Koo-dohz . . . do over.

It’s no secret that I am an emotional eater.  It doesn’t seem to matter that I know I am doing it, but I do it anyway.

This last week has been brutal with putting our dog down.  While I have exercised, the extra eating and eating over the weekend and drinking more wine has taken its toll.  I’ve gained three pounds in the last 10 days.

Some of the things I’ve eaten: smoked sausage sandwich, homemade deep dish pizza, calamari fries, a spicy chicken teriyaki bento box.  Were there healthier options?  Absolutely!

smoked sausage



bento box

weekend2.8 002

So I am declaring a do over.  Dust myself off and get back on track.  And I have a new tool that’s going to help me. 

weekend2.8 010

It’s called the koo-dohz motivational bracelet.   Here is the premise of the bracelet from their website:


Personal motivation is the key for many individuals when setting goals in any aspect of their life. Having your motivational reminder with you at all times will not only keep you motivated but will also give you the determination you need to reach your goal.


Many individuals who set personal life goals, (such as diet and weight loss, quitting smoking, getting fit, saving money, learning sports etc.) find that it is difficult to stay motivated as there are rarely immediate results. The patent pending koo-dohz bracelet gives you constant feedback and rewards you for every milestone.


We don’t always get to see the results of our efforts. Sure we know we’re loosing weight. But if you weigh in the morning maybe you don’t think about it quite as much at dinnertime. Your koo-dohz bracelet is always with you, always on your wrist, always reminding you how well you have done and motivating you to stay strong and reach your weight loss goal.


The koo-dohz weight loss bracelet never stops motivating you. We know that staying on track is the key to any long-term success. Just because you have reached your goal doesn’t mean that you can forget about the effort it took to get there. The koo-dohz bracelet continues to encourage you and to remind you of just what it was that you set out to do.

weekend2.8 012

weekend2.8 015

I’ve decided to keep the 5 on one side, and the 1 to represent the first ten pounds lost.  My five things are just going to be five kudos or koo-dohz I want to have every day, from not drinking wine, to working out, to getting to bed early, etc.  I plan on highlighting my koo-dohz at the end of each post this week.

I’ve also changed my WI date to Monday.  It will help me keep track over the weekend.

It’s funny because Tony and I have had a running joke about my “kudos” file.  If someone likes something I’ve made, or compliments me on a job well done, I joke with Tony that I wish they would send me the compliment in an email so I could print it out for my koo-dohz file!

My sister started her koo-dohz last week and it’s been working for her!  She’s more mindful of what she eats and hasn’t gone back for seconds.  She’s opted to walk to work and stay away from office treats.  Koo-dohz to you Jenn!

I had a pretty productive weekend.  ALMOST done with all our laundry, my most hated chore, after emptying the dishwasher.  I deep cleaned our fridge on Saturday.  One thing I don’t really pay attention to is the condiments.  I usually remove them all, and put them all back where they were.

Um, guess what?  Most of my condiments had expired – take a look!

weekend2.8 006

Some of them had a use by date of 2011, which means I probably bought them in 2009?  Crazy!

Our weather was weird too – after the snow on Thursday, I was happy to see sunshine on Saturday, but it was short lived.  It was rainy and windy the rest of the weekend.

weekend2.8 004

At least the rain melted half of the snow we had and the temps should reach the 40’s this week.  I am just so ready for spring!

Alright, off to put my stuff together for the day.  What will be your koo-dohz today??  Make it a great day!


26 thoughts on “Koo-dohz . . . do over.

  1. Interesting idea on Kudohz….whatever works is what I say.

  2. I love the idea of that bracelet! I’m going to need something like that next week when I’m away from home and eating in restaurants. 🙂 That photo is gorgeous! I love nature pics. Have a great day! 🙂

  3. Glad you are back on Biz! I’m down another 2.2! We can do this! 🙂

  4. I like the idea! And you definitely deserve slack after putting down your baby. On my koo-dohz list? Teaching Step & Pump, hopefully getting baby K’s ears better (she is the ear infection queen…even after tubes), taking cookies into Josh’s coworkers to celebrate his birthday!

  5. I need to drink more water throughout the day. I notice the days my eating is not at it’s best are also the days I don’t drink enough. When it’s cold I’d much rather make a big mug of hot chocolate than drink water, definitely something I need to be more mindful of.

    I am constantly getting ‘back on track’, it’s always effort.

