I Slept 12 Hours!

We have yet another winter storm watch this week.  Our area could get up to six inches of snow.  I was happy that I braved the chilly 27 degree temps on Saturday and ran outside.

weekend 3.3 043

Um, I forget how hilly my neighborhood is when you are not in a car!  Much like Shelley, it takes me a while to get into my running groove, and to get my breathing right.   Check out my Nike+ App results:

weekend 3.3 011

My last mile was 12:15!  Not too bad. Hot smile

My store had round steak on sale so I decided to make this recipe for sauerbraten on Saturday night.  I’ve always thought of round steak as a meat that you have to cook low and slow to get tender.  The recipe instructed to sear the meat, add the gravy ingredients to the pan, then add the meat back in and cook for 60 minutes.  I tasted a piece of the seared meat and it was delicious!  I gave a piece to Tony and he said “did you make that?!”

For half a second I thought, why am I going to cook this meat anymore when it tastes amazeballs like it was, but being the recipe follower I am, I completed the recipe as directed.

weekend 3.3 014

weekend 3.3 017

The result?  It tasted like ass.  The gravy was wonderful, super flavorful, but the meat tasted like shoe leather.  Note to self:  Go with your instincts!  I will do this recipe again, without cooking the meat and I’ll share the recipe another time.

We went to bed early Saturday night – 10:30!   I woke up and it was bright and sunny.  I stretched and Tony was standing in the doorway – he said he was doing a wellness check because it was 10:15 yesterday morning before I got up!  Not to brag, but I have the gift of sleep – and there are many times I’d like to pass that gift on to Tony!

My SIL didn’t have to work yesterday, so I asked her if she wanted to go thrifting with me when she came to pick up her food for the week.  Tony and I got married in 2000.  I bought champagne glasses that I brought with us to Florida with the intention that every anniversary I would pull them out and we would make a toast.

Sadly, they broke on the trip home.  I found this though so I bought it for .99 cents!  We can share a drink on our anniversary now!

weekend 3.3 061

And I found this.  I love old cross-stitch, and wonder why any family member would give stuff like this away.  I joked with Tony that I should frame it and hang it above our bed.

weekend 3.3 059

Ever since I posted pictures of our “pet” squirrel Lyle, and Christina said she used to feed her squirrels until they started to chew their way through the roof of their shed and doing damage to her property, we have been leery to keep feeding Lyle.  But I swear he’s gotten so bold to come to the front door, it’s almost like he wants to come in!  So I fed him a few nuts yesterday – I kind of felt sorry for him.

weekend 3.3 065

And I literally said “hey Lyle – look at me!”  And he did!  I love this picture. Open-mouthed smile

weekend 3.3 071

The other day I was in the kitchen (shocker) and Tony called me into the living room.  He was flipping channels and Guy Fieri was on his Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show.  The guy was making a Reuben pizza!

I made a Reuben pizza before a few years ago – it was a much longer process, I made a horseradish cream sauce, I brushed the edges of the pizza with jalapeno mustard and caraway seeds, and I made a rye pizza dough!  Wow, wasn’t I ambitious back then!


Knowing that Tony wouldn’t touch a Reuben pizza with a 10-foot pole, I decided to make a traditional pizza dough.  I usually go with my no-rise pizza dough, or use my deep-dish pizza for the dough, even if I am making a thin crust.

I found this recipe for pizza dough – it has honey in it – the only thing I did differently was reduce the oil to 1 tablespoon instead of three.  It proofs in the refrigerator overnight.  Check out all the bubbles!

weekend 3.3 072

I used 1/6th of the dough recipe for each pizza.  Since I wanted to cook them both at the same time, I made them long so they would fit on my pizza stone.

weekend 3.3 077

weekend 3.3 079

My pizza?  Two tablespoons of Thousand Island Dressing.  Next layer – two slices of sliced Swiss cheese.  Next up, 2 ounces chopped deli corned beef.  Sprinkle of caraway seeds.  Next was 3/4 cup of sauerkraut that I squeezed all the juice out of.  Then 1 ounce of shredded Mozzarella, and another sprinkling of caraway seeds.  Tony had sausage, bacon and mushrooms on his.

weekend 3.3 078

weekend 3.3 080

I put my pizza stone in while it was coming up to 400 degrees.  So when I put the dough on to start building it, the crust is already starting to cook. These took 15 minutes to cook.

weekend 3.3 088

I of course finished my pizza with pickles!

weekend 3.3 093

The verdict?  AMAZEBALLS!  It literally tasted like I was eating an open faced Reuben sandwich.  I was worried about the hot Thousand Island dressing but this worked on every level – the tang of the Swiss cheese, the cold pickle on top.  I ended up eating half of mine it was that good!    I will definitely use that pizza dough recipe again – I imagine it could stand a few days in the fridge and just get better as it ages.

So I can add another 3 miles to my 45 mile March goal.  Only 41.5 to go.  Depending on the pool schedule today, I may end up doing a 9 mile bike ride at lunch – we’ll see how that works out.

You know the drill, off to get my stuff together, although I do have to say, I am pretty organized – it’s a lot easier on a weekend to stuff in order for the week.

How was your weekend?  Make it a great day!


42 thoughts on “I Slept 12 Hours!

  1. 12 hours? I can’t remember the last time I slept that much! Thats awesome! The pizzas look perfect. Sometimes its just easier to make slightly altered versions of the same meal for yourself and the husband! Pickles!

