21, 45 and 169.2

21 years ago today, I had my baby shower for my daughter Hannah.  New readers can read how Hannah came into the world here.  New readers?  Um, I didn’t even tell my parents until six weeks before Hannah was born that I was even having a baby!  Yikes!

But you know what?  What seemed like a hard decision back then seems like nothing today.  Keeping Hannah was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am so happy that of all the grandchildren, she got to know and remember my Dad the best. 

So you can imagine it must have been hard for my parents to wrap their brain around not only have their first grandchild, but six week later actually holder her in their arms?  But they rocked.  My Dad thought Hannah was the smartest, brightest child in the whole world.  This picture was taken at Virginia Beach – her first vacation at five months old. Open-mouthed smile

lassoup 003

My sister and I have best friends that are twins (Hi D&D!).  They decorated our apartment – it was 70 degrees and we had all the windows and doors open.  Hannah was born a week later on March 7.  I had a c-section so we came home on March 11, with three inches of snow on the ground.

And around here today?  It looks like this on March 1.

lassoup 001

Yesterday’s breakfast was another McMuff – 1 egg, 1/2 ounce of cheese, 1/2 an ounce of ham, on a high fiber (8 grams!) english muffin with strawberries and blackberries on the side.

lassoup 002

I started my workout with another 90 workout:

  • 90 jumping jacks
  • 80 squats
  • 70 bird dogs
  • 60 standing calf raises with 10 pound weights
  • 50 crunches
  • 40 tricep dips
  • 30 second plank (hard! – need to work on those!)
  • 20 lunges
  • 10 push ups

My plan was to run a 5k after that, but at 1.96 miles in, my blood sugar started taking a nose dive.  So since I didn’t want to die, I ended it at 2 miles – at a 12 minute mile pace – nice!

24 minutes

Can you tell I was a bit sweaty?  And Jenn, next time you take a picture of yourself after your workout – be as sweaty as me!

                         run    jenn

For lunch I had the infamous lasagna soup, made with the leftovers of my alfredo the night before.   Pure comfort in a bowl.

lassoup 008

But later in the afternoon I realized I needed the Italian sausage to make a dish for dinner last night (cheezy combo) so I looked at the sale paper for the store I usually hit on the way home and saw they had chicken thighs for .99 cents a pound.

I never used to like the dark meat.  At all.  But I love the flavor of chicken thighs.  I found this recipe that sounded interesting.  I didn’t make the ragu that went with it, but I used the cooking method – basically season the chicken really well with salt and pepper.  Put it in a cold cast iron skillet, and turn the burner on medium-high.  After about 5 minutes, you want to make sure the chicken isn’t sticking, but reduce the heat to medium and cook until they reach an internal temp of 165, which took me about 20-25 minutes. 

I did end up flipping the chicken for the last 10 minutes to get the bottom side caramelized too.

lassoup 014

I tossed my chicken in buffalo sauce – I know, shocker!  I made a quick pan sauce with the drippings, but my mashed potatoes tasted like ass – in the back was some delicious cole slaw though. Open-mouthed smile

lassoup 017

So this month we turn 45 years old.  How the hell did that happen?  So one of my goals for the month of March is to move for 45 miles at a minimum.  Who’s with me?  (Louise, I am looking at you!) Open-mouthed smile

March 1 WI:

    lassoup 001     lassoup 002

I am exactly 170, and have lost 2.8 pounds in the last 17 days.  My goal is to be 165 by April 1.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Brooke.  She and her friend Emily have decided to go meat free for March, but at Brooke’s last WI at weight watchers?  She’s lost 169.2 – she’s lost more than she weighs now!  Below is her before and after of doing TurboFire for 30 days straight. 



Brooke, you continue to inspire me and I hope I have half of your determination this month!  Keep up the great work – she’s only ten pounds to goal!  Just shows, that if you put your mind to something, ride the proverbial waves, you can achieve your goals.  Her transformation is four years in the making – so don’t ever give up!

March Goals

  • walk/run/move 45 miles
  • get to the gym 2 times a week before work for a 4 mile walk
  • more veggies and fruits (I may do a smoothie a day!)

What are your goals for March? 

I ended up making a vegetarian taco soup for Souper Friday at my office.  I ended up thickening the soup with six flour tortillas.  Once I get to work I’ll add the base of the soup to the crock pot and add all the beans and hominy.  I love hominy in taco soup!  Come back tomorrow for the recipe.

Make it a great day!


40 thoughts on “21, 45 and 169.2

  1. My older son turned 21 last year, and it really doesn’t seem that long ago… I still remember when I thought that people in their 40s were old…. 🙂

    Love the pic of Hannah at the beach!

    I like your March goals! I think I’ll do daily green smoothies again. It’s a great way to start the day.

  2. WOW! Brooke is amazing! Thats crazy! Congrats on your loss too- whoop whoop! I love the baby picture of Hannah. SO cute! I still haven’t made that lasagna soup- whats wrong with me? Gotta get on that!!

  3. Hominy in taco soup . . . I’ve never tried it . . . but sounds like a great idea! I can’t believe you waited to tell your parents you were pregnant until 6 weeks before birth!! Holy cow! And what an amazing daughter you have–I always love seeing pictures of when you two get together.

    • Yep, I am so proud of her! And everyone yesterday commented that the hominy made the soup – a couple people had never tried it before!

