footsie pajamas. We have a special diagnosis for patients who wear their footsie pajamas on the unit.

    I hate that you have the sugars too, but I’m so proud of how attentive you are to your blood sugar. I wish more diabetics were like you.

    Thanks for making my day F’ing awesome!!

  16. That’s so funny, I heard that song for the first time a few days ago and it instantly caught my attention and then I heard it on the radio yesterday on the way home from the grocery store and I turned it UP! lol

    You are so good about listening to your body when it comes to diabetes…you’ve got it under control girl! Be proud!

    Oh if only we could erase those behaviors that don’t serve us well..but alas, we are only human. Dust yourself off and move forward…always. 🙂

  17. Gosh…I would hate having “the sugars” as well, but from reading your posts it seems like you do so well with it! Hang in there:)

  18. I am wearing a lovely sweater from goodwill right now, shoes too! haha I am a salty snack addict too, and Tom is always buying them.

  19. I can’t imagine having to monitor my food intake the way you do! you manage to make a huge inconvenience look easy!

  20. That’s funny how you guys came up with ‘having the sugars’…tee hee! 😉 I don’t like corn tortillas either and for the same reason. I haven’t had them fried though…sounds like that would be better! I’m a total sucker for salty snacks too. I liked that song, it’s got a good beat and some of the lyrics were quite funny. I might have to post it on facebook 🙂

  21. findingradiance

    I love thrifting! You know Biz – you do a good job taking care of yourself. One of the accounts I work on is an endocrine account and it is scary, scary, scary how some of the people with diabetes refuse to change their diet or even take their insulin regularly because they don’t feel like it. I just want to shake them!

    My great grandmother had diabetes. It was common to call it Sugar. She would say “I have Sugar.”

  22. Just had to say that my fiancé and I could easily be you and Tony in so many ways! I love thrift stores while he loathes them. You made my day with that video ~ that’s why I love your blog. You never know what’s coming next. Coffee and My Bizzy Kitchen ~ great way to start the day!!!

  23. In college, 90% of my wardrobe came from thrift shops. We just loved it! Now I’m not patient enough to dig long enough to find the gems.

  24. I like to browse thrift stores for books and such but I just can’t buy clothes there. I’m like Tony – I just can’t.

  25. I totally shop the thrift store grizzle! I do buy stuff brand new but only if it’s significantly reduced on sale, otherwise, thrift store all the way. Cuz I only got $20 in my pocket!

  26. BTW I sometimes hate having the sugars too! It’s a good thing you feel it when you’re low–I feel bad for those who don’t!

  27. OMG – TGIF – I’m going freaking thrift shoppin today! Hilarious!

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