A Love Story… by Tony

When I was a younger man I fell in love with a taco. Not just any taco, but the Jack in the box taco. Greasy, crispy and devoid of any nutritional value. That hot little goodness laid on top of any alcohol that I had consumed like a trusted blanket. The local Jack in the Box was a place for everyone to go for food, fights and fun. It was open later than other places and it was a natural gathering place for those of us intent on wasting our youth.

In those days I was very active. Sports, mostly pickup games were common. Food for me was just something I needed to keep this machine running. I looked for mainly speed and volume. The local Chinese buffet feared me, I was amazing. In my memory this taco was the only thing I treated like a lovely women. I caressed it as I ate it.

Years passed, Jack in the box left Illinois. I forgot about my beautiful taco. I moved on. My palette now enjoyed sushi, and other expensive and exotic foods. I became friends with a guy who moved to Chicago from California. If you know anyone who has moved from anywhere on the west coast to Chicago, you will hear this every other day. “It never gets this (enter any of the following here ((cold, windy, rainy, snowy etc.)) in California”. Yesh, give it a rest. California has several issues. Firstly, people form California live there. Lots of them, far too many of them. Also they all own cars. They drive these cars everywhere and traffic sucks. They don’t have a good mass transit system, so anywhere you want to go takes hours.

So my friend did what all Californians do, he moved back to California. He invited me for a visit. I met his friends, a great group of folks. We had lots of fun going out to different eating and drinking establishments. One night after being over served I went with one of the gang to get something to eat. That’s when it happened! I saw her again, my first love. We stopped at Jack in the Box, and wham. I ate a taco. It was like being in the back seat again with and old girlfriend. She knows just where and how you like to be touched. That taco had me at the first drop of grease dripping from my hand. I had forgotten you, and I wouldn’t do that again! I traveled a lot in those days, and I always looked for the sign. The beautiful sign that always meant hey, I’m here and I miss you. That round headed, smiley face sign.

One day, I was listening to the radio. The DJ was a huge fan of the taco. In fact he would drive to the nearest JITB location and buy 50 of the taco’s, freeze them and fry them as required. It was then, my world was rocked! Burger King had a knock off of the JITB taco…Huh. This was a revelation! I drove quick as I could to the nearest Burger King. There it was, on the drive through menu. two tacos for a buck. Give me 20!! They were awesome. Just like the JITB, greasy and wonderful. I then took Biz, and to my amazement she loved it too. I don’t think it was sexual for her, but she really liked it! Oh boy, both of my loves in one place…It was bliss. In what can only be known as a marketing guffaw, Burger King no longer sells the tacos. I have calls and emails into all BK execs in an attempt to rethink this horrible mistake.

While perusing the internet I found a copycat recipe. We made them and it was pretty darn good. Not JITB quality, but in a pinch they were fine. The other day Biz calls me and says she has a taste for my much loved taco. Hurray I squealed, taco night. I should have known better. I should have gotten involved, but I trusted her. She did not follow the recipe. Utter disappointment. I was crushed. She made a healthy version; she put beans in my darling taco. WHY, WHY do this horrible thing?

I will make the tacos this weekend. I will follow the recipe to the letter. I am not sure if I will share them with Biz. I will have to see if she can earn them!

Here she is in all her glory! Simply beautiful!!

Here is as link to the recipe:



Thank you Tony, for this guest post and for the record, you can make me tacos any day of the week! Open-mouthed smile

So my breakfast yesterday was amazeballs.  I like to think of it as a Green Monster Quiche!

Green Monster Quiche

  • makes 4 servings: 197 calories, 9.3 fat, 8.2 carbs, 1.3 fiber and 19 protein


  • 1 cup liquid egg whites
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 container plain Chobani
  • 4  cups baby spinach
  • 4 ounces baked potato
  • 1 ounce cheddar cheese
  • 1 ounce goat cheese
  • salt and pepper
  • pinch of crushed red pepper

Slice the potato in rounds and cover the bottom of your pie pan.  Put everything else but the cheese in a blender (I used my smoothie maker!) and process.  Pour into pie pan over potatoes.  I have one boss who loves goat cheese and another who hates it, so I put 1 ounce of cheddar cheese on one side, and 1 ounce of goat cheese on the other.

I normally bake my quiches for 45 minutes at 350, but I didn’t have that much time, so this cooked in 30 minutes at 400.  It was a win because it was breakfast for me and my one boss, and lunch for my other boss, and I still have one slice left for my breakfast today. Open-mouthed smile

gm quiche 004

I had the goat cheese slice.

gm quiche 001 copy

I will definitely be making this one again.  Open-mouthed smile  I had a cup of cantaloupe on the side.

Since I was still moving shit around my office, I didn’t want to run the risk of having low blood sugar I ended up not taking any insulin at breakfast and that worked – my blood sugar was 230 before working out.

I ended up doing the Stair Master and the “fat burn” setting.  In 35 minutes I did 110 floors, or 2.3 miles.  I was a sweaty mess.

stair master

Here is a picture of me before working out:  Not too bad!

me before workout

But then the shirt comes off and you see my belly. Sad smile

my belly

It’s hard to hide the belly with no shirt on! Open-mouthed smile  But that’s the body I have today and it let’s me do amazing things, so I am grateful for that.

