I Can’t Get Tony To Pork Anymore.

I have a Weather Bug app on my phone.  This morning when I got up, there was a weather alert – a damn winter storm warning.  Starting tonight and into tomorrow, we could get up to 5 inches of snow and have wind gusts of 30 mph.  Tony and I have to keep reminding each other why we still live in the Midwest – gah!

I ended up making more banana granola pancakes for breakfast – these are so good I hope you try them.  I had two yesterday with 2 ounces of deli ham on the side.  And for the record, that’s a salad plate, not a dinner plate. Open-mouthed smile

pcakes 003

After stepping on the scale to face the music yesterday, my sister read my blog and sent me this:


Thanks Jenn!  It was just the push I needed to get in a great workout at lunch.  I decided to run a 5k.  I told my sister my goal was to get under 37 minutes.  Much like Shelley, it takes me a while to get my breathing going.   I decided to run my first mile at a 4.5 mile pace.  I walked for .1 of a mile, then sped up my next mile to 5.0 mph.  Then I walked for .1 miles, and finished my last mile at 5.5 mph.  I made it!


I think it helps that I watch t.v. while I am working out.  I tell myself I can’t look down to see how far I’ve gone until I hit a commercial. Open-mouthed smile  I’ve said this before, but if I can run a 36 minute 5k at 171 pounds, just think how fast I could be at 141 pounds!

Ever since Tony’s colon cancer surgery, his eating habits have really changed.  Before Tony was a man who loved thick bone in pork chops, thick steaks – a true meat and potatoes man.  Lately though?  Pork is out.  It makes him want to gag.  A few weeks ago I made a pork stew and when I went to clear the dishes I realized he ate everything BUT the pork.  So, I guess if I want pork I will have to make it for my bosses or my SIL. Open-mouthed smile  I can’t get Tony to pork anymore.

So while I defrosted pork chops inadvertently, and realized my other dish for the week was chicken visuvio, which when I read the recipe before leaving the office I determined it would take nearly 90 minutes to make, so I went with the old standby, and something Tony does love – smoked sausage and Zatarain’s red beans and rice.  As usual, I top my serving over a bed of baby spinach.  And I added a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and Buffalo Tabasco.

pcakes 014

But we have a small crisis in the Bizzy Kitchen people:

pcakes 001

I am out of buffalo Tabasco!!  And I know I have about 27 more bottles of hot sauce at my disposal, but this one is my go to, all around hot sauce.  Like the Frank’s hot sauce commercial, I put that shit on everything. Open-mouthed smile

I already have some ideas for my meal plan next week – check these delicious eats out.

Melanie made homemade tomato soup with a puff pastry topping.  Holla!   While I can’t eat a tomato by itself, a great tomato soup is something to behold.  And having the puff pastry on top?  It really does make a decadent soup!

While its been years and years since I’ve been to an Olive Garden, Kim made a copy cate recipe of the Zuppa Toscana that looks delicious.

Small world – my new boss has a SIL that has a food blog!  She recently posted her weekly menu (she is a meal planning guru!) and she linked to a buffalo chicken pizza that I need to make – soon!

Right now I have a potato crusted quiche in the oven for breakfast, and I am going to be making roast beef and brie panini’s with herb mustard for lunch.   My one boss asked me yesterday “are we going to have panini’s this week?”  And tomorrow, since it’s Lent, I am making a veggie chili with jalapeno corn bread on the side. I loves me some corn bread.

Time to get this show on the road – make it a great day!


37 thoughts on “I Can’t Get Tony To Pork Anymore.

  1. It’s too bad Tony doesn’t want to pork anymore! Hehe! Kick ass on the 5k! I bet youd be ridiculously fast At 140! I always wonder that about myself too. So do your breakfast/lunches for the boss’ work like the soup day? They just pay you by meal? I’ve never tried Brie but always have wanted to…can’t wait to hear how they turn out!!!

    • I charge my bosses $5 a meal – one gets 5 lunches a week, one gets 3 breakfasts a week. I also cook for my SIL – so I make $65 a week just with that. I spend about $15 in ingredients for my Souper Friday at work, and after costs for that, I usually make an extra $20 – so I net about $70 bucks a week. Winning!

  2. hahahha- I love your post titles. I don’t pork either Tony. You seriously have me craving pancakes. Great job on the workout. Tomato soup is amazing. Happy Thursday!

  3. OMG I literally laughed out loud at the title of the post and my co-workers gave me weird looks! I’m into porking myself but the husband is only an occasional porker. 😉

  4. I like pork, so does R but not pork with bones.

    They say we will have snow again this weekend too. I’m so done with this Winter.

  5. Your pork deal with Tony sounds like my chicken/fish deal with my husband. Only, it’s not that he doesn’t like it, he’s allergic. So I have to save chicken/fish nights for when I have friends over, I’m dining alone, or when I go out.

    I’m curious about your Chicken Visuvio, though!

    I love that Zatarain’s red beans and rice with smoked sausage is an old standby for you! We did the jambalaya with smoked sausage last week, but I added sauteed onions (sorry!), mushrooms, and zucchini (and also topped mine with chopped tomoates). It was wonderful! I forgot again, that you put yours over a plate of spinach. I love this idea and still need to do that! And a little cheese and tobasco will add flavor any day.

  6. Ah, thank you so much! I wouldn’t say guru but I do enjoy meal planning, as I quite anal that way.

    The pizza is AWESOME – I feel like it was made for you! 🙂 But yes, get some more buffalo tabasco ASAP!

  7. ::laughing:: Great title Biz, really.

