Play 60 Challenge

This is one of Tony’s favorite commercials.  Every time it comes on, he has to watch it to the end.


It got me thinking that this Play 60 might be a good challenge for me for the month of February.  If nothing else, it will get me active over the weekends.  While housework is moving, it’s not all that challenging!

I normally work out at least 45 minutes during the week, so I don’t think it will be too hard to find 15 more minutes to move. 

Anyone want to join my challenge?  Leave me a comment and let me know you are in.  For everyone who meets the challenge, you will have the opportunity to win a case of my baja fresh salsa!  (12, four ounce jars).

Yesterday I had what I am calling a breafkast crostini – 2 ounces of my homemade bread toasted, then spread with 1 tablespoon goat cheese, topped with spinach egg whites.  I had a tangerine and strawberries on the side.

crostini 001

For my lunch exercise, I swam for 30 minutes without stopping – I have to tell you, that’s a tough all body workout.  The best part is that I have time to take an extra long shower in the deluxe gym shower room. Open-mouthed smile

I had the tail end of my lasagna soup – really not a whole lot left, mostly broth and some noodles.  I decided to toss a zucchini in my bag and I cooked it to go with the soup.  I just sliced it up and put it in some water and then nuked it for 1 minute, then added it to the soup when I reheated it.

crostini 006

crostini 009

This took me a while to eat and it was delicious, with some toasted bread on the side.

In the afternoon, I ate a peach Chobani.  Jenn, I am showing you this picture because I am so bummed – I dropped my spoon that went with the snowman mug you sent me for Christmas. Sad smile  (And I love how I have a supplies catalog that has prices that are good through June 30, 2011 – note to self, throw that out when you get to work!)

crostini 011

Today is Souper Friday and I am making beef and potato stew with cheddar biscuits.  My boss gave me $20 for her lunches for the week, so I had that money in hand to buy the ingredients for my Souper Friday lunch.  I scored at the 50% off bin.  Tony calls it the poor people’s bin, I just call it fabulous!

crostini 013

I got a fully cooked chicken for $2.99, brie cheese for $2.50, ranch dip for $1 and potato salad for $1.  I ended up spending $22.08 for all of my groceries, and I only had to pay $2.08 cents out of pocket.  I plan on making Mara’s Green Burritos, so I picked off all the meat of the chicken for that recipe.

Dinner was super easy, I let the rice maker do all the work.  I made Zatarain’s red beans and rice and added the cooked smoked sausage in at the same time.  It takes about 45 minutes, but I love that there is hardly any clean up.  And as my usual, I had it on a bed of baby spinach.

crostini 016

I had 20 almonds as an evening snack.  It wasn’t until this morning that I finished putting in my calories for the day:

  • 1215 calories
  • 40 fat
  • 145 carbs
  • 17 fiber
  • 60 protein

I fell 400 calories short of my 1600 goal.  I plan on making granola bars over the weekend, and maybe will add a green monster as an evening snack to bump up the calories.

Another cold one today – right now the temperature is –3, but it feels like –20! Wow, two days in a row that I’ll be wearing a winter coat – I think that’s a record! Open-mouthed smile

Off to get my biscuits out of the oven – they smell amazing! 

Make it a great day!

44 thoughts on “Play 60 Challenge

  1. Lets discuss how you should come make me breakfast every morning 🙂 That would be fantastic ;). I love the play 60 challenge! With Kay around- I’m pretty much moving all the time now. Wonderful but exhausting. Happy weekend

  2. Ok…you know I’ve been so far off the mark that I’m thinking 60 mins a day – who has time for that. Dude… that means I need this challenge…umm…and it starts TODAY! Ok – I’m in. I need this.

    …and LOL at your catalog…. been there…done that!

  3. That is pretty funny 😛

    I don’t know if I’ll get in 60 minutes of play a day, but I did join a DietBet in February so I will probably be working out more to hit my goal!

  4. P.S. Good luck with YOUR goal! 🙂

  5. I’ve never seen that commercial, I really never see any commercials now that I have a DVR, but this Sunday we’re watching the Superbowl live so I am sure I’ll see many. I do about 35 minutes of cardio and then If I am feeling motivated do a few pushups or squats, does that count? Actually on the weekend I do a long run so I am pretty sure I am in 🙂

  6. haha…I may have magazines from before that date…I really need to recycle those asap.

    And I want biscuits! OMG with some fresh jam and some earth balance…why are you always making me hungry!?

  7. Weighting For 50

    Smokin’ deals from the grocery store Vat!!! I call it fabulous too. Have a fantastic Friday my friend!!!!!