  6. Interesting! I have never heard of that bracelet, but I think something you can easily see can be very motivating. You can do it Biz!

  7. Emotional eating can wreck me from time to time. It’s an ongoing battle. Glad you are back on track.

    Okay, now I need to go through my fridge and check expirations. You’ve got me nervous! 🙂

  8. On one level, we’re all emotional eaters; that’s sort of built into us from years of celebratory dinners and pity party ice cream festivals.

    Don’t worry about having condiments past the Best by Date–they are not harmful, but not at their best. However, if it says Use By then using them past the date can cause health risks. Dairy has the Use By date, but if it’s past and it’s been refrigerated and still smells good, then I use it.

  9. That’s a pretty sweet bracelet. I’m such an emotional eater too. The little guy has been on again-off again sick and I’ve been going through peanut butter ice cream like it’s my job.

  10. You’re preaching to the choir when it comes to emotional eating – see my first half of 2011 for that. Good that you recognized it and are stopping yourself after just a few days (and pounds)…it could have been much worse.

    I recently cleaned my pantry and found canned food that had expired in 2010!

  11. That bracelet is such a great idea! Sometimes all we need is a small reminder to keep us on track!

  12. Did you know that a lot of things don’t ACTUALLY expire by those dates? Most companies are just trying to cover their butts. But if in doubt, throw it out!

    Here’s an example: the Z-pack I just took had an expiration date of October 2015 on it. But the prescription sticker said to throw away by January of 2014! Ridiculous! Of course I took the meds so it didn’t matter, but still.

    I sincerely join you in being ready for spring. I just heard we may get another 6-10 inches of snow Wednesday night to Thursday. Sigh.

  13. I do some emotional eating. When you do that for the better part of your life, it is very hard to stop that habit.

  14. Great attitude! Call a do-over. I love it. The bracelet is such a great concept–and it’s cute, too!

    I am an expiration date FREAK (that’s what happens with my crazy Type A personality). I’m on top of that information at all times, and when an expiration date is approaching, I make sure to use whatever it is. I hate wasting food.

  15. Honey I am so sorry to hear about your dog…I went through that a couple of years ago and it was horrible =(

    Stay positive and press reset xoo

  16. That is a very clever little bracelet, I love the idea. I never look at expiration dates on anything, I trust my nose and eyes instead of a date. I have never had food poisoning in my life, so I must be doing ok 🙂

    Just getting to work on a Monday when it is raining here in AZ is a kudo for me 🙂

  17. Hi Biz! I’ve read your blog a long time now. I have *absolute confidence!* that you will bounce back from this eating binge. Cute bracelet!

    🙂 Marion

  18. Weighting For 50

    I love the idea of the bracelet! And love that you got it! Cheers to continued better days!

  19. I’ve been out of town all weekend and just read about your sweet dog. I am so sorry! I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to make that decision but it sounds like you did the best thing for someone you loved very much!!!

  20. The bracelet sounds like a good idea. Those simple reminders sometimes have big power! Wishing you a day filled with success!

  21. I’d wear mine to remember patience with my two boys. Just left the 6 month old shot appointment. The 6 month old was screaming from the shots, naturally, and the 6 year old was screaming at the nurse giving the shots – a bit unnatural. They actually had to REMOVE him from the room. Sigh. Wine time!

  22. it’s so simple, but i really think it would help me too! sometimes when i do my little binges, they’re when i’m alone and nobody knows about it, almost like it doesn’t count. this would be a constant reminder to just walk away, or pick something better.

    having said that, don’t beat yourself up. a loss is a loss and we cope the best we can. i hope you’re doing okay, i’ve been thinking about you! hugs!

  23. “I am just so ready for spring!”

    It was in the 80s all here last week. I still needs me some winter!

  24. I like the idea of the bracelet, it looks beautiful too.

    I’m an emotional eater too and would have done the same as you did. And you know what? For a couple of days it’s okay, you needed to grief. You picked it up again now and just move forward from here on.

  25. Ahhhh, yes. Looks like you and I have been in the same boat emotional eating wise! We know we do it and still do it sometimes anyway! It’s like I think magically it is just going to go away someday. HA! And sorry for the loss of your dog. 😦 I’ll have to check out this Koo-dohz thing. Meanwhile, let’s just keep on keepin on, my friend!

  26. […] And it worked – I didn’t eat anything else after dinner.  Koo-dohz! […]

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