    That’s probably a good thing that Tony doesn’t want some meats. I am not ready to go all vegan on my family or anything, but the more I read about my conditions/diseases the more meat I am cutting out of my diet. [Again, we have had this conversation, yes? Repeating myself here. Oops] Really tho’ – it’s the pork and beef that are the worst for us and I am Tony – meat and potatoes baby. I try to cut it back to one serving every four days, but c’mon. it better get warm here shortly because I need to go fishing. Chicken breast be damned. I am floating in the stuff. ::heehee::

    And please tell me, honestly, where the hell you are hiding 30 extra pounds. Even the camera is supposed to add weight, but I have seen your pics and no, it isn’t there? Do you have weights in your panties or something? Because if I looked half as good as you I would want to weigh 170 lbs too, tyvm. Hot baby, HAWWWWWT.

    Like your spicy self. At least I know what to get you as a gift from now on. You crack me up with your love of all things spicy, but who am I kidding. I LURVE it too. YUM

    Tell your sis I said “Ace MOVE” on sending you the pick me up about the scale. Instead of tossing mine out the window on a weekly [nay I say daily] basis I am stealing that saying and putting it under my clear glass scale so I can read it every time I step on the damn thing. I’ll hit my old weight yet. Right? Even if I have to retain 25 lbs of water to do it. ::giggling::

    Love you bunches!

    • I am just beyond happy that you are feeling so much better – your last post that your husband said “its great to have you back” made me smile!!! I have yet to see any of the food documentaries – I just don’t need to know that much info about my meat, but then again Tony has been in processing plants for his work before and he knows just how gross it is.

  8. Buffalo Tabasco? Whaaa? We don’t even have that here, and now I’m pissed off because I feel like I’m missing out! Grrrr….

  9. I like pork a lot, but it is hard to get locally/ethically sourced around here, so we don’t have it too often. I love a ground pork chili! I eat a lot of ground turkey instead.

    Stay safe in the snow. We will be getting some this weekend. Again…

  10. Anne Marie’s comment cracked me up!!!! Dennis and I pork regularly. OMG…I can’t believe I wrote that! I’ve called the buffalo tabasco support line for you, they’re sending a skid of it your way so you never have this crisis again! 🙂

  11. That Frank’s commercial cracks me up. Yeah, I’m like that too when it comes to hot sauce–I put it on everything. I love me some hot and spicy food. I’d love to see you post a picture of that cabinet. I rotate between a half dozen sauces so I’d like to know what the 27 brands are that make up your stash.

  12. Between your title and Fran’s comment, I have no words!

  13. I’ve been hooked on pork tenderloins lately – very lean and easy, easy to cook. Plus although we like leftovers one of them usually only lasts a couple meals so we’re not eating it for days.

    That storm you have is coming our way but *fingers crossed* it’s looking like all rain!

  14. I seriously hate the scale lately, I wish it didn’t affect me, but dammit, I’m human. I hate that I’ve busted my ass and have lost 1 lb since November.

  15. oh Bizz – another morning made by reading your blog! I so needed that pic that your sister sent. In fact, saved it. Might just become a background on the computer for “one of those weeks”. Damn woman, you can move! I can only hope to someday run/walk that fast. Unfortunately, my knees think they’re about 20 years older than the rest of my body. ugh….
    I totally understand Tony and the no pork. After I had my gallbladder out, I don’t eat it either. The sight of it does nothing for me, and when I do eat it, my stomach rejects it. Can’t say I don’t miss it, so no biggie here.
    Just have to say – SkippyMom, love your comment!
    Have a good one Bizz…until tomorrow my friend!

  16. Yucky to pork! Totally agree with Tony!

    🙂 Marion

  17. more pork for you?! ah well, that sausage and rice and beans looks fantastic, especially on that bed of spinach 🙂

  18. We don’t eat much pork but I like it.

    I think we are all wintered out. I’m hoping Tucson will have nice weather from now till May when it will be blazing hot again.

  19. ugh…midwest. I’d move my ass south in a minute if I could. Hubs business keeps us here. Not happy about it, esp this time of year!!! I know, I cringe when I hear we are getting more snow. I especially cringe when I hear it in April! (and it does happen)

    Speaking of small world…Mel ( tomato soup) is a friend I’ve known for a long time, way before food blog from another site. We’ve kept in touch with a support group we formed over facebook. LOL So yes, when I see your comments on her blog, I think, small world indeed! lol

    • That is a small world! I kind of stalked her for a while when she had her old blog Crave. She didn’t post for months, and I’d be like “hey, hope you are okay!” She finally got back to me a month or so ago and gave me the link to her new blog – I love her writing style and her cooking style is right up my alley – cannot wait to make her tomato soup! I am going to look for those Morningstar farms burgers too for the patty melts you made – sans the onions! 😀

  20. I love porking but only do it now and then! Probably an age thing 🙂

  21. I’ve never been a porker really, though I can at least handle it if I come across a nice piece…of pork. lol

  22. That is weird that he doesn’t like pork all of the sudden, our bodies are pretty interesting! I know what you mean with hot sauce as Tom has absolute favorite that he must have on hand at all times, La Victoria Hot Salsa Brava.

  23. Can I just say that with THAT title, you are going to get some awesome google hits 😉

  24. Thanks for the link to my Zuppa Toscana soup! I wish I had a bowl right now. So glad I live in the South (esp since I haven’t had heat downstairs for over a week!)

  25. […] and will be chicken noodle soup for lunches.  I found two pork chops, and since we know Tony doesn’t like to pork anymore, I am making pork bbq sandwiches with sauerkraut for me and my […]

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