  8. Awesome commercial. I definitely do about 60 minutes of activity 6 days a week. I love this idea for children too. My son is very active and I really encourage outdoor activity, but on these cold days he is just as content to stay indoors. I’m guilty of enabling that behavior because I have usually already done my workout and don’t want to spend time in the cold any more than my son does. So Carlos and I are going to join your challenge. On top of my workouts I’m going to aim to get 30-60 minutes of additional activity with my son after school and on the weekends even if that means Wii Fit or an On Demand video after school. This has nothing to do with your salsa, I swear!

    Have a great day Biz!

  9. You just make the best food. I am going to make your salsa some day. I swear it. I like how you cook for your boss.

  10. That commercial is pretty funny – I’ve never seen it. The kid warming up his arm busted me up!

    I like your challenge, but can I average my workouts? Because some days I get over 120 minutes in…can I add that to the days where I get less? 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I’m in for the challenge. I typically work out 45 min M-F, but tend to falter on the the weekends too. This should give me a push.

  12. That commercial cracks me up EVERY time. So, I guess I missed the “rules” of Play 60. What are they? Workout 60 minutes a day? How many times a week? I’ll go in on this! 🙂

    • I know peoples schedules are different – I may reduce the time to 45 minutes and if you move 60 minutes that will get you extra points. My main motivation for this was to get my ass moving on the weekends!

  13. I love that commercial, too! It’s so well done. I can’t play right now due to a herniated disk, but I’m going to find out from doc what I CAN do to just move!

  14. Your foods always look so healthy and delicious!

  15. Just poppnig in to say your food looks so fresh, balanced, and delicious!! Good luck with all the working out and hard work; I know it’ll pay off. Can’t wait to see all the delicious things you cook up. : )

  16. I don’t usually join challenges, but I think I will go for this one. Like you, I aim for 45 minutes. I guess rehabbing doesn’t count, so I might have a bit of trouble with this for a couple weeks LOL!

  17. I’m a swimmer, too, Biz. Love it’s total body workout. I usually swim for 60-70 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week, but I’m coming off two injuries, so I’m just back to 45 minutes.

    That salsa is making me want to eat my computer. I love salsa.

    Count me in. I need some motivation and if the scale won’t give it me, a case of salsa surely will.

  18. Ooooh look Biz! Maybe you’ll win Lori’s coffee and she’ll win your salsa lol!

    Have a great weekend.

  19. Biz, I’ve been trying to do at least 30 minutes a day but that includes walking and house cleaning (since I never clean my house!)…
    Goat cheese on that crostini with the egg…yum!! I SO have got to do that!

  20. Sorry about the spoon, Biz! Darn ceramic spoon is so cute, but not practical at all!

    Tell Tony that that is so not the poor people bin! It is the smart people bin and actually for the rich because you get to keep 50% of your money after grocery shopping! 🙂

    I don’t normally do challenges, but need to keep motivated for the month of February. I’m already working out daily 30 mins for my current challenge that I’m in. I will now be adding another 30 mins when I can!

    Happy Friday, Biz!!!

  21. HEY HEY HEY, I haven’t watched the video (the computer I’m on doesn’t have sound), but wanted to let you know that I gave you some ‘link love’ today! I love that you add spinach to all your food and I’m gonna try doing it too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. I love the 50% bin!! I also started doing some couponing -nothing crazy, but it is also fun to get deals that way too. I hope you and Tony have a wonderful weekend!

  23. You are the best food bargain shopper I know. I really thing you should have a cooking show.

    I hadn’t seen that commercial before and I loved it! I am trying to walk 60 minutes a day on my treadmill but am going to allow myself to have one day off a week! It takes the pressure off me a little.

    Good luck with your challenge!

  24. Love that commercial! That kid sounds just like my nephew…looks similar too! I wish we had a bargain bin like you do! Although, I did get a chicken for $2.50 the other day (cooked) so I was happy with that 🙂 Good luck with the new challenge!

  25. I could be in your challenge but it’s cheating since I already do it 😉 Good luck Biz!

  26. […] am thrilled that I have people joining my Play 60 Challenge!  The goal is to move for 60 minutes.  How did I do?  I did 35 minutes on the […]

  27. Hoping this challenge will keep me going through the month – I swim and run, and I eat like nobody’s business….so I need to start watching my calories so that all this exercise will help me start losing the last 20 pounds!

  28. It’s Monday and the challenge has already started but I am in for the rest of this month. Moving 60 minutes a day (don’t count housework) has been on my daily to do list for over 2 years now but lately it doesn’t happen that much. It’s good for me to focus on this again.

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