  4. Wow, Brooke looks awesome! Such an accomplishment. Aw, Hannah was so cute.

    45 eek. My husband turns 45 this year. I can’t believe I’m in my 40’s.

  5. myjourneytofit

    So fun to remember back to the early days of your kiddos – and just crazy to know how LONG ago they really were!

    You can do 45 miles in a month, but it’ll take some effort nearly every day…or you could just do 10 miles on a Saturday, lol! (not really recommending THAT)

    • Um, I’ll let you keep all the long runs Shelley, although I could easily bike 10 miles. Good luck at your half tomorrow! Hope the weather is perfect for you!

  6. Well, I’ve got about 10 years on you guys so age is a tough one for me to talk about! But weight is another matter. What an inspiration you all are. I just may have to really get off my duff and do something!

  7. Awww baby Hannah!!! So cute! Are you doing anything fun to celebrate her big 2-1 next week? I can’t believe she’ll be that ok’d already…seems like just yesterday I found your blog and she was in high school! Time flies ! Happy Friday to you! Hope you have a great weekend! I just joined WW last night so I’m going to be cruising your blog for recipes today. I’m excited!!

  8. findingradiance

    Great job Brooke!
    If I get my bike out in March (which I plan to) – I can get in 45 miles for sure 😀

  9. Aww, such a cute pic! Great job on the loss, keep up the great work.

  10. kimslittlelife

    wow, I see these weight loss stories…169.2 lbs, and i get so mad at myself b/c I won’t even do what it takes to lose 20! I know I can do it (I’ve done it before!) but I don’t know what kick in the ass it is going to take to get me in gear. Very awesome job to Brooke, b/c it takes such hard work and dedication. And how freakin’ adorable is Hannah in that pic?! Love those cheeks!

  11. Weighting For 50

    Wow! Brooke is inspirational. And Hannah was a little cutie!!! Have a wonderful Friday Vat.

  12. OMG, I was thinking of the baby shower today when I realized it was March 1st and it was 24 degrees out with windy snow blowing me in the face and wishing it was like it was then! Hannah is the best! I am lasagna soup on my menu this week!

  13. My brother was born on April 9th (six weeks late – they must have calculated the date wrong. What dr. would allow that now?) and it was snowing. Every year, I hope that doesn’t happen. But I have finally come to accept that where I’ve grown up and live now (WI & MN), spring never really begins in March, as much I used to think it did. I need to be more realistic and just expect it to happen in April..

    March goals – recover from surgery and eat healthfully while I’m immobile!

    • Good luck with your surgery Carrie – I love how you’ve planned your meals so your husband doesn’t bring home take out every night!

  14. Hannah was such a cutie, look at her cheeks 🙂 I hope you and Tony have an awesome weekend!

  15. sweet story about hannah, i had no idea! what a little cutie! i need to look up what bird dogs are, they sound interesting, plus i just want to tell people that i was bird dogging just to see their reaction.

    your friend is such an inspiration, no easy feat at all! have a great weekend biz!!

  16. Yikes, I thought I felt someone looking at me today and it was YOU!!!

    Oh, I can move 45 miles and do a green monster a day…..had one today!!! Coconut milk, strawberries, blackberries and spinach……not bad 🙂 I don’t belong to a gym….but I have been counting my steps everyday with a pedometer and trying to get between 5000 to 10,000 steps a day. I ride my bike every day…February I got 135 miles in.
    Soooooo, maybe I should try for:

    145 miles for March
    a green smoothie everyday
    5000-10,000 steps every day

    So, it’s your birthday this month….Happy Birthday. What day? I will send you a card 🙂

    I am glad you kept your baby Biz….something I wish I had done. (43 years ago) But that is water under the bridge now. I do know where my daughter is and what she is doing, thanks to the Internet. We have never met but we know where the other is. I see her on Facebook and I guess she sees me too…….so, I guess that is okay. My mother and step-father were not happy with me and made me give up my baby. Something I have regretted all my life. I never had any more babies after her. So, I am glad you kept Hannah.

    • Awesome goals Louise! See, you could feel me looking at you! 😀

      I am so sorry you didn’t get to keep your baby. At the support group my parents and I went to – to meet women who had given their children up for adoption? My parents were the only ones there and afterwards, several of the girls said “if I had 10% of the support your parents are giving you, I’d still have my baby.” That sealed the deal right then and there to keep Hannah.

      March 19th is my birthday – I would love one of your hand crafted cards!

  17. thehealthyjunky

    Wow, congrats to Brooke, what an accomplishment! Your daughter is beautiful, and March first looks the same in St. Louis….come on summer! 🙂

  18. Good numbers, all. Your Hannah, your weight, and your age. Believe me, 45 is YOUNG. And thanks for sharing Brooke’s success story. A good dose of inspiration.

  19. Thank you so much Biz for sharing my stuff again! 🙂 You’ve always been a big supporter of mine! I really appreciate it!! ❤ And good luck with your 45 miles! You rock!

    • You are very welcome Brooke – I am so proud of you! Best luck with your meatless March – I’ll be curious about your dinner ideas the most!

  20. Hannah is SUCH a beautiful name. What an adorable little baby she was! Enjoy her turning 21….I can’t imagine!

  21. […] Only 32.5 miles left to go to hit my 45 miles in March goal! […]

  22. […] challenged myself on March 1st to do three […]

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