Happy 21st Birthday Hannah!

I was texting back and forth with Hannah yesterday, and on one text I said “I love you almost 21 year old!!!”  She replied “isn’t it weird that you have been a parent for 21 years??!!”

And the answer is yes!  I have no idea how she went from being born to turning 21 so fast.   Her actually due date was March 20, the day after me and my sisters birthday.  At the time my day job was accounts payable/receivable for a company that flipped apartment buildings into condos.

My boss would buy a building, then send 30 day notices to the tenants telling them they had 30 days to either buy their unit, or to move out.  These tenants obviously were not thrilled.

March 6, 1992 was supposed to be my last day of work.  My boss told me I had to go to a board meeting in Chicago and that when they voted on stuff, all I had to say was “yea.”  He told me he’d take me out to dinner after it was all over, which was good, because I was starving.

Well, these tenants were throwing fits, the meeting that was supposed to be done by 8, didn’t end until 10:30!  My sister was working at the Palmer House and got off of work at 11:00.  I went to pick her up and we immediately went to Gino’s East to get some pizza.  Deep dish of course, so by the time we got the pizza, ate and drove home, it was nearly 2:00 a.m.

But I was up the next day – that was the day I picked up my crib I had on lay-a-way and got her car seat.  I was out with my Mom pretty much the whole day and got back to my apartment about 4:00 in the afternoon.  Around 5:00 I started feeling something.  Huh.  I called my Mom, she immediately wanted me to come back to their house (a mere 7 blocks away) and it was decided around 7:00 that we head to the hospital.

Maybe because I was young and stupid, but I never even thought to ask for any pain medication – contractions hurt like a son of a bitch.  Around 11:15 p.m. they asked me to start pushing, but when I did Hannah’s heart beat would slow down.  At 11:30 they decided to do an emergency C-section, and she came into the world at 11:46 p.m.

A few days later when we brought her home to our apartment, I remember me and my sister just looking at her thinking “I wonder what she’ll be like at 3 when she can talk and everything!”

hannah collage 1

Hannah Collage 3 - tabasco

hannah collage - jody

hannah collage - waving wheat

Hannah collage 2

Hannah collage fam and friends

Hannah college - bright future

Hannah’s a junior in college now.  She lives in Chicago with her boyfriend.  She works 30 hours a week at Panera.  She’s been to Germany and has spent countless summers at my Aunt’s Lake House.

She makes me so proud to call her my daughter, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for her.

This is the first birthday I haven’t been able to wake her up and sing happy birthday at the top of my lungs like I normally do!  I’ll just have to do it over the phone – no worries!

I love you Hannah – hope you have an awesome day!

Birthday cake  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Birthday cake


44 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday Hannah!

  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

  2. Great pictures, Biz! Happy birthday, Hannah!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

  4. this made me tear up! LOVE my little girl, who is 8, so very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!

  5. And not a swear word in the whole post? Your daughter’s made you go soft Biz, but yup, that’s pretty much what happens when you have a child, your heart literally is outside of your body, so raw with emotion because the love you have for your child can’t be contained.

    Beautiful pictures of Hannah, she radiates joy and a junior, that is awesome. Good for her, and you too my dear.

  6. Happy birthday, Hannah!! What a beautiful post, Biz! I had tears in my eyes when reading it. Everyone told me how fast the time flies once you have a child and boy are they right. You have raised such an intelligent, beautiful and well-rounded daughter – you should be so proud!

  7. This whole post melts me into a puddle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH! I hope I have a relationship with Kay like you have with Hannah when she gets older!

  8. findingradiance

    How sweet – happy birthday Hannah!

  9. It is so amazing how fast the time goes by, isn’t it? My girls are 30 and 32 and it seems impossible. Happy Birthday Hannah. 🙂

  10. Love all the great pictures!! Happy 21st birthday Hannah!! Love you and Hannah.

  11. kimslittlelife

    awww, such a sweet post! Happy 21st Hannah! (I remember MY 21st…it doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago! *ahem* almost 20 years ago!)

  12. Happy birthday Hannah!!! =]
    Biz ~ I look forward to my mom singing Happy Birthday to me every year. It is the one voicemail message that stays on my phone all year. Mom always made my birthday so special, and to this day I still love my birthday! (And I’ve had a lot of them) I loved seeing all of the pictures ~ thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. Happy Hannah’s Birthday to her special mom. It is bittersweet when they aren’t there but they never forget the ones when they were with you!

  14. What a beautiful post for a very special girl.
    Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

  15. anonymous is Grandmee and Grandpa V – Sorry for the error

  16. Beautiful Post! Happy 21st Birthday Hannah!

  17. Seriously–this brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful. Happy Birthday to Hannah. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing all the lovely pictures. 🙂

  18. Happy birthday Hannah. We just celebrated Mike’s 21st this past weekend. He is my world, as Hannah is yours. You gotta admit we sure do have an awesome kid. Blessings!!!

  19. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Thanks for sharing the birth story, Biz. I loved hearing it. Hope she has a great day!

  20. Aww, like many, I teared up too. I love this post. Happy Birthday Hannah and may you be blessed with many, many more years!!

  21. Happy birthday, Hannah!! It gives me hope that Colin and I will be close when he’s 21. The years go by TOO FAST!!

  22. Weighting For 50

    Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!

  23. andreaswellnessnotes

    Happy Birthday to Hannah!

    Great photos!

  24. Happy 21st Hannah!!! it seems that not too long ago you were a lil toddler and I was plucking you nose off your face. How time flies. You have turned into a fine young lady following the wonderful path set by your mom and grandmother.

  25. such a wonderful post! loved all the pics! happy birthday Hannah! 🙂

  26. Happy B-day Hannah – great pictures Biz!!

  27. Love all the photos, happy birthday Hannah!!

  28. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! And yes, how on earth does it go by so fast?? My oldest will be 21 in September.

  29. Happy birthday to Hannah! Girl with the best name, ever.

  30. Great story, great photos. Happy Birthday, Hannah! I think the same thing and wonder what G will be like at 3 🙂 It must be so crazy to have a 21-year old! She’s beautiful and you should be proud!

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    • Finding this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

  31. oh, she’s lovely! What a doll. I have 2 girls and I often think about what they’ll be doing as adults. So glad you’ve enjoyed the journey.

    • i just discovered your blog via fdwokgaoer. I clicked the link because your cupcake sounded amazing (which I still believe to be true) however now that I’m here, I’m more impressed by your photos! You have a very unique and artistic approach to food photography!

  32. what a sweetheart, you two seem like such good friends! happy birthday!

  33. Have a Happy Birthday Hannah…I remember when I turned 21….so long ago…arghhh

  34. Oh my goodness, what a lovely post to a lovely daughter. Happy Birthday Hannah!

  35. Happy belated birthday Hannah!

    Beautiful collage Biz, you both got the same great smile.

  36. awww, great story Biz!

  37. Read your blog everyday about your struggle with your weight, working out and food. The collage of your daughter is just beautiful! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  38. I’m days behind on my google reader but happy belated birthday Hannah 🎂🎉🍻

  39. […] I met up with Hannah, my Mom, Hannah’s boyfriend and his Mom for lunch to celebrate Hannah’s 21st birthday.   She picked Flat Top Grill in Oak Park.  I love that place – so fresh and […]

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