Lunch was leftover chili with baby carrots and ff ranch dip.

    gm quiche 008  gm quiche 010

gm quiche 011

Thursday nights have become “spin the 50% off meat bin.”  Normally I meal plan over the weekend – for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and usually by Thursday I’ve just run out of ideas.

I lucked out on two counts – first off, I got a 2 pound block of Vermont cheddar cheese for $4.99!  Rhonda, can you believe it?


And they had pork shoulder blade steaks on sale – I got this package at 50% off the lowest price, so it was $1.33 for two pork steaks. Open-mouthed smile


If you’ve never had this cut of pork before, look for it.  It’s super thin, so it cooks up in no time.  I just seasoned it with salt and pepper and some Greek seasoning and cooked it up on our indoor grill pan.

gm quiche 016

And a twice baked potato with that delicious cheese:

gm quiche 013

I ended up eating half the pork chop, and our dog got the rest with the bone.

Today is souper Friday!  I ended up making Iowa Girl’s Black Bean Soup, but I am adding smoked sausage to mine.  On the side I also made her cilantro rice to go with the soup.  Should be a delicious lunch Open-mouthed smile

We got a couple inches of snow over night so I am off to scrape off my car.  Happy Friday – we made it!  Make it a great day!

45 thoughts on “A Love Story… by Tony

  1. For a minute, I thought you had a Jack in the Box up your way. I almost grabbed my car keys but then I read on. When we were newly weds, my husband was transferred to La Jolla, California. Lovely place, boring weather (who wants endless sunshine?) and Jack in the Box. Oh how I miss Jack in the Box!!


  2. Great story, Tony!

    Have a great weekend, Biz & Tony, and enjoy the tacos! 🙂

  3. Awesome sounding quiche recipe! It sure looks like a delicious meal. 🙂 If you’re ever looking for more ways to cook w/ Chobani, make sure to check out our Chobani Kitchen site which is loaded with easy, nutritious recipes! -> http://chobani.com/kitchen/just-add-good/


  4. “I am not sure if I will share them with Biz. I will have to see if she can earn them!” THAT was funny, almost spit my coffee out.

    Biz, the quiche looks great! Great job on all the workouts. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Jacky – you too! We are supposed to get a “wintery” mix on Sunday night, hopefully it’s not too bad. The little snow we had today made an awful commute for some of my co-workers who drive in on I-90 – over two hours!

  5. Wow that quiche looks absolutely amazing……..!

  6. Your quiche looks great and I love how you made the portions literally work for you, ca-ching!$!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Ha! As a native Californian living in NJ for the past 2.5 years, I can definitely say I’m moving back! But the issue is not all of the Californians – most people that live there are from other states – they come for college or a job and then never leave. But it’s true its crowded, although not nearly as bad in Northern CA (where I’m from) vs LA. I always loved those tacos (“dog meat tacos” we call them) but haven’t had one in years.

    Biz, your food pics look extra sharp today!

  8. I love California. I couldn’t wait to move back( from Ontario, Canada). We have a JITB down the street and they always mail out coupons. They send coupons for 2 free tacos with any purchase, but I’ve never tried them because I don’t eat beef.

  9. Tony cracks me up! When I was young and left my house for more than ten minutes, I used to hit the late-night Taco Bell drive-thru for an extra spicy bean burrito. Bliss! I had one a few years ago and it wasn’t the same 😦 I guess nothing tastes as good if you aren’t hammered and out at the butt-crack of night?

    • This is true – nothing tastes better after a night of drinking. One time in college (sorry Mom!) I got drunk and someone brought in subs. I loved it! It wasn’t until I got to the last bite that I realized it was chock full of onions, mayo and tomatoes – I nearly threw up!

  10. Okay–the quiche recipe looks incredible! Think I could swap sweet potatoes for the baked potatoes? I’m pinning this to come back to later. 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  11. MSG and lack of beef….now I understand how they are able to make a profit at $0.50 apiece. I never had one before, but don’t doubt that they are delicious. We even have a JITB within walking distance of our house, but my drug of choice there is the Sourdough Jack and Curly Fries. Though I don’t remember the last time I had that either…

    Enjoy the tacos! I hope they are everything Mr. Bizmoto remembers and more! 🙂

    Have a great weekend, you two!

  12. Every state has their pros and cons for sure. I think we all have a vision of what various states look like or are. What people don’t realize is much of California is small towns and farms. People think of San Francisco, L.A. & San Diego. Granted L.A. is a beast but where I live there are about 130,000 people. Big enough to have good stores, small enough to run into people you know. I love it here, my husband and kids and I are such beach people we would literally be a fish out of water anywhere else 🙂

    I’ve also lived through many earthquakes and truth be told they weren’t that bad, but then again there’s still time………………

  13. I had to do a double take to make sure it was not Tom that wrote that beginning part, seriously, he LOVES JITB tacos. I admit that I have actually craved them now and again as well. They are hangover crack for sure. You guys have a great weekend!

  14. I about died laughing reading that. I understand the love for JITB tacos(maybe not the sexual part but I do love them lol). I don’t think all of Cali is that bad. I live in the San Joaquin Valley in a tiny little town. The whole place pretty much shuts down at 8. 10 on weekends. I would never want to live in a big city. Not permanently anyways 🙂 Love this post and your whole blog. Thanks 🙂

    • Aw, thanks Abigail – I am sure there are dozens of great cities in CA – I’ve never even BEEN to California! So now we know Tony doesn’t like Wisconsin or California, I wonder what other states he’s shunned? 😀

  15. Funny blog today about your love affair for JITB tacos Tony, you never fail to make me smile 🙂 and even chuckle here and there even though you are a “bear fan”….lol! Checked out the recipe for your taco…….lots of sodium, how many did you eat at a time???

    Your pictures look great and that “Green Monster Quiche” looks really yummy. Checked out the site for Chobani recipes, oh yum there too, printed off 7 recipes to try…..thank you Chobani.

  16. The mainstay of my diet would be tacos if I lived close to Taco Bell or someone else with inexpensive tacos. Closest one is 45 miles away though 😦

    • That’s what I say about Long John Silvers – I could eat their chicken planks and hush puppies every day and never get sick of them – but lucky for me the closest one is 50 miles away! You are going strong staying away from fast food John – keep it up!

  17. LOL! This post cracked me up. I love Tony’s story. The best tacos I ever had were the street tacos in the small Mexican town I lived in during a semester abroad. The guy who ran the stand would set his roast out on the spit in the morning and there it would slow roast all day until early evening when he opened. Then he would shave the meat. The tacos were simple, shaved meat, freshly made corn tortillas, raw onions (or not if you preferred) and lime juice drizzled on top. Amazing!!! I don’t eat meat anymore, but I am drooling just thinking about them.

    I thought of you today while reading Young House Love. If you don’t read it you have to check this out because they are huge thrifters: http://www.younghouselove.com/2013/01/our-completely-unofficial-macklemore-thrift-shop-challenge/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+YoungHouseLove+%28Young+House+Love%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

    You are too funny showing your belly! I know what you mean though. We need to love the skin we’re in. Have an awesome weekend Biz!!

    • I always wonder how super popular blogs are under my radar for so long – I loved checking out that link – thanks Aimee! Have a great weekend too – hope work isn’t too busy for you!

  18. “It was like being in the back seat again with and old girlfriend. She knows just where and how you like to be touched.” HYSTERICAL!! Love you, Tony. I’ve never had a fried taco, and now I’m bummed I didn’t try them when they were at BK. I’d never had JITB tacos so for BK to have a taco just seemed absurd to me. Pretty sure you can blame the entire midwest for the failing of the BK taco-we just didn’t get it. Sorry Biz let you down, it’s a common failing among healthy eaters to healthify dishes! You totally should know that by now, so shame on you. 😉 And Biz, you are awesome. Thank you for being thankful for the body you have, even if it doesn’t look as good as you wish it did. It’s a great attitude to have and I wish more women did, myself included.

    • Thanks for the comment V! I actually had a dream that there was a Burger King commercial that said “tacos are back!” Crazy! Enjoy your weekend with Dennis!

  19. Hi, Biz.
    Long time, no comment, but I’ve been reading you religiously for years now. Anyhow, it’s Miss Mel and my old blog Crave is over on your list of blogs that you follow. I also feel bad, because you left me a few comments saying “where the hell are you?” last year.

    So—two things, first of all, Tony’s story is engaging, funny, and tender;I loved it. I do live in California, so I get it; I also live within a stone’s throw of Jack in the Box, or as we call it, Jack in the Crack.

    Second, my new blog, “You Had Me at Butter,” is up and slowly moving along. Come visit me at http://www.buttermelup.blogspot.com

    Next week, it’s spicy hot Louisiana recipes all week as I pay homage to my home town.


  20. Yippee! I always wonder what happens to people and I am a worrier – glad you are alive and well! I’ll update my blog roll and look forward to catching up with you!! Hugs! And of course, you had me at spicy hot Louisiana recipes!!

  21. haha! love the story, awesome! i remember my first JITB taco too, great memories.

    the pork looks amazeballs! 🙂

  22. Oh Tony, you crack me up. But there has got to be a dirty joke or 10 about being in love with a taco…I’m just too tired to think of them right now.

  23. My brother was in California for about 4 years so I heard about the JITB tacos a lot. Then my parents started visiting him and I heard about it more. Now he’s off sailing and I have no JITB reason, but I still think about them. They’re like some forbidden fruit that everybody but me has tasted. I got all super pumped when I thought BK had them.. then read on and got bummed twice through. Double fail on TJIB taco hunt.. maybe I’ll try the recipe if Tony gives it his approval!

  24. […] was the cheddar cheese side of my Green Monster quiche – so good!  Tony still says it looks like ass, but he won’t taste it.  My boss LOVED […]

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