Tony Doesn’t Like the Way I Blow. Huh.

I think this may be my new favorite breakfast.  I stopped at Panera on my way to work and bought a loaf of sourdough bread (Mel, I will make that starter one day!) and had them slice it thin.  Each slice is 1 ounce.  I had an egg white, spinach, ham and cheese panini with strawberries on the side.  I use I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter to butter the bread – each tablespoon is only 5 calories, but has that buttery flavor.

blow 002

While not as bad as predicted, we did get about 7 inches of snow yesterday.  Around noon the winds starting howling, snow was blowing sideways, it was at a temperature that it was icy and snowy.   Road conditions were getting worse, and our office manager let us leave around 1:00.  What is normally a 35 minute drive home, took my 95 minutes, but I actually enjoyed the time. 

See, I am that person singing at the top of their lungs next to you at a stop light!  So I jammed to tunes all the way home.  Around 4:00 Tony and I decided to get the snow blower out for the first time this year!  It had cobwebs all over it.  We have an electric snow blower and next to our riding mower, one of the smartest choices we could have made.  Just plug it in and you are good to go.

Now here is how it goes down.  Much like mowing the lawn (which Tony hates when I do it – in 13 years I think I’ve only mowed the lawn 5 times), Tony has a set pattern on how he thinks it should be plowed.  There is no method to my madness, I just barrel down and try to get as much snow as I can at once. 

I do admit though, that once Tony told me to only snow blow half the amount of snow that I was, it did make it easier.  But I still don’t think he likes the way I blow. Open-mouthed smile

I never ended up eating lunch.  Usually I make lunch for my boss, go to the gym, then fix my lunch.  But when the office closed, I just packed up my shit and left.  Although I will make the panini again that I made for boss – roast beef, goat cheese and chopped pickled asparagus – she said it was a winning combination!

I ended up marinating flank steak for dinner.  If it didn’t look like summer outside, at least I could indoor grill and make it smell like summer.  While this meat is not on the cheap side – $7 a pound, Tony and I split one portion for dinner, so that’s $1.75 per person serving, the other half will be used for tacos later in the week.

blow 027

For this thickness of meat, I simply cooked it for 3 minutes a side – perfect medium rare.  I used this marinade and Tony loved the flavors.  It only marinated for two hours, but you could easily marinate it overnight.

Thanks for all the tips about iTunes in yesterdays post – I think I found out what the problem was – I had an old version of iTunes on our computer.  When I hooked up to charge my phone last night, it said it couldn’t sync up because the version was old.  I’ll update it tonight and hopefully that will fix it.

Another thing I love about my iPhone?  FACETALK!  I was in the kitchen when my step-son texted me “are you home?”  You see my parents in law are in Austin Texas visiting my step-son and his wife.  It was nice to talk to them and see them at the same time – like a mini skype! 

My step-son later sent this picture.  It’s my MIL with my step-sons dog Cinnamon.  She looks so relaxed – love it! Have a safe trip home!


Alright, time to scrape the snow off my car and get ready for work.  We probably got another inch after we plowed yesterday.

Make it a great day!

31 thoughts on “Tony Doesn’t Like the Way I Blow. Huh.

  1. Hahaha you know i love your title!!! Hilarious. Stay toasty!! Paneras bread is ridiculous good! Mmmmm

  2. I was wondering where you were going with that title! I can’t imagine living some where I would need a snow blower! I’m so over cold weather, but cold to me is anything below 50.

    • I know, my MIL said she’s been wearing two sweaters and a coat since she’s been in Austin – and it was in the 50s. I’d be in shorts and a tank top!

  3. hehe…I have to say, “that’s what she said” to your post title! 🙂

  4. Ha! The title had me laughing as soon as I saw it. Yeah–the commute home took a bit longer than usual, but all was fine this morning. I’m wondering what this evening will be like! Drive safely!

  5. I have never used facetalk actually, but that is cool! That breakfast sandwich does look awesome!

  6. Great title. Once you get the starter going, you can’t stop, so be ready.

  7. bahahahahaha! Love it!

    Also, that photo of your MIL is so wonderful. She really does look content 🙂

  8. Oh wow that breakfast looks amazing! I recently finished mine and now somehow I am hungry again 🙂

    Laughing about the snow blower – I won’t even attempt it!

  9. Oh Biz….you and your controversial blog titles…but I still can’t quit you! 😉 LOLOLOL

  10. Ok, that panini sounds like such a great combo…I think I have some pickled asparagus languishing in the back of the fridge…definitely need to rescue it and try it.
    Awesome post, so funny!! 🙂

  11. The title of this post cracked me up. You’ll get some FUN google search hits from this one!!! Have a great Wednesday. Stay warm.

  12. The first thing I said when I opened this post was “that’s what she said.” LOL! Seriously jealous you even have a snow blower, we just have shovels and that shit was freaking heavy this morning!

  13. LOL! Maybe Tony can give you lessons on how to blow properly. Lol

  14. I do not miss shoveling snow at all! Flank steak is the only cut of steak Tom will eat, I love it too!

  15. OK, the way you blow is crazy. You do one stripe on the far right side. Then you do a strip on the far left side, that snow then blows onto the area you just cleared. It is MADNESS!!!

    That is all I plan to say about blowing, Tony out.

  16. Great title Biz! I love Tony’s response. I’m not even sure how to turn the snow blower on so I don’t go near it.

  17. I’m interested to hear how the sourdough starter goes once you start it – I’ve always wanted to the same myself, but that will have to be a project for after I move.

  18. I don’t know. I try to come up with clever titles but Bizzygirl, you got me all beat ta’shizz. You crack me up.
    Now I want flank steak. I love you, you know I do, but boy I hate “visiting”. I want YOUR FOOD.
    Ah, well. I will settle for an oreo. Not flank steak [oh heck, THAT Panini] but it’ll do.

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