  2. I’m loving that cross stitch and the idea to put it in your room had me cracking up!!!!! Your pizza looks amazing…I’m attempting tortilla pizzas tonight. Good job on your run! I always notice such a huge difference when working out outside vs the gym. It seems much harder especially in the winter! Well I’m off to finish some errands and then hunker down for the stupid snow…spring where the F are you?!?!???

  3. Cute pizzas 🙂

    I am soooo jealous of your sleep gift. When I am nervous/excited/basically anything that is out of the usual, I can’t sleep. I’ve been antsy lately bc of something (something good) and this weekend I msut have slept about 4 hours each night – I’m soooo tired today!! My hubby is like you though – he sleeps like a log and could probably go for 12+ hours if I didn’t wake him up with a steaming cup of coffee.

    LOL about that cross-stitch. I wonder what the original creator intended it to mean.

  4. You guys have really been hammered with the snow. We just have the blustery cold and overcast days- my kids would rather have the snow. That reuben pizza looks killer good!! My arm is improving and all I do is literally shovel food in my kids faces all day long! So not much creativity going on in BRK, just shovelling. WHo needs snow when I have kids to feed!!!! Ha!

  5. Reuben pizza and 12 hours of sleep, could this post sound any better!? Good for you!

  6. More snow? Ugh! Is it May yet?

  7. Wow that pizza does look good!

  8. Yes, yes, yes to the Reuben pizza. Yum! Looking forward to the sauerbraten recipe, I have been wanting to try that for years.

  9. I’m so jealous of your 12 hour sleep. The pizza looks delicious!! My weekend was busy but good. My brothers and I went out to lunch and had a really great time!

    • Well, I don’t have a little son waking up at the crack of dawn. I loved your post about his cute sayings – seriously might steal the “flip flop” instead of saying the f-bomb! 😀

  10. I am lucky that I can go to sleep very easily, but as I age, I find that I don’t sleep as long at a stretch. Usually I do manage to get five or six hours sleep in a night though. Naps are great in the afternoon.

    Love the picture of the squirrel. Also, I made your Thai soup and it was really, really delicious. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you left out the extra oil so that I knew it would be good without it. 🙂

  11. This post is eerily close to home. My husband broke one of our champagne flutes and now we share sips out of the remaining one. And I slept in for 11 hours yesterday! 🙂

    Go, Biz, go!

  12. I drooled when you posted that reuben pizza picture on Instagram. Might have to make it some night I am home alone – no one in my house will touch a reuben except me!

  13. I LOVE reubens! Therefore I would love this pizza.

  14. So jealous of your 12 hours of sleep. That is so nice to catch up on sleeptime over the weekends. That pizza crust looks fantastic, I will have to save that recipe

  15. I love reubens . . . and haven’t had one in such a long time. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I should work that into one of my meals sometime soon. You’re braver that I am–I considered running outside this morning, pulled up the weather, and promptly went to the gym instead. 15 degrees. No way. I’m turning into such a baby. Fingers crossed for not too much snow tonight!!

    • Well, when I ran there was no wind and close to 30, I wouldn’t have gone out at 15 degrees! WTF with 11 INCHES predicted now – gah!

  16. I have those exact same champagne glasses!!! My friend and I each bought a set, and our families celebrated the new millennium together, toasting with those glasses. Glad you found another – they are pretty special. 🙂

    Your running pace looks so familiar…I wish I could be the person who starts at a 12:00 pace without losing it, breath-wise, but nope.

  17. Oh my gosh my husband would love me forever if I made that pizza, he loves a good Reuben sandwich. That picture is mouth watering. Happy Monday Biz!

  18. Love the squirrel pics. When you make any dough that you’re going to let ferment in the fridge, you can cut the yeast back a lot. Dough like that doesn’t need much yeast because it feeds off the natural sugars. The flavor is much better, way less yeasty too. I highly recommend the book, the bread bakers apprentice. I make is overnight bagels which are amazing.

  19. That pizza looks delicious!! Tom would never try it either 🙂 We went to Spring Training this weekend followed up with dinner at a new place called Brat Haus, soo tasty.

  20. I just LOVE it when you say it tasted like ass! Hilarious.

  21. Great job running outside! I couldn’t handle cold temps anymore…

    Sorry the meat didn’t turn out, but the sauce sounds delicious!

    Have a great week!

  22. missmelbryant

    A cross-stictch with a double-entendre? Definitely hang it over the bed and for added fun, make sure you give every person who visits a tour of the house.

  23. I love how honest you are with your recipes 🙂 Way to go on your run! I know it takes effort to exercise in the winter.

  24. I got 2 champagnes glasses with 2000 on it from my best friend in 2000 and I still have them. I don’t use them though because they are pretty and I’m afraid to break them.

    I’m so not jealous of your snow, it’s feeling like Spring here with blue sky and lots of sunshine, I love it.

  25. How dare you tempt me during Meatless March with that delicious Ruben pizza!!! Rubens are my fave!

  26. Weighting For 50

    Very envious of your 12 hour sleep Vat. I’m not a very sound sleeper these days…and I feel tired alot. ug. The Reuben pizza looks and sounds delicious. And I love your “Biz-ism” “it tasted like ass”. You’re so funny. Have a good Tuesday.

  27. I just barely ran across a recipe for reuben pizza and thought it looked amazing. Now I really have to try it.

  28. […] The best though was the card Tony got me!  Lyle the Squirrel!